Friday, 31 May 2013


Well I simply do not BELIEVE THIS!

Ask the things that the British Government if doing to it's own citizens, especially the disabled and those with lives of pain, and Europe do THIS?!

I am sorry but if that's not an act pricing they do not care about British Citizens then I an at a loss to know what now it's needed?!

They acts against Brits can be traced back for over 5 years and in my case 20 years and yet one sniff of and if their members NOT using us as a free ride, and when British Citizens end up paying for it literally then yes it's a free RIDE, and they are up in bloody arms about it!

Tell you what EUROPE? I challenge you to provide me with a country to live in, a home and the weekly money to LIVE as I SHOULD be able to and I will happily have to said country!

Only when you can PROVIDE this can any legal action against Britain be worth it's salt! Only then would you have any right our day whatsoever to complain!!

Speaking personally as I British Citizen I ask totally pissed off at being squeezed on one side by the British Government, squeezed on the OTHER by Europe and having people living amongst me taking what it's mine while wanting me and people like me DEAD. Whether they have the balls to come out and day it or not.

Despite the fact I do not give a shit I have to because I have a daughter and two grandchildren those futures look more and more horrific with each day that goes by.

In the meantime politicians love playing politics when they have failed to realise that their charade of making it look to their people that they are doing SOMETHING actually shows itself now for what it is.

My God they had better start noticing the smell if coffee pretty darn quick as they will ultimately be responsible, despite what they have planed to say, for the kick backs that will no doubt take place in the foreseeable future!



Annoyingly I have had to miss an appointment today due to stomach cramps and .... too much time in the loo!!


So I went online to re-book my appointment when I noticed I have ANOTHER appointment to book?!

All a bit odd but the Inguinal Hernia pain appointment up first...

Now the Foot Appointment that I never received and as ever with additions and pointers with my speculations and opinions.

While doing these edits it DID occur to me that like the KNEE MRI I never received and had performed and the Knee appointment where they only looked at my feet and the meeting with Heads of Departments at Barnet Hospital I think they are attempting to play me.

Also to try  and say that I am bad at turning up for appointments and that is why I have never been diagnosed?!

Well if so and if YOU are reading this...

Good luck with that and be sure to let me know how this turns out for you?!


Thursday, 30 May 2013


Here is that odd conversation I had regarding that chap who is normally quite chatty, mentioned about wanting to get into publishing and reacting with shock to my telling him about my blogs and having almost 20,000 visitors in 8 months...

Now remember the Job Centre HQ rang me, who I refer to as 'the CAT', and apologised to me for all the cancellations in my Incapacity Benefit and Housing Benefit and I should have asked whether or not that now means my Disability or even Personal Independent Payments when they come around will be reinstated?!

Now I mention this because I hinted to the DWP about what I have done here, though I deliberately mislead them a little, lol. But I have NOT hinted towards it at the council as yet.

I am about to do that with my GP, that is IF I ever get to see him again which I should NEXT WEEK.



Interesting is first off the response, or lack thereof, and then their REQUEST!

Note that I am not told I am mad but instead asked something, lol.

By the way if you missed it or any other audio etc use the search function for medical records, audio, documents or emails or indeed anything else you may want to find on here.

As always use them to help yourselves if you are having blatant injustices against your or loved ones or indeed if you have a family member lost his legs and back from Iraq who has just been told he gets no help or money because his or her hands and legs STILL WORK!! No that is not some sick joke either, well not mine but maybe the governments, yes or whoever it is that now runs this country. Like Serco possibly or someone else.

Missed that one? Better do that search for audio then had you not?!


I received a text from my daughter in the North West of England this morning.

She sent me the following link knowing I an interested in anything science-ee!

Earthquake Shakes Homes In North Wales

Oddly she days she just a couple of tiles but according to where they say its epicentre is this should not have been possible! But it seems a great deal of people that are quite some distance from the centre also experienced it.

Some of the comments are write interesting especially the individual that had noticed that there had been done considerable interest in certain...activities and the increase in frequency of late of earthquakes in the area.

I spent years visiting the area and never did anyone EVER speak of earthquakes and many people were of quite advanced ages too.


Nothing much to report here except a reaction to something I said which may be of interest to many.

Yes this was NOT my GP and yes he was on holiday again, or absent for weeks or at secret meetings about me as they think I am going to bring down the whole system and are all under damage control.




A feeling taken often for granted
For me a distant memory
Not a fleeting glimpse or flicker of emotion
My dormant heart of devotion
The busiest time I search each day
To keep old memories of love  at bay
Pain endured keeps others in check
But moments creep in and I long that first peck
I surf a wave looking far and wide
But always the same is all I find
The fear I have I keep from all
Is will ever I feel again or fall
For which others have and often abuse
I'm left with heart full of sorrow of no use
So long the flames of love are dowsed
I hunt with passion those to blame to rout
Hence no other focus for me to see
My changing track or tact never be

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Well here it is then the moment I have been expecting you read about since about 2003!

After my run ins with banks, loans, PPIs and Ombudsman and the bank was Barclays I knew they were up to no good and that the Financial Services Ombudsman were NOT what they made themselves out to be. So I knew it works all come to this especially when I knew a big regression was coming even before my father died.

7,000 complaints per day because of the publics lack of trust and the Siamese Twins think the best way to get through this is to hammer the innocent who have no money and contribute to lie to the very ones who bio longer trust anyone on business or government?!

Whoever said 'start as you mean to carry on'? Ha!

So since this days long past I have been counting down the days when all that I was involved with, predicted and totally ignored over would all come to light.

Also dir all those years I kept all the necessary paperwork on each public office and private company as will as all the Ombudsman and even MPs and kept waiting while collecting.

Not many more reports to go now, lol.

Or are there? I still have a few things to declare myself yet, lol. Couple of months should do it provided another public Office does not take up a month of my time?!



I was shocked when I read this and then I realised a few things...

It is an understatement and I believe it will be closer to 2 in 5 and desire the fact it does not state whether this is out of what exists today or not I will say this!

Secondly...ummm....does this not go and undermine in gargantuan fashion what George Osbourne and David Cameron have been saying for the longest time now?!

Exactly how long is George Osbourne's version of 'healing' going to take?

Why can't reporters go and ask him the obvious awkward question so he can give his obvious answer that everyone is talking Bullocks except him?!

Oh no...wait! I actually hate it when they do that as we get to find out jack shit and the reporters and news groups just end yup looking inept to out it mildly, lol.


2020? 2022?! LATER?!?!

Damn might be drawing my pension before I make any money from the companies with billions now looking like they have been cheating me?! Lol.

Oh...wait! There won't BE ANY PENSIONS!! Lol. Well except theirs which will be millions our done only hundreds of thousands that they think they ate fully entitled to?! Lol.

Hmm still, I think I can avoid these catastrophes?!



Well I never!

CAB, are you serious?!

How many years into a recession?! How many people having financial difficulties? At the same time this was published another report stated last year there was a 92% increase in cases by the financial services ombudsman, yes good luck with ombudsman lol.

Three years or more into this shit, shops empty everywhere, one on five that are left to go by 2018 and you cone up with this NOW?!

What have you been doing the last 20 years these people have been around?! Hibernating? Are your all Hedgehogs?

How is it, CAB, that you only every day anything when there are hundreds of thousands complaining and by then its too late?!

Here its a tip for CAB, CLA, OMBUDSMAN AND GOVERNING BODIES... when its only an individual with claims you think you cannot handle, like mine, think of the consequences before you choose to ignore....ME.



I have long maintained that governments have become too reliant upon money they either should not rely on, should not get or obtaining via unrelated means.

