Thursday, 31 January 2013


Well what do you know?!

Forgotten about these but they did try to ring yesterday...

Rang back today and these are the ICE Department, Independent Case Examiners, that no one seems to know about but me?!

Note how she states that they are supposed to investigate Job Centres although it needed a Channel 4 Documentary to reveal that some serious miscarriages of justice and LIES were going on?!

The file is edited to take out answers to security questions it was requested of me to set up.

Despite my want now to walk away from this I do have to remember that this blog WAS initially set up just so that I could store my data publicly for many reasons and one so that I can direct people here when I need to...

...but when it became all consuming and I thought I was being the hero by getting carried away I would end up writing lengthy passages about each thing!

As it has become obvious this is a waste of time I will just post my odd gatherings until a time when I do not need to anymore, I would imagine around April, oddly enough.


Despite my recent rants on here about how people can suddenly forgot what is important when they now think that their major personal issues are solved and that suddenly they party who caused much of this are suddenly OK. All because one MP belonging to a party trying to tell the public they have changed but I do not believe they have who are helping someone who is a bit of a walk in the park to help, if I am honest.

Hmm warbling there. To take someone with a bloody obvious condition that would obviously shock 100% of the public to discover in the attempt to show that they are the 'good guys' and they have 'changed' is nothing.

I do like to quote the line... You Can Lead a Horse to Water But You Cannot Make Them Drink!

I should also quote the line... People Are Easily Convinced and LED by the Nose With a Carrot!

I have seen this for a great many years and I thought that with the suffering going on and the state of affairs that this time, THIS TIME, the public will not fall for the dangling carrot!

Oddly something happened only moments ago...

I was checking my emails when I had an email from Squidoo, where I created a series of lenses but in recent times not done anything with them for some time. To show the viewers what this is I have provided a screenshot below.

I put a great deal of effort along with a great deal of time and bared my most inner most secrets in my life to help others and was somewhat disappointed that I was kind of cast aside when it mattered most.

Also the numbers on my blogs have kind of put me on edge, as even though they are 'OFF' I do not know how much they are 'OFF'. There are now approaching 5000 people who have visited this one blog alone. To be honest and as many as that sounds it is nothing and for things to really change not only does EVERYONE need to know the truth, as Charlie below puts it, but they also need to be caring enough and also KNOW what to DO with this truth.

To give an anaology a March of 5000 people is ... well NOTHING. Indeed you could add a zero or two to that and I would STILL INSIST this is nothing.

However if THREE ZEROS are added to this then, THEN something is definately going to happen and IS happening.

It does not take one blog divulging the truth but COMMON KNOWLDGE of the truth that will start the tides of change.

As for my FURY... well  we are all but human and add in the fact that I have been told by a great many  people including some more astute medical professionals ... I SHOULD NOT BE ALIVE ... so I can rightfully claim that I it is my god damn right to exhaust my ire!

How do you like that?!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

NEW PATH: NiQuitin or Nicorette for QUITING SMOKING?!

This blog will now take on a different slant. Indeed I may even alter the heading as it seems that people cannot be taught or have a block up in that as they are able to use words that contain more than two syllabels they are therefore unable to be taught...

However there are tens of millions of people in the UK and the world does not change because one person who is bltanatly obvious gets help from one Member of Parliament. AFter he he chose to go with three people and not me despite telling me otherwise and ignored the rest on this blog.

He ignored this for a reason but that is OK as long as certain individuals get mentioned, it matters not that all these other things do not get highlighted. After all all this stuff happening to just one person is nothing really, is it?

Not really worth a mention or giving details over to the media I have tried to highlight all this too for soo long now. All my hard work, all the planning and everything else but it seems that even disabled people can be just as stupid, naive and selfish as the next person!

So I cannot teach those that cannot be taught because the attitude that is bringing down this country instilled in the public mindset by the successive governments in the first place is till there. Here in London we came up with a saying for this a very long time ago my grandmother was fond of using...


So no more time wasting on people who just want to complain, bitch and whinge until their own personal goals are reached and not even having the decency to mail me and let me know when I was going to be left out in the cold, with noone speaking up on  my behalf...

...SAME OLD SAME OLD! Oh dear the sooner now that I can leave the UK the better! I refuse to be dragged down with the rest of the idiots!

Anyway for those of you not affected by statements above and wanting to QUIT SMOKING and still willing to help yourselves I would recommend the bottom two Nicotine Gum brands and flavours.

