Friday, 31 January 2014


I saw this today and I had no idea that Abraham Lincoln stated this!

He must have been a wise man indeed and I did see the film which I like a great deal more than I thought I would?!

I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts
- Abraham Lincoln

This is a man I could have a conversation with. Unfortunately he has to go on the deceased list of...

1) Dr Carl Sagan
2) Patrick Moore
3) Abraham Lincoln

The living list would be...

1) Stephen Hawking
2) Stephen Fry (hmm all Stephens Lol)
3) Couple of other Scientists whose names I cannot recall!

Hmm I am sure I am missing some names here but my excuse is it is late and I am tired and things are... FOGGY.


LMFAO you will find this one funny...

Now having reached the one hundred thousand post I was thinking if the things that will likely happen this year and wondering whether to just WAIT for them or actually find some time to contact them myself.

One of those was literary agents and/or publishers.

I was about to close down my hotmail page when I spotted something and was half way through a bottle of Krystal, metaphorically speaking of course, when I read the whole thing...

I mean yeah I figured that if I was at this long enough that maybe sonmeone would be interested in printing my stuff?

I mean I did all this that is on here, I wrote three books, two on all this and can write a third too. I have attracted 100,000 visitors and this is rising all the time. I had long planned to try and break into being an author!

However I never thought in a million years it would be about politics and corruption! I never dreamed I would be running around recording all of these corrupt and lying people either! Hell, I did not even know the corruption was as bad nor as widespread as it was!

If someone had come to me ten years ago spouting all this I would have dismissed them as crazy. Well that is why I decided years ago to record it all before making a right tit of myself online, lol.

I had started writing a multi book science fiction set as that was what I always wanted to do, and would you believe it five chapters into that books I still posess the public services come along again and turn my life upside woen and yes I was a Fibromyalgia sufferer nback then and long before. Cheers NHS, lol.

Just for a moment there and just at the worst possible time I get sent this damned email, fancy sending emails out to aspiring authros with the words "three book deal offer"? Especially to someone that has WRITTEN three books and techinically can write three and have long stated as much on here all in the corrption area?!

I just had the bloody other email about being a Senior Medical Writer too?! Lol, are they taking numbers and getting in line?! Bring it...ON!!!


It is that PESKY test once again, naff off!! Lol!


Ooh forgot this...

Job Centre contact button is DOWN!!

I like doing this as they have already been reported as deliberately fecking families off with excuse and misdirections that I thought I would add it as it looks to me to be PART of the whole process of removing that safety net?!



What a bloody rotten winter we have had in the UK.

I feel sorry for all those poor people who have been flooded out, God knows what they must have been thinking and feeling towards those who were supposed to help.

The fellowship that this nation was once proud of truly has gone down the drain and it is a dog eat dog world and the are no dogs about!

Such a shame.

It has also been driving me nuts, the days are so miserable and I am bored to tears. I was intending to go out but had nowhere to go. The house is in a mess so in the end I thought I would stay in. But staying in has problems that equal those of going out! Except when the wather is OK for cycling.

Also I wonder how all the people that cycle to work are coping?

I mean London, or anywhere vuilt up for that matter, is a bloody nightmare at the best of times and trust me I was knocked down by a car badly enough to be knocked unconscious, woke up wondering why my mattress felt rock hard and then realised, stood up dragged myself to the edge of the road to get out of the way of any other trafiic with dozens of people running towards me before the pain in my right torn thigh had me pass out for a second time?!

At this point most people would say that they were unlucky to be alive!


Due to the horrors I have endured and the reapted swift kicks to the gonads and the childhood I ended up giving my daughter and the deifferent pains and health conditions that mounted up from that day that the NHS consistently failed to diagnose then I would so, NO!

I was unlucky to survive!


No rmeaining in has its own downsides some of which would be the obvious ones and a whole host of them not obvious and unique to me.

So I have been playing music via my laptop, found a form for an freedom pass I did not know I had and filled it in. Then I scanned the pages to it to show what I stated in the form. As always felt that tiny Twitter sized box was not enough so typed out a letter.

Every now and then looking at the window as the rain splashes against it and wondering if the waether is EVER going to pick up at all?!

The other day the sun was out and a bus was coming down the road towards me and it looked very weird. I mentioned it to some friends and they agreed. Seeing everything brightly lit up by the sun was really odd and made you realise just how long you had gone without seeing the sunlight!

Mind you even if I could get out I have no money to spend...again, lol. First time I had some proper cash available to me from my last payment and I had to get that Kata bag! Despite the current realy shitty weather it simply HAS TO break soon?! WHen it does I can reume my normal duries of out on the bike and cycling around with my Tablet PC and Bridge Camera and go on the hunt for anything and everything that I can do a piece on in my blogs!

Also I can hang out in the nicer places and do some typing and posting and I simply have to get some better inspirations this year! Oh and I must do something about getting some arty photos...err for more arty photos blog, lol.

As for the last few blogs and in particular that letter to the cOuncil over my lack of Freedom Passes. Well that one presented itself to me when I found the form I still did not know I had and do not remember it arriving. But that is one letter and I have planned two more, in FACT I have already typed out one and have already printed out another!

A couple more of the growling big cats will be out and among various Pigeons by the end of next week!

So I hope that what may be becoming clear now is that I have forced them into a corner and have done so over several years, making sure every single escape route had been cut off to them all.

It kind of has this idea to it that makes them realise that they cannot do this any longer, the secret is out so to speak and start treating people like human being again. Welll that is until the usurpers come, whoever they may be, and hopefully set up a much better system, or set of systems.

I could do a better job most of the time blindfolded!!

No? Well have I not spent the last 18 months PROVING THAT?!


Hmm had better do some more tidying up I guess?

Oops except I just remembered that little video?! Lol...


I must have forgotten but I have an application form here for a Freedom Pass?!

I just had a go at them too?! Oops, still they are evil, lying self serving twats and deserve to have someone like me have a go at them! Lol!

Now then I have filled in the form and I have written an accompanying letter, note how there is far too much for that tiny box and note that I probabky have not explained all of it, lol.

Also note then as just with the NHS recently I am letting the second of my BIG CATS out among those PIGEONS and all I have to do with this one is stand back, watch and wait.

But just to give anyone who has been shafted by these a bit of a laugh I will post the edited scanned application form and then the accompanying letter.

Remember this goes in Monday 3rd February and will be delivered by hand along with proofis of ID and that I will receive a RECEIPT for it.


Dear Sirs

I am writing to you concerning a Freedom Pass, and while at it my rent.

The letter is to accompany an application form for a Freedom Pass and to explain further as to what went on before, how I found out about some conspiring between what I call the UNHOLY TRINTY and to show that everything I said before is fact.

SO this applies to the non-payment of rent too and the Council Tax fiasco.

I suggest you pay close attention to this as any attempt to use more tricks, misleading actions or refusal will now have very serious consequences to you and indeed already has.

I shall explain.

I never quite explained it fully before because firstkly I was not aware just how many things there are and best of all and this is where everyone if finished, that they are all one and the same condition and have been treated as if I only had one then disregarding that one condition when moved onto the next one. It is well documented that the DWP do this.

