Tuesday, 31 July 2018


I've stated it and I've stated it and I've stated it.

The government has been cutting the necks, metaphorically speaking, of disabled people for years and it goes back to Tony Blair, a man I liked but now despise.

This also kind fits in with my possible distraction theory I've spoken about?

When the Tories got away with it for several years and finally caught their answer was an absolute classic ..

We're helping disabled people back to work.

Oh? By standing behind them with a fucking whip?!

I'm sure anyone who is disabled and especially those without a car, which is a fair few these days, they will all day the same thing.

That the public transport is shit for disabled people and they have been moaning and campaigning about it for years.

So when they decide to help you back to work they first so something about the transport .. right?! Nope.

So they basically garrotted everyone with a disability and stealthily to begin with. Even psychiatrists didn't know mental health sufferers had their DLA taken away until after everyone had it removed. I know because one called Dr Cody told me that.

So I predicted very early on that they would move from condition to condition.

Start with the ones almost no one would care about it notice. Metal health.

One by one they would move into the next one and the next one keeping it hidden from view.

Every they would end up with the hidden or invisible illnesses that were not household names and they had morons believing them.

Except .. how can you pay for support for entire illnesses for years and then decide you've made a mistake for years?! Idiots.

So did they have done and today they continue on with the plan.

Look around and you will hear horror stories now from blind people, people with Multiple Sclerosis and even cancer.

How long has it been since Tony Blair was Prime Minister?! Fucking years.

Trying to think now .. seven years? Eight years?

So was it nine or ten years they decided to go after people with disabilities?

Even if it's eight or nine it matters not to the point I'm making.

That point is we've had eight years of an ever growing number of people being forced to work, or taking their own lives.

And what have they done to improve accessibility to public transport like buses and tube trains for disabled people they now stand behind with a proverbial whip?


Any mention of them doing or providing anything? Nope.

The article below I came across, to my surprise, reports on his overcrowded Britain is and points out the evidence all around you.

Overcrowded Britain is bursting at the seams, and the evidence is all around you http://flip.it/wH39uo


Well it has been a long rough ride during the roughest and toughest time in my life which seemingly has no end. Not even a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.

It has taken me weeks to work out what has been up with my photograph rejections and as it turns out ..

  • One site accepted photos it already rejected?!
  • One site was rejecting 33% of 6 and then 100% of over 60?!
  • Another site, Adobe who make Photoshop and Lightroom, tell me that when you edit photos too much they more or less do not become photos any longer?!
    • So I said your software, Lightroom is wrongly named photo-editing software then?!

So it was suggested to me that I look for other sites that cater more for artistic pictures. Oddly enough I already did that and had a tab open. But I did not decide to go with them.

Nor did I go with the next half a dozen I looked at, though I came close a few time and espcailly with one called Folksy.

In the end I went with one called Deviant Art. Seemed OK though I did not know there was a limit to what you can put up without an upgraded account.

Also I went from 2GB down to one and the next day I started uploading and it was back at 2GB so I do not know if the limit is 2GB per day?

I have been rammed into a corner and my health is playing up and I am having difficulties trying to carry out my mission.

Even ow after realising that the evil social services tried to trap my daughter after trying to get her to sign a document that basically stated she was going to get into trouble no matter what and wanted her to fucking agree to it, now confirmed by a solicitor. Even with my heart playing up several times and me wondering if I was going to have a heart attack. Even with my daughter fretting on the phone about what the social services were going to try this time and try next. Even when I kicked a car door with blood coming from my leg and a bruise sure to follow. Even with being called out suddenly to go to my storage lock up to get some stuff out before I lose all my remaining belongings. Even with all that .. I got someone faking crying over a one foot wide strip of carpet needing a vacuum. Yah .. I said tears! I am wondering if I am going to get whined at tomorrow because someone else has been whining today and I was not even in the fucking house at all, all day!

See I keep telling people I just cannot win!

I need to get out .. I need to move on and my finances have all been cut off .. my ad revenue has been frozen. I have been contacted by some suspect people and I even .. hmm lets just say looked at half a dozen times today?

EDIT: Oh and I use Serif Photo Affinity by the way.

So another plan to fight back and the mountains placed before me..

Deviant Art.

They will help you sell all manner of things of an artistic nature and maybe others?

Here is the place that photos I have played around with in my photo editor to look bright, contrasting, soft and even a little watercolour painting like will end up ..


EDIT: Come across another video, ex Policewoman that people should watch .. to do with Brexit.

OK this is .. weird.

Watched a video by Sargon of Akkad and he's basically reporting that the government are at it yet again.
This time they want to do something about the Internet .. again?!

They want to ban trolls from running as a Member of Parliament? Odd one that.

There are trolls and then there are trolls. Done are light hearted humour. Some are annoying, abusive and go on attacks. I doubt any of the latter will ever run for public office?!

So why this?

Probably to get there proverbial foot in the door to later go after what they really want and stifle free speech?

I am willing to bet a lot of other people thought that when they heard it?

Also do they not more or less troll each other in the House Of Commons anyway? I just see it as that and find out an annoying waste of time and everyone just sits around laughing, which is highly offensive. Highly offensive because of what hundreds of thousands of not millions of people are going through in the UK alone.

My daughter and I have been through hell and are still going through hell right now.

Both of us have talked about how we would be better off dead. She's not even as concerned as she should be about her cancer. Plus we have other issues causing us severe discomfort, pain and things trying to kill us.

But we have been left for dead, to suffer and that includes ignoring to very difficult and very vulnerable children out of five.

Nothing more than a token gesture in allowing two small parts of her story going on a couple of magazines recently. All promises made six months ago never materialising.

Either the promises were lies from the outset or someone got to them on the interim period?

I've been silenced for years as has my daughter and it's the sole reason why this blog exists. It has gone on that long .. and longer.

So this latest move by the government really is no surprise to me at all.

Also it seems that according to some old laws a few politicians might have broken some laws in the first instance when we went into the EEC and/or Brexit?

See the second video ..

The first is an episode, I think, of Sargon of Akkad's This Week In Stupid regarding banning online trolls from public office.

The second is the ex-Police Woman who will point out some old facts to you regarding going into Europe in the first instance .. which, from the sounds of it, might mean we can leave the EU without repercussion because we wrongly went into it in the first place?

I am not sure about all the laws regarding all this but those with a passion for doing their research might want to look into this themselves?

Her channel is called Secret Sources Illustrations and you might want to note the like to dislike ratio .. for those that seem to have forgotten what democracy is?

Not forgetting, of course, that if you do your research the EU, as we know it, is slowly collapsing and this is a trend I feel pretty sure is never going to stop?



We what I mean?!

Below is an article I stumbled across while flipping through .. umm Flipboard.

It's headline was referring to dealing with Near Earth Objects, or NEOs, that are objects that have it could pass close to our home planet.

Yet as I start reading once again a message gets passed around that a new object discovered could hit Earth in 2028. But then when it gets out were told it won't and is impossible.

What? Computers can't do maths anymore?

I've lost count of the number of times there's been some rumour about an asteroid hitting Earth only to letter be changed to missing us by millions of miles.