I started off with NiQuitin but if you are handing out money for these trust me on the following do not go for the NiQuitin 2mg gum, I do not know why but it did nothing for me at all and no buzzing sensation either on my gums or otherwise?!

Now on the other hand the Nicorette Gum on the right in 2mg form DOES give you the same effect despite the gum size being somewhat smaller!

I also recommend the Fresh Fruit, not used the Nicotinell Fruit one yet, as it is very sherbet like and does last. Better of your not a fan of mint or the blandish nicotine flavour. Personally I had no issues with the 4mg NiQuitin but after using the Nicorette if the gum size was fractionally bigger they would be perfect in the Fresh Fruit form in both nicotine weights of 4mg as well as 2mg.

EDIT: This blog is being abandoned except for the odd bit of health advice on my many conditions that is likely to be every few months... I very much doubt that things will change to make me come back here as I have done everything I can and yet no one is willing to help anyone but themselves ... therefore that is what I am going to do, rather upsetting and surprisingly.

As some may have noticed already a great deal of time has been going into my other blogs as this actually helps me and my daughter while this one only served to help and advise many people who refuse to believe, do not want to believe or only self serving and no different to the members of parliament they complain about so much.

Monday, 28 January 2013


 The Fury in a Twilight World

The time is 5.10 in the afternoon and as I sit here I listen to the rain that lashes against the windows that span out before my seated position.

Ten minutes ago I was not here! I was heading here from my Town Centre because sometimes naïve people that think themselves intelligent utter things that are completely wrong but instead of NOT being argumentative and NOT insisting they are correct despite not having any more than gut FEELINGS about it to go on I am forced to respond. I also stated that if this attitude is not dropped this country is finished! I did not state all that I did and bare all that I did for a bloody laugh!!

So after some revealing things coming out in the last few days I was out because of people that think nothing of it had caused me to lose time and waste days that are precious to me while they are at it. This also causes me discomfort and pain and today resulted in me having to retrieve items I should have gotten days before…

While out the rain lashed and the wind sped along blowing all manner of articles about the place, I visited my friends store and told him and his wife at what had taken place to their shock. They shook their heads and I said I wondered why I bothered…

Leaving there and bidding my farewells the weather had become worse and I managed to get the the supermarket but now somewhat moist and the wind and rain getting stronger. I manage to acquire two lots of Brie Cheese and the 4 pints of milk I annoyingly ran out of, along with a halved cucumber. As I left I had noticed the wind had increased much more so and the tall office building situated alongside and covered in canvas was being whipped and ripped about that caused noises akin to a bad thunderstorm!

I opened up my Dunlop Umbrella with the hope of stopping the lashing rain from striking me head on while returning home?! It did not help a great deal but the thoughts of the rain turning to large hail as it had done the day before forced me to keep the Umbrella open. While turning into t road that leads to my own the rain got heavier and the wind got stronger still.

As I pressed on with my return journey there was the beginnings of a faint roar from my right and I realised the wind had become quite strong. It did not dissipate and instead increased in volume until the roaring was ringing and deafening to my ears and I glanced to see trees bending over almost doubled looking like Bananas! All of s sudden there was snap and my large Umbrella had been torn inside out so badly that it went straight and pencil like. It looked quite bizarre as it stretched out before me.

As I walked I thought about the, what should have been obvious, set of circumstances that had led me to be out in this vile weather and furious with myself, as well as those that caused it, as to why I was there at all. I then realised that in my frustration, discomfort and increasing pain that I had left behind my change in the self-service machine that amounted to £2.00!! My fury increased and with the wind and rain lashing me to the extremes and rain running down my face and neck before reaching my chest I stopped and looked skywards in anger and disbelief.

I had allowed myself to become entangled with others, others that do not see and yet think their eyesight 20/20?! I knew it was not and despite a very intense internal struggle to NOT get involved in certain aspects I did and even allowed myself to believe what some told me though I not only already knew it would had rather different conclusions still allowed myself to think that something positive might take place. Because people that speak to me that think they know things they cannot possibly do I gave the benefit of the doubt. I was wrong to do that and in all honesty you cannot teach the teacher but if you do not listen, or read, you will therefore NOT learn anything.