I have around 120 symptoms. Best of all is that they all, bar one and that may well do as well, belong to one single solitary condition, Fibromylagia and I was not able to full inform you before because the NHS were deliberately lying to me and trying NOT to diagnose it.

NHS England very recently retracted two letters that I receieved a few weeks back because I held back on certain....FACTS so that U could catch them at it. For several years now I have applied for each of the things that are due to me and not only did I know that each one in turn would fail and that the law would be broken to do it, worst of all the codes of practise set out for health professionals, both Doctors and Nurses.

Only for way over three years now I have secretly recorded every single meeting, discusssion and phone call I have ever had, plus I have recorded hospital tests and appoitnments and I can tell you now I have a fair number falsifying Documents and then admitting it when I caught them too! Would you believe one was a private Doctor in the King's Oak section of Chase Farm and he is just one of a whole list that span three GP Surgeries and four or more hospitals. Include all the paerowkr and letters and you can double the number of hospitals and Doctors, Specialists and Nurses would number close to fifty, I have seen 7 physios alone!!

Reember NOW they just RETRACTED their two reports and after pretending to be doing a survey too, but then I planned it all with such genius and beauty that all those that were arrogant and over confident as well as defrauding the taxpayer would all fall into various traps and fail.

That is everyone so Enfield Council is involved too as yes I did record that last assessment too, but you were onl;y small fry in my endeavours I assure you. Try the following...

  1. NHS
  2. DWP
  3. Four Local Councils
  4. Police
  5. HMRC
  6. All Ombudsman (which by the way I also knew would do nothing)
  7. Argos
  8. Shop Direct (Littlewoods, Very and Isme Catalogues)
  9. MI5
  10. GCHQ
  11. Citizen's Advice
  12. Community Legal Advice

There will be a fair few others I cannot recall off the top of my head but I am sure you now get the point?!

Oh do not worry at the end of this letter I will provide you with access of that which I recorded as it is published online and I started 18 months ago, where I published stuff going back twenty years, and then continued to publish everything I got along the way!

This was to show my many visitors of not only what went on previously but that I made a prediction that the whole thing is a scam and using what I call on my blog the UNHOLY TRINITY of organisations.

Would you think I might have a couple hundred visitors? Nope. How about a couple of thousand? Nope! A few tens of thousands? Nope at the time or writing the number is around 100,000 and rises by over 2,000 a week on average. That 2,000 per week is AVERAGE and will rise too.

As I am a bit of a number cruncher and have a Degree in Applied Computing, something I was NEVER given respect for, I can tell you that it would not surprise me in the least if in the next year to 18 months I hit 1 MILLION.

I have recently been told by a journalist that my blog pops up everywhere and I have started to receive thanks from people that I have helped. For free I might add and at my own expense.

Hmm another things that is not going to go well in your favour is the fact that I am helping and have helped more people than any of the overpaid organisations could ever hope to!

I have saved at least one life too and I dare say there will be a lot more.

SO all of you did exactly what I expected you to for the last 4 years and as I have gone along I have gathered, watched, worked out, outfoxed and collected the greatest amount of data that any one person could ever hope to achieve and on not one but every organisation out there and a few private firms too!

But I am truly done with the games playing now and my lates and seemingly very good GP is referring me off the Guy's Hospital because of my Fibromytalgia.

As for all the public services well they will be like headless chickens for awhile before then acting like Rats.

You see on a sinking ship in the old days you would have two types of animals on board. There would be the humans and then there would be the Rats. You can always guarantee one single solitary thing regarding these animals.

That when they realise that the ship is sinking the humans help each other while the Rats will scramble over each others bodies to survive!

Now I hope this concludes the situation between me, you and the Council?!

I hope now you see the absolute folly of trying anything on with me?!

Ooh yes the website and the data?!

Well most of it is available on the blog and I tell people to download it, for free, and keep it just in case the government shut me down. That ship sailed with Rats aboard a very long time ago and it has a hole in its hull!

My data measures over 70GB, I say that as I stopeed counting when it was closing in on 50GB and that was a while ago now!

Absolutely EVERYONE that I have stated is on it and I do not keep recordings unless it actually shows the visitors something...

I look forward to hearing from you.


Martin Haswell BSc


Here is a scanned image of the letter I received from the Disability and Carers Department I think they call it, or the section that handles the DLA. Or at least, DID and now it is PIP.

As you can see the letter is dated by them on the 31st December 2013. I would have walked into the Job Centre within three or four days I think, cannot recall but it IS on here.

So that is a month almost since RECEVING the letter!

They could have quite easily NOTIFIED and sent an email to the new department?! I mean SURELY they must correspond with them?! One is taking over from the other after all so there must be liaising of some shape or form?!

But them of course they are all incompetent idiots that think highly of themselves and they have entirely screwed up the process costing millions of taxpayers money!

Funny how no one ever remarks about the wastage along these lines when theyare pointing the finger of some group or other for blame. Which I do find highhly amusing as that sector has continued for decades but now the powerful had major league screwed up the blaming finger comes out.

Oddly is that consider the example they have set us, well not mr you understand, lol. They have all these positions of power and all this education and could not get it all any more wrong than they did! The Conservaties moan now and David Cameron shoots a salvo at Ed Milliband about what Labour had done when they were in power but there are too major league missed key points from that and they are...

1) Well THEY were the shadow cabinet how come they did not fecking see it?! HINDSIGHT ANYONE!!

2) Well if I am NOT mistaken that Labour Party is unrecognisable from the last and...

3) That is all entriely for show fed to us by the media and the same old shit routine and bullshit spieling as smeone else runs the country, BADLY!! While WE pay for it!

I digress...that


Well I finally had no other choice than to go back to the DLA department but then they have not sent me they backpayment form anyway?!

So two birds, one stone and all that.

In the meantime it was time to shake that bag of wild cats and open it up to show them the ship's Rats and let them fly! As you will see below.


Dear Sirs


A while ago I asked you for two things, one is how to applay for PIPS and another is a form for back payment of DLA that you wrongly refused repeatedly.

Now as I already told you I have a blog and that blog will achieve the goals I set out for it to do.

Also as I contact you or any other DWP department it gets posted....everything I do and everything I say in any way shape or form gets posted, because I am honest and truthful and factual about all the things that I do and all the things that I say.

Now over time with all that I have covered only one person on that entire blog is going to look innocent, genuine, honest and been through a great deal of crap that has killed mahy before me while all the others look like any of the following...


I am particularly proud of that last one!

You answered ME instead of passing the email on to the new PIPS department telling me I need to call them.

I walked into my local Job Centre who disagreed and said it needed to be done online and after him repeating himself several times, I do love it when idiots think their job makes them intelligent, I then showed him your letter. He then gave me access to a phone.

I got a mesage telling me the number you gave me was WRONG! SO I cannot be the only one.

I then spoke to a chap who asked a series of questions and then stated that a form was on its way, I RECORDED that conversation and you know you REALLY SHOULD rake a closer look at my blog!

