Thursday, 11 April 2019


That last post on the NOAA nonsense was kind of eating away at me while I was beavering away at other  .. things .. and its been annoying me not having anything truly definitive .. soo ..

I wanted to see if I could find a single chart on solar cycles where I could map put a previously lengthy solar minimum like this one?

Curiously I stumbled across this ..

So then I found this and I did state before that yes the Little Ice Age was called the Maunder Minimum but that it was not the last cooling period and there is one called the Dalton Minimum.

Now before you go and start thinking that the green line is us currently and we are on a rise .. no .. once again this is something with .. parts missing.

We have done Solar Cycle 24 and that had a peak of less than 100 and is listed as 83 Sunspots at its peak.

Now note two things from this chart .. other than the dates of 1800 ..

  • There were two consecutive drops in the peak numbers
  • We just had three consecutive drops
  • After Solar Cycle 5 at during 1809 the solar minimum flat-lines for around 18 months
  • That flat-lining is the longest I have been able to determine
  • It is a very old record and might not be accurate
So we have had to go back over 200 years to find something similar to what is going on today and yet judging from what I can determine and from what everyone is saying .. 

We are on a solar minimum or a flat-lining of Sunspots that seems to have lasted around 14 to 16 months thus far and as for enough Sunspots appearing to indicate we are officially rising?

This has not occurred.

My gut feeling was from what I have previously seen is that if the Sunspots showed no signs of rising by the end of 2019 this could be very bad news.

Even if it did rise and it failed to reach say 60 Sunspots at its peak or even less then 80? Well this would be four consecutive drops and strongly suggest there would not be a rise again for decades.

We have not had three consecutive drops as far as I can tell but this ix extremely hard when your dealing with eras that were a long time ago .. and we have detailed records going back only a very short time in comparison.

Also please note that as well as the number of Sunspots at its peak it also does not always flat-line entirely as with Solar Cycle 3 it looks like it does not go down below about about 10 or 8.

Sunspots are directly linked to heat from the Sun and first noticed by William Herschel who linked this in to the price of Wheat.

Barely any Sunspots for 6 months is not unheard of but unusual and you have to go back a ways to find this. People are checking the Sun for spots and they have for a while been listing the umber of days in double figures without seeing any at all. Sure I recall a few times of over thirty or forty days without seeing one. You will get a few here and there. You would have done in the Maunder Minimum they call the Little Ice Age. Its the averages at the peaks and troughs that are important and no peaks is disastrous.

If the averages do not start to rise by the end of 2019 the chances are this ..

  • Winter 2019-2020 going to be colder and longer
  • This trend will continue for at least 5.5 years
  • Increases in Volcanic Eruptions WILL speed up the cooling
  • We need a peak of well above 150 Sunspots and two years after this occurs for any cooling to slow down and this point wont arrive until 2026 at the earliest
So we clear on this?

  • Winters will get colder and longer for 7 years
  • Speed of decreases in temperature and longevity of winters also dependent on volcanoes .. the more gas and particulates are pumped into the atmosphere the quicker it cools and therefore the longer the winters will get

Everything that western governments, NASA, NOAA and the United Nations has been doing seems to be based on the idea of something occurring around 2028 to 2030 and it appeared this way before I stumbled across this data.

I had initially, ask my daughter, though a comet or asteroid was coming and that a report from a few years back about a possible strike in 2029 that they later reported would never happen might be a cover up.

I really should have clicked when we saw those orange skies.

Among lots of people yelling and freaking out, one even laughing and yelling "Its Aliens!!" it was surreal to see and my spider-sense was going off.

After this data I actually bothered to research and found that the USA had experienced these orange skies too, namely reported by the New York Post as occurring in the Big Apple.

Yeah so they have stated there is no evidence or data to suggest anything is going on when the governments of the western world are acting in ways no one has ever seen before and collectively so like they are panicking about something?

Yeah I call bullshit!



Bullshit Detection Alert: SOLAR CYCLES ..

So this is from 'The Watchers' website which is quite good for information but is regarding a panel on Solar Cycles from NOAA. Kind of like Britain's BGS and their official body for these things .. so kinda think NASA if your not familiar.

"Scientists charged with predicting the Sun’s activity for the next 11-year solar cycle say that it’s likely to be weak, much like the current one - Solar Cycle 24. The current cycle is declining and predicted to reach solar minimum late in 2019 or 2020. The next peak activity is expected between 2023 and 2026"

Solar Cycle 25 Prediction Panel experts said Solar Cycle 25 may have a slow start, but is anticipated to peak with solar maximum occurring between 2023 and 2026, and a sunspot range of 95 to 130"

Right .. it is supposed to arrive in 2022 and it cannot currently before 2024 if the cycle rises TODAY!