As well as all this the business rates and council taxes have destroyed the private sector when it comes to small businesses. I have know people who see what governments in Asia do where they support and even finance new ideas and new businesses.

Here they do not you are meant to do everything yourself and magic cash out of thin air and I an living proof of that. You cannot complain when suddenly another country can produce and still something cheaper than you can! It means you did it wrong and they did it right!

But now they want to complain as they now realise they have allowed themselves to slide ever deeper into a hole and stood and watched as they slowly slid.

Monday, 27 May 2013


Well this I had to do a double take for and am shocked that there is rioting in Sweden of all places

I honesty thought that the Scandinavian countries would be the last to do anything like this?!

I wanted to leave the UK and live there just a coupe of years back.

Odd report that mentioned nothing about who is rioting or indeed WHY they are rioting?!


OOPS EDIT: This did not get published and I have since found out that these were indeed youg Muslims rioting in a predominantly Muslim suburb so makes sense now

Also I wonder what old Lino will be thinking when we fell out because she argued that there would never be any trouble in Sweden. I was planning to live there and had no idea they had communities like this in Sweden in all honesty.

I said that there would be trouble eventually and she argued that nothing would ever happen in Sweden or any of the Scandinavian countries.

Since we last spoke there was the cartoon depicting Mohammed in a bad light, a bomb in Stockholm and that Anders Brevik and now this?!

God I hate being right all the time, lmao yes OK well I hate being proved right far too much, lol.

The last report I read on the BBC Android App said that on Friday, I think it was, that it had died right down and was relatively quiet as there were only 70 fires compared to the 90 they had the day before?!

Well even arsenists need to rest?! LOL.

Also of note was that this rioting had already gone on for 6 days when I first heard about it?!

Very bizarre forms of journalism being employed. In fact its an insult to the word 'journalism' not to mention the spirit of journalism to even call it that today.

It is nothing of the kind and it seems that the picking and choosing has gone from bad to silly and stand out obvious that they are deliberately NOT reporting on certain things despite how major it may be.


I had forgotten about this picture.

I had been travelling on a '279' Bus from Enfield Highway intending to get to an appointment for an MRI at St Annes Hospital. Luckily it was during the day and not rush hour and ony one bus and I know I could get a seat.

Though as so often is the case the idiots that run the buses decided that this bus was going to terminate a mile from the hospital in Tottenham High Road near Tottenham Hale?!

This was me standing there unsuccessfully trying to get onto one of three buses, think this was the third and fed up and why I took a picture, lol.

Other than the chap with the walking stick everyone else just pretends they do not see you or suddenly have to take a phone call, lol.


Best I am kept away from people like that as one day one will moan about something and I will not take too kindly to them.

Sunday, 26 May 2013


Right well after the recording I posted up here is a letter I was not aware I had sitting around?!

This, you will note, is stapled back to front just as my Neurology letter was when arrived not so long ago.

Also this letter states the 100mg dosage, so occurred BEFORE reaching my GP Surgery, and it also came, just as the Neurology Letter did, in an envelope without an NHS logo?!

Indeed it had sat here for several days before I opened it which is NOT what I do with letters with the NHS logo on as it could be rapidly approaching appointment? Like one I have imminently in a matter of days!

So as I edited onto page two it looks like someone intercepts my letters before they go into the post. Tsk-tsk, if there was any one single solitary person you should not perform this practise on it is ME! LMAO!

Whether this practise is confined solely to me, because of this blog for instance, or whether it is extremely widespread I do not know.

What I DO KNOW now is exactly how to deal with it. Stay tuned for that one, lol.

So as you can see, even setting to one side the contradictory nature of all I have spoken to and the odd occurrences, it is utter madness and extremely suspicious.

Now to me and just as it has done for a long time they have been up to no good at the NHS and have probably manipulated a great many naive nurses and even Doctor's, many of which probably think they are impervious to being fooled.

To be honest it would not surprise me to find out that the Enfield Primary Care Trust, or even someone higher, has been meeting with my GP to keep him in line and bullshit him because a second GP in a row realising what I know and QUITTING would just be too much to HIDE, lmao.

Funny really as sometimes I am sure they are aware of this blog and other times I think they are oblivious to it.

When I think about it hard enough I think that the top overlords are aware of this blog and are terrified that those down the chain between themselves and me will find out about it, lol.

Or even in a position to find someone that wont mind bending the rules with the right incentives, so someone they can work closer with, lol.

Of course, and if they are reading this right now they will themselves be realising, it wont make one jot of difference to the eventual outcome.



Despite the recent posts whereby I show that the Department of Work and Pensions appearing to fold under in on itself they and the rest of them, outside the NHS, are unaware of TWO things.

Well I say UNAWARE but I have always told them and what they did with this information I do not know and currently I do not care.

This careless nature is in large part because I know whatever they used it for would have been wrong and always has been wrong. Just how they got it wrong is NOT important, just the fact that they did IS.

So for several years I have had pain in my groin and several types from aching, to stinging and even a creepy weeping feeling almost as if I am bleeding though I am not.

Anyway hope to find out some answers soon...

Note how quick this was, from GP to Hospital and now to appointment which is THIS WEEK.

Oddly my rear molar tooth on  my right side is like a wolf in Sheep's clothing...

The pain dies down but every now and then, like every other day, something will spark it off and the pain is quite something and I will get to that in a later post...

...point for mentioning it as that the day I posted my medical records on here was the day that I was being referred to hospital tohave this tooth, another tooth, removed!

I am STILL WAITING for this appointment despite the pain being quite severe and have been trough a whole bottle od Lidocaine and Clove Oil!!

Thursday, 23 May 2013


I do not recall, well without looking back through posts or reams of paperwork, when this started. But was a fair while back.

In fact shortly after I was refused my DLA claim, I have since started yet another and this time I have informed them I am well aware that my medical records have been altered, I found these people and applied to them.

Now I am pretty sure it was over a year ago now.

Anyway they are supposed to write to me every so often, as they have noted in this letter, but I only ever get a replies to my complaining and accusations, lol.

Anyhoo... in this letter I note that they state they will contact me by the 27th June 2013. How bizarre is that?! Slap bang between the TWO DATES of the court case for my daughter that should come to a conclusion.

This is either the 26th or 28th June.

Now I have not been back over my correspondences with these people and their letters to me to see IF they broke their promises of contacting me or how many times. Those of you that are more inquisitive may already know the answers to this.

But I can assure you that going right into mid July at the EARLIEST I will not be thinking about contacting the Independent Case Examiners.

Bare in mind they are being paid their salaries and it has taken them over a year to read all the letters and study all the applications?! What a couple dozen pieces of paper?!

Salary over £30,000 of the public's taxes? LMAO!

Over a year?


Well it has sort of started to happen as I suspected.

This morning I received a peculiar phone-call from an unexpected source, though if you wanted to split hairs then technically I have had TWO. Despite stating this clue this source was ever so slightly different.

I will now refer to him from now on as 'The Cat' and he rand me telling me he was from the Job Centre, yes THE Job Centre on blog infamy throughout this blog.

What was INTERESTING was what he said...

We are SORRY..

I have been ASSURED by ALL INVOLVED that your benefits will NEVER EVER be stopped again...(hope that includes DISABILITY and/or PIPS LMAO?!)

Here is my direct number if there is EVER ANY problem please call me!

I can see the Pigeons heading out as I type this out! They do not want to be involved in this particular bar fight!

So little by little my goals are being achieved and oddly in the period I always thought would be the LATEST they would all start to happen.