That has failed to arrive and curiously the button to email the JOb Centre Plus does not work?!?!

I have since read reports that you have all been deliberately misleading new claimaints, wait untilo they realise about the rest of it lol, so that the deliberately miss interviews so that you can then scrap their claim?!

Ooh how so very inhumane and typical of you.

Now I would like you to PASS THIS EMAIL on to the Chief Operating Officer, who I have corresponded with previously and do not recall his name, as well as the PIPS Department, if you so please!

Oh and if you doubted me before let me exlain something to you...

After literally explaoding the NHS apart from the inside out I had just left Barnet Hospital when I recieved a call from NHS England, NHS HQ to you. The week before I had recieved two bogus reports full of lies and misinformation telling me my OFFICIAL COMPLAINT had been dropped. 

A couple of days after this I dropped in a nine page letter not only explaining matter of factly and strictly to detail what I had done and what was ON THE BLOG, which I hinted at before knowing that all involved were so arrogant and over confident they would not bother to look!

Three or four days later and there I am on a bus when NHS England phone me pretending to be doing s urbvery on my going through their complaints procedure and I told them straight, no arguing just that what I had been telling them was the truth. It was obvious they were fishing and had just been told that I had been secretly recording conversation for the last three years plus!

Do you want to know what they did next? The RETRACTED BOTH REPORTS and will be handling it again and curiously in a different department this time?!

So what that was not really the complaints department that dealt with it? Or maybe things are so bad that you have two or more complaints departments?!

They reacted like this because I did what I said I would and proved what I had stated all along in that a UNHOLY TRINITY, as I call it, was set up to screw the British Public blind. The NHS was at the heart of it followed by the DWP and Local Councils and that all three were being manipulated to not do things and save money.

What none of you stopped to think about that was not only was this fraud on a gargantuan scale but defrauding the public purse at the worst possible time ever. Simply because you are NOT doing what you are paid to do and also breaking equality lws and well as human rights laws in the process. Worst of all you have sytematically been doing this to disabled and sick people and there is now absolutely nothing you co do to stop me.

Oh you think there is?

Well of the 70GB, that is Gigabytes and not Megabytes, of DATA that I have proving this a thousand times over it is all freely available to download and listen to and I also tell people to hold onto the data in case there is an attempt to close me down. That boat has since sailed the stormy seas.

There have been 100,000 visitors in 18 months and I am told that is good and that my blog is popping up all over the place now. In 18 months time you could easil;y place a zero on the end of my current number.

Oh and tell the idiots in government that the INternet IS GLOBAL?!

Oh and one last thing, if you were so certain of yourselves where are the letters of accusation from you telling me you have films of my playing in the world cup final...playing in Wimbledon....winning the Ashes in crcket dut o my level of fitness! Or even climbing a ladder as you have troed so very hard to make all benefit claimants look like low life cheats when iin reality it is only a tiny fraction of those claimants!

Good luck in 2014, your gonna need it!


Martin Haswell BSc


I have now sent an email to one of the Rats of the sinking ships...

Dear Helen

I receieved your letter and was very curious about it, sorry no pun intended.

You contradict yourself a little I am afraid as you first state that Very, or rather Shop Direct, did not make you aware of the issues I had with them or the contact and yet you go straight into this abysmal attempt to intimidate monies not due. After all if they lied why would you then be stupid enough to then believe them a second time when they state that I only contacted them once over a repair?!

Secondly I am also well aware that Debt Collectors are crooks because I have already been physically assaulted and defrauded out of £4,500 by JBW Group and Bailiff Jason Reeves which will be attended to this year and all the law breaking will stop. All of it.

Thirdly how is it that I provide the Judge and the Court with enough proof, yet you make it sound like it is not enough proof.

But I gave the court direct links to things posted on the Inetrnet of several of the phone performing its faults, prrof that the ohone was sourced from America, how I spotted that it was used and from America and I even had Motorola send me an email?!

These and all my correspondences with Very Catalogue AND Shop Direct, who ignored around 45 emails thinking that they have eberything tied up via corrption in the UK via minions like youselves, the bailiffs and the courts. If not you would never have stated the things you do in the letter that you sent to me.

BECAUSE, and here is the very key point in all this. If I was a GENUINE and honest bbusiness man or woman I would be furious with Shop Direct for witholding infromation.




Now I believe I have made my point here. is NOT over becase, you see, I have still come out worse off here!! I am not going to let that lie I am afraid.

Because I now only do I have a disability but I have very wrongly and illegally, if not it SHOULD BE, had my credit rating affected.

Now I am going to make the following as CRSYTAL CLEAR AS I CAN...

I have had this shite phone for two years and it has been frustrating and worst of all it has cost me money and added to all that is that is that I thought I had someone who coupld supply me with goods, albeit criminally expensive and more so with interest, and it turns out the are just sellling the British public shoddy goods.

What I also find odd is that I have provided you with both a blog address and some YouTube emails, but WHY?!

I already told Shop Direct all this and now you know what I gave the courts so WHY am I having to tell you?!

Also I will point out what so many large companies and organisations missed and also what I told the courts....

The blog is not just about Very and Shop Direct, oh no not by a long shot! It is about corruption in some very major public offices and services and the data I present on my blog has been used by an MP in the House of Commons. The blog is also plastered all around the Internet and in comparison to the others I am battlin as well as beating you and Shop Direct are small fry.

My biggest battle has the NHS, and I mean their HG at NHS England not a nurse in a clinic, running around like headless chickens and has very recently withdrawn to complaints reports of an official complaint. Why?

Because fot the last three years I have been recording severy single convesation, neeting, appointment and test I ever had and not just the NHS either. The Police, all Ombudsman, Local Councils (four to be precise), HMRC, GCHQ and MI5 and a number of organisations supposed to advise the public.

DO you know what they all have in common?

1) They run their businesses BADLY
2) They lie and cheat
3) Ergo they do not perform the jobs to which they are paid and when this is public taxes this is bad.

Do you know how long I have been going with the blog and how many VISITORS I have?

I have barely been going 18 months with it and have attraacted 100,000 visitors and by my calculations that by the end of 2014 this should be around 1 Million, or near as damn it.

Do you know how I managed to do all that I did?

Because when a ship is sinking the humans try to help each other while the rats will scramble over the heads of others to survive therefore turning on each other!

The difference between a rock and a hard place is that the rck is steadfast, while the hard place is just an unpleasant place to be.

I intend and it now cannot be stopped for not only every member of the British Public to know the truth behind every closed door in this country but what is best of all and the government organisations are only just now figuring out is that, the Internet os GLOBAL and not just nationwide.

So yes, tell all this to Shop Direct, why don't you and in the meantime try and figure out how you, the court and Shop Direct are going to stop from being hated by a vast majority of the British public?! As I stated to the courts, EVERYONE is being scrutinised by me and it is my strong belief, and certainly seems that way from what I am hearing, that many courts and Judges may be corrupt too and allowing the physical violence wo go on?!