Will get to this prediction momentarily to reverse the cooling it needs to be above 130 .. the higher the faster the reversal .. but still take TWO YEARS minimum for effect

"This is well below the average number of sunspots, which typically ranges from 140 to 220 sunspots per solar cycle"

Can be as high as 300 .. consecutively high peaks will gradually raise the temps up .. I.E. Global Warming ..

"However, the panel has high confidence that the coming cycle should break the trend of weakening solar activity seen over the past four cycles"

Nothing on the data can give anyone any confidence of any kind .. and they are so dull of confidence that it then states ..

"We expect Solar Cycle 25 will be very similar to Cycle 24: another fairly weak cycle, preceded by a long, deep minimum" said panel co-chair Lisa Upton, Ph.D., solar physicist with Space Systems Research Corp

Yup .. as you can see extremely high confidence considering we are in a solar minimum that is twice as long as the previous longest minimum on the back of three consecutive drops in the numbers of average Sunspots at the Solar Cycle peaks with itself as never occurred before ..

"Solar Cycle 24 reached its maximum - the period when the Sun is most active - in April 2014 with a peak average of 82 sunspots"

That peak was late .. and was predicted by SOMEONE ELSE who I suggest people pay more attention to. Look up my blog post 'The Solar Prediction' which contains a link to a video of said prediction in 2012.

Also note that less than 100 Sunspots has not occurred for 170 years and a third drop in a row has not occurred since PRIOR to the Maunder Minimum.

These people are completely full of it and I am totally amazed they are paid for their positions. The only thing they are doing here is trying not to panic using nothing more than the mathematical odds of these events occurring or getting worse. We all call this 'GAMBLING'.

"there is no indication that we are currently approaching a Maunder-type minimum in solar activity"


Torsional Oscillations, Three consecutive drops in peak average Sunspots number which has not happened post Maunder Minimum, less then 100 Sunspot last peak not happened for 170 years, no mention of the confirmed connection in volcanic eruptions which have increased and DO contribute to a global cooling. No mention of Sunspots and wheat prices as first noted by William Herschel. Record Snowfall, records broken for low temperatures, animal migration of kilt. Rise in UV rays, rise in cosmic rays, spreading up of poles shifting, magnetosphere weakening, Global Positioning Systems being reprogrammed 18 months ahead of schedule, scientists lying about very obvious increase in seismic activity on BBC News 24, same BBC News stating in 2024 that were heading for a mini ice-age .. need I go on?

At the same time .. would like to know exactly how they decide on indicators for one thing that has hot occurred for 350 years and others for tens of thousands of years or hundreds of thousands.

But are ignoring a dozen data sets mostly with unprecedented or unusual results.

Quite bizarre too that they are also not mentioning another cooling minimum, known as the Dalton Minimum and this was POST Little Ice Age of the Maunder Minimum, or even cooling in general, no?

Notice also that is clearly stated that which I put for the average Sunspots in my blog, 82 to 85 ish, and YET .. what does the chart on the page show? It shows clearly around 120 Sunspots with a ghosted image looking similar.

Now they are expecting the same or higher .. well it needs to be a lot higher otherwise it will just get colder .. only at a slower pace. Two years minimum delay do not forget? Well other people are expecting a peak, of of course we get one at all, to be 60 or less .. which will also be bad news.

Last chance at #ProjectDistraction

Sunday, 7 April 2019


It would appear that long with my three or four pronged assault on all of those that are corrupt, evil and lie .. nature seems to have its own ideas at matching me and even trumping me.

The world seems to be going mad and large groups are acting like crazy people and believe dishonesty, threats and violence are OK?

Governments are not only betraying their own people but are beating them and killing them and I am talking about Europe .. not North Korea.

Civil Wars look inevitable in a growing number of countries.

And now it looks like the Sun has gone into a dormant mode which will mean colder and longer winters for several years and maybe even an ice-age, looking very likely right now.

Now as far as mine were concerned ..

Muslims raping under-age girls and the Police, Courts, Social Workers and Governments turning a blind eye to it.

Several organisations trying very hard to shut me up .. because of something I was saying and paying groups to hound me online. Governments refusing all my right and despite being disabled with potentially fatal conditions no access to money, help or even advice.

Failures over children by social services and there tricks to set mothers up for things that they did not do so that they can take the children away from them.

So me and nature had some pretty extreme things on the go for a number of years .. though it seemed to be trumping me without me realising it was doing this.

Would you believe it might be me realising it was trumping me that the powers that be were scared of and the odd thing is this ..

The past few weeks the weather and temperature changes that are occurring and will be coming has had something eating away at me. As well as importing a disease from overseas by way of foolishly letting in all these undesirable people without the proper checks, undoing years and trillions of pounds/euros/dollars of work fir disease prevention I thought another might crop up?