It only remains to be seen what happens with the changeover from Incapacity Benefit  to PIPS, LMAO. You will need to see what I put very early on in my blog to see why I laughed at this?!

In early June my 'thing' with the NHS and Enfield Primary Care Trusts, well all Primary Care Trusts really, comes to a head which may or may not last a month. Down to their reactions really.

Late June to early July sees the end of Wirral Council and possibly Merseyside Police though the latter may come later I am not sure but it WILL COME! Wirral Council should then have a knock on effect to the other councils I have been involved with.

By this time it will be realised by all that have ever visited here that I have been telling the truth, I have been BATTLING these people, the SYSTEM and WINNING. This will lead to spreads of the rumours, that will drwa people in here to see the TRUTH. Mass teachings and then everything else throughtout 2013 all gets its own and well deserved attention.

The claw marks have been gradually turned into gaping cracks and the Cats have landed among the Pigeons and realised that this IS the realm of The White Tiger and that it has not been a safe place to be in and they have been here for far too long.

They now realise that paw prints of a Tiger have been circling them all along and that he has been biding his time and picking and choosing HIS battles and NOT the other way around.

Little by little small chinks have appeared in their armour of ignorance to the point that daylight starts to break through. There would always be a time when enough daylight getting through would be seen by all the pawns on the chessboard.

On this chess board the White Tiger has better moves than the Queen Piece!

Now the Cats are running with the Pigeons.

Very soon only two will remain...




NO BLOODY WAY, not yet!! Much to be done!!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


What is it with MPs and ducks?!

Islands, Moats and now wait? Lol.

You know George if you say your things long enough, provided your still in power that is which you won't be, you WILL get it right...EVENTUALLY.

In fact talk like yours will get you into hot water as it is not MY responsibility but it is YOURS and those if you that got us into this mess!

I have said for years this was coming and never voted for you more any other government that has been in power so you can not INCLUDE ME when you state "our responsibility" because it is in no way mine!

Odd the it mentions infrastructure as I personally thought that would start a test into the recession. I guess they have different ideas to me on how to deal with it with theirs being 'same shit, different day' lmao.

The End.


Have my appointment to see GP which will be in June?!


So in early June I should get answers to my for questions that I WILL put to my GP Surgery!

I also have appointment for my groin pain and this will take place BEFORE the GP appointment?!



Oh dear.

I did not hear about this until late in the day.

Horrific...truly horrific.

Yes Mr Cameron its real ready to say you will not give in to them but I wonder if you could be do damned cocky if it was YOU they were cheating town the street?!

Sorry but whenever something like this happens its normally one if the first things they say, not necessarily airways to do with terrorists, and by the time it reaches my grey matter it translates into we do not really give a toss no matter how many times the innocent pay for what we do and say?!

I cannot get further out if London fast enough?!

Maybe by the end of this year?!


Well its a bit late now but at least they are doing this.

A tornado shelter law is to be pushed for by the Mayor. Very fortunate that many children escaped. Heart wrenching catastrophe and the visuals of the people and not the destruction were the most staggering.

I was shocked to hear there were no provisions for storm shelters in the schools that were hit due to funding?!

Personally I do not think I could personally have let my children attend a school without a storm shelter.

Let's hope they do not take forever doing it and if its anything like the UK it wiki take forever, you Erik get kits if bloody lame excuses and it would be shoddily built and for times the original cost?!


Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Well what do you know?!

I was lying on my bed listening to the catastrophic weather that has affected so many unfortunate people in Oklahoma in the United States and I noticed the large leaflet for Gabapentin, Neurontin, and started to read it.

What do I cone across without even thinking about it? Starting dose and it clearly states that this will be between...

300mg to 900Mg?!

This had rendered both the prescribed dose as beyond reality bizarre, as the pain guy said start at 300mg daily, s will as that of the pain specialist himself who started to work UP to 900Mg?!

Before anyone jumps the gun this is started for both Peripheral Neuropathic Pain, which is what it was prescribed for in my case, and Epilepsy.

It also states the maximum is a head spinning 3600mg daily?! Whoa that amount if Ibuprofen would be catastrophic and I know this from experience!

Sound more like Paracetamol doses, lol.

So now I am totally and royally pissed off as yet again the is an about face with the NHS at every turn!

1) Give this report to you're neurologist despite the fact your not going to see him again even though he had not requested all the tests.

2) I'm more knowledge than you're pain specialist and I will override his decision as will as that if the drug manufacturer and give you one third if the weights the doctor states and one ninth what the drug manufacturer states.

3) I WILL find out what is wrong with you but then discharge you without even seeing you s second time, not getting the results from the Royal Free Hospital from you and without sending you for all the tests do I'm fecking lying to you.

But lying is ok if you work and earth shit of money, like Apple and even they stated in a hearing that tax evidence is ok.

Still sticking to the system that bright the entire globe to a stand still then I see?!

Never mine the fact that with this Peripheral Neuropathy, Large and Small Fibre Neuropathy and by the latest letter starting about nerve damage in my spine that there are indeed now THREE health conditions that can cause my long list of symptoms...

Oh wait I forgot about the Charcot Marie Tooth Disease I was so convinced I had! So make that FOUR conditions when I have had a long just of Doctors state that my symptoms cannot possibly be linked?!

Complete evil, sadistic, lying self obsessed greedy amoral tossers! The lot of them and not far off Atos on the scum level meters, lol.

I sure hope that none if the Doctors I have met over the years are religious and attend church or a Mosque as they would be hypocrites and spending an entire day each week in confession, our alternate religious equivalent, does NOT CUT IT.



1) Why have my medical records been alerted, dates changed and omissions?

2) Why have I been discharged despite not having all tests and told they will get to bottom if it and how did this Doctor recognise me?

3) Why have I been prescribed drugs for a condition a very uncomfortable test stated was negative?!

4) Why had both the pain specialists recommended dose and the manufacturers recommended dose been totally ignored?!

5) Now stop the bullshit...who is behind these decisions?!

6) Non-compliance with the least question will involve new declaring this blog and number of visitors!

7) Reaction to the above will either give me answers our actually give away the fact that they are already aware of this blog?!

Number 7 I have only ever been able to have a stab at guessing based on body language but like Steve says while laughing..."they are all treading on egg shells when your around" and just may be to do with the fact that that my inquisitive nature worried them that I will guess I am being shafted over a barrel and being told they are only taking my temperature?!



Well I did tell you about this...

Atos forcing disability websites offline, lmao.

It will not find this video so I have had to place a link instead to the YouTube page.

For idiots that do not think anything untowards is oing on or amoral ones in agreement with this I will ask two things of you...

Is your Job secure?




My old apprentice Rick sent me this on Facebook, funny as I have not even watched it as yet?!



Well wandered about in a daze today and did not do ANY of the things I set out to do.

I seem to have had two consecutive nights where I have had serious trouble getting to sleep and then as a direct result waking up late.

I really, really hate that but at least now it is summer time, or at least I think it is, or its not getting dark just a few hours after I wake up and get out of bed!

I am hoping that it is not down to the new drug they have given me or that if it is that it settles down very soon as I will have to start taking TWO a day this coming Friday! The following Friday I am to take three a day.

To make matters worse I am damn sure that the pain guy stated that he would start me on 300mg and raise this up to 900mg but I could be remembering that wrong. If not and this drug is causing the sleepless nights and it fails to settle in then sleep may well be something that I just go without constantly before very long.

Meaning i will then have to be weaned of this drug and then weaned onto the next one and I do now know of course that there are other drugs that do the same thing. I will probably go and find later that this drug is laced with caffeine as that is normally the only thing that causes the sleeplessness.