I also know all the tricks to, the manipulation of the dates to get liability orders?! Ooohhh I must admit that WAS a good one, very somple and effective. Oh except I cottoned onto that one and explain to people on my blog on how to look for the corruption and put a stop to whatever they are going through.

I do it all for free by the way and have already had eome nice things said about me and I seem to get a follower a day currently?! In fact sometimes I get two and before long that will be the norm and then three and four each day. But I keep telling people you cannot go by folloowers and I vidit places regularly but I do not follow many. Too many notificiations going through to my phone and too many emails.

Oh yes and I also help advise a number of campaign groups now.

YOu will be hearing of me again durjing this year no doubt, as someone told me my blogs pop up everywhere. But then I have been focusing on the media right now as most others are dead and buried it is simply and merely a matter of time.


Martin Haswell BSc


Well here is one from yesterday and was too tired to post it up. I nearly did not do it today.

This is a letter from Cap Quest, a Debt Company, regarding an item I refused to pay a SINGLE PENNY towards because the phone I got was


This is not the only time this has happened and anyone who has paid attention see I posted sometime ago that I had a series of cameras off Argos I KNOW were used and were also FAULTY! There were three Nikons (1xL310 abd 2x P520) and an Olympus LP 820SZ.

I also had suspicions about other items I had bought from Littlewoods too who are owned by the same company as Very, Shop Direct, and also own Isme. You know from the advert? 'Isme gets me, OVER A BARRELL'?! LOL!

Well I have had a letter from CapQuest sort of saying that they...

1) Did not know I had contacted Very (Surprise, surprise)
2) Very claimed that I DID contact them about a repair only but never contacted them again?!
3) They are going to leave if for for ME to contact Very and leave it thirty days
4) They do not know the details.

Remarks to number...

1) Well you a bunch of crooks as you all are why would I and you would not bother anyway and just used intimidation to acquire money.

2) Well you can see on this blog the forty emails and even a few letters I wrote to them, the less said about that remark the better.

3) Now WHY would I do that?! Oddly I am STILL the loser in all this and not happy about that!

4) I gave the details to the court which was enough for them to throw it back to CapQuest and make them pause for at LEAST thirty days!!

Time for a little wind up me thinks.

Thursday, 30 January 2014


The real reason that Apple are taking Samsung to court with no foundations whatsoever.

This is the fact that Apple shades dropped because of a fall in sales?!

So you can pay way, WAY over the top for something bland and inferior product. Except now I think people are seeing it abs I think Apple saw this coming.

So instead of coming up with something better they would target polish a turd and tell you its diamonds and try to destroy its rivals to force you to buy theirs.

Never occurred to them that they might buy Sony Android phones, which they ARE, or LG who do a great model in the G2? I wonder if it occurred to them that their iSheep might now think that while all other phones are becoming dirt cheap, Moto G and Nexus, that their Apples will stay high now do that the customers pay for the legal fees that got them nowhere?

No I bet that never occurred to them?

Just one big giant Monopoly board game if all it is to them and pretend cash, lol.

Apple shares fall after muted iPhone sales -


Hmm she just AGREED to be struck off?!

Just like that?

Hmm this is...interesting. This senior nurse is the highest profile person to take blame, fall on sword, for the Stafford Hospital fiasco.

Senior nurse, that is as high as the blame gets?!

It is laughable in all honesty, utterly laughable. Cannot be the people who run the hospital, oh noo?!

There are a great many prior that have a lot to answer for probably during in the gentleman's club or Conservative Clubs, or similar, sniggering at how they never face the music, lol.

Ex-Stafford chief nurse 'struck off'


Due to the recession and continued difficulties I expected an ever growing number of nationwide health issues.

Due to the shit they have created and making the worst off pay for their treating the country and its taxes like the board game Monopoly I expected prior to turn to a great many things...


Eating disorders admissions up 8%


Well here this report says it all.

Now I stated this but it is not the areas that are suffering most, it is the poor and the disabled.

Now when I say disabled I do mean disabled! This goes for METAL HEALTH SUFFERERS too!

Here in kites a little problem worth the way that they see things. They separate the two now with a large divide but as is so often with politicians their brains sure I their arses! There are one and the same thing scientifically and this will be all I day on the matter before my big reveal in March.

As always though the least able sure the ones to pay for the greed of others, bloody hilarious that one!

Now here is a snippet to provide done food for your thought.... all the cases I have seen when coming into contact with people suffering from metal health issues is that they are not ABLE to defend themselves and argue in their defence.

Without going into in depth detail as that is for another time there is just one obvious example of the politicians getting science and health WRONG!

The most hilarious thing about all this is not only are the ones that created it dishing out the punishment but they lie thought their teeth and break laws to do it!

Just cannot stop themselves and think the British public naive and stupid,, quite obviously, lol.

Cuts 'worst in most deprived areas'


Blimey SERCO that is twice in one evening?!

Hmm so you had a drop on profits if 20%? Hmm you had better prepare yourself again if I was you?!

If what it appears to me ever actually gets out out might be one of the biggest scandals in the UK since...I do not know when!

Now I could pretty much hazard a close enough guess to what went on here which resulted in a very long stay in office for a certain someone.

A thick someone I might add because he sold OUR SOULS to the devil. Only if this IS the case and it is ever found out the public...WILL WANT THEIR SOULS BACK!

Serco shares fall on profit warning


Here is a curious one.

Looking like they are bring held to account but Serco's 'About Us' page on their website seems to have them during off that they run this country?!

They also chain to be British but seem to be merely a British arm to an American company?!

There was an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office but I think that will go about as far as a lead kite! Just like all the Ombudsman and shook the other do called help organisations out there who do nothing. Even when you tell them you have proof and recordings they do not even ask to see them and hear them they are that bloody obvious, lol.

Now I can only tell you what I was told about SERCO and how our appeared from reading their site where they show off.

I mean who are they trying to attract? It states they run all or parts if the DWP, NHS and Local Councils. Added to this I have been told the Police too?!

Now I am not being funny but something should be fecking obvious here? No one should have their GRUBBY FINGERS on so many powerful organisations in this should be obvious why?!

After all they could use the main three rip get yup to ask kinds of things unnoticed and end up creating an UNHOLY TRINITY?!

Oh wait a minute?! NHS, DWP and Local Councils? That is my unholy trinity?!


What the real truth behind this is I do not know, but I am damn sure it will be out this year by SOMEONE?!


Serco 'on right path', says minister


Well, lol.

Mr Cameron just had not learned to either keep his mouth shut our do some research before you do open the food gates.

Modernising laws?! Being able to MONITOR peoples activity?! Have you not watched the fecking news you halfwit?!

Sorry but it drives me wild sometimes the things people say that are stupid.

Right first off NOT a good thing to say, so wrong and at the worst time with like a year our so before an ejection. Thick, just thick but then he cannot go past a pub loo without losing one of his children?! Lol!

Now just holds up there a second Mr used the word 'MODERNISE'?!


Modernise? Hmm now I wonder possibly if I was to compare say the age if the Internet to say....maybe...the laws governing BAILIFFS?!