Animals and humans do not do well in temps that swing around all over the place and even now my sister is messaging about the weather swinging around all over the place. Another friend that thought I was wrong without looking at the data stated it was warm. Yeah .. it was at the time and does not mean a fucking thing. Oddly since it went very cold several days ago he has not said a bloody word about it.

Well it turns out mother nature thought it might move into a check-mate position as I heard, from Tim Pool of all people, that a drug resistant fungus called Candida auris has been spreading quite badly and they have been keeping very hush about it.

North America has had over a thousand cases in Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia. In fact the page I will ink below goes on to state that another 1056 cases have been found in addition to 1,000 plus cases in the states I have listed here.

You know a lot of governments and people in power and obsessed with money are going to find out within one to five years the pitfalls and consequences of keeping secrets and lies.

Added to this a lot of naïve people that decided in their infinite wisdom to 'buy their heads in the sand' because 'that is the way that it is' and attitudes like 'well what can you do about it?' are going to learn the hard way that we can never allow it to get like this ever again.

Tim Pool mentioned Great Britain too and one has to wonder if these were these cases of an unusual disease that had people in alert that then went quiet, never to be heard of again?

My daughter even asked about that.

You see after I watched the video I have linked below I recalled some people that had come into the UK that had been hospitalised and with a shroud of secrecy regarding as to why.

This has even happened in the Liverpool area and was they were not stating what it was I had to message my daughter not to go near any hospitals in the city .. because I do not trust the NHS in the UK to be either 1) Honest or 2) Competent .. and they refused to announce what was up with these people. In fact its like what a year later? I am finding out from a honest news reporting guy in America?

Stunning that they keep these secrets and the reasons they would give have been a reality for decades and yet they have done fuck all about it.

  • Stock Market
  • Money Flow
  • Banks
  • Rich

Done .. no .. thing.

Oddly you can get that they think that it is their God given right to be the ones to continue on living above all others, right?

  • Never dealt with any problems
  • Lied to their people
  • Stood with proverbial whips behind the sick and disabled
  • Kept secrets
  • Used people as slave labour
  • Been biased and not fair across the board
  • Created Taxes from Lies
  • Climate Change Hoax
  • Disregarded Child Rape Victims
  • Paedophile Rings Ignored with ..
    • BBC
    • Politicians
    • Muslims
  • Taxes used for their self-preservation
  • Global Cooling Data Comes out bit by bit for a decade
  • Grand Solar Minimum Talk starts FIVE YEARS AGO
  • Record Breaking Cold starts THREE YEARS OR MORE AGO
  • Fake News Silent
    • On Record Snow in unprecedented amounts and never before seen place
    • Flooding in record amounts and never before seen places
    • Fluctuating temperatures
    • Animals across Earth behaving in strange ways and turning up in the wrong places
    • All of which suggest diseases and viruses may occur .. especially with mass migration
    • Yet seen not a single safety video or health warning video I used to see on TV as a child

Think about it .. we have spent how much on the prevention and eradication of disease over the years? Huge organisations to fight and battle the spread of disease?

Same with battling climate and saving animals? Charities helping different groups and areas on TV in adverts with their caps in hand begging you for money. Charities, climate change, carbon and God knows what else.

Yet I published a video from the 1970's narrated by Leonard Nimoy that stated that an ice-age was coming.

They built the Svalbard Seed Vault in the 1980's but no one seemed to know about this until well over a decade, maybe even two, later?

January 2011 its predicted the Sun will go dormant.

Inn 2013 the Sun goes dormant far quicker and for far longer then they expected.

Does this not suggest that they have known all along? As I have stated all along that there IS something coming but I did not know what and they they knew about it and were preparing?

Now quickly .. back to the charities and the taxes .. quick now .. and think fast ..

What can you recall happening from all that money? From all those taxes to battle things and all those charities .. quick now .. what?

Starting to sound like the biggest con and lie in the history of mankind?

From those that have appointed themselves worthy survivors and leaders of mankind?

Who could have come up with safeguards over the years to avoid keeping secrets so that people had plenty of time to think, prepare, work collectively and come up with the best answers and solutions to an upcoming global disaster?

If you doubt this .. and think that your doubts matter I have a wake up call for you ..

  • The data means something to me and I am factual
  • If they mean something to me they will mean something to the rich, powerful and governments of the world too
  • THEY .. will make plans .. and then you have ..
  • COBRA and FEMA and God knows what else

The chances are that we are going to face a major and global health issues and I imagine that this could occur in the next two to five years .. during the whole time that the temperatures fluctuate.

These fluctuations are going tp be hard to predict as to where ad for how long, though I am getting a feel that the largest and longest fluctuations will be Europe. Unless the data, or more specifically a vector .. changes.

It may not even be from this new Candida auris fungus and may well be some strand of influenza or something else?

When masses of people were let into countries unchecked the one thing everyone with any intelligence and sanity asked along with the lack of money, infrastructure, jobs and health service resources and money was ..