I was taking to my daughter a few days ago about this and I said that I recall one news report that stated one was going to hit if in 2029, only to later be changed. She remembered it too.

The other curious thing I realised about this announcement is that the 2029 prediction .. false .. prediction of a strike was several years ago. Yet we have one today for 2028?

Also this is ten years away. And space-ports and moon bases are to be built inside on ten years?

Becoming more and more curious.

Twenty years they have been tracking these NEOs and guaranteed that in the beginning it was going to take a very long time and the was a limit to what they could detect.

Fast forward to today and they still have limits though these have no doubt been improved upon. 

They still haven't seen everything and still only detect things of certain sizes.

One thing had changed though ..

Oumhuamhua .. if I remember the Hawaiian name correctly?

That was the name of a visitor from very far away, which is more or less what it's name means. It was big, unusual in shape, I covered it in my astronomy blog and wasn't so sure that everyone should have said it was Aliens.

But what it did make many realise, though they likely never mentioned it, is something entering our system could perturb or even ricochet into other bodies sending them hurtling inwards towards the sun and therefore .. us.

For all we know Omhuamhua could be the first in a series of things heading towards the solar system?

They might be able to detect large enough objects further out and might have already located a few?

The problem here is that if they did detect a trail of objects these, as I stated, would only be down to a certain size. The further out therefore the bigger they would need to be.

Now if you was to detect say two or three more things on a similar trajectory the inevitable question would follow ..

What else is traveling with them we are unable to detect yet?

You have basically been gambling for years and it's been done because no one thinks it will occur. Based on two things, living memory and recorded history.

That's a fallacy because the truth is the longest it's been from the last event the closer you are to the next.

Although I often doubted myself I often wondered if something might actually occur in my lifetime?
Also these .. well .. false negatives I seem to recall have occurred many times previous?

I'm also pretty certain that most of the predictions seem to be around a period from 2026 to 2035? I seem to recall 2026, 2027 and 2029 as being years of potential strikes, Today was the turn of 2020.

Now that I'm recalling that I'm wondering if there had been some sort of .. swarm detected?

There will probably be some maths involved too? Like a ratio between larger and smaller objects and that once the larger objects have been estimated closely or even counted they can closely estimate the number of smaller ones.

Therein lies problem number two. Working out the trajectories of a number or large number of objects. Plus it's there a chance these trajectories can change?

They have to pass by a hell of a lot of objects going through the Oort Cloud, Kuiper Belt past all the planets and their moons and the Asteroid Belt of course.

With every extra object the possibilities rise and possibly even exponentially?

Now it's entirely possible that the is no knowledge of a collision with Earth.

But a number of objects suddenly being spotted with a series of unknown for ten years down the line might make the few privy to this knowledge .. panic. No .. it would make people panic and you can bet only a select few would be told about this, despite the public's money running these shows.

But then it feels like that everywhere now .. the people pay for these public organisations but they really seem to only serve the top of society?

Landing and walking out of their space ark those who deemed themselves worthy to continue on look up at the sky and spy a bright light.

"Feck!! It's another asteroid and we left the slaves to die when we moved to the moon?! No one to build is another ark! Doh!"

Before I posted this I was out today and I spoke to a friend of mine who is normally interested in astronomy but not what goes on in the real world. When I tod him a asteroid might strike in ten or sao years he took it upon himself to decide that this was the lastest thin I was stressing myself out over. I pointed out this was ten years time, I probably wont be here so not stressing out over and and what did I say to make him think that?

He said I should live life and not worry about anything. Forgetting the fact I have nothing to keep me even at a normal calm level and eve today had several heart issues that had me reaching for my chest.

He does come from a school of thought and attended classes where they basically teach you to bury your head in the sand and tear you a new one if you do not. An example ..

'What other people think of you is none of your business'?!

Soo .. the entire town thinks your a serial killer when in fact you are not and that is OK? Riiight!

However when I then told him we was stockpiling food and medicine has said in a slight sarcastic tone "Where did you hear that?" and I replied "Theresa May" to which he then went quiet.

Considering his keen interest in astronomy and space exploration he knew nothing about space-ports being built in the UK and remained silent when I said there were six or seven of them planned. Odd that.

I told him that when I blog I am not interested in far fetched ideas I am interested in the truth and want to know what is going on and why.

Bizarrely enough I got stressed out and moaned at and my heart played up, I reached for my chest and headed straight out of the house, fine minutes after getting in here. Why? Why was I moaned at and someone was crying? I told my daughter and she said "Oh your fucking joking?!" and I said, nope.

Because my room, 5.8ft by 8.5 ft needed a vacuum.

Yup .. three things trying to kill me, does not bat an eyelid.

Cancer and things trying to kill my daughter? Doesn't bat an eyelid.

Not aloud to mention serious ailments but willing to go three hours straight about mild black outs that occur once in a blue moon, provided they are not faked, and a cold. They are always dying over these things and everyone is supposed to have sympathy. It is why one sibling has not been here in well over a year, maybe two?

Another sibling has not been here in five months or more.

Another one has been here twice. Three people, two visits, from one person .. in five or six months but it is everyone else's fault.

Now I will tell you two things .. I was out all day and then again n the evening.

While out I had several attacks and I was also on the phone to my daughter and this is what I was told about the social services, who I have repeated over and over and over again on here have always been up to no good, destroyed the lives or killed lots of children .. this is what they said ..

  • You are not allowed to see your ex or you will get into trouble
  • But your ex, now out of prison, has to right to see his children and you have to do something about that.
  • Oh and can you sign this form so that you understand that you will be taken to court over your four children over the above two points?
  • No!
I urged my daughter to go straight to a solicitor!

She told me they were coming back at 5pm and expected the form to be signed despite being told they wanted to get legal advice. I went mad! I said they are lying cheating c*nts .. how is anyone expected to get legal advice in six hours!

She went to a solicitors practice, someone came out and read the form and said ..

"They cannot do this?! they are basically asking you to do something they are also asking you not to do while putting all the responsibility on you to do it when it is THEIR responsibility?"

When I was told this I said "Told you, didn't I?"

I told my daughter I have been fretting about this for a long, long time. I kinda knew it was heading this way and they turned nasty as soon as I disappeared from the area. Which I also think was engineered and took them four months to achieve. I had to listen to my daughter fretting about this too and that is what scares me most about living on the street. Not being able to answer a fucking phone to her when she needs someone to talk to because she has no one else.

Yeah .. did I state she has cancer?

Did I mention that she has Vitamin B deficiency which is dangerous in several ways? Did I mention that she has a magnesium deficiency which is dangerous in several ways? 'S' protein deficiency that causes blood clots? Fibromyalgia and among other things like I have form it has the memory problems I have too?

All her hair fell out .. well most of it.

Now I had hoped that I would be contacted by people over this. She is in the Wirral and I reached out to a bunch of famous YouTubers, a right-wing newspaper as socialist ones are a waste of time. I reached out to a group of what call themselves truthers.

What I had hoped I would do and have been doing for ten years plus now, is get someone to contact me and I would put them in touch with my daughter.

Provided, that is, that it is someone that I know I can trust?

The names are, provided the emails did not get blocked ..