So over time thousands of people go around making lucking noises like that of a chicken and someone comes along and tries to tell them they need to bark like a dog and they agree and yet they continue to cluck away regardless. You try to tell them over time that clucking like a chicken will do no good and yet they continue to cluck. You provide enough clues often only expressed as doubts when I know my thoughts to be fact as people do not like someone that actually has all the answers and I do not want to offend them. I provide enough clues scattered all around and yet they STILL do not join up the dots.
I did not go back for my £2.00 change, yes I had considered it but on thinking about it and the discomfort and pain I was feeling along with the weather I convinced myself it would not be there anyway…

…now I wonder how much a tropical island actually costs?!

You place the evidence before them and they refuse to believe. You expect them to be so concerned for their family and friends that they inform them so that they have the same knowledge but that does not occur. Maybe they are still all too wrapped up in too many material things despite the news bulletins telling everyone in a roundabout way that unless wealthy already you might as well kiss them goodbye!
A twilight world I hear people ask? Because I do everything to inform everyone while I cannot seem to get the simplest things told to me and find them out much later and only piecemeal. This even seems to happen when I request someone lets me know!

I guess it seems that I am not important enough therefore this blog looks to be a waste of my time.

I bark while they continue to cluck.

It is easier teaching PARROTS!

Anyone know of any islands going cheap?!


Well it was always going to be April this year and I suppose if I had ever had the time to sit down and give it some serious thought I would have realised it would come down to this month and this year?!

Only thing is I have spent so much time on this blog for the benefit of others, it is not just a case of the BLOG itself you know but everything contained herein, that I have sacrificed a large part of my own avoidance of the inevitable things to come.

Unfortunately there are certain ... questions I should not ask myself. These very rarely have answers that help to drive you or be of any form of support to help drive you on.

One of these questions is ... Do people really understand that the above takes place?

All too often I see people join groups due to some catastrophe or situation that their minds have difficulty dealing with but what worries me is that once they have achieved their personal gain will they then peel off?! This for me is the worst kind of person who join up because there is safety in numbers but once an opportunity presents itself go cartwheeling off to pastures new and rich.

I do not play well with others and never have. This is not because I am not a team player, nothing could be further from the truth and I have proved that over and over again in my educations. No the truth is that not many other people are team players and I can also prove that from my educations to get a degree too! I have seen it over and over again and it is offensive to me when people think I cannot see it. I do and from five miles out too!

Oddly when people think it is being discovered they try to cover it up in some way or other, albeit badly. They do not want to be exposed in this way ... after all they convinced themselves it was genuine when they started on this venture or joined up with a group?! Only now that their own personal issues are 'settled' dealing with others or feeling sorry for them even, is now an inconvenience.

If you are going to claim to champion the less fortunate and the hard done by you need to make absolutely sure you first are genuine to yourself and if so and only then can you then claim to be to others.

I am not like this at all, I genuinely wanted to help and as far as I can tell I have with several people. This will continue on right up until April however I think when April does come around some of the facts to be revealed are going to be something of a wake-up call to a great many people.

After all I have always believed that to be a good teacher you have to be able to fire up emotions and feelings in the people you teach as this prevents it from becoming boring and keeps things interesting...

...I did state several times before that a great many people, a few solicitors too along with TEACHERS, said I would make a fantastic teacher.

Or to put it simply, would have been nice if something would have arisen so I can vastly drop the amount of time I spend on this fucking BLOG?!?!




Well it seems that the Atos and DWP case which was to be raised by Michael Meacher MP in the House of Commons did go ahead...

...but as I feared, which is kind of why I gave him the address to this blog, he did not mention me nor my case at all. Despite the fact that many people I know, some even passed away from terrible things, thought that my case being the worst they had ever heard of it seems that in this case it is not.

Well actually that is not true and I know this but the truth is people want to blame whoever is in power at the time for their own personal issues and that when they get theirs sorted the plight of others ceases to be of focus, that is unfortunately the nature of the beast.

However my Disability Living Allowance along with a local woman who is literally unable to reach around/under and clean herself after using the loo due to having missing and fused muscles that were actually caused by a major fuck up by Chase Farm Hospital and another woman o kidney Dialysis once a week to stay alive, well we all lost out DLA over 4 years ago and the Conservatives were not in power then...

...THAT is why I gave this blog to Michael Meacher MP to see if I would get attention only to then be ignored.

Yes it was annoying as the fact that I could get mentioned would have done wonders for this blog and therefore wonders for everyone I am trying to reach and open the eyes of but despite this being a possibility and despite having a whole series of the worst horror stories for anyone to have to live through along with those close to me somehow I knew that getting into the limelight would not be so easy.