Hmm in fact I am going to reduce my caffeine intake again and perhaps maybe reduce it to zero for a couple of days see if that makes a difference?!

Thinking about the letters I have had while I was out, thinking about where I go from here. I had planned to get some washing liquid for laundry as well as visit PC World as well as the Doctor's Surgery to make another appointment and find out who Dr ER Yeo is?! It was on that letter from Dominick Mort which actually was not from Dominick Mort and another Doctor instead.

I want to ask about specifics to do with Peripheral Neuropathy, Large and Small Fibre Neuropathy and that these do sound like what I have now and also WHY I did not remain under Dominick Mort to have tests to confirm this?

I shall also go further into why they cannot perform medicine in this manner, dismissive and reluctant, and why this cannot be so.

I will also inform him about this blog too, finally though I do suspect he already knows.

Oh yes and of course I WILL ASK why my medical records have been altered?!


SO I have had a letter and I do not know what to make of it.

The guy that did the Nerve Conduction Studies and Electromyography who told me that Dominick Mort was the best there is now seems to have spoken too soon as it looks like I will not see him again.

I now realised that this has happened a great deal in recent years and that you see these so-called specialists they look you up and down and if your lucky you get a test or two and then off.

The question for me is have they tested you for everything WITHIN their fields of knowledge.

I say this because as I just stated remarks are made that you will be 'seen to' by Doctors you are under that you end up not seeing again.

He is a Neurologist and I was sent to him because I THOUGHT I have Charcot Marie Tooth Disease and I got a damn sight closer than they ere have. CMT is not the only condition that falls under this remit.

It is a shame it appears that I have been discharged but it also looks somewhat odd in that he seems to know the outcome of the test?!

If you refer back to the previous post of my NCS and Electromyography tests the Doctor states that they will NOT contact Dominick Mort and thay give me TWO test results and one I am to give Mr Mort?!

"Here is a copy for you and one for you to give Dominick Mort when you see him"

I have not seen him but he knows and this looks highly suspicious just as the drug Gabapentin has been prescribed to me to deal with the electrical signals to my brain from my muscles. To be more specific this is to relax the excitement of the activity on the brain. Been on them a few days, feels a bit weird and having trouble sleeping right now but I will persevere but any of you that have read many posts wll know I do not do too well with Insomnia and really do hate it for a whole list of reasons.

Ooh yes become side tracked there and nearly forgot. Yes a shame I will not see him again as I would like to say to him 'Well I am glad it is reassuring to you but as you are well aware because I fully informaed you on our ONLY meeting...after more than 12 years of searching for ANSWERS yet another BLANK is NOT reassuring to me!'


Anyway it gave me another branch, fork, so head down and I found that there are a couple of things that seem to explain it and they are Large Fibre Neuropathy and Small Fibre Neuropathy.

Now what IS extremely interesting with this, and I am afraid to say will be fatal for the NHS and all the Doctors I have EVER spoken to, is a reference to BURNING FEET.

Though I have to recall that I have been down this road before this links to one of only three conditions listed in the letter above. Tarpal/Carpal Tunnel is OFF THE TABLE as I was tested years ago for that. If I DID have it then...well still fatal for the NHS!

I had a long period back when I was 19 of burning feet that was really quite peculiar. It started after returning from a trip to France with an old friend and this condition, whatever it was I do not know, was very, VERY weird and it would feel like your soles were being heated by small radiators within your soles?!

It really was that weird and somewhat uncomfortable and as soon as I could I used to remove both my shoes and my socks whenever I could.

At the time I was chasing after amphibians in France and thought that I had picked up some fungal infection in the water. I mentioned it to doctors at the time but did not get much in the way of help.

In a Boots Chemist I saw this Germolene Foot Spray in a navy on white cannister and thought I would give it a go. Once in contact with the skin the relief was incredible and it had a very fast cooling effect on my feet.

I used this for many months and always went back and bought two cans each time and I figured that the antiseptic nature of the Germolene was keeping some fungus at bay. Eventually one day I went in to buy some and there was none on the store and I assumed they stopped making it.

But the burning fortunately never returned despite dogging me for a very long time.

Looking around on the internet doing a search on Large Fibre Neuropathy, which I have trouble finding because Small Fibre Neuropathy keeps coming up I ound the following...


Statements from the above appear below.

Symptoms of Small Fiber Neuropathy

Symptoms of small fiber neuropathy can vary widely in severity. Many individuals report the gradual onset of distal symptoms that include vague disturbances of sensation in the feet. These symptoms may include the feeling of a wrinkle in a sock that cannot be removed or of small pebbles or sand in the shoe. Others may report a cold-like pain, tingling or a pins and needles sensation. More severe symptoms of small fiber neuropathy may include burning pain that often is persistent, although it may vary in intensity throughout the day. Many patients also report transient electric shock–like pain, usually lasting only seconds, but quite severe and potentially multiple times per day. Many symptoms worsen during periods of rest and at night. In addition to spontaneous pain, many individuals report allodynia and hyperesthesia. Patients with small fiber neuropathy frequently complain that the bedsheets are exquisitely painful, and therefore, wear socks or use “foot tents” to keep the sheets from making physical contact with the feet.
Small nerve fiber neuropathies also may result in autonomic and enteric dysfunction. Patients often do not identify the relationship of these symptoms to their sensory complaints; however, when asked, they may report dry eyes, dry mouth, postural lightheadedness, presyncope, syncope, abnormal sweating, erectile dysfunction, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, early satiety, difficulty with urinary frequency, nocturia, and/or voiding [4, 5].


Yeah I always stick my feet off the side of the bed too or out of the ends of the quilt and have always been told I have cold feet.

Paragraphs from the above appear below.
Restless Leg Syndrome. Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) may occur without apparent cause or may be associated with medical conditions. Peripheral neuropathy has been associated with RLS.22-24 IENF studies demonstrated a subclinical small fiber neuropathy in a subset of RLS patients without dysesthesias. This may explain the response to pain medication in some patients with RLS.25

Patients with large fiber neuropathies, such as demyelinating hereditary sensory motor neuropathies complain of numbness, tingling, and weakness. Examination classically reveals diminished deep tendon reflexes, reduced vibratory and position senses, and distal weakness. The clinical impression is confirmed by electrophysiologic abnormalities, such as slowed motor and sensory conduction velocities, reduced motor and sensory action potential amplitudes, and denervation on the electromyogram.
In contrast, patients with small myelinated A delta and unmyelinated fiber C fiber involvement complain of severe pain and diminished thermal and pain perception. Due to difficulty characterizing the discomfort, orthopedists, podiatrists, and rheumatologists may initially evaluate patients for arthritic disorders. Pain is described as burning, prickling, stabbing, jabbing, or tight band-like pressure. Dysesthesias are initially localized to the toes, but may spread to the legs and even the hands and arms. The examination can be normal and reveal a stocking-glove distribution sensory loss with preserved strength. Achilles reflexes may be slightly reduced, but significantly diminished reflexes implicate large fiber co-involvement. These patients do not develop ulcers or Charcot joints.
Clinical Evaluation. For the patient with suspected small fiber neuropathy a thorough history and examination are essential. The history should contain a review of medical conditions, family history, medications, and toxic exposures. The comprehensive neurologic exam includes evaluation for orthostatic blood pressure and altered cutaneous sensation.
So the Neurologist has NOT QUITE FINISHED YET so I have just been quite deliberately fobbed off and obviously deliberately set up to make it look like that all possibilities have been tested for when they have not.

Odd then that the only thing they sent me to be tested for is the one thing he stated clearly in my meeting, all recorded, that he was sure I did not have?!