  • What if your importing diseases?

Do not recall a single fake news outlet asking about this? Other than the stories about people being hospitalised which then quickly got forgotten about. Or rather, ignored.

It is truly staggering that with the amount of evidence that exists in all the numerous and various fields of science just how all of this has been ignored. Well all except one brief interview with either a seismologist or volcanologist on BBC News 24

Why has activity increased?” was the question put while a snap back was the following ..

Not its not, it just appears as if it has because of social media” and well yeah .. because social media has only been around for 5 minutes .. or 6 months .. ooooh waaiiiiiit .. he LIED!

Yeah .. he lied.

I spoke about this with people at the time and its extremely likely I posted about on on this blog that he lied and I KNEW he lied. I did not need to view the graphs and figures to know that he lied.

I have sice look at the graphs and the figures to know that he lied and I never once recalled that lying moron and his lies on BBC News 24 and do you know why?

Because I knew immediately that he lied!

Now are we effing THERE YET?!

Some people do not know and trust authorities to lead them, inform them and hold their hands.

Some people have the ability to get enough of an idea, know they are being lied to but do not want to know and therefore stick their heads in the sands.

Some people are so full of hatred and want to blame the rich and the powerful that they in fact risk their own lives, the lives of their loved ones and anywhere from hundreds to millions and even billions of people by refusing to look at the data.

Stupid as the blaming of the rich and powerful can the come later from keeping everyone in the dark and turning everyone against each other and using stupid, naïve and full of hate Muslims to do it.

Yup I even tried to give the socialists and the leftists the ammunition they wanted to go after those that they hate and they simply refused to listen or even check.

Inevitably costing the lives they claim to be trying to save.


Oddly this was known to only the wrong people .. who knew I could work it out, knew I was factual, knew I had periods of high popularity in my life .. but shy away from the limelight .. knew people would pay attention.

As for those that could help and realise what I knew coming forward? Yeah never really happened to date.

As for those that knew what I could potentially achieve and wanted to stop it?

Yup .. if I stated that they queued around the block as they do when a new iPhone comes out that would be a fair comparison. Its in the hundreds at a minimum and only if we think one person had more than one account most of the time.

As for accounts its probably in the thousands.

Here is a break down of where and how many .. see if yu can work anything out?

  • Minds ..
    • ZERO
  • Facebook ..
    • ZERO
  • GAB ..
    • ZERO
  • Twitter ..
    • ALL OF THEM!

Want to know why?

Because when they realise they needed to keep secrets their absolutely worst enemy and website that could send things going viral very quickly was .. what?


So when they realised they were being censored and yet did not even realise all the reasons why they went off and created something very similar called GAB .. and that got a lot of attention from the media and false claims its right-wing extremists.

Because with as many people or even more .. things can get around a lot more quickly than they do on Twitter. Because as everyone knows Twitter also fecks with your tweets, retweets, pinned tweets and your followers. Then of course there is the shadow banning when you only implement when you KNOW your in the wrong or doing things that are either immoral, illegal or indeed BOTH.

Trust me on this .. when I came back to Twitter after ignoring it for years I could have slapped myself silly.

After messing around with it for two weeks I got 5 bans, to my shock, and 200 followers and my most viewed blog only had 290 after 6 years and I realised that with just one or two weeks, shadow bans or not I could reach 300 followers before any of my blogs did.

If only I had realised this 3 years before! The amount of hell and heartache I could have avoided .. and the pain and anxiety for my family. So annoying.

But then a whole bunch of charities, government agencies and public services were approached and I was told ..

  • 'Nothing doing'

  • 'Talk about it it will solve everything while I get paid to do fuck all' or ..

  • 'Yeah will will help until a week after you sign this document and will then pull everything' and even ..

  • 'Oh someone stole £35,000 from your inheritance? Yeah despite being informed both pre and post death were NOT GOING TO BOTHER INVESTIGATING'.

  • Now its 'Your going in the right direction, its lasted 20 years but wont last forever .. just keep going!'

The western world has been very wrong, doing things very wrong and lying for a very, very long time and that has allowed the enemies that hate us because of the actions of those that govern us to rape and murder us while stealing everything from us.

No I do not mean socialism is the answer as that will be very clearly worse .. just that the Conservatives are not really conservatives and have not been for a long time and act like a bunch of bean counters.

Said this for years and people might have disagreed .. they have in real life but unfortunately and as some have admitted .. I got everything right.

All my major predictions .. no matter how unlikely, no matter the odds and in all cases regardless of what the entire fake news media of the western world told you .. I GOT IT RIGHT.

Out of dozens of major predictions I have yet to get anything wrong in nealry 7 years of blogging and 15 years or more of predicting.

One day people might look at all this, realise I am telling the truth, am being factual and have got this right too?

One .. day? Perhaps before it is too late?