Having this as an opportunity to prove myself correct, though I actually always want to be proved wrong, is why I decided to hand it over.

Oddly I was contacted by a BOFFIN friend of mine who used to work for Cambridge University and he did warn me on this particular venture and stated that I should be wary and that I would not get mentioned. Once he said that I did kind of know for sure and though I was tempted to post about it I could not to make it too easy for them to make me look an idiot and then mention me.

Being right is NOT FINANCIALLY REWARDING and I can tell you a very peculiar story about that one day.

It is really annoying as I am now furious with myself for actually allowing myself to believe that this may actually come to something. Well YES Carlton the Chemist was quite correct, though I would like a line of communication, if you read this, explaining further on what you know?! Wink-Wink!!

Yes so now a glum feeling along with being further glum that I did not stick to my own rules and what I know to be true instead of believing remarks by others that do not really now and that fact that many take things on face value...

...hmm that reminds me of another thing I normally avoid doing that I ended up doing that lead me to this juncture in the first place?!

Oh well... these reminders that occur to show I am right really are depressing!!

EDIT: After all I have stated that the numbers on this blog are being ... manipulated. The numbers for this particular blog are, in all honesty, nowhere near as high as they should be. Now if the numbers are NOT manipulated to the extent I think they are it only leaves one possibility.

That possibility is the one I feared to most and in all honesty we would have no right to complain about the carryings on of MPs, governments or rich people as it would turn out that the vast majority are exactly the same and only making a big beef about it because it is NOT THEM that are in this comfortable position or have that amount of money, that amount of power or a particular job or have fame.

I find it all the more self destructive on a countrywide scale that you have to go right across to the other extreme until you have people who genuinely care about human beings and their suffering only for members of the British Public to not warrant being included in this group nor warrant any help from them unless you are born overseas and better still if you have a different skin colour.

That would be the Human Rights people who did nothing nor did they even bother to converse when I contacted them regarding my daughter and myself... did not bat an eyelid, not a flicker.

So presently yhr best I can hope for is a few statements along the lines of 'oooh that really is terrible' and 'ooh how have you and your daughter coped' and other besides and these statements are supposed to solve all my issues because that is as far as it gets.

So if my numbers on my blogs are being manipulated as I stated then they numbers should be going VIRAL but they are not...

Alternatively if they are not then the number of people I have been connected with over the last 6 months should have told others about this blog, and I DO MEAN THIS BLOG AND HAVE 11 OTHERS, should have informed their friends and family about this particular blog...

...but the numbers do not match that. Oddly everyone I know on a face to face and daily basis consider the numbers AS VIRAL but I DO NOT and they ARE NOT. That is a matter of fact and oddly when I state that some silly video, funny video or video of someone getting themselves hurt in a comical manner on YouTube getting millions of hits they go 'oooh well yes of course it will, its funny!'?! This only gets stated by people who are NOT suffering in anyway. Those that are would say ... 'yes people are bloody stupid, are they not?!' and I would have to concur that they are extremely naive and go through a story telling of primates and their behaviour and that we are still doing the exact same things and simply do not recognise it.

I am not immune to it but I am fully aware of the most insulting and annoying traits and vowed NOT to employ them in anyway.

Oh and I think those that are saying this is all wrong, well I guess they do not argue with their partners, nor family members, nor neighbours or ever fallen out with friends or people even that you do not know?! Yes must be many living in PERFECT WORLD?! LOL. Well if you are tell me where I can buy a damn key and the location of the damned DOOR?!?!

As according to my late friend Kenneth Walter Bunn, RIP my old friend, that is where I should be living and in his own words thinks it is 200 years away at least and it is then that I should have been born!

Yup, this is the final furlong that IS for sure!

Sunday, 27 January 2013


A little video I have been meaning to do for some time now I finally got around to.

Now rather annoyingly the amount I can feel does tend to fluctuate somewhat and on this occasion I could not do my trick quite as long as i normally can and I would estimate about 10 seconds shorter than normal.

Posted here as part of an upcoming plan and also that maybe someone some where might spot something that visits this blog. I will also add that I have mentioned that I have had sudden trouble sleeping lately and also that my Restless Leg Syndrome has been back with a vengeance on some nights. Oddly this all occurred along with the stretching I am now doing so I know not whether this is linked or merely a coincidence at this moment in time.

Saturday, 26 January 2013



The time now is 5.30pm and I just got in. I am two hours later than I had planned to be and because of a young and annoying twat that lives locally I used to like…

..obviously not any more.

