Monday, 20 May 2013


Well it has been a strange month indeed and I reefer to the last four weeks and not any particular calender month.

In fact it has turned out that my own personal things have been held up by four weeks but that ended around 6pm when I walked into my home. After not being able to get in to see the Council as there times they provide on a large monitor being way out I found a letter of apology when I got home.

It also went on to say that they are sorry that I feel that they acted inappropriately and that is now the third apology from two public offices in as many weeks!!

Now I wonder when they will realise that first of all an apology just does not cut it and that we are going to clash heads yet again in a couple of months time and the outcome will be the same but what they have to lose will be far, FAR greater than issuing an apology.

Still the ... hmm I cannot say NEWS as they are doing everything NOT to report on a hole series of things... revelations coming to light are staggering.

I am well aware there is till far more to come.

As for me I can get back to focusing on my blogs and providing content as well as working out my affiliates that are well suited to both me and my readers. I guess at some point this may happen on here too, I just do not know and I may not. After all I am not entirely happy that I have stooped to this level but at least the decisions and workings of it all are not in the hands of a clearly evil organisation that likes to portray themselves as doing good.

Meanwhile while the shocking things going on go unreported by all but the smallest news organisations and what with the level of these things and what is occurring in the UK, and NOT any HEALING you bloody moron, that the news is concerned with a faction of people wanting to change the laws allowing them to do something they have not been allowed to do for thousands of years.

Oh well yes that is certainly the most important issue to report on right now is it not?!

Whatever my personal stance is on gay marriage, well there isn't one if I am honest, I do feel there are more important things to be concerned with right now than standing in a church for a non existent deity acquiring a scrap of paper to state that you are partnered up!

Forgive me if I am wrong but are people not starving to death? Are people not committing suicide over what the public are doing to the welfare state? Have large corporations not cost us £5.5 BILLION each year for ten years or more and STILL at it?!?!

So I watch while scratching my head wondering if the News media are all not on drugs or that some moron thinks that by making an issue out of this the real crap can go unreported?

I heard a store owner tell someone on the phone today that it has been quieter than it has ever been and that he personally cannot see a 'light at the end of the tunnel' and he has no idea exactly WHEN he might see this light. The person on the other end of the conversation agreed with this and there is a small circle of shops that phone each other hoping to hear some glimmer of hope.

The point missed in that be even the ones doing the phoning is that they ask each other! All these reports and all these MPs along with all these Business Institutes and advice groups and yet NONE of these are turned to, listened to or even taken notice of any longer.

I ask myself just how far and wide this occurs and in how many industries it does occur in. How long before someone notices this trend and investigates and researches it and I think how funny it is that many media have accused MPs and various Prime Minister's have become out of touch when they themselves have become out of touch.

Mind you I have to ask myself that what with the drivel that TV is made up of I have to wonder if the public have themselves become out of touch and this is how we are in this mess. We have tended to believe one over the other when you should not have believed any of them at all?! We have an an old saying for this behaviour and it is because the choices have become bare and that is 'Better the Devil you KNOW'!

Only of late this has indeed changed! People voted for someone else and since then the liars and cheats do not like this. Their very behaviour suggests that they do not want the public to have any more choices than that which they already have! Maybe it is because the usual suspects are all tied up...bound to some secret agreement on what they can and cannot do which is why manifestos have the same shelf life for the majority of the promises as that of a Mayfly?!

I would hazard a guess that if the current possessors of that golden joystick with the emblem of the Union Flag realise that a certain Independence Party might garner alot of votes then they will approach them with...suggestions or orders.
Now you will be able to tell if he has told them to a kite as the mud slinging will begin in earnest?!

After all there are a great deal of idiots with no scruples nor morals whatsoever that will do anything for money and/or get their faces on TV...mostly only to end up looking like complete lame brains.


Well I have managed to still the waters and this should be enough to see me through to what I have to, as well as need to, do. That should have been the last desperate throw of the dice by the powers that be.

I have acquired the Gabapentin drug they want me to take on top of the Tramadol. Oddly the box, which states Neurontin on its exterior, has a rather large label that says I have to take ONE 100mg tablet each night for a week, then one in morning and night for another week and then three times a day?!
Never seen that before on prescription drugs, normally the weening is coming off them and not going ON them?!


Despite what I say they are probably still all underestimating me.

So then. Now the period of many forks is actually here and I have been choosing wisely....I hope. But there will be many, MANY more present themselves over the next couple of months.

The beauty of it is that I will be able to travel several forks simultaneously and feeling for the best paths. Until such a time that I have to have yet another run-in with the British Government and/or the possessors of that Golden Joystick?!

As ever this will be grounded on the words the government have used to excuse themselves for their behaviour and namely that of what they are doing to the Welfare state and more accurately WHY. Well if I want to by a great deal more specific I am going to blow their playhouse down using just one word they themselves have used end therefore cannot erase from legislation like that of 'disability' and THAT word is .... 'FAIR'!

This one single word has been used over and over again and I will DRIVE home a wooden stake with this word burned into the flammable material straight through the heart of government. When this time comes they will hiss and spit like Count Dracula himself that would make Christopher Lee envious!

By which time there can be little doubt left in the eyes of the majority of the British Public to the realities of goings on in the UK. NONE.

To think we are still only halfway through the fifth month of 2013?!


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