Quite bizarre and I now hope that this little road travelled now shows without a doubt that they whole system and most everyone in it os bloody corrupt based on greed and self preservation?!

Electrodiagnostic Studies. Electromyography and nerve conduction studies assess large fiber involvement, but are of only exclusive value for following the small fiber syndromes. Reduced sensory nerve action potential may be the earliest signs of large fiber co-involvement in mixed disorders. The large fiber component may become evident as the neuropathy progresses.
EH?! BUT...the letter clearly states EXCLUDING LARGE FIBRE NEUROPATHY ( and NOT SMALL)

Anyway they obviously just do not want to know, or they already DO and will not admit it, like they did 8 years ago with my Chest Wall Pain, Costochondritis, and just want to give me the impression there are things still unknown to medicine?!

Well as a scientist I am curious about things I do not know about and have to work out the reasons and the facts. AS I have mentioned several times throughout this post I thought years ago that I would eventually garner the interest of Doctor's wanting to discover something for themselves they can the write a scientific paper about.

That just simply IS how it goes for anyone claiming to be a scientist or Doctor.

But over twelve years of my persistent explanations only seems to have a negative effect and I experience a dismissive attitude from these so called Doctors and from the letter above it looks immediately to me like nothing has changed.

But this simply is not true, oh no not true at all.

I have changed and this is far from over!

Right another appointment to be made with ... THE DOCTOR!


Monday, 20 May 2013


Well it has been a strange month indeed and I reefer to the last four weeks and not any particular calender month.

In fact it has turned out that my own personal things have been held up by four weeks but that ended around 6pm when I walked into my home. After not being able to get in to see the Council as there times they provide on a large monitor being way out I found a letter of apology when I got home.

It also went on to say that they are sorry that I feel that they acted inappropriately and that is now the third apology from two public offices in as many weeks!!

Now I wonder when they will realise that first of all an apology just does not cut it and that we are going to clash heads yet again in a couple of months time and the outcome will be the same but what they have to lose will be far, FAR greater than issuing an apology.

Still the ... hmm I cannot say NEWS as they are doing everything NOT to report on a hole series of things... revelations coming to light are staggering.

I am well aware there is till far more to come.

As for me I can get back to focusing on my blogs and providing content as well as working out my affiliates that are well suited to both me and my readers. I guess at some point this may happen on here too, I just do not know and I may not. After all I am not entirely happy that I have stooped to this level but at least the decisions and workings of it all are not in the hands of a clearly evil organisation that likes to portray themselves as doing good.

Meanwhile while the shocking things going on go unreported by all but the smallest news organisations and what with the level of these things and what is occurring in the UK, and NOT any HEALING you bloody moron, that the news is concerned with a faction of people wanting to change the laws allowing them to do something they have not been allowed to do for thousands of years.

Oh well yes that is certainly the most important issue to report on right now is it not?!

Whatever my personal stance is on gay marriage, well there isn't one if I am honest, I do feel there are more important things to be concerned with right now than standing in a church for a non existent deity acquiring a scrap of paper to state that you are partnered up!

Forgive me if I am wrong but are people not starving to death? Are people not committing suicide over what the public are doing to the welfare state? Have large corporations not cost us £5.5 BILLION each year for ten years or more and STILL at it?!?!

So I watch while scratching my head wondering if the News media are all not on drugs or that some moron thinks that by making an issue out of this the real crap can go unreported?

I heard a store owner tell someone on the phone today that it has been quieter than it has ever been and that he personally cannot see a 'light at the end of the tunnel' and he has no idea exactly WHEN he might see this light. The person on the other end of the conversation agreed with this and there is a small circle of shops that phone each other hoping to hear some glimmer of hope.

The point missed in that be even the ones doing the phoning is that they ask each other! All these reports and all these MPs along with all these Business Institutes and advice groups and yet NONE of these are turned to, listened to or even taken notice of any longer.

I ask myself just how far and wide this occurs and in how many industries it does occur in. How long before someone notices this trend and investigates and researches it and I think how funny it is that many media have accused MPs and various Prime Minister's have become out of touch when they themselves have become out of touch.

Mind you I have to ask myself that what with the drivel that TV is made up of I have to wonder if the public have themselves become out of touch and this is how we are in this mess. We have tended to believe one over the other when you should not have believed any of them at all?! We have an an old saying for this behaviour and it is because the choices have become bare and that is 'Better the Devil you KNOW'!

Only of late this has indeed changed! People voted for someone else and since then the liars and cheats do not like this. Their very behaviour suggests that they do not want the public to have any more choices than that which they already have! Maybe it is because the usual suspects are all tied up...bound to some secret agreement on what they can and cannot do which is why manifestos have the same shelf life for the majority of the promises as that of a Mayfly?!

I would hazard a guess that if the current possessors of that golden joystick with the emblem of the Union Flag realise that a certain Independence Party might garner alot of votes then they will approach them with...suggestions or orders.
Now you will be able to tell if he has told them to a kite as the mud slinging will begin in earnest?!

After all there are a great deal of idiots with no scruples nor morals whatsoever that will do anything for money and/or get their faces on TV...mostly only to end up looking like complete lame brains.


Well I have managed to still the waters and this should be enough to see me through to what I have to, as well as need to, do. That should have been the last desperate throw of the dice by the powers that be.

I have acquired the Gabapentin drug they want me to take on top of the Tramadol. Oddly the box, which states Neurontin on its exterior, has a rather large label that says I have to take ONE 100mg tablet each night for a week, then one in morning and night for another week and then three times a day?!
Never seen that before on prescription drugs, normally the weening is coming off them and not going ON them?!


Despite what I say they are probably still all underestimating me.

So then. Now the period of many forks is actually here and I have been choosing wisely....I hope. But there will be many, MANY more present themselves over the next couple of months.

The beauty of it is that I will be able to travel several forks simultaneously and feeling for the best paths. Until such a time that I have to have yet another run-in with the British Government and/or the possessors of that Golden Joystick?!

As ever this will be grounded on the words the government have used to excuse themselves for their behaviour and namely that of what they are doing to the Welfare state and more accurately WHY. Well if I want to by a great deal more specific I am going to blow their playhouse down using just one word they themselves have used end therefore cannot erase from legislation like that of 'disability' and THAT word is .... 'FAIR'!

This one single word has been used over and over again and I will DRIVE home a wooden stake with this word burned into the flammable material straight through the heart of government. When this time comes they will hiss and spit like Count Dracula himself that would make Christopher Lee envious!

By which time there can be little doubt left in the eyes of the majority of the British Public to the realities of goings on in the UK. NONE.

To think we are still only halfway through the fifth month of 2013?!


Sunday, 19 May 2013


How bloody convenient that this comes out now of all times?!

Yes get the French government to day the same thing and tell them to let us know how that goes?!


Good they really think the public must be naive?!

Hire is this a study by an Institute if Economic Affairs and not the National Institute of Clinical Negligence, the General Medical Council and even the United Nations?!

How about Universities even?!

I mean you would think this would have been picked up bloody years ago by a health based group? They must be all pretty inadequate if it is discovered now by an economic institute?!

This is really and should be obvious, another pack of shit shovelled pit the door by over paid morons just st the time when retirement age its being raised?!

However more interesting to Mr is that this is party if the finger pointing I have been waiting for among there groups and if I was a health watch outfit I would be pretty miffed at the insinuation that they are defunct and ineffective and an economic outfit needs to come along and do their jobs for them?!

Seems to say, or admit, they certain organisation are a waste of time and the publics money.

Maybe a health institute could perform a fiscal study of banks?! Maybe the banking industry could do a study of the state of the National Health Service? Yes like we don't inure the answers to those already?!