Now while I was out getting what I needed, a bag of sugar, I was giving this rather annoying twat and his offending words some thought and it made me wonder how big my mountain is and why I have bothered to do what I have at all.

I shall now explain how things went.

Now this kid I could really embarrass, though he is not a kids any more, and we went through a period of only passing each other now and then and saying hi. Indeed I used to like him and I saw him for the first time a couple of months ago and on that day he stated offensive things. I let it slide and I may very well have mentioned it on here.

Now he is estranged from his mother who herself was offensive and caused a great deal of trouble wherever she went. For the sake of this story I am going to call him … BARRY. Vindictive I am not unlike him and many others it seems, despite the ones being totally in the wrong and only having themselves to blame for it and refusing to even do that and therefore NOT moving on with their lives nor getting anywhere in these lives of note so ending up with a miserable and mundane existence.

Now Barry comes into my friends store today and starts to talk about life and then technology. Then he tells a story of how Bill Gates, yes THE bill gates of Microsoft infamy, was doing a speech and talking about how he was conned out of $10 Million! This was to do with reducing Carbon Footprints to ZERO to which I said you cannot do anything about it and Barry said ‘yes you can!’ I said no you cannot because life depends on Carbon and you cannot change that, we are Carbon life forms and plants need CO2. I let it go when he insisted and he went on to state that Bill Gates went on to state he did some investigating and found out something to do with fruit and vegetables and mentioned seeds and said something along the lines of its all shit and contaminated and all the fresh and unaltered stuff is being stored in sites all around the world. Now if true you can bet your life its by the very people that destroyed the planet and caused global warming in the first place … so that will end well then?!

Barry then states that a man in the audience gets up and goes up on the stage and punches Bill Gates in the face and when I asked who this was Barry tells us that it is the man who took the $10 Million of him for this climate shift malarkey. This was right after Bill Gates was supposed to have stated what I have done for years now and that you cannot do anything about the Carbon Footprint!!

I said I would have to look and find out about this video he saw and asked him if it was on YouTube to which he said he did not know.

He then went on to talk about phones and computers and I turned around and said that Microsoft are seen by many as dodgy but it is not Bill Gates he actually is not all that bad and that it is someone else.

He contradicted himself by then stating that Bill Gates os more or less an evil twat and I felt like reminding him of the story he only just finished telling us. I then went on to state that actually the crook at Microsoft who has actually been seen as such by many for a couple decades now is Steve Bullmer and Barry said oh I know yes. I thought first off he was lying, Barry that is as Bullmer lies all the time, and second he did not know WHO Steve Bullmer was. I then stated that he was ex military and has taken to leaping around screaming on the stage as Windows 8 is shit. He said Windows 8 was not shit and I said ohh I am afraid it is mate and a lot of people think so to which he said well what are you using it on? I said errr what? He replied and I said what do you mean what am I using it on… a computer obviously and he said but what? He did not ask his question very well at all and I wondered if he was losing his marbles at this stage. It turns out the wally was asking if it was a desktop, tablet or phone which first off did not make much difference as everyone says its crap on all of them. The guy standing there who owned the store cannot get sound files onto his phone via either Bluetooth or Email and Barry went on to say that this is stopped due to copyrighting and that is why he cannot save it and I said ‘oh no its not Barry as they do not KNOW what that sound file is’ then he said that oh because it is an mp3 they KNOW it is a copyrighted file and I said ‘oh no they DON’T Barry and if they are blocking mp3s then that would be very naughty and illegal. Both men asked why and I said that I record all the time and use many different sound files, I record thee meetings for this blog and do all kinds of things to which Steve said … ‘Oh yes of course I never thought of that’ and I said they could not scan every sound file that gets attached by people around the world that quickly to know what that sound file is!’ It is that simple unless it took several days to arrive at the minimum.

Then we talked about phones and he started running down Windows and stating Android was the best one of them all anyway and I thought well hang on a minute you just been defending Windows and even Apple and their iPhone make your bloody mind up? Of course now that we were onto mobile devices I stated about the limitation they put on the 3.5mm Jack socket and set the limit in the EU at 80 DECIBELS! He said he knew and I realised immediately that I had stating the wrong number and it was actually 85 but immediately realised he was lying about being aware of this because he did not correct me on it. So him being into music I stated that I used FLAC files to which he said he would not touch them it’s a waste of time mp3’s sound perfectly fine. I then told him about my Fiio E17 and he said oh I would not bother as the sound he gets from his phone is perfect and I then simply said go and give one of them a try.