  • Sargon of Akkad
  • Computing Forever
  • Iconoclast
  • Brian Gerrish of UK Coloumn
  • Bunch of truthers on YouTube
    • Eddieisok
    • Reverand Sideways Simon and the most famous to me ..
    • Red Pill Phil
    • There were maybe one or two others I left comments with?
    • Bad memory so hard to keep track
    • I did this when I heard some stuff Brian Harvey was saying
  • Might have been one other?
Yeah and I get crying because the room with 5ft by 1ft of floor space needs a vacuum in a 5.5ft by 8.5ft room!

So I went and sat in a park but then a whirring sound that got louder and louder and louder. Before long that was an extremely low flying helicopter and it circled the tiny park I was sitting in around 5 or 6 times. Banking so that the left side window was directly facing me. The only part of the park they could see was the bench I was sitting on.

I half expected to feel a pain in my chest at some point.

Other were all staring up at it shielding their eyes and almost looked as if it was going to land?! I looked around to see if there was anyone laying on the floor, thinking it might be an air ambulance?

There was no one and after its fifth or sixth circle it eventually moved off.

I also noted on Twitter today a story published by the Daily Telegraph, I believe or someone called Epstein, that was to do with Jeremy Corbyn and something to do with antisemitism. Well the backlash was wild and I lost count of the number of British people that called the article 'Fake News', how you cannot trust the mainstream media and that the woman journalist should be ashamed of herself for what she said or be ashamed to call herself a journalist!

Whoa?! I had hints previously that the British people were catching on to the mainstream media over here but was waiting for this to get to the levels it has in America. After today it would appear I do not have very long to wait?!

20 years of tracking Near-Earth Objects http://flip.it/CHuYA9

Monday, 30 July 2018


Oh dear.

Being a wildlife expert in herpetology, batrachology, ichthyology and orchidaceae I should have seen this one a mile off. That is when I came up with my catastrophe theory.

Along with money disappearing and no one knowing where it's gone out who we owe money to odd things would happen.

Building space-ports when we have no money.

Stockpiling food.

Stockpiling medicine.

Prepping the army for something.

Long term plan to store away plant food seeds then other plants.

Anyone spotted an ark yet?

The one thing I should have stated that should be looked out for is pulling money from things that would be seen as a complete waste.

So how about pulling funding for endangered animals?

It's enough to spark a petition on Change.org.

In time I'll probably think of other things they might be pulling funding from.

I can tell you one thing .. the one thing that even I and other scientists, like Thunderf00t on YouTube was worried about ..

Donald Trump was intending to pull funding on scientific research .. and then he didn't. I'd forgotten about that U-turn until I saw this again about the endangered species. He might have even increased the money into scientific research?

I must admit I'm so for saving species and I love animals and been involved with them all my life.

But I did think that it would be such a waste of something you spent a lot of time saving got wiped out in a flash over a meteor strike.

It's the same with this global warming ..

Be very, very careful putting all your eggs in one basket as you could do more harm than good.

This is not something I ever thought I would hear about happening and it kinda fits in neatly with my theory of distraction in the western world to prevent us form discovering something.

I remember a few months back a seismologist was asked on the BBC news about the increase is seismic activity. Being old he obviously did not understand the Internet fully when he said that seismic activity was not increasing it just seems like that because of social media. Yeah .. because the Internet was only invented two years ago and everyone only got into social media one year ago.

Dumb-arse answer. Should not have even bothered going on TV to come out with a lame arsed answer like that!


Hmm Anorexia nervosa?

I never thought about this condition before, despite losing weight myself several times over the years.
I wonder if this has something to do with nerves as nervosa of on the name?

I'll shamefully admit I know very little about the condition and have no idea if this affects me.

But someone who had made this their cause liked one of my Tweets. I know, I know I've always avoided Twitter but decided it might help attract people to my blog. Not that this would likely change anything as I know my revenue had been frozen .. by someone.

But I discovered that like so many other conditions Anorexia nervosa is being ignored. Or not treated? Sorry memory is another symptom of what I have which just compounds everything else.

Like the DWP sneakily gave back something very recently they took away from disabled people which is in no way enough. They have destroyed lives as well as ended lives along the way and I for one will never trust any of them again.

As for the NHS? Yes they have been ignoring more and more people and more and more conditions and just to give an example.

I explained to my daughter, who is already ignored despite having cancer as are my grandchildren, that her deficiencies in magnesium and vitamin B are dangerous but that there is also an injection they can give you. She had been told to buy pills form Holland & Barrett.

My daughter also has my memory problem, two children with Autism, diagnosed, changed their minds on and now being ignored also, and had a go at her because she forgets to take her pills. It was explained how dangerous this is. By that she realised I was quite correct so she then said ..

"Well I understand there is an injection?" to which is acted surprised that she knew this before answering "Yes, but we only use that as a last resort"

I said to my daughter ..

"Last resort?! After giving you a lecture about how dangerous this is?! When is it a last resort, when your dead?!"

Anyway you might want to go across and sign this petition and help some people out?

Thank you.


Ooh boy.

Note we are hearing stories of the army prepared over Brexit which is now being denied by Number 10.

Added to that it is now being claimed that along with shortages of food and medicine we are also going to have shortages of electricity and .. umm .. vets?

Now The Independent tabloid is running a story about how diabetics won't get insulin and that the are millions of diabetics?!

In the comments section in the link below someone seems to suggest the numbers are fudged and that this is fake news.

See? More and more people don't trust mainstream media anymore.

Also it was suggested somewhere that London voted to remain? Yeah if that's the case the vote was fixed as I knew several dozen people and every one of them voted to leave the EU. Because they have been fed up with years of shit.

Take a wild guess what two of them are afflicted with? Yup, diabetes!

Apparently lots of leaflets are going to be handed out. Two lots I read I think it was August and September?

It doesn't matter if it's someone putting the question regarding a shortage of vets to Nigel Farage on his radio show, electricity, food or medicine..

Why now?

It's been well over a year since the referendum and it's been several years since it started out getting talked about. So why now?!

This is the government and the clue to all this is in the word. Your elected to govern.

If there is no EU and you clearly can't govern then why the fuck are you there and what the fuck are you being paid for?!

I'm really getting behind the idea they all need to go.

If things don't improve after leaving the EU and quickly they all better get one way tickets out of the UK because they won't like the backlash.

In fact I think it will be more akin to an uprising or revolution to be honest.

More and more people are asking questions and more and more people are realising. More and more people are getting seriously pissed off with being used like slaves and lied to.

If what I was told about Iain Duncan Smith was true and in the event on any uprising I'd love to see the terrified look on his face.

Slaves are we?

Let to die if we are not fit enough to be slaves are we?!

Slowly taking away what me the UK a civilised society have we?!

Taking away people's rights to own there own homes?

Be parents to their own children?

Covering up the most heinous and serious crimes?!

You see it's not only about the victim numbers .. it's about everyone else with homes, wives and children that realise you would be more than willing to do the exact same to their family.

Jesus I knew they were stupid, despite their self proclaiming to the contrary, but I had no idea how effing stupid.