What stupid reports am I going to read next and why us the obvious mistake NOT pointed out in the report?!

Yes well I think I know the answer to that question and have done for sometime now.

Tory party rumblings have not gone unnoticed by me either. I think they are all fed up with being made to look completely incompetent and blatantly obvious as well as liars and tricksters.


Saturday, 18 May 2013


Though remember, it is NOT ATOS though they ARE just as guilty they are only the henchmen.

I have always maintained long before I even started this blog...bloody years before I started this blog in fact, that the DWP know what they are doing at Atos because that is how it was set out.

But it does not end there either and you have to look beyond this. It is a clever ruse to get the public chasing their tails thing after the targets put deliberately in the line of fire.

Remember in so doing they have hired so called professional people such as this chap who, despite their education, have been naive to just how much they have been used and to what end.

For the most self centred ones our just the ones in too much fear to say anything these ones will find themselves the ones being blamed so do themselves no favours whatsoever. It just gets worse for all concerned the longer it goes on.

It is also not confined to Atos and the DWP either and like I said over and over again GPs and Doctor's along with specialists down to nurses have been write cleverly duped and manipulated to vitriol the while system. This blog had existed to shatter this illusion to one and all.

Little by little I have exposed the truth on this blog to more and more people very carefully do a few more can contemplate the consequences of those I pay out for them and I can only show them what is behind the closed doors. What they then do is entirely up to them and their conscience.

With my details, evidence and theories along with what each of these individuals know our have been told, heard or suspected my theories and evidence had intended to fill in the gaps or extinguish any doubts they had regarding their suspicions.

To my mind those that DO ACT are heroes one and all. A shame that it needs a series of heroes but fortunately not many.

Just one here and there from the right public offices and industries to be able to joins the dots together is all it will take.

The odd thing is the one industry that should have the biggest leeks that will be impossible to plug is that if local councils...

Atos and the DWP are just two organisations closely linked but there are dozens and dozens if local councils. Also by the time a few whistle blowers have come out, if which there have been several so far, do gooders and people with the highest morals that work in these industries can 'go looking' our obtain there own evidence despite have no suspicions before hand.

So rather like a snowball effect once in motion that will become itself a Tsunami if whistle blowers. That is a huge number of people to keep track of and in all honesty cannot be done without condemning themselves and the dark forces they work for, lol.

After all that gagging order has been reported on in the NHS so things are now being watched and scrutinised. There must be over 100 councils throughout the UK and each one could potentially have one or more whistle blowers emerge so we are talking about trends of thousands of people our more having to be watched and hundreds potential whistle blowers. Lmao.

That must mean a few hundred people up and down the UK are not sleeping easily and they do not even come close to knowing what it had been like for many of us, lol.

Friday, 17 May 2013


Hmm reason for the two phone-calls from the DWP and the grovelling apologies?!

Well it is NOT like I did not warn them!

Now this could very very interesting, Davis?! VERY interesting indeedy!

Could this be a sign that there is a now a cross-roads whereby the usual path chosen is going to be ignored by the powers that be?!

DO they now realise that not only is the game UP but has been for awhile and that they never ending and incessant stubbornness and over indulgent ignorance has simply been used against them for the longest time by the guy who waited?!

Have they now realised that from day one I had one hell of an arsenal and a master plan and that the pack we are using numbers 1,144 because I have had around two dozen aces up my sleeve and STILL working my way through them?!

Have they realised that it was so designed that the longer it went on the deeper they became deeper in the quagmire, giggety, and the harder it was for them to get out and the walls around them were growing ever taller and that they failed to look UP and notice?!

My constant appeals to those within these organisations that had any sense of decency or moral fibre have been going on for so long now that despite the fact that I always knew they would start to appear that its has still come as a shock that one has indeed done so.

I would hazard a guess that this maybe floodgate one and that if one more was to come forward from one of the huge organisations this would be floodgate two and I think a Tsunami of them will feel confident enough to come out.

Hmm does that sound FAMILIAR?!

I just sighed thinking about how much of this has gone on for several decades spanning and a few years more. I always joked that you needed to be a liar, cheat, criminal and other things besides to get on in this country find a career and a life and be accepted. Little did I realise how right I was and that this actually extended into paedophiles and rapists?!

What I found startling is that another part of society I hate has shown haw, and trying to not to swear here, how some Coronation Street fans STILL TURNED UP to get William Roaches AUTOGRAPH?!

Are there people in the world and indeed the country that engulfed in television that they are THAT brain-dead?!

I shook my head in disbelief at that.

I do not think that people should turn up screaming accusations or throwing eggs and flour and bricks and anything else with either very little knowledge other than that provided to them by the media who are also a bunch of liars on the take. That annoys me and I am dead against this and a strong believer in INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY but no one in the public has believed this is the case nor has been for some time now and that fame and money can buy your freedom no matter what.

Well until the ones that have let you roam around free have realised they have been found out and run around arresting everyone there was a slightest sniff of only succeeding in showing the public of just how many they knew about and had information from.

WHat did you think that all these people came out together along with the curious coincidence that NONE of them ever reported it in the first place?!

Ooh please...come on!

Ooh wait, your not the ones that waited outside the court to get Bill Roache's autograph?!


I know one thing for sue and that is that if this government EVER want to get this country BACK to how it was it will never happen now unless the cards are laid out on the table and that the law applies to one and all on a level playing field.

Stop claiming we live in a civilised society and start to prove it and show it.

The path to wreck and ruin is the one you are on and at the end is darkness and destruction the likes ever been seen since the days of Boudicca! If they are REALLY unlucky it might be the days of Joan of Arc or the condemning of Witches and get burned at the stake?!

Brr their is a shiver down my spine and not the one I normally get a dozen times each day, lmao.

God I would hate those kinds of days to return where the scenes in the supermarket in the Stephen King film The Mist spring to mind where everyone suddenly finds God at a moments notice and point the finger of blame on innocent people for possible redemption of their lives or souls?!

Oh God there goes another shiver up my spine, lol. People that brain-dead and sad gives me the heebie jeebies. I would hate to think people could behave like that today if society collapsed...ooh wait well if they are stupid enough to turn up and ask for autographs of someone appearing in court under accusation of rape?!


I am buying a BOAT!!


Well it has been roughly four weeks since they cancelled my Housing Benefit and oddly they said I had four weeks to appeal.

So here we are three weeks into appealing, well actually appealing is the wrong word more telling them that if public offices can be so incompetent then the should NOT and I repeat NOT be able to share information on members of the public.

This is in itself morally wrong and I would even call into question the legalities of it too. Plus as they have all now proved they are unable to do their tasks with any competence and nor can they do it efficiently which means a great deal of times and money is wasted and yet again at the public expense, public's hard earned taxes and stress of the individuals concerned.

So out of the last three weeks or so I have sent TWO emails been in the building four times, ended up in a great deal of pain of a couple of occasions and lost my precious Fulton Atomatic Umbrella which is the only Umbrella that I have own that does NOT break in the slightest but of wind?! So that has now cost me over £20?!


Oh an on three occasions I went in I received receipts....ooh wait I have been in there 6 times as one time I was given a form, not handing something in, and I was turned away TWICE, LOL.

Anyway three visits and I received three receipts....WITH DATES and STAMPS...

...ooh I have a hilarious recording of a visit to post up too, lol.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


I have been messing around with some affiliating this morning to do with these blogs and I had been gradually getting ever more miffed as according to my Royal Bank of Scotland Digital Banking App my Benefits had not arrived on time yet again?!