Tim Pool on Candida auris ..

Saturday, 6 April 2019


People are very bizarre creatures. Many of them think they are right and the rest of the world is wrong but mostly keep this to themselves.

Get enough of them together that think similarly and they start getting loud. A biggish number and they think they have the right to dictate to others and control them.

They then push and push and push and destroy communities and then towns, cities, counties, entire countries and then the world ..

  • Because everyone else is evil apparently?

5 minute ad on Google .. PragerU while watching this and boy did they rail on leftists and I was shocked that YouTube even allowed this advert and I have absolutely no idea who PragerU are.

There seems to be these evil people .. or really, really, really .. stupid people as I have not quite worked it out. That are or have become leftists .. and like to talk down to everyone else like we are idiots while they themselves sound like idiots. They are nasty, dirty, evil scumbags of the highest and most immoral order. A few steps from the devil of himself.

Here them talk .. sorry, sorry my bad .. PREACH and you would be forgive for thinking that they are the archangel Gabriel in the flesh. With lots of love for everyone and everything and no .. that is not a force for good and how it works .. it is a force for evil.

  • Hurt feelings outweigh ..
    • Physical pain
    • Mental Pain
  • Hate Speech
    • Anything the left do not agree with
  • Boy Scouts Destroyed
  • Leftism only Destroys
    • It does not build
  • Gender
    • Indoctrination
    • Teaching children there are no boys and girls
    • Except you cannot teach AUTISM this falsehood
  • Politics Destroyed
    • See Bottom
  • Escapism Destroyed
    • Star Wars Destroyed
    • Star Trek Destroyed
    • Ghostbusters Destroyed
    • Doctor Who Destroyed
    • Mainstream UK TV Destroyed
    • PC Gaming Destroyed
    • Xbox Gaming Destroyed
    • Playstation Gaming Destroyed
  • Journalism Destroyed
    • BBC Set people up now and have done fo5 15 years
    • All national tabloids ignored grooming gangs
    • They also ignored evidence
    • As did BBC News, Sky News, C4 News, C5 News ITV News,

What I find odd is that the leftists are being used and do not even know it .. they worship the likes of Google, Twitter, Facebook and the others because they help them keep those they do not agee with offline.

The people that get a number of people that are the equivalent to entire nations work for them for free and for years, yeah lest time I checked leftists that was slavery.


And what do you do? Go running around to the people already so angry they break through the glass ceiling you created of politically correct nonsense and speak out and you attack them like packs of Wolves .. fuck me one leader even calls himself @oldwolf1778 or some bollocks or the other.

Oh that is the leader of Resisting Hate and he ripped into me after I destroyed all his pawns .. and he was laughing and calling me an idiot over astrophysics using Albert Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity to prove me wrong.

Ex teacher or some such? Ex head teacher or some such?

Yeah? Nit fucking science it wasn't because after telling me nothing moves faster than the speed of light in the universe I spent two hours explaining this, though he kept laughing and insulting me .. and we was watched by a lot of people ..

.. and yeah once I let him dig himself in like a starved tick ..

.. I proved it to him.

Ran and blocked me with everyone laughing at him.

Asked Brian Cox some stuff about climate change and astrophysics .. well it seemed that my reputation preceded me .. blocked without so much as an answer.

Hmm just been listening to MaverickStar Reloaded while typing this out, he monitors the magnetosphere and .. well .. sounds awful like someone has been reading my blog? Lol.

Well he would not be the first to read the series about an approaching ice-age as author David Montaigne has been talking to me on one blog.

His book, Pole Shift: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced, is available on Amazon.

I really must give out my phone number and email addresses to those I trust more on the various social media and blogs but how do I do that with such a large bloody hit squad after me who are chasing ghosts just as it has been planned for them.?

Funny that .. an ice-age coming and how stupid are people?

Well you figure it out ..

  • Climate Scientists make predictions for next two decades non of which come true ..
  • Leftists still believe them and call everyone else evil and stupid ..
    • Because they want to blame evil white and rich men
  • Climate Sceptics say it is not CO2 .. or man .. get predictions bang on for two decades
  • Leftists call them tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists ..
    • Because they just so want it to be those that they love to hate soo bloody much

Now do you see why I call the stupid morons? Because they fucking are and other stupid morons like Jack Dorsey and Vijaya Gadde stop me from making them see the light.

Well maybe those two are not stupid morons? But for that to be true they would therefore have to be lying, evil, amoral bastards who are acting out of self-preservation with the grand plan of wiping out the worst of humanity and Islam .. and Africa by allowing the worst to move into the UK, Europe and the USA .. oh and Canada so that a vast majority of the worst of humanity will get wiped out?

It is what I would do .. I just would not sacrifice the best of my own people while protecting the worst of my own people to achieve this.

