Sunday, 26 January 2014


I bloody well told you do, did I not?!

I said that from what I see the rich and powerful Americans are fecking greedy and power mad.

I starred that they would have concentrated on companies and countries to gain an advantage financially and screw other countries and the people of those societies for fucking cash!!

So glad about this it allows me to do two things now...

It can show me to show how confident I am in my predictions and opinions that I CAN post about them knowing the likelihood is that I will be proven correct at some point.

Secondly that in March I am going to publish a post that explains in full and in detail how I did it and that this post will utterly destroy whatever is left of the UNHOLY TRINITY OF THE NHS, DWP & LOCAL COUNCILS.

I will not care a flying fig what programs have been sued on TV or what was printed in the tabloids because nothing can be said to alter the outcome.

It has been a long time coming and I apologise for that but could not be helped.

Part of the problem was that these people take forever while paid enough to run a third world country, while campaigning for poor people to DONATE to said third world countries.

Another problem was that from the beginning I stated clearly that I was after a huge number of targets, that in the end I would win and I would site then all to be the incompetent twats most only think they might be.

I have written this post tonight but due to a few more industries still wading knee deep in my traps I want them to be SHOULDER DEEP.

Couple of months and some... email exchange with a number of people over the next couple months should make it impossible for them to escape.

If you want to know the title of the post because you will be keen to read it and it is also designed and I hippie makes readers first GASP in shock at the reveal and then ROAR WITH LAUGHTER.

As I have so intended for it to be so obvious that it is rip roaringly funny.

The title is...


NSA 'spied on companies' - Snowden

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