However when I checked this via my laptop it was indeed there and all this messing around and sudden vanishing of any form of routine by the public offices, including being turned away two days in a row by Enfield Council, got me thinking.

A bit of a deeper and down think.

There are those times when my mind goes into some kind of puzzle solving mode and becomes fully intent on making a link from one end to the other and this was one of those days.

I was thinking about whether or not this change to Universal Credit was finally coming in, though I have STILL NOT been contacted regarding it, and that was why my Benefit had not arrived.

For the eleventieth millionth time I was thinking about all this benefits that had sprung up over the years and why there had been so many?! I had always been in disagreement with this and thought it an ever more spiralling cost into running things. I always thought it was stupid and I also always thought this of the Disability and Carers section, despite the many people campaigning for it to remain exactly as it was I was in favour of the entire system being scrapped.

But only to be more cost effective, more efficient and MUCH fairer than it was too!

I am not in favour of what they are doing as they are saying one thing and it is clearly obvious to everyone other than themselves who either believe us to be all stupid or that they think that they can say and do what they want as the same idiots always get voted in.

For example David Cameron stating in the House of Commons "we are in favour of the nations best interests".

Utterly ridiculous as the nation would mean the majority of the British Public and that is NOT his actions which renders this a bare-faced lie.

I digress but a good example to bare in mind.

Now this is how I ended up seeing things in my mind's eye this morning.

The DWP has NEVER been fair, nor have many other public offices YES but we will stick to this one.

From the moment an individual walks through their doors or gets into contact with them every single one is automaticall labelled as...


Bare in mind that the real percentage of REAL cheats would be a very small fraction and therefore easy to catch out.... BUT ....

Because the system has NEVER BEEN FAIR, I mean how long has this argument gone of for?!

SO what you get is people that will cheat to survive and this has gone on for an eternity. They are not buying Duck Islands nor Moats with this cash they are merely surviving. They may even manipulate taxes too to a minor degree.

But when these are found out it is portrayed similar to if they had just stolen the Crown Jewels and beheaded old Madge on the way out the door?!

Unfortunately for the current and PREVIOUS government more and more people are losing their jobs and finding this out. Even if they are only on the dole for 6 months to 2 years they are getting a taste of that life and I would guarantee they will not like it one bit.

So only when FORCED to do it another kind of benefit came into play and introduced merely as an after thought. But eventually this would grow so that they would need their own separate building so the costs of managing this spiralled.

This continued purely because those without jobs AND money are treated as less than human, well we get enough of the from the Extremist Muslims who also prefer to target the British Public too.

So we spend our daily lives stabbing each other in the back to keep our jobs, earn more money to provide for our families. We do this because everything is expensive, getting ever more so, prices are fixed, being sold second-hand goods as new, ever rising energy costs and also dodging fines, paying extortionate travel prices while we squeeze into a can of rotten smelly sardines who have not had time to bathe or wipe their arses before they arrive at work?!

Oh dear.

The odd thing is it is this human reaction when the going gets tough to look after numero uno that actually spirals and causes the whole nation to suffer but it has been led to this point and bought on for years purely because the greedy ones at the top fail to treat everyone as human beings.

If you think about it a majority of the people who are pointing the finger at the poor people are this with the money and the business owners and those in their next few tiers down that are not paying enough due to their own greed that is forcing people to behave in this way anyway?!

Hmm I hope that was clearer than MUD?!


You could draw many conclusions from that but I will give you simply TWO that you can dwell on and chew the fat about for a few weeks...

The POTS should stop wasting TIME by calling the Kettles BLACK!

Everyone needs to start treating everyone else like human beings, not just to your face either!!


It can only be started by one group of people and in one way...

You need to hold your hands up and say 'It's a fair COP!'

...and to the MEDIA this includes YOU!

Doubt Me?!

Don't care!

I mean after all, well your system has worked fecking wonders...



Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Well personally I hate it when things take place all of a minute and I am not prepared for it!

This happened today when someone I will call Lotty Obobo-mbingwe  rings me from the Social Care, or Social Workers Department I think she said, and said some wonderful things I did NOT get on tape?!?!


Right now I simply MUST do a search on-line for a piece of software the officially WORKS!

I first off received a slightly sarcastic tone when she said that I have 'now sent TWO emails' when I said well 'yes ... as you filed to answer the first one of course you have two!!'

She was obviously born in Africa and if anything like that last African carer and social worker type woman that visited, NOTE NOT LOOKED AFTER, my late friend Kenneth Bunn who was dying of cancer she was not going to be very bright!


Then I got asked about my care needs and apparently getting places for anything at all is not much of an issue.

However when I stated my line about a soldier returning from Iraq and having mo legs not being an issue she actually said it was a 'low priority' to which I immediately stated that if I had a member of my family in Iraq or Afghanistan at this moment I would IMMEDIATELY start legal proceedings against them for simply saying that in response to my statement!

Then she started talking about how you can have you shopping delivered, which when you THINK about it entirely rules out budgeting and supermarket prices are FIXED as we all know.

Added to this it also COSTS EXTRA ON TOP to have them delivered so no one can afford it.

Also Asda failed twice in a row to arrive with MILK when I had ordered 8 pints of the white stuff?!

A driver from Tesco refused to come to my door from the carp park because I lived down a dark alley and he was scared. Asian man scared of the dark in Enfield in a nice neighbourhood?!

I tore her to pieces as I always do and it ALWAYS goes the same way, probably why they IGNORE ME, and it starts of with airs and graces due to delusions of grandeur (modern day jobsworth fancy title lol) who speak down to me and then get literally taken apart limb by limb and then get lost for words and answers.

It is like I have long since stated on here and stated for many, MANY years. These vampires of society with hearts of stone and sucking the public's taxes dry to the tune of hundreds of millions employ bloody idiots and just tell them to fob people off and tell them how. When it does not work and blows up the poor naive sappy jobsworths take the fall for it while their masters do a runner to another public department and it starts all over again?! Ohh I just thought if a title for that...



I also got to the council offices at 2.30pm and when pressing buttons to get a ticket to ask where my rent was I was intercepted by the woman who turned me away from the offices yesterday...

"EXCUSE ME SIR?! What are you doing?"

Well I stated the obvious like I always do when I am asked fecking stupid questions before she then said...

"Well we have been told to turn people away as there are FAR TOO MANY people in here waiting to be seen and the wait is well over an hour!"

I explained that it was NOT my problem, that this was now TWO DAYS in a row before she interjected and said she told me yesterday to come at 9am and I interjected and waved my walking stick and stated 'NOT THAT EASY and it is NOT 4PM and I am going to get SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF with this as you have had access to information you have no right too which was WRONG information from the DWP who themselves corrected their mistake ten days ago AND even rang me twice to apologise!!'

The tone of her voice and the look changed and she gave me a ticket but said she was sorry but she did not think I would be seen but I could give it a go.

I also said that I had walked there in some considerable pain because they cannot do the jobs they are PAID for and that the weather was crap too and waved both my umbrella in one hand and my walking stick in the other.

I left and did not end up going back in there as I figured by then and with the pain I will just shout the building down causing upper floor staff to run around like headless chickens, security called upon to throw me out and me putting a security guard in intensive care.

Sometimes I feel SURE that is what they are trying to get me to do, mess me about and wind me up until I react so they can then claim me as the villain.

Well it may well work if not for my 14 blogs....ooh wait did I say 14?! Hmm one .. two.. three ....YUP fourteen, lmao.

Now if I was a member of the public with RESOURCES or a leader of a POLITICAL PARTY and IF I actually cared about my country and the people in it then I would ally to the Royal Courts of Justice for a case of serious crimes and fraud against the British People because monies are being taken from the public purse when NO SERVICES are being provided.