Let me give you some mass psychology 101 Jack and Vijaya and every other absolute moron pout there ..

  • When people are angry enough to speak out ..
    • Bullying them only gets them even more angry
    • Silencing them only gets them even more angry
    • Suspending them off social media only gets them even more angry
    • Acting traitorous only gets them even more angry
    • Being condescending, patronizing, lecturing or just a fucking ass in general ..
    • Will get them even more angry
    • Absolutely NOTHING .. gives you the right to act in any of the ways above
    • Continue and a war will start and you can picture what will happen when all of those angry people that have been oppressed for years, yes your OPPRESSIVE NAZIS, get their hands on you?

Yeah .. I predicted what would happen if you persisted upon the course you have been on for two decades.

I approached and tried to tell you of this on social media.

I tried to tell you directly ass all other attempts were indeed thwarted.

But strange that as all offers of help towards me and my daughter were also pulled at the eleventh hour.

Oddly the latest bloody buzzword is 'article' and no one even noticed and whether this is stopping the UK from leaving the EU or .. silencing people on social media and the Internet in general.

It is like this ban on conspiracy theorist videos on YouTube I heard they were going to introduce .. and I was like .. wait a minute?

  • Soo the History Channel can make Conspiracy Theory videos now and air them but ..
  • An individual working for themselves now cannot?
  • Sounds a lot like a certain troll who recently has been ordering me offline ..
  • Ordering me to stop blogging ..
  • Ordering me to get a .. JOB?!

Make no mistake .. they are trying to stop something from spreading around .. a piece of news that will disrupt everything. Something that could bring entire nations to a halt. Because that scares the shit out of them.

As I said before .. worldwide and utter madness requires a single global reason.

  • Is it more likely that its tens of thousands if problems causing the tens of thousands of mad things going on ..
  • .. that it is just one or two very big things causing the tens of thousands of instances of madness going on?
  • Now do not be a muppet now!

Or let us put it another way ..

  • Oh shit everything is slowly going nuts, why are they doing this?
  • Oh shit .. they just did that? Do they know something? Nahhhh .
  • Oh shit everything is rapidly going nuts, did they actually just do that?!
  • Oh shit .. they just did this? Hmm do they know something is coming?
  • Oh effing crap! Did I just watch what I think I just watched?
  • Oh effing crap! Did they say what I think they just said?
  • Oh crap were all those other things I just read about for real?!
  • Oh shit .. yeah .. something is coming and like I suspected they God damn knew it!!
  • Ooooh that is why they have been doing ll this other crap!

Anyway ..

As this series was being posted .. the one that had super-stalked me started to do some cart-wheeling. After being caught having a go at a bunch of what appeared to be feminists, I am not sure which kind, of which he was accused of ..

  • Being a misogynist, which is odd as he was now coming across as a man that identified as a woman .. or that was the intention?
  • Caught out several times yet again for not being British, was 4 or 5 but he later lied and said there was only one

Well he also was going a little crazy on my spam folder and was twisting like a proverbial kite in a hurricane and was all over the place.

He had this habit if suddenly declaring he had more important things to do when he was beaten to which he would spend 6 to 48 hours licking his wounds and then come back.

Now this was happening on a daily basis and in the last few days this was happening twice a day on occasion, He also started to appear to be getting weary, though as it turned out later not when it came to jumping on threads and insulting people.

Oh my God .. leftists and their logic .. conversation ..

  • People really dislike Trump”
  • Me: “No they really don't”
  • Them: Sarcastic look and rolling eyes “Yeaah .. THEY DO I read about it on the [INTERPRAT]”
  • Me: “No .. they really don't dislike him and the facts speak for themselves!”
  • Them: “What facts?!”
  • Me: “He is the President”
  • Them: “Being the President does not mean you cannot be disliked”
  • Me: “Yeah but he is liked so why are centre-left people like Tim Pool saying he is going to win yet again and some say a landslide?”
  • Them: Just laughter like reality does not mean anything because one prat on the Internet somewhere said something they agree with
  • Their statement was “Nobody likes Trump”
  • Except tens of millions voted for him and that number looks certain to be higher and ..
  • Yes this person also knows that the Russia Collusion thing came to nothing
  • Five minutes before this statement it was also explained that MSNBC and CNN among others leftist news outlets lost millions on viewers
  • Guarenteed they sill cry to people about how stressed out she is that I think I am right all the time
  • Yeah I am RELATED to this person who also causes massive chest pains with me and aggravates, knowingly, many extremely painful and potentially dangerous conditions in what has become a prison I cannot escape from

Very often I just hope that I get hit by a truck or a bus and this is not specific to me either .. I just suffer more than most.

Tells everyone what a hard like she has worried about her grand-children .. when one child with three grand-children does not speak to her because she does not give a shit about her grand-children. One of those grand-children is an adult and he wont even answer messages from her.