I am sure that many people Pitt there will now find a while list of laws 50 years to 100 without being...


Funny that if you get this you may get the jump on someone like me POPPING UP and snuffing them out?

Cameron plans fresh push on web data


Getting a bit old this one.

However I have an opinion on this one and this stands a good example.

You see I do but know why but I have never been able to shock the feeling that she did it. When she was released and flown back to the USA I was absolutely stunned at this. I was stunned even more that she would not have to that court and I pretty much knew why that was.

Now before I state my next statement I want you to remember that I think the Americans, albeit their richer ones, have been running amok. The trouble when your wealthy or powerful if that when you break someone else's laws you're gonna get nicked. But somehow she ended to back in the USA.

Now compare that to people that are NOT American that they want to get their hands on?! Like Gary McKinnon who had Asperger's Syndrome and did but kill anyone.

How about Edward Snowdon who they feel acted against their own government, but PEOPLE NO, just the government agencies. The reports say they want to kill him!! When he was letting his own people know what a rocky road their government is heading them down!

The trouble when you have too few people to choose from for you're government is that it is easier to CONTROL them all. If it is two you simply only have to control two.

Sorry but I cannot help catching a whiff of master race every single time I see something it read something too do with the Americans these days. I do so hate that I really do as I have always wanted to go there. Only I think if I ever went there in the future my head would end up on a stick on the Whitehouse lawn?!

Metaphorically speaking of course.

I wish I knew more about Amanda Knox's I may be able to figure out a but more about how this all came about.

The Americans need to sort out their shit and but blame it on Edward Snowdon! I did not need Edward Snowdon to tell me their was an increasingly FOUL SMELL studying over from across the pond! This blog alludes to that from the beginning 18 months so and I was saying it before I started.

Oddly I defended the yanks in a disagreement but there seems to be a growing ill feeling towards America in the UK.

I only hope that these stupid, STUPID TOSSERS in these American agencies that do this shit without giving one thought about their own people do not go and get any of their competing sportsmen killed. All I can think about now is their sports men and women having to travel around. Because the hatred was building up anyway and let me make something perfect clear right here and now...

These sports men and women are but to blame and that Edward Snowdon is against his countries actions and behaviour and he IS American!

Hold the people to blame to account and not someone who is just FROM THE SAME COUNTRY. We in London call this during yourself in the foot and you get no sympathy for acting like that.

There is no excuse for murder if the innocent, that is it and that is all!

Amanda Knox guilty of Kercher murder


I witnessed something rather odd.

There was a report on flooding in Somerset on Sky News and a number of statements trotters were making were bizarre.

Not seeing anything like this on the need for weeks and noticing this I thought it about time that the news groups did something about highlighting it. But their choice of words were self destructive for anyone with working grey matter. They stated about how the water was above cesspits and that they could not use water fur washing up or even the toilet. A nasty sludge covered their homes inside and out. But in their desperation to make it now look and sound as bad as possible they kind of dropped themselves in it.

The reporter stated..."It has been like this for over a month"?!

I immediately thought, so it has been this bad for that long and only now you are covering it?! Rather embarrassing I think and could not believe they said that, hideout there will be more statements without any forethought?!

But it did not end there. They spoke to members of the family but the husband was curiosity absent. The mother did not look happy at all and you might be thinking that this would be painfully obvious but no.

She looked and sounded as if she was thinking what I had previously thought...'we have lived like this for a fecking whole MONTH and the first person to arrive fecking late is a bloody reporter to revel in our misery?! Or maybe it is just me? Lol! She seemed pretty pissed off about everything and I for one do not blame her. There was probably someone who realised that I have been attempting to get across on here for 18 months?

The news groups are very good at two things, telling you his good the other half live and how only mostly dimwits seem to have money and fame. Or they are showing you the worst atrocities to scare the living daylights out of you to cause blind panic. Then of course there are the things that they VERY CURIOUSLY do not report upon.

In my case what I was shocked mostly about was no correspondence whatsoever. Not even a thanks and an acknowledgement of the horrors that continued for two decades?!

Now someone that I know, or at least knew, was very good at getting the wetting end if the stick with me. Every so often I would get accused of things without being given a reason. Sometimes with some people you can have so many dreadful things happen that you can suspect everyone and everything. Must be a horrible life to live like that. But they said something to me that was very of and very apt, despite how crazy iu can sound. It was something I often used to think based on mathematical probability.

"Don't you feel your living some kind of giant test?!"

This was out to me and I answered "Well, Yeah!" I had thought this for years and it was very weird to have someone ask me this.

Now it is very, very simple to explain this and with two different branches. After awhile when you have acquired enough health problems going undiagnosed and when you have been through enough horrors you star to ask yourself the most obvious question any save person would ask...

..."Why does this keep happening to me?!"

I was not asking this of myself about one lot of things but instead TWO LOTS of things.

Anyone that knows about the laws of probability of even just Yin and Yang knows that over time everything equals out? But thus far I am the living exception to this rule as everything has always give wrong no matter how much effort I put in to avoid it.

This blog and my other blogs is another attempt at balancing out the Yin and Yang. Except this time I decided that I would go at it for three years and see where we are at?!

As for the News Groups I would be getting worried right about now but also realising it is probably far too late. It is possible that it took a nationwide flooding to create the wrist upheavals to make people focus on things they had previously ignored?

If I was a politician or anyone else in the public services I would be extremely worried right now! But it would be far too late. I think they now realise this because they have thrown there kitchen sink at it, it the British Army, lol.

So flooding that might asker the course of history? Hmm sounds almost BIBLICAL to me?!


Wednesday, 29 January 2014


I managed to restock on my Amitriptyline as well as double the dosages and it is just my second night of taking them.

But now I have seen this site and ask confused!

Now they are saying in the report that someone in government seems to be stating that the let getting rid of government websites but new ones keep popping up?!

Do they not know who is doing what? Do they not send out memos or emails to these government departments telling them NOT to put up websites?! Which need I remind anytime costs money to arrange and if very bespoke can be dearer still?!

Government websites on rise again


NI have complained about corruption and corner cutting for some time now.

I have told you stories right across a very broad spectrum.

I knew that eventually this shoddy behaviour would reach done dizzying heights and names but nothing could have prepared new for this?!

Now you have to understand I love flying and I love aircraft. I wanted to be an RAF pilot when I was a kid.

What I was unaware of back then us that I had a great grandfather who was a test pilot for the firm Avro. But he died in a plain crash with a forerunner to the Lancaster called the Manchester. He avoided a built up area and went into some trees.

While at my grandfathers funeral we tried to fine his grave I Fleet in Dorset but could not find it. His name was Reginald Kirlew. Now my grandfather had the same name but one had the middle badge of Edward and the other Arthur. Cannot recall which way around it is.

I have spoke about him before and stated that I wonder what he would make of the country he gave his life for. I think not very much.

So imagine what he would make of this...dodgy safety seats which was known by the manufacturers and the Royal Air Force?! Good God now the RAF?!

Just unbelievable, really unbelievable.