Well that is except for the whole army of idiots I have seen walking around singly or in pairs spraying chemicals all over the place whereby there are people dotted about with stalls outside selling fruit and vegetables, people walking their dogs and wildlife nearby that can be seriously and quite possibly FATALLY affected by whatever it is they are laboriously and quite liberally spraying around the place.

In other words doing HARM to the people and wildlife they are paid vast sums of money to protect and serve?!

Now THAT kind of legal action I would gladly PAY to view!!

Where can I buy a front row seat if this ever occurs?!


Oddly I was told that everyone had gone home by Dotty as it was 5pm, damn they are quick out of that building, shot they even only do half a days work for their over bloated salaries.

She told me she would ask her manager the next morning about the things I said and would call me tomorrow... there may YET be another recording going up?! WOOHOO!!

Monday, 13 May 2013


If you recall, if you read and listened to the posts in question, I had some conversations with my GP and then TWO separate Social Workers who basically stated that...

If my arms and hands are working OK and I can dress and undress myself I am not entitled to any help...

...which technically included returning soldiers missing their legs to which they stated they did not say that and I reiterated that this is EXACTLY what they stated!!

I do not walk on my hands to go to the local Supermarkets to shop and my name is NOT Joe and I do not star in a series on BBC THREE called Family Guy!!

Well they sent me these stiff A4 leaflets and I have only included one. I emailed THEM on the 25th April 2013 and have yet to hear anything back from them?!

This is common practice of all the departments of councils and they do NOT understand IT at all. SOme time ago I was told by a woman called Val who worked for Victim Support and someone who worked for Enfield Council Housing whose name escapes me but will still have the email that she sent stating, that they will work together to find my somewhere away from here and more suitable to live in.

That was three years ago and I heard nothing from either one since then!

There are likely other if I can be bothered to dive into documents which I will not but ... here we go again?!

I have seen a lot reported on BBC News APP about Social Care FAILINGS and as stated I have already had at least one and am about to do a stepo by step of another.  I will email them again today and now throught this week will make sure they have received at least four by the end of the week and let us see what happens?!


I still have not gotten around to phoning the Food Bank and I have just remembered this but I may have to do that too by the end of the week. As I may have to pay all my next amount of money to Eon Energy as they have waited so long for me to clear what I owe them!

Speaking of soldiers...who would want to risk life and limb for a country wherby people treat each other like absolute SHIT?!



Well I thought I would post up here the two receipts I received from two of my THREE visits to Enfield Council.

First visit I left evidence then heard nothing.

Second visit I was given a form that SHOULD have been included in the cancellation letter.

Third visit I went in with MORE as well as DIFFERING documentary evidence than that I handed in PREVIOUSLY!

Amongst all that I have also emailed them twice!

I now have ANOTHER appointment I have just booked for the aching and stinging pain in my inguinal hernia repair which is for the end of THIS MONTH, LMAO.

Other than the cancellation letter I got since then I have heard nothing at all from the council and no responses to the three visits and two emails.

It is now Monday 13th May 2013 and I just checked my digital banking and NO RENT which means it is now two weeks late as it is normally paid around the 27th to the 30th of the month.

As the first lot of evidence was handed in mid April plenty of time for them to correct their mistake and I do not even get a reply!

Also this cancellation was based on the DWP decision to cancel my Incapacity Benefit and they only needed the first lot of evidence to re-instate it and phone me twice and apologise!

Oh yes and I am STILL waiting for the Gabapentin from the GP and when I went in to my surgery to book an appointment they told me he was OFF FOR TWO WEEKS and as this has happened 4 times and I have been registered for not even a year I EXCLAIMED "WHAT AGAIN?! That is FOUR TIMES in less than a YEAR?!" to which they both looked embarrassed and did not kow where to avert their gazes.

I was surprised at my LAST GP, who closed her practice based upon what I know and included on this blog, and she only had around two holidays a year, not including the usual holidays

Saturday, 11 May 2013


Well after the four day fiasco and money spent attempting running that should have broken down and/or been replaced years ago I decided to give it another go?!

After the really lengthy process of teaching myself how to change an rear axle on a mountain bike I figured it would be much easier on the front wheel now.

This was after reading somewhere that Mountain Bikes bearings should be cleaned and re-greased after every 100 miles. ONE HUNDRED MILES?! Are they JOKING?!

I have been running around on this used Marin Bolinas Ridge, an entry level Marin bike, for nigh on ten years and it was scuffed and had a rusty chain as well as being left outside for years when it was given to me! The only items I had changed on it until this year have been brake pads which I got from Halfords that I have just noticed are very low and have ran out extremely quickly compared to the pads I got with the bike?!

Anyway even with the 100 mile every re-greasing and cleaning seeming a bit much with the fact that you could probably add two zeros to this quite easily for the miles I have covered on this bike I thought maybe I had better do the front wheel too?!

Oddly I have done all this work and yet I still have gears missing that probably need new ones and in all honesty a new bike is in order due to the fact that the walls of the wheel rims cannot have much left in them?!

I realised I did not have anything to clean the front bearings out with so went along to the 99p Store in Enfield as I was sure I had seen WD40 in there. I did indeed find it plus a nother brand with twice the amount so bought that one.

Annoyingly I also saw a sizeable tube of Lithium based Grease which is the same grease that comes with the wheel axles and obviously this was 99p?! When I visited my friends Pet Store on the return home I told them how I had paid £5.99 for grease in Halfords and that I had just seen it for 99p for around two thirds the amount I got from Halfords?!

I am surprised at the differences that the tyres as well as the cleaned and greased bearings have made to the ride of my bike in all honesty. It coasts along really well and fells like a different bike quite literally.

Unfortunately and due to even more fecking SHIT weather just in the nick of time I have been unable to put my theory to the test that these things that needed attention where the main reason I was experiencing more pain than I usually do while riding. Well at any worthwhile distance at any rate and though I did go out because the weather seemingly dropped off and ten minutes up the road and I realised I had been duped. The wind was just as strong as it had been all day and I only really realised how bad when I turned around at 7 miles out to come home!! I tried to take a photo of Rapeseed flowers but the wind was so strong it took me forever as I had to watch while the flowers kept being bent over and touching the ground!

My thighs and calves are currently aching from this endeavour! Groan!

Presently I am still awaiting for Enfield Council to pay the rent they wrongly stopped based on a mistake by the DWP. That is three visits and two emails and I will have to visit their on Monday and lose my rage yet again as it is the only time these people actually take any action is when it is borderline that someone will get hurt.

My anger will be based on the fcat that they are impeding moe from doing other things, as I have actually already explained to them for the most part, but this time I will be waving a letter from the NHS in their faces that is asking me to book an appointment and that I do not even know who it is with or what it is far as I am expecting THREE!

Annoyingly these have time limits on them and we live in a nation os Statutes of Limitations that only apply to us when it takes forever to do anything and the powers that be take forever and do nothing.

I state this due to the call for a Statute of Limitations that has been called upon for the recent celebrity sex scandals and underage children. Here in is the process working in action, bring in another law that protects people with money and power and on this occasion they can perform these vile actions and then get protected by the authorities for years and just long enough that they can no longer be prosecuted for it?!

What kind of a message is that idiot woman sending out by calling for  dreadful law such as this?!

Basically with the money and the legal protection available to them this is none other than a green light for these crimes to go ahead in future and you will see more of it taking place!

Oddly enough this is the one time, and therefore a good reason and TAKE NOTE, that the news and media SHOULD be focusing on celebrity gossip.