She does not ask about my daughter or my grand-children and yet .. my daughter has had cervical cancer, abdominal hernia and trigeminal neuralgia and was a repeat victim of Muslim grooming gangs to which the social services and the Police covered up for over 7 years.

Recordings to those conversations with Detectives can be found in the post 'Country Of The Damned' while very soon I will include recordings with the social services.

Yup and all that was in the last year .. she had two of three surgeries performed and despite knowig all year that they were coming up .. it was a month after the second surgery this virtue signalling socialist had it thrown in her face when she was moaning she does not get enough attention or everything her own way.

Oddly I have a social worker friend and he and his teach girlfriend literally duck and run, yeah yeah that is literally, if they see this one walking towards them at a boot sale they both frequent in the warmer months.

This couple had thought that two of her children were nasty and horrible about her when they first heard. They had figured that no one on Earth and no mother could be that bad.

Fast forward a few months and this social worker and his girlfriend apologise to us and say this ..

“We are sooo sorry. We thought you was really evil saying the things that you did and used to talk about how shocked we were at your descriptions. But after meeting her just a few times .. we realise she is not just as BAD as you made her out to be .. she is far, far worse and you were actually being KIND!! The crazy part about it all is she thinks she is the best mother in the world?!”

Today a week does not go by where he does not say to me at some point the following things

How is the [SOCIALIST'S NAME] Appreciation Society going?” to ..

How you have coped for so long being there I do not know .. you deserve a medal” and ..

Yeah you cannot talk to her because she has to make it all about her”

I have had to put up with that .. hundreds of trolls from thee organisations reporting me to suspend me, Google using me as slave labour for Blogger and YouTube .. my numbers being messed with and for something I worked on for over 8 years .. with government support that was then pulled, m disability pulled twice .. lied to by the NHS .. massive potentially fatal errors which are still ongoing. Severe memory issues and many areas of pain that include my feet, back and now hands along with memory loss and a medical record that read like a work of Tolstoy.

What do I get?

Oh just keep going, it wont last forever it will all get better soon”

Think I need to check under my bed because many people seem to think I am the proud owner of the Elder Wand?

Britain now feels like the Hotel California from the song by The Eagles .. but even checking-out your not allowed to do .. because of legal crap or religious crap that is ignored when it is just about anything else.

Anyway .. rant .. over ..

So want it to be over ..

So then back to the other hell I have to endure .. without a single vice to comfort me for any of the living hells .. because income is very literally non-existent now .. for a variety of reasons I know now how to deal with ..

Hence why sometimes I talk about how good it would be to team up with someone .. all my key equipment is problematic in one way or another and I am constantly terrified on a daily basis I will lose one or other of them?

So after getting a verbal battering from me .. he falls back onto his old tricks, remember this is someone who has tried to befriend me five times?

My social worker friend and eve my daughter stated they thought this person had a sexual obsession over me and even wondered at one point if they was a woman .. or gay? That was many months ago too!

But here he comes for like the 20th time with me being a failure as a father and .. of course .. calls me a monster .. blames all things that went wrong on me .. no one else's fault. Nope defintitely was not the Muslims who raped her and she ended up with two children under-age .. no-no-no. Not the authorities for not supporting her and refusing disability for her or her three children while threatening to take the children away after spending 20 years covering up their shite? No-no-no. Nor was it the Police for nto locking anyone up despite exhibits 'A' and 'B' in the evidence locker being not ONE but TWO children.

Yeah in case you missed it .. or I did not put up enough screen-shots this person went 100,000 miles to defend the EU .. the Police .. and Social Services.

Odd then that not only realising that the social services and local councils of the UK have a hard-left attitude that includes treating white victims as if they were the perpetrators but ..

Since found out Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of cover ups and the EU have had their greasy little fingers within the local councils and social services and I for one want to know ..


Yeah .. those that know me very well .. well everyone except the socialist in the family .. and another whose not very bright and thinks everything is simple but never gets anything right ..

.. everyone else wonders how I have not gone totally insane.

It is a crying shame that the social worker is only on my Facebook friends and not on Twitter as he could then confirm many things I have blogged about.

Well I say that as, as I told someone earlier .. I have collected an absolute mountain of evidence and though the frequency has dropped right off .. I still am .. except ..

You would think that after almost 7 years or blogging and closing in on a million views that just a single person or organisation out there .. SOMEWHERE .. might make a genuine effort to get their hands on everything I have, no?

And so come the labels and insults from Anti-Populist .. monster, failure a a father and he even told people I had abused my own daughter he wanted to defend Muslims that badly. That was how I first thought he was a Muslim. He later put up a photo of him looking very tanned .. but insisted he was white. Might not have actually been him of course?

The trouble with him was this ..