Unless this is just another part of my distraction theory I've been mentioning of late?

Rather bizarrely to show people's feelings about all this I spotted a Tweet on Twatter before I got to publish this post. Someone put a comment that the current government should be dissolved and that a general election should be called and the Conservative Party not allowed to stand?! Wow!

As much as I would like to see that with the current Conservatives who are not conservatives in my view this has not only never crossed my mind but would never happen.

Though to put some contrast to all this .. the current Conservative Party and government are certainly guilty of some pretty awful crimes. Not so much as an investigation and nothing from the opposition even, other than some awkward questions here and there.

Brexit: Millions of diabetes patients could be 'seriously disadvantaged' by insulin shortages if no deal reached http://flip.it/IUppwu


Funny .. I'm reading an article about time from a theoretical physics point of view while wondering if I actually have enough time myself?

The universe and the world is a cruel place. There are those vast amounts of space and in trapped in a room that's barely big enough for a child. No access to some utilities or storage fit food or items.

Staring at the night sky is something I cannot do without a certain amount of frustration.

Learning about physics and especially when this comes to theories regarding time is equally frustrating. Maybe even more so.

When you need to get things done you have to move around and you need time.

But when your hampered with anxiety, memory problems, overheating, pain in various limbs and a bunch of our stuff it's frustrating.

A journey will involved getting anxious, getting very hot and sweating, getting serious motion sickness if I'm unlucky, pains in my feet and right knee, certainly heart palpitations, skipped heart beats and sudden loss of energy. Leaving aside many others that combined are .. stressful these are the major things I think about.

Bizarrely these thoughts cause anxiety and that anxiety will drop levels of magnesium, possibly Vitamin B's too, which in turn guarantee they will all occur. Because they can be or are all caused by my low magnesium levels.

I've lost a lot of weight, probably around 3 stone and hopefully this will make things easier? But I'm not really sure just yet because I don't go very far.

This makes me even more consciously aware of time.

There are a whole list of other things that also make me very aware of the limited time I have.

Funny how elsewhere in society time is treated as an abundant commodity and nothing is done or rushed like we have all the time in the world.

A strange phrase that's obviously and simply untrue because all the time in the world runs across billions of years. Billions in the past and they say billions in the future. Well at least one billion.
That is unless of course time and space have something in store for us? A destiny we are not aware of yet?

This may come from the depths of space? It may come from the outer edges of it solar system? It may come from the asteroid belt, the sun itself or from right here on Earth.

There's a lot going on. Which means there's a lot that could happen.

Again time comes into it and everyone thinks they have a grasp of it. Others just bury their heads in the sand over it. This has gone on for a seemingly long, long period of .. time! Sorry.

Everything is unlikely and/or very far away in the future. Well that's what they say, is it not?

But scientists have been proved wrong over and over again. It's the natural part of the process.

When it comes to the subject of catastrophes there is a very long list. In other words there is a lot to get wrong and I'm almost always thinking about this.

This comes to the during forefront of my mind when I see unusual things announced, as had been happening in recent years and especially the last few weeks.

I imagine that on one of these predictions being way off and the event happening sooner rather than later there would be a lot of scrambling about?

Secrets would be kept because work would need to be done, because of the lack of foresight.

I'd imagine money would dry up for a period of many years, even seemingly vanishing altogether? With everyone asking where it all went?

Funny it has now been found to build these space-ports?

NASA want to build a space station orbiting the moon and a base on the moon's surface within ten years? Should have done this years ago and now there appears to be a sudden .. dare I say it, rush?

It weirdly feels like living in an episode of the X-Files that has The Twilight Zone thrown in for good measure?

Things would need to be built for those paid to have the foresight but had none, gambling with people's money and lives. Getting it very, very .. wrong.

I'd also imagine that both money and property wood become worthless overnight? So who would want to continue to work anyway?

For certain no one would want to spend years building things for a select few to survive any holocaust because they deem themselves worthy? I wouldn't.

I'd at least hope they were humane enough to provide the people with suicide pills of the catastrophe was likely to cause a lot of pain? That's something I've always wondered about and funny that we are suddenly stock piling medicines and food in the UK?!

I keep wondering if I'm going to come across similar stories elsewhere?

I'm sure someone .. somewhere will dig up things if they were to be taking place?

If I was to hazard a few guesses or places to look? Germany? France? Not entirely sure about Russia as they probably already have the places necessary. The space-ports thing at any rate. Spacecraft manufacture can be kept secret. Italy? I'd imagine the Scandinavian countries would work together to do something too?

In America I would think it would be taking place in the Nevada desert with Lockheed Martin?

But in recent times I don't even get to ponder some of these questions because time seems to be against me. Constrained by the actions or in-actions of others.

This constraint may be being forced upon the person closest to me and we still wait for actions to be taken to try to other this one thing. There are .. others.

Perspective is a funny thing. It often had the ability to yank you back into reality and puts things into extreme contrast.

It feels quite unfair having these constraints placed upon you by others who lack the intellect to comprehend most of the bigger picture out there.

It's also quite frustrating for someone that does understand most, if not all, the bigger picture out there.

Therefore time is quite cruel and unforgiving.

Perhaps this is why subjects such as transhumanism appeals to me so much?

However once again time brings its frustrations upon you by placing this just a little too far out of reach.

Funny how everything today appears to be just a little too far out of reach.

But maybe that might change at some point?

Dare I say it but maybe time will stop being frustrating and actually tell?


Oooh boy!

I should have focused on Twitter more years ago as I might have come across more things?!

I saw someone tweet this and they might have even been American? I'll have to look after I save this post.

This might seem unbelievable to hear but it's what is claimed in the link below .. but ..

This Naz Shah MP states that rape victims, who were underage by the way, should shut their mouths due the sake of diversity?!

Fucking .. what?!

First off what in the fuck is this woman, yes it's a woman, doing in public office at all, let alone a Member of Parliament?!

If they can come out with beliefs like this then what in the fuck so they secretly believe?!

Secondly ..

I told you fucking so!!

I've stated for ages that I've been targeted, been contacted that basically let me know what I already knew, that I had long since been targeted.

This is because I speak the truth, have access to the truth, experienced the truth and am seen as a high risk to upset the proverbial apple cart.

This is true but what they don't want you to realise is that the apples in the proverbial cart are in fact all rotten and riddled with disease.

If others discover this a wake up they would grab that Apple cart and toss it down a mountain.

I suspect they need cheap labour to build a number of things over the five to ten years. The huge scale of which has not occurred to anyone yet. But it will over the next few months.

Unless people are all blind and naive and don't realise until the first pictures go around and think 'wait a minute, these are humongous and extremely expensive, how .. ?'

The next question will be why and the answer, of and when it comes, is not only going to infuriate them but will make many things make sense.

I've been thinking about it for days and I explore every avenue but keep coming back to the same conclusion.

This one conclusion and as mad as it sounds actually makes everything else make sense.

I'm not just talking about the UK here either.

Everything across Europe going on that doesn't make sense? Yeah that will all make sense.

Everything happening in America? Yeah they will all suddenly make sense too.

Everything going on with the mainstream media and especially the news? Yeah that will all make sense too.