Red Arrows seat mechanism 'useless'


Now here is something of interest.

I heard about Michael Schumacher's injury with a few hours of it occurring.

I spoke to several people about the accident and for about the days it made up a large portion of the news.

So imagine my surprise when I heard tonight that he had now been in a coma for a month?!


I thought I was dreaming! It seemed like only a week ago the accident happened?! It really does!

This happens to be from time to time and I wonder where the time went, but this was surreal. It really does feel like only a week or so and I cannot help but wonder if this is the Fibromyalgia.

But more importantly is the fact that the Schumacher accident send to have vanished from the news spotlight?!

One minute they are going way over the top she it appears to make up 90% if the news and then it seems a few weeks go by and you hear nothing at all?!

Very weird.

Is it that once the shock of it is over the news media become bored? Lol.

Schumacher 'stable' one month on


Bit of a play on words with the title.

No it's ALL corrupt. You bloody morons only report on some things while hiding the bigger picture and more series things!

It seems once it is found out give them something FAIRLY JUICY and use this to occupy the little people while much bigger things go unnoticed?!

Except I starred from day one on this blog what the truth is on this as I have many others. Count up his many I have got wrong?! You will not need more than one hand and write possibly not more than one finger?! Lmao!

Note how many opinions I give that always turn out to be the case?! Ask yourself how this is even possible?!

It is everywhere and in everything this root of corruption and will continue to feck up the nation while the public keep leaving then to carry on regardless?!

I cannot be blamed for any of it because I never voted any of them in and I knew each catastrophe was coming because I stated it years before it did happen!

I for one an sick and tired of the same old people complaining and then voting in the same old people. Then they get so feed up they do not vote at all, will yes that is the obvious thing to do because that will alter everything.


Coulson 'knew what went on' at NoW


Yes, of course you bloody will were.

Modern day slavery outfit starting such and outrage that NSA were spying on people?!

Feck off. Just goes to show how bad the truth is when they're are willing to say there are incompetent that they failed to notice it was happening?!

This chap Drummond certainly has been smoking something if he actually expects the more intelligent and far less naive of the public actually believe this drivel? Your shocked that the public were spied upon?!

So getting millions if not violins of people working for free in a modern day slave industry is perfectly OK in contrast then?!


Note it also says that GCHQ spied on Facebook?! Hmm funny that as that is where I first declared I had written them and MI5 emails and letters. Also on Facebook is the photo of the job application acknowledgement card that GCHQ sent me in 2000 as they were interested in interviewing me to work for them!!

Yup you read that correctly and the card is available to be seen on my Facebook account and is on at least ONE of my TWO corruption blogs!

Two??? I hear the knobs cry out! Lol!

Also note that they have spied on YouTube accounts?! Which I said they would do with me! Also I started that I think that the figures being presented to me for both this blog a and all my others and YouTube account are not real and that I think they have been altered to make me think I am wasting my time or not going to make money and go away. Once AWAY, the blog can vanish without me noticing, lol.


Yes I have two blogs on corruption and the comparison in the numbers of the two blogs really is quite something you know!! Lol. On Google I have had...

1) 7 followers out of 43,000 visitors and... WORDPRESS...

2) OVER 100 followers out of 1,420?!

So according to GOOGLE or the idiots altering the figures, I should not have a single follower on WordPress due to the tiny number of visitors?!

Or to put it another WAY...

When Wordpress reaches that figure of 42,000 then I will have... 3150!

The fact is that the followers are false, therefore all the numbers are FALSE.

The only genuine answer is that there is something seriously wrong with their algorithms?!

It is one of two and that is it. Until someone who WAS previously with Blogger who kept and acquired similar numbers and failed events just as I have done then I simply have to assume that it is just me for some reason?!

Except I keep finding ways to asking them and they keep ignoring me. Not very good at basic IT 101 is Google?! But there ARE other methods available and now I have seen this absolutely audacious bid to alter the figures and the fact that Google have UK based offices then they have to abuse by UK law and this includes fraud and advertising laws!!

Well I have an excuse to pepper some old ombudsman's with a fresh salvo?!

Well whaddya know??


In fact do not worry as I have decided that using computers to communicate with an IT Company is a waste of time. So over the next few days I am going to try a completely different approach?! Lol! Then I will try others, lol.

I will not be ignored and I just bide my time.

GCHQ 'spied on Facebook and YouTube'

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Well this is better news.

Better is all. Unfortunately I just do not think it will last. As I always think.

Too much to list right now but for starters there is the fact that people have endured this for a number of years and are not going to forget it anytime soon and it is not over either.

Also it well not take much to have people becoming scared again to sirens anything.

As for economic plan working Mr Osborne? Hahaha! P-l-l-lease! You go for years for the only rise that has barely any significance with a long way to go say you got it right?! Lol.

I mean do you think that ANY politician would have gotten us in any deeper into debt than we were? NO! Haflwits!

In fact anyone that had been voted in would have had FOUR WHOLE YEARS to achieve a rise and therefore BEAT YOU?!

Can no one smell coffee?

UK economic growth best since 2007


I have just looked and they have no references to Freedom Passes on their website at Enfield Council?!?!

They gave me a website where it then states that what I want is handled by my Local Council yet there is nothing oon their website, that does not involve you spilling your own fecking blood to hand themn in a ceremonial bowl?!


Dear Mrs Shand

A quote from the website you gave me contradicting you...

Applications for this pass are handled by your borough of residence
The main categories of disability in the Transport Act 2000 which make you eligible for a Freedom Pass are listed below.
If you have any of the following disabilities you can apply for a freedom pass. These are:

So could you please explain why it states this and that there is NO online application form on your site or indeed ANY reference to Freedom Passes at all?!

Firther to my previous comments I have had the reports of my official complaijts sent to me from both the NHS England as well as a GP Surhery right across the street frm the Civic Centre. Both contained lies and false statememnts whoch is what I wanted...

I dropped in a NINE PAGE report to Abernethy House Surgery across the road, whereby I told them that not only had I recorded every single appoinment that I had and that I also recorded all my hospital appointments whereby I have Doctors lying and very seriously falsifyuing test results and have several others lie to. Added to this I have staff members admit to me that there is a great deal of corruption going on and that the NHS is being used quite notoriously to help the Local Councils and the DWP from having to help those that deserve it.

I also explained to the GP Surgery that I had been publishing this online, recordings too and that I also had recordings of Council staff, the Police, the DWP and a whole long list of others that I had been gathering for the last 4 years. I also explained that I had attracted 100,000 visitors and that during 2014 this would not hit a million at some point.

I also explained that the NHS England as well as the General Medical Council knew this. Four days later I received a p[honecall from NHS England pretending to be doing a survery but actually fishing to see what I made of the reports.

I told her that it was all a load of BS and that I had published it as such, her reaction?

BOTH the reports were RETRACTED?!

Funny that!

Now once again as I am getting fed up with this BS and the fact that your website is utter crap, I know this as I am qualified to say so just as I did to a member of staff when I found out that the moron upstairs management treated themselves to all new computers that then refused to speak to the crap ones the frontline staff had downstairs, for THREE BLOODY MONTHS!!