  • Suspected he was not a leftist
  • Though he was more sinister
  • Meaning it was going to be bloody hard to find out
  • Who he was
  • What he stood for and above all ..
  • Why and who paid him

He liked to claim that everyone on Twitter thought I was crazy and what he did not know was he was right .. they thought I was crazy for continuing to deal with him.

Yeah but when they are as obsessed as this one is there simply is not getting away from them .. you can ignore the account name but there really is no way, thanks to Twitter's idiocy .. or indeed intentions, they just come back.

Besides .. I dealt with government .. that's what this blog was all about. I have dealt with clandestine organisations and their aloofness. I dealt with terror cells too. I am enraged to the point where I long to be hit by a bus .. and I want JUSTICE OR DEATH .. soo .. what was the likelihood I was going to turn away from this?

What made it worse, of course, was Twitter. Yeah there claim about being fair because of people's feelings has created a world of oppression, anxiety and torture.

He could be linked to the very organisation I wanted to bring down for so very long .. whoever and whatever it was that was responsible for all the lies .. all the manipulation .. all the control .. all the torture and all the death!

The very thought that the pain that my daughter and I have experienced for year after year after fucking year .. could be behind this one?

Oh man I could not possibly repeat here the thoughts that went though my head and the visions I dreamed up. The very thought of what I would do and what it would feel like to get revenge on those that have caused so much pain and anger for so very long?

Of course now and with the scientific data I have come across, which is way more than a dozen sets which is way more than a dozen sets more than Global Warming ever conjured up, it looks to be part now of what I call Project Distraction?

Now I stopped blogging and tweeting about the very subject they claimed they were stalking me over and I waited .. and I waited .. and I waited.

They failed to notice thought hey were watching me on other fake accounts and then finally it come .. the attack on my endeavours and my blog only ..

.. nothing about Islam or Muslims?!

No .. it was about the science I discovered .. the various datasets .. and I was told I was an idiot and wrong several times. Though not provided with a single thing mind you, to back him up.

Yes it occurred to me that I might not have been targeted over Isam at all and that this could have been used as a cover.

You see I stumbled across the scientific data in this year of 2019. And the blogs got started in 2012 a little after the London Olympics and I had to wait for a whole year until that was over. Reasons are n the secret Police recordings of the Detectives. So Islam was the more obvious reason except I had only ever been factual. Kinda shocked me all the negative attention I got for being factual.

Yeah except it occurred to me that I have posted about these sciences the whole time and have suspected something was coming ever since the Svalbard Seed Bank was announced, though back then I wondered if it might be a comet or an asteroid.

All the screwing around with the blog and the numbers, money and Adsense advertising started within two months of me informing my government of my blogs.

I was offered support and after a 13 week NEA course I was on suddenly everything got pulled and I was effectively shut down. At the time I was also dealing with the fact my daughter ad been abused again and this time her husband was in jail. Yup posts and links to articles about this too sit on this blog.

So yeah .. its possible someone looked thoroughly at my blogs and realised I was someone not only building up an audience but that I might realise what is going on and reveal all?

Blogger, YouTube, WordPress, Adsense, Twitter and even Facebook .. has all had interference and major issues not of my making. Many of which simply beggar belief.

Even this troll this very series is about thought I was getting paid for my online activity and yet the fact is .. not a penny has been physically received and very soon may not be able to receive if I did.

It is shocking at how much you get screwed in every single way in a position like mine ,, with your safety and even help, health, legal representation and even banking and welfare and I do not have access to any of these things.

Some friends do not even realise and argue with my I am wrong .. like health .. yeah I can just go into a GP Surgery and register? No .. you cannot and they simply cannot believe that despite the fact that one GP practice that refused me was 200 yards from his home.

He actually gets annoyed with ME when I tell HIM what the GP SURGERY TOLD ME?!

I kid you not.

I dunno what it is with British people today they seem to have their heads either up in the clouds or up their own arses to be honest.

Maybe it is because they hear so much about people coming over from abroad and getting treatment and it is the understandable conclusion that ..

  • Well someone from the Middle-East can turn up with no proof of who or what they are and no credentials so how can it be that someone born here as these difficulties?
  • Tend to think that a lot of these refusals to understand or listen comes from fear that they might hear something that they one day might have to deal with?

Sometimes I end up in a rant .. with my social worker friend .. when he is not getting it and he goes quiet and realises. He does realise it is bad .. and hard to deal with all this but sometimes he fails to realise just how bad it is.

A couple of people that heard most but not even all of the stories and years ago before it took a nose-dive and got a lot worse asked me the following ..

Don't you feel like your just some part of some huge experiment by the government or something to see how far you can be pushed before you snap?”

Mad one that .. but I did say .. well yeah .. kinds does feel like that now that you put it that way and mainly because it as all been so relentless and with very little .. peace.

Now .. lets show some more of the social media side to the issues .. or at least some of it at any rate and with screen-shots ..