If this theory does turn out to be true a lot of professional people are going to feel pretty thick and stupid. Unless they are aware of it off course?

There could be another reason come up in time exposed by someone else or realised by me? Have to wait and see.

But people have made whacky decisions that make them look stupid for a very long time. No one is that stupid or naive for that long.

Everyone is reacting with anger as planned and on do don't but considering what might be going on in the background to all this.

I'm always on the lookout for the reasons why and not just knee-jerk reacting to things with anger. If and when I do I get blinded. Fortunately this is only momentarily.

I try to have discussions with people online and even the socialists. But they don't like it, get mad, block me from further tweets while falsely accusing me of shit like I give a fuck if they lie.

Yeah you can say whatever crap you want about me as much as you want. Will not alter the facts dip-shits.

I bet after I went back in there and pointed that out they didn't like it. Because I liked a short video by someone that sometimes spouts shit I'm far-right because the guy in the video is. No I'm afraid it just doesn't work like that and it might in your little bubble but not on the real world.

I view some of the guys I listen to as snake oil salesman and I have good reason for that.

Doesn't mean they are not telling the truth or just wrong on something.

I'm afraid these socialists are not having a good week as with recent revelations about Twitter and Facebook and talk of investigations can't have been received well. It will all be a right-wing conspiracy though. The fact that they try to destroy freedom of speech has nothing to do with it?

Sorry but these people are morons. When they hear that a freedom of speech law might come in because conservatives are being silenced they are going to go into meltdown. The fact that Conservatives get throttled, shadow banned or completely banned while socialists get away with anything, even defended others talking about sex with children, is neither here nor there. Just watch it will all be a political agenda .. despite the fact is about freedom of speech. Something they claim to be in support of when really they why to ban anything they don't agree with. But child porn jokes are OK?!

Do these people even realise how sick and twisted they look to everyone else?

No .. you cant keep repeating your claim is politically motivated. No one cares and it makes no difference anyway.

I'm all about being fair.

It will be all to do with being fair.

Thinking your the only ones that are allowed to say what you believe and that no one else had this right is one sided, selfish and in all honesty evil and bit about being fair.

I've experienced your version of being fair to close and personal for years as has my daughter and grandchildren and du you know what?

Your all lying evil sacks of shit. Biggest hypocrites going.

I'd personally place you all in a giant space capsule and laugh you off to the nearest inhabited star system so that you can discover something for yourself ..

Nature works the same way everywhere and not according to your warped and twisted politically correct theories. Then you can bitch and whinge to the Alpha Centaurians and don't be surprised if they look at you as if your all bonkers.

Because you are.

Jesus, what self resurrecting alien intelligence of a peaceful nature would ever want to talk to us?! Or more specifically these denuded morons?!

If the Alpha Centaurians are listening in to our social media of late they are probably planning a mass emigration to Andromeda?! I know I would and I'd go off I could to get the hell away from them and as far as I could.

Many people believe there is a secret push to last some seriously nasty shit. This is normally in America but wouldn't surprise me if they tried to do that here. Probably are some secret plans in place already?

They are so disturbing these people it sends a shudder down my spine.

Yes I find them that abhorrent.

Something else I have to endure on top of the pain, discomfort, anxiety and situation with my daughter is knowing these people are still living and breathing.

I have never understood why anyone would want to rape someone, let alone an effing child?!

So with one cold, heartless idiot coming out with this publicly what do you think they would think or even do secretly?

I have suspected for a couple of years now my endeavours were being meddled with. I was told by someone several years back my blog was quite popular. They only looked at one and that was two or three years ago. There are a dozen blogs and a YouTube channel and a lot more people today than there was when I was told that I was popular. I do not think I am that popular .. or at least not enough to make a difference. I did think I would eventually get there but now I am not so sure and with the numbers behaving erratically .. I just do not know any more.

Even if there was no meddling going on, which is quite impossible, I was victim to the biggest scam going by the biggest name going who refuses to answer questions about it. Hello Google.

Keep on going I guess until I cannot keep going any longer?


So the DWP just changed something?

Apparently they are changing who they give Blue Badges too, free parking, when you apply for them? Odd as I know someone that always complains tat they were refused one of these, whereas I got the equivalent of a Blue Badge for those without a car, a Freedom Pass.

Rather interestingly The Canary below reports that they are now giving Blue Badges out to people with 'hidden' disabilities?

This seems to suggest that up until now if you looked healthy they would assume you were healthy despite what your medical records said.

The Canary also states that all they are doing is giving back something they had previously taken away from people. They also accuse them of sneaking this back in as if to do this before anyone noticed? Or maybe it is because of a new investigation and/or the disability summit supposed to be held in the UK?

The Canary also refers to it as fake news. Not sure it qualifies but possibly because they tried to make it sound like they were giving you something? As opposed to just giving you something back?

Probably wont be giving back that many because they took quite a few cars away from people with disabilities, though I have no doubt this was being abused by a number of people they did take away vehicles that were genuinely needed.

Not quite sure how they are going to hide the deaths they caused, mind you? This was around 120,000 plus a couple of years back, though this same figure was used for the first time in the House of Commons around December 2017. Not quite sure how the figure remained stationary during a coupe of years where the suicides increased dramatically?!

But this is the state of the country and the current and previous British government we live under where in the future everyone is going to assume that if anything goes wrong and the banks and the rich and powerful gamble and get it wrong .. we will be made to pay with out lives. That is if some ring somewhere is not abusing our children?!


Sunday, 29 July 2018


There aren't any. Or so it seems to me.

Well truth be told there probably are .. out there .. somewhere? I cannot tell you what they are. As I typed that I realised that there will be instances of rewards for actions performed that were somewhat .. insincere.

My word I have a major, major headache right now.

When I started I intended to help others. But the income side of things came up when Google emailed me about this. So I set up a set of other blogs. I already had a neglected YouTube account and started to add to that, to link videos into my other blogs.

Along the way I tried to think up other ways I could capitalise on the growing number of visitors to allow different sources of income. Like a direct advertising agreement over a given period of time? I even thought about producing things and advertising those for sale. There were all manner of things I toyed with in my mind.

God this headache .. I keep stopping and coming back to this. I have something else and a video I want to put on another blog subject but I am put off.

I am also supposed to be retrieving some things from a storage unit, which I have paid a fortune for, had five times longer than I had originally planned and going to lose a shed load of belongings.

These health things really are destroying my life right now .. not that there is much left to destroy and often wake up in a right state hoping my heart will finally give out and stop all the suffering.

Yeah things did not really go according to plan which was annoying because I lost count of the number of times it looked for sure that it would work out.

There was also a number of times when terrible things happened that I simply could never have imagined and therefore foresee.

Stuck in this tiny room a day after a storm and some rotten weather outside, though we do need the rain, this is true. I thought I would do a few posts but this headache is .. distracting and it takes a lot to distract me.

My God life is so damn awful right now and I cannot foresee a time when it will improve either, though I wished I could at least see things improve for my daughter.

So I started out with a load of plans that kept being scuppered by idiots, amoral people, public services, governments and now far left leaning companies.

Still at least I may rest with the thought that I might have helped others?