You might note that the public services have been getting a great deal of bad press? I will gove you one guess as to where this has been stemming from? You Deputy Mayor might want to think about what she has to say to the public as well as I decalred the corruption findings to her.

You do not answer an email like that with 'wrong department' or answer someone that you cannot help them directly when they did not ask for help!

This is called assuming that if your not council or government then your little people and therefore blind and stupid!!

Not a good thig to do with me as it shows no understanding of the English Language whatooever and not fit for public office.

Also the mistakes that you have all made all along and the one thing that I have preyed upon is that it is not what you do not do, but what you do not ASK!

It is amazing just how many halfwits there are in public offices and services that just assume that are highly intelligent or belong to some secret higher order than the rest of society?!

I am afaraid to say now that for the next 6 months there is going to be a vast build up in the public postings I have been making and every single person on this entire planet is reading to see just how bad Great Britain, its public services which are nothing of the kind abd holders of public office just how amoral, lazy, inefficient, amoral and corrupt that they are and that they certainly have no right to preach to the rest of the world on how to do things!

Now if you do not mind, that Freedom Pass application form please?

On a last note I have now emailed the Magistrates Court in Tottenham and I have provided them with my webpage adress to the 70GB of data and eaplained that just like the three attempts to take me to court already that they themsleves are under close scrutiny. I can tell you that Northampton County Court backed away extremely quickly and apologies started arriving at my door!

It is far from over and there are many things to do, are in the pipleine and to finish and more to expose about the absolute debarcle that is Local Government within the UK and no bloody wonder the Scots want out.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc


Well I had more odd ball appointment today.

After getting messed around somewhat and a receptionist phoning me yesterday to make an appointment I had already made and other appointments mysteriously disappearing and being lambhasted for just saying hello I went in today forearmed.

This was a very long appointment as it turned out. He disagreed with me on a number of apsects of the NHS I knew only too well I was right about. So I told him so. To his surprise. I then told hiim of my rapport with Doctor Huq and that despite me bing her best patient she close her practise because of me.

I then told him about the official complaint and the withdrawing of the two reports.

He remarked what a blog does not do much...that was until I told hi of what was held within its pages and its archives. As previous I only remarked about hospitals and the lying Doctors but that I had a fair enough amount running into tens of gigabytes.

Before the appointment I jad indeed wondered to what I would say if I was ever asked the question that should naturally be asked in these situations.....have you recorded me?!

I did not have to come up with an answer as I was not asked.

The conversation was interesting and I did offer my blog to him bit not for the reasons you might think!

The appointment was OK. There were no arguments despite what I stated above. In fact there is a moment when he says things that will raise eyebrows...

1) You are obvioulsy familiar with these things so I will no explain it to you

2) No my knowldge is limited and you have actually been teaching me

I told the story of the ear condition. He looked inside and said what all have before and I did not expect any different. I therefore asked what i could be that affects my hearing. He stated that it may be a congestion issue as the Eustachian Tube conncts to the throat, or sinuses or all connected basically.

Now this made me raise an eyebrow! I do indeed have isues with sinuses and in fact I have explained this in that at night in bed I can get blocked up and during the day my nose is clear but can be running.

For those paying close attention I found this out to be connected to my Fibromyalgia and of course they are connected to the eyes in one way or another so yet again all roads do very much indeed lead right the way back to ROME!!

He suggested that I hold my nose and blow, to equalise the pressure and I just smiled and shook my head so instead he has given me some decongestion tablets and we will see how that goes.

But as I have discovered before and as anyone else that has used drugs like Gabapentin or Pregabalin, unile what my last idiot GP stated these are NOT just PAINKILLERS and would not work on all pains and only specific types. Or the neurological pains that he inststed I did not have, despite having at least TWO neurological conditions over ten years that I was given succesful and VERY specific drugs for.

Be gear to get that all down on tape as proving all that, eh?

Well I will now ask two questions and I will indeed give you just one chance with each one...

1) Guess what a large part of that 40 minute appointment was spent talking about?

2) Now guess WHAT I was doing at said appointment?!

The genius is often with the forethought and the preparation. But as will be revealed in to upcoming parts... is just a wee bit more than that!!

Unfortunately for every public office I have ever found to be extremely bad, lying or corrupt!

Ooohhh it smarts, does it not?!?!

I DO like this GP and I do hope it stays this way. He does not or at least has not yet disregarded me as if I am an idiot and indeed in just two meetings and one phonecall has extended as much professional courtesy as he could possibly afford to someone NOT qualified as a Doctor!

That always goes a long way in my book.

Within this post is one iron clad statement that proves that my GP is a good GP. I will leave it for readers to work out what it is but even with the GP I got on with there are no Doctors that I have met in the last 15 years or more that I would  EVER expect to say those four simple words!


Far too long that one emotion has remained absent and elusive
One asks if be is possible for one to ever feel this again 
Whsipers of winds of emotions long since past into distant time 
What secrets fate hides is cruelly hidden from my searching gaze 
Shield up and sword of vengeance is lofted high in despair 
Rustling leaves as the giggles of angels revel in what is to come 
But fate twists some things from ones hands of creation and manipulation 
Will the year be one that arouses in another those lost feelings of love 
A spark and a knowing look a empathic link with feeling of knowing 
That could ever return the smile one gives upon that faintest of detections
What would one do for who being in love is shared anew
Why anything and everything would then be what I would do for you
- A Saint They Called Allnights 


Well today I am typing this in a completely new and different environment!

I am doing this for a number of reasons which all stem back at the end of the day to my condition as it now always seems to do 99% of the time.

My tablet PC is perched before me on a table using its leather case and staying upright with no difficulties, which is nice. I am in the large Enfield Library in Enfield Town to and I had a little time to kill and come up with an idea. The trouble is many of my ideas go south for the winter or indeed get forgotten about and that is exactly what this idea is partly to do with.

I came inside here because it is quiet for one but because I have available to me many areas to do things and I wanted specifically to be at and on a desk with this Perrix foldable keyboard. I wanted to see just how easier it is to use it on a fat surface as it pains me to say that using it in one of the places it was intended, my bedroom, is not as easy as I thought it was going to be. Right here and right now though it is doing great. It does not have the feel of a proper, and I DO mean PROPER, keyboard nor can I type anywhere near as fast but it is much better. So I am pleased about that!

Secondly I have meant for a very long time to capitalise on using the areas available to me with this large library where I can get out of the house and still work. But just as i referred to I kept forgetting. Part of the problem previously was that my laptop was just too big and heavy and as I was trying to take out a proper camera with me, well ALMOST PROPER, that would be heavy and not forgetting cumbersome! Going out and doing that with finding yet another laptop and another shed load of cash I do not have for something that is less powerful than what I already have I did not relish doing. These are part and parcel to why I have ended up with a tablet PC which is far more powerful that other tablet PCs but for a fraction of the cost, about a third I would say. Hence also why I bought the keyboard as these two devices would be much lighter to carry, whether it is out and about or even up and down the stairs. Of course it also means that instead of replacing my laptop with yet another laptop which can and likely WILL go wrong I can instead build a new PC Rig that will do all the stuff I want it to, so on the entertainment side of things I will be set! Also by coming in here and doing this I will remember doing it now so that losing the idea in my short term memory will not happen now. See it is all about finding the methods to help you remember.

Blog anyone?!

What started out as a list on a word documents became books and though it never seemed like it what also started out as a series of lists became this blog. But it was NOT a word document that thgis blog started out as, no sir! It was actually a BLOG?! But not actually called by its name of blog but by that of its real name before computers and the Internet came along...A DIARY! Which is what a blog is in essence except that you know that it can and is being read by others. Well if you want it to be that is.

So here I am in the library in the Town Centre to where I live and along the way I popped in a shop to drop some things off and bumped into some friends. It turned out to be quite funny as I poke of fun was made to the fact I referred to myself as a scientist and I laughed as I had, had this before. I then explained that a Science Degree makes you a scientist. I then explained that I turned down a doctorate to work on the software team creating the simulations for keyhole surgeons on how to perform their surgery. THEY do not do this it is WE which would have done it. This works in two ways...

1) Acquiring a science based degree means that you can go off and research and then understand how scientific based things work no matter how complex. You end up with letters after your name meaning you are a Bachelor of Science. There are really only to levels above this which is a Masters Degree, which takes but one extra year, and a PhD or Doctorate which takes two. Acquiring a Doctorate means what you think it does and I would be Dr Martin Haswell and not simply Martin Haswell BSc. I was offered and I said no and regretted it shortly after and have done ever since.

2) Proving that you can go off, research and discover and then pick apart complex scientific structures and being able to understand them, alter them and improve them for a better understanding or to customise them for a bespoke and therefore specific purpose means you can do this again. In another science, be it more complex or less which is why I have always run with the phrase 'It is not Rocket Science!' because someone said that to me once about a science that I do not even have a degree in!! So yeah I can go off and LEARN any sciences connected to that of software engineering! Bah HUMBUG!! Lol.

3) Ergo I was offered a Doctorate which would have been in the world of medicine which in all honesty is not any harder than that of Medicine and is in fact quite the opposite. Indeed as we programmed would we be in contact with a team of surgeons or even a single surgeon and we would ask them questions and make reports and implement them into programming code. This is true for EVERY SINGLE SUBJECT and makes computer science, or software engineering, unique and interesting. You get to learn NEW THINGS TOO!!

4) At the end of each assignment like this there is something that happens to one side of this collaboration that does not occur on the other?! Had I accepted this Doctorate and once completed I would have been highly knowledgeable thereafter in keyhole surgery but the keyhole surgeons wold not be highly knowledgeable in software engineering. Do you know WHAT this inevitably means? That one will be highly knowledgeable than the other. Do you know HOW intelligence and knowledge comes about and the term that is sometimes used to describe this about someone? No? Well that happens to be 'WELL READ'. That is on the face of it what a Degree and University is all about. But many I speak to are repelled by the idea of further education because they think of schools as rules, punishment and a place of misery. Unfortunately, thought they continue to drive their own children to go to school helping something ... STICKS?! When they themselves deny them a better life by purely remembering that they are an ADULT now when they go back and that it is a very different world.

So today when I heard this remark it made me think of something to type, to get across to those I have been so cruel to, my enemies, and will continue to be cruel to while getting worse that they are indeed on a losing battlefield and that they whole time they have been stalling and coming up with dastardly plans, or not give a shit as one mate likes to put it, they will realise that this is no longer a game and that it is something very real and will continue to grow very rapidly throughout 2014!


In fact I WANTED everyone to think that it would not achieve anything and think what cold I possibly do on my own. It allowed me to keep adding, acquiring and typing with the sole intention of this blog continuing its existence. All he time adding things that when cross referenced not only stand out but hold up. That all that I have done is real and how it is and that the more I did it the more I convinced those that had read enough to see. But to really get the ball rolling on this one I would have to start doing things on a more revealing level when I was getting a few thousand people each week. Then as I started to make these statements and reveal exactly what was going on and exactly how I was doing it the larger the ratio of visitors would be shocked that this could happen to them or someone they love. Then when trying to stop someone from leaping into the fire the excerpts of this blog will start to be quoted and the more revealing posts will start to resonate with others not even having visited here.

Now this process is happening right now with the few thousand coming each week. As more and more realise they tell more and more people and so on and so forth. The Internet is literally the grapevine to end all grapevines and that News Media and the Government have long failed to ignore that and only now realising. The news media in particular also failed miserable to realise that as time went on and more stories were found on the Internet which they shockingly did not cover people would trust them less and less.

So in other words the newspapers and media moguls are NOT losing money for the reasons they say that they are only in that the Internet is revealing processes to be wildly expensive and making mountains of money and not only out of the publics pockets but also out of their purses too!
All of this is of no fault to anyone else but those that ran said organisations and yet despite this the public purse is being defrauded while the public offices are all corrupt and the public services are not services any longer nor have they been for sometime.

I showed my friend that tiny device I used to record all that I have and the list of who including the two Detective Constables of Merseyside Police. He simply gave a Mona Lisa like smile and simply said "I WANT ONE! And I want YOU to show me how to use it. I then said "and NOW your getting at what my blog is all about, well part of it at any rate!"

So I came up with this idea to explain certain processes in detail, trust mew the best is YET to come but it is coming, just do not be too disappointed and its pure simplicity, lol. Oh there will also be a first part with a different title but will explain when I post it.

So now that I have let the proverbials screaming out of their bags they are checking on here. They would not have read a great deal and not have grasped the gargantuan proportions as of yet. There are likely way over 2,000 posts just on this blog alone and tens of gigabytes of data in many forms. I think I am not really doing myself justice as this does not include any part of the 1100 videos I have on my YouTube account either!!

Oohhhh that has gotta hurt!! Simply got to!
Realising too that I have amassed 100,000 visitors is going to be alarming and it is now going to take them many months to go through all this blog and all my data. Ooohhhh smarting just a bit now?!

Also much of the country has been kicked in the teeth lately by the government, public offices, public services and worst of all the atrocious weather! So God knows how many have been able to go online?! God knows how many have been flooded out?! Poor bastards!! God knows how many have lost electricity or even seen their laptops floating away down what used to be their street?!

Pretty soon this should all calm down, fingers crossed for them that it does, and WHEN it does the weather will be a bit warmer. People will be a little happier and the will socialise a great deal more.

Now when this warmer weather inevitably coincides with an increasing in socialising my weekly figures will rocket. I have also completed a flurry of posts to make them rocket ever higher too. Also I am about to do many more posts with photos I have on other sites so this will help attract even more people too from other subject fields?!

Oohh1h dear, you had better get through my posts in double time?! It took the various news media groups several months to do this, I wonder how long it will take public offices? Twice that long? Three times?!?!


Do you want some Tramadol for you headache? I have plenty!!

Which reminds me I now have a GP appointment!