Well I have helped as well as saved the lives of other people as well as animals but I thought that I could maybe reach more people online. I never realised my early plans to be involved with something that helped humanity, excluding the ones that are not included in humanity. So I thought that going the way of a series of blogs might do something not quite so grandiose but possibly might help in time?

Unfortunately it has gone on a lot longer then I thought and of late I do not feel I will last as long as I originally thought.

The weird thing is I have realised over the years the people that get the greatest rewards and are thought of the highest seem to be the most selfish or evil of people. There are odd times when someone gets a medal because their actions made it to a newspaper, which they could not avoid because there were too many witnesses of said event. At least good deeds go actually get recognition and sometimes even a medal.

Funny is it not that a professional I saw regularly years ago who as actually an Iraqi actually thought I was going to get a medal.

I roared with laughter at the time and said medals only go to celebrities like actors, musicians and especially of they get involved in charities. He thought about it for a moment and realised I was right. The odd self-sacrificing act that had spectators get something. That conversation was five years ago .. he was the only person I told the truth to because of confidentiality. I was passing data to organisations who have since watched me, probably behind the skewed numbers as well as frozen numbers and have even contacted me. He knew this and knew why and because of this thought I would get this damned medal. Funny as receiving a medal was not something that ever crossed my mind once.

My acts must have meant something because a religious man stated I was a warrior of God and I suppose when you believe God is behind everything he must have thought God was behind me and my selfless acts? Yeah .. I am never going to agree with that.

After a few years people were telling me to walk away from it, though they were not forthcoming with what I was supposed to walk towards. I mean when your suggesting to someone to stop doing the only thing they do surely it would be wise to offer them some ideas to an alternative?

I had already created alternatives but ths was going to take time to build up ,, while it was getting harder all the time to produce things for everything else I had going on with my various blogs.

While coming back to this I saw someone comment on a video on YouTube to do with depression and someone had a go at the drug companies and I thought 'Is there an industry remaining that does not have a problem?

    • Pharmaceuticals
      • Charge health services a lot of money
      • For shit drugs
      • Try to cash in on drugs that save people's lives, like Herceptin for cancer
    • Hospitals
      • Lie about test results
      • Deliberately perform tests wrong to provide false negatives, did so with X-Ray on my back .. I had already had one!
      • Alter letters .. or do not omit things that were said by specialists on the letters, tests, drugs promised and diagnosis. Lachman's, Pregabalin and Knee problem all at the same time, same appointment (one appointment in other words) at Guy's Hospital alone
    • Hollywood (non-UK)
      • Forced diversity
      • A lot of money to produce but somehow terrible films made on occasion
      • Heinous things claimed be be going on every other week
    • TV .. BBC but probably a lot more
      • Forced diversity
      • Trying to force evolution
      • Many getting fed up and disillusioned
      • Those doing it fail to realise the facts, that you cannot force evolution
    • News Media .. BBC but MOST OF THEM
      • Politically biased
      • Lie
      • Lie by omission
      • Twist things
      • Called Fake News
      • Now want to call everyone else Fake News
      • Against Freedom Of Speech
    • Electronic Good Sales
      • Mostly refurbs sold as new items of everything from cameras to keyboards
      • Probably have the cheek to turn people down for HP on this crap?
      • Seen this with washing machines
      • Argos, PC World, Littlewoods, Very and others feature on my blogs
    • Cameras
      • Ridiculously high prices compared to thirty years ago
    • Computing
      • Artificially high prices and advances held back
      • Umm Apple Macbook Pro i9 anyone?
      • Your iPhone getting slow?
      • Laptops made like shit but cost the earth
      • Fixed pricing accusations, like RAM as an example
      • Way over the top GPU pricing
    • Gaming
      • Everyone wants to be paid monthly or create pay to win .. gambling aimed at children with lies and lame excuses provided, labels wanting a lot of money for nothing
    • CARS
      • UK government making it a misery to own and tun a car
      • Though many depend on it
    • Housing Market
      • Nothing short of a ridiculous joke and getting worse all the time

    • Police
      • Cover Ups of all kinds
      • Refuse to do anything about crimes despite evidence
      • Lie about the existence of evidence, saw this at least three times over burglaries
    • NHS
      • Deaths of over hundred thousand
      • Ignore certain conditions
      • Refuse diagnosis by refusing or delaying referrals
      • Alter medical records
      • Alter test results
      • Help the DWP and Local Councils save money by doing this
    • DWP
      • Lie
      • Contract other organisations out to lie
    • Local Councils
      • Social Services not protecting children
      • Like to give out the impression they are protecting the vulnerable and children
      • Refuse help to those deserving of it even when the SS caused the situation intially
      • Quick to offer hep to those that are not deserving of it, just getting out of prison for heinous crimes
      • Lying about parents in reports
      • Altering reports to look favourable to themselves
      • Tricking mothers so that they lose their children .. nice ..
      • Will then probably order the mothers to go out to work?!
    • Ombudsman
      • Do extremely little
      • Remember paid for by the taxpayer
      • Where do I even start?!
      • Conservatives a bunch of lily-livered, cold hearted bastards with delusions of grandeur
        • Not right wing where it should count
      • Labour not much better
        • Leader, Jeremy Corbyn would pander to a demographic that will make everything worse for British people
        • Despite the worst crimes being uncovered including mass murder he says nothing
        • Only interested in power as far as I and others can tell
        • Has legions of demented followers that think he will stop injustices towards all and are misguided and ill-informed
      • No idea what democracy is
      • Lie in run-ups to elections ..
      • Because they never carry out that which they state or at least most of it
      • Make changes claiming to be more fair and efficient which turns out to be a big fucking lie
      • Always shocked and surprised when members of their own public are bit as stupid as they thin that they are
      • Not many vote and they still get in power anyway
      • Many rules and fine introduced do not apply to everyone and target their own people only which has not gone unnoticed
    • Only services I could not say anything bad about is the ambulance service and fire service though in all honesty I am not sure I would want to be rescued .. other than wanting to still be around for my daughter I do not want to be here ..
    • Thanks to all of the above .. fed up living in a completely evil country
  • Secret Services
    • Not sure who or what they protect any more

    • Antifa
    • Hard Left
    • Donald Trump
    • Vladimir Putin
    • Social Media
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
    • Google
    • Apple
    • Amazon

  • What utterly astounds me beyond the actions of those above?
  • Those idiots that actually defend their indefensible actions
  • Especially without inside knowledge, evidence or even research
  • Mostly displaying a lack or morals themselves .. sorry but that is how others will see it

  • Now if I was an evil genius?
  • Get similar people behind me and create an organisation that would get so big, so powerful and with so much money that no one would want to accuse us
  • Be in an industry where I get so much admiration that no one would want to believe it

  • My advice?
  • Figure out what your morals are, stop fanboying like a bitch, do your research ad make your choices and above all else keep your mouth shut until you know for certain or have evidence .. if you are unable to work it out for yourselves

Huh .. another list. With some notes at the end.

If I discover personally that the above have done something wrong I will tell all and I will talk about it.

If it is exposed or reported by others that someone has done something wrong then I will report it and I will talk about it and give my opinions.

Still as I am attracting this new group of people I thought it would be a good idea to show them a list of the groups I have gone after on this blog.

The list is a hell of a lot longer and I could not sit down and remember them all in all honesty. I just thought of the most obvious ones in the private sector and the public sector. Ooh I forgot hospitals!

There .. fixed!

Rip-ff Britain and maybe the world?

There have been times when people have looked around or stuck around long enough to know about everyone I have gone up against. When they do they are utterly shocked.

They then normally realise that I have done this all on my own and with my different .. handicaps .. like short term memory loss, pain, anxiety, depression inability to get around along with my overheating body problem.

Age UK seemed to be fairly alarmed despite the fact that they do not even know half of what has gone on.

But the rewards are few. Not that these never occurring have ever deterred me. Income cut off just as it was due to start paying but this has not deterred me. Contact from someone who may or may not have intended to give the hint that the worked or were linked to the secret services but this has not deterred me. All money coming in and deals and agreements pulled at both the eleventh hour and the thirteenth hour but this has not deterred me. I wrote two books on this subject .. had some positive feedback and was told to go to bigger literary agents who all lost interest. I had literary agents and ghost writers follow me online but an approach was never made after months of waiting. Promises were made and names dropped as far as the media was concerned but all of the promises failed to materialise and only two lesser parts of the story were published in magazines. Two different titles, Love It Magazine and Take A Break Monthly. Yeah well they started out seeming to give a shit, promised fund raising that would be big and then with no contact at all and vanished into thin air.

In all honesty the very first thing I thought I would get is an offer to stop doing what I am doing and delete the blog. I thought this would be their first line of defence but that never occurred either.

Instead they thought they would come after me from every other angle and in the process left me with nothing to lose.

I cannot explain just how stupid that is. You do not go up against someone and put the into a corner and leave them with nothing to lose.


Others I thought of through some tweets on Twatter I was just reading ..

  • Charities & Advice Agencies
  • Other so-called courts of justice
  • Solicitors
  • European Union
  • United Nations
  • European Court of Human Rights
  • Human Rights


The world has truly gone mad.

Currently it looks totally mad and gets worse with every week that goes by.

I, no doubt along with others, have known there was something not quite right for a very, very long time. But I did not expect the madness we currently have.

I predicted a lot of things that probably number in the hundreds throughout my blog history of six years. They may even number in the thousands? On a great many and including a number of major ones I was proved correct. Not that I am surprised as I was fairly confident, shame I am not a betting man. But it is a thing with me I have felt for a long time people need to pick up on not because they need to believe me or anything like that, no to make them think of the reasons I predicted what I did. To come up with more reasons and therefore more answers. Well .. that was kind of what I was thinking at the time.

In more recent times something else has been cropping up that in all honesty I may well have predicted but is something I never ever thought I would see in my lifetime. Of course this was linked to a prediction I made and something I kind of foresaw. But there has been a reaction I predicted that has persisted longer than I anticipated and this in itself has caused another .. reaction to the initial reaction.

Of course I am talking of Donald Trump being elected.

The reactions to this persisted and the shouting, screaming and yelling persisted and of course in the end there has been a reaction to this continued machinations. Because of this and because some of this also involved government organisations that just wont leave things alone .. this makes it look engineered.

The 'engineered' aspect I have seen in all manner of things. Of course once it looks engineered you find it easier to spot the next thing to be engineered.

They seemed like nationwide distractions but combined and in some individual cases seemed like a world wide distraction.

I can be sure of myself, I can be not quite so confident and admittedly sometimes I just do not know at all.

I might have a theory. I might have several possibilities and at other times I am scratching my head wondering what in the hell?

It was pretty obvious to me that of things keep going the way that they are they would be an element of disquiet. There is not a period in history when things have been like this when disquiet has failed to occur and for far less intense reasons than what we have today.

Now this was hard for me to predict when I started out and the truth of it is I did not think that the difficulties would last this long. Yes I predicted the financial crisis, hate to say it but I just had a feeling probably picking up on things that just did not sit right with me? But I did not think it would continue on this long. See? I do not always get things right.

I assumed that they would tighten everybody's belts for them far too tight and then after a few hundred people had died and this got out there would be an about-face? I thought this would take a couple of years.

In the UK alone we have had hundreds of thousands die, it has been noticed .. brushed to one side and on it continues with no light at the end of the tunnel. Six years now? Seven? Eight?

Elsewhere there is some crazy stuff going on and it seems like every other week some crazy sounding claim comes out of Hollywood and so much so that wherever you look on YouTube in the comments sections they now call it Hollyweird.

In the last few days there has been an accusation by someone towards Tom Hanks that I am certain will build ground over the coming days and weeks.

Added to that and a few days before that notification came up on my YouTube feeds there is this self made video doing the rounds of an actual actor, I am sure I have seen films with him in, claiming that loads of shit is going on in Hollywood and it has driven him mad. His name is Kappy .. Isaac Kappy. This has been picked up by a bunch of people intent on finding out the truth to what has been going on. Well at least they appear to be. I am not familiar with any of them or their channels so it is difficult for me to say. But to have an actor who has worked in Hollywood going around stating names, he even mentioned Robert Deniro for Christ's sake, that is out of the ordinary.

I do not know if this guy is for real, looking to build up viewers or even used by the most powerful in Hollywood to weed out the victims that are the biggest threat?

I mean he claims he has no money but asks victims to come forward. To him? Protect them will you with no money?

At the rate that people have come out in recent times, do not forget that Isaac Kappy is the second actor in Hollywood to come out with these claims, it stands to reason that the biggest criminals and the most powerful might be wondering if they are to be next?

Just consider for a moment that a civil war was being talked about before all these recent revelations surfaced.

Society seems both perverse and robotic or amoral depending on what part of it your dealing with. I have found that dealing with public services, and I mean EVERY public service, you come face to face with people that do not listen, do not do their jobs even when an oath is sworn, do not care and do not help in anyway. They come across as cold and unfeeling as do those that are parts of organisations that portray themselves as caring and their jobs are to help. Like charities and advice organisations. They have also come across in each case as being either very stupid or very naïve and to the point when I literally think that this many people cannot be that naïve and so ask myself if they are part of the grand plan that seems to be unfolding before me?

I also find that everyone complains about the situation here in the UK but lose empathy towards their fellow people, including friends and even family. Instead what you get is stupid advice, mostly but not always, on what you should do. Or have to do. Often these are things that you simply cannot do, have already provided them with the details or the proof so when they are now trying to stand behind you with the same whip the government uses you realise they have not listened to a word you have said on previous occasions.

I have often wondered why this is? Have they been conditioned over years by the government by keeping everyone too busy and too worried about their own personal problems? Most likely. Have they been brain-washed by the lying mainstream media? Probably. Is it down to the fact that this has just gone on for far too long? No doubt. Do they see that other communities help each other and recognise that we do not? Absolutely. But here in the UK it has carried on regardless. I used to think that people would wake up at some point but they have not.

This is not confined to where I am located either as there are a few hundred thousand deceased people that, if still alive, would agree with my assessments .. from London to Liverpool and across to Newcastle and probably everywhere in-between?

British people are not working together and this actually helps their enemies to ensure their downfall. It is the oldest trick in the book that has gone the longest time without being noticed ..

Divide and Conquer.


I even hear extremely right-wing things from people that are so insane you would not believe, like one friend who told me that sick and disabled people should be left to die to help the country?! Yes I am not even joking on that one!

What he does not know is that it wont change a fucking thing other than make us look like a bunch of evil twats that would play straight into the hands of our enemies one of which he hates with a passion.

People really do no think things through.

Oddly this is a left-wing thing .. knee-jerk reactions based on initial feelings which is not only wrong but why they get so angry because they lose so many arguments using this method. Hence why they are often known as scream fanatics.

They also do not look into there own side either as I am now aware of beliefs they have that the two socialists I have known in my life would baulk at and simply not believe if I told them. Well .. one I did tell and they said it was not true. But it is being kinda proved by Hollywood right now. The other person died years ago and I was not aware of these things at the time so I never got to tell him. He simply would not have believed it.

Everyone uses buzzwords in discussions over politics but I tend to simplify it thus

One side believes anything goes, serious things the other side would burn you at a stake for, but is hypocritical over many things

One side nothing goes, far too strict normally through religion and punishes over simple things

All that is needed to be known is that both sides are wrong and more wrong depending on how close you are to their extremes.

I am not religious so anything from a religion base, like abortion, I wont agree with.

I do not believe in leaving people to die. Not for any reason and whether this is through sickness ar disability.

I also do not believe you should force people to remain alive when they are clearly suffering pain and I am someone that has experienced this first hand. I have wanted to reach for the proverbial off switch so many times in my life and at no time quite so frequent as I do right now!

At the other end I do not believe that anything goes and especially some of the depraved things they have gotten up to behind closed doors.

If you think about it .. the far right seems to associate itself with God and the bible and at the far left side of things where anything goes, including the lowest and most depraved acts .. it is little wonder I see people associating them with the devil?! Paedophilia and all manner of other things have been associated with the far left, some things have even come out. Except everyone just assumes they sound so mad but they cannot be true. So the work of a group of tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists?

Yeah .. I often have a knee-jerk reaction like that but this is simply stupid. Just because it sounds crazy does not mean it s not happening and proving things one way or the other are simply difficult to do.

If you ignore things because they are sounding crazy and children are being harmed or scarred for life how will you feel if later on it turns out to be true and you could have helped do something about it?

So? Left and right? Good versus evil? God versus the devil? Sounds insane even to me but that is how it keeps coming up.

So talk of a civil war then? In America? Looking at what I have said it certainly looks as if the divide is easy to see, does it not?

I really do not see things this way. Not saying that is not what it is .. because it appears to be but that I just do not see things as biblical. A crying shame that religion is involved in politics .. in all the wrong ways at times.

And a battle of good versus evil in a word where there is no help, care or empathy for people in pain and even if it involves an entire family?

To me it seems like both sides are evil right now?

I do see people that sound caring in the comments sections on YouTube and have had plenty of people, especially recently, show utter shock and horror at the situation I find myself in with my daughter and grandchildren.

Rather oddly my daughter got her first bit of help .. from a church! Go figure! They bought her £500 worth of clothing for my eldest grandson's new school there is no financial help for any more.

Yeah funny that in the UK none of the news media ever mention all of the cuts that have gone on in the welfare system. They always make it sound, to the people they have intentionally turned amoral, like there is still help. At least they have a home and all that crap. No .. it is not! That is why people have been throwing themselves off bridges in acts of suicides to the umber of 150,000 to 200,000 and does not include the 125,000+ the NHS have killed?! But they do not feel this is worthy of talk and I find myself wondering .. what the actual fuck?

This is why organisations like the BBC get accused of being right-wing by one group, left-wing by another and anyone centre like me is just totally confused by it all. There is a website dedicated to the BBC's bad behaviour and bias called Biased BBC.

That actor Isaac Kappy even mentioned links between Hollywood and England and mentioned the BBC Jimmy Savile and I thought 'Ooooh crap!' Admittedly I did not watch it all and I wondered if a certain .. family was going to get mentioned? There has been yet another link to that recently in the papers and even my daughter heard about it and mentioned it to me?!

It is upside down. It is all backwards. It is seriously mixed up. It is extremely scary.

It is hard to work out what is true and what is false.

I would love to have the top scientists of the world in a room guaranteed not be be bugged and ask them their views on the world right now?!

Funny that while one end is seen as strictly religious and the other the opposite in every way no one has pointed out the unlikely marriage that has occurred in recent times where another even more strictly religious group has associated itself with the left?

That alone is truly bonkers and is obviously something that is just a means to an end for both parties and I cannot help but wonder what would happen when they do not need each other any longer? I can tell you what most people think that are not completely naïve.

This is just another, albeit major, factor in all this talk of civil war and certainly the case in America without a doubt. It is probably why this war is being talked about now and not later on when I predicted it might occur? I also thought the reasons would be slightly different too. Got that one wrong.

I for one would early love to be around groups of people that think similar to tat which I do. I have felt like this for many years but at no time on the past has this been more intense than it is now.

I have gotten so tired and weary of other people and their naivety, selfishness and on a wider scale their depravety.

I hate seeing these stories come out on the Internet and I absolutely hate it when yet again the BBC is trying to claim the term 'Fake News' as their own. Members of Parliament too .. it is lame and pathetic and it is like they think people have no fucking working memory. They do know who first used it, right? Just yesterday I saw them write something about it and how something has to be done about it. Oh? Going to shut yourselves down are you? Because your full of shit as several people you have interviews have sown of late. Even on Panorama a show I once loved but now would not give it the time of day.

People have been waking up the the fact that the mainstream news is biased, lies and controlling and not just in the UK either. They .. know! So what do you think they are going to do? Yes they wil go elsewhere.

When they realise that you have lied by omission and have twisted the truth of something you reported on they are done. They then cannot trust you any longer and will refuse to watch or even buy a TV licence.

You thought you could control and manipulate and obvious thought your viewers were brain-dead idiots that were easily led by the nose. Now it is being proved you got that wrong and you scramble around with pathetic statements, stealing other's phrases in some weak attempt to make yourselves look innocent. Anyone notice that al the famous faces from the BBC News section have all mostly left in recent years? Funny that?

Meanwhile and in my upside state I still struggle on trying to make sense of everything and trying to separate the wheat from the chaff.

So what are the sparks to any civil war?

Well for starters it is all about numbers and by that I mean when a large enough group becomes disgruntled enough.

Then you need some kind of catalyst to set it all off and I would say that of two I can think of off the top of my head it is knowing and letting disabled, sick and vulnerable people die. Another would be that the claims of paedophile rings turn out to be true, that would be another. As it seems that in America it always centres around those that claim to be socialist and attack others.

Of course you have to get idiots and fanboys that harp on because of what they want or their feelings to grow up. That would help things. If they realised that their beloved items or industry is in a mess and that they have contributed to it by being blind morons, yes that might help.

But people are tribal and doggedly stubborn, not to mention stupid and naïve, so who knows?