Now remember this is a kid I liked but already offended me when I previously saw him by calling me a liar…

When I stated that he should go and give a portable device a listen he said he did not have to as you cannot get a better sound than he is using. Now without thinking about it I told him that I had MY OWN DOUBTS about these things until I got one and that now that I have one I would not be without one. He then said no mine is loud enough he does not need an amplifier and I said … ‘what? No Barry an amplifier is not about volume it is about quality of sound!’  to which he then rather in an annoying tone and insistent fashion said ‘no…my phones and headphones sound exactly the same as my HIFI does indoors there is no difference!!’. Now I was being called a liar and for the second time on a row and I then said ‘ohh is there NOT BARRY?!?! Well correct me if I am wrong but when I told you that portable devices right across Europe had been limited by the EU to 80dB did you not state that you KNEW THIS and that means that by your own admittance your HIFI and your PHONE could not possible sound the same?!?! You have also admitted that you have not heard one of these portable amplifiers either so you cannot possibly state that there is NO DIFFERENCE what is what you have been stating for the last 30 minutes. Added to this is that fact that you just stated that you have a £30 pair of headphones and in all honesty you are not going to get good quality on a pair that cheap anyway mate?!’

I went on to explain that my headphones were £80 to buy when new and that they sounded far better than any previous headphones I have owned and that I have also tried out more expensives ones aup to £300 which sound far clearer than y Skullcandy Heavy Medal! I also said look if your happy with what you have then fine mate, I only told you as your into music you can improve the sound quality and without even listening to anything higher prices than what you own you have decided they are no different?!

God, he was so lucky I really wanted to break his jaw like you did not know! I thought you fuck, the next time we meet on the street we are going to have words and I will simply ask him what I had done to get offended 6 times in the last two times we had met. What had I possible done, when I had not seen him for two years to talk to, that deserved being that. If he replies that I made him look a twat in the shop I will state that well don’t call people a liar when you have no facts nor experience to back it up!
I was so annoyed at one point I said … ‘Barry?! You DO KNOW I have a degree in Computer Science?!’ to which the person with none that I know of affirmed that he knew and I thought well you’re a fucking dick then are you not for arguing?! You argued and called a liar a man over twice your age who has a degree in this field?! Barry had also already stated several things about technology that was not only wrong but way off and sounded like a crazed conspiracy theorist… not bad for a thirty minute chat?!

When you factor in that I would give anything to be around people with similar interests and knowledge that I do you would think it more a nice thing to have Barry live nearby than a completely frustrating and now offensive one?!

When he left I turned to Steve and said ‘ooh my God Steve he was sooo fucking annoying the fucking twat!’ He laughed and said that he now realises that what it is, is that Barry reads magazines and bits on the Internet and just remembers certain things but no real knowledge’ and I said he was right because I would tell he did not really understand the underlying technology and he was basically one of these walking text books.

He may find this post and become infuriated and I would say … look on the bright side … I could have used your REAL NAME?!

Also as far as I can think there is only one person who could possible come on here that could even realise who the real person I refer to is, and spread it about.

However Barry offered himself up for infamy as the atypical idiot that you can show the facts too and still refuse to believe them without so much as experiencing them.

I am sorry Barry but for all your self-proclaimed intelligence if the rest of the British Public are like you then we are truly FUCKED.

If the rest of the British public are like you I wonder why I bothered all these years and why I still do, I tried to tell you about a few things and you chewed my hand off while accusing ME of being a liar and an idiot repeatedly just so that your own lies can make yourself look good?!

Now why the fuck would I want to help idiotic morons like that?!

Now some readers might even think it a bit much of me to state all this but in all honesty and myself personally, and I know others and especially those that know me, will think he got off likely.

I tried several times to take the HIGH ROAD but only to be confronted with ROAD AHEAD CLOSED signs and the worst he got from me is me sternly pointing out that he had contradicted himself. No raised voices, no name calling and no black eyes nor broken jaws. Luckily for Barry, lol.

Come to think of it he will probably turn out to be one of those men I have come across so many times over the years that talk a good fight so that are a top physical fighter which means they are born with the ability to beat all other males including those that have exercised, wealth trained and trained in martial arts.

I love them the most, I really do … grrrr, lol.

Hmm come to think of it I know someone who always managed to date one after the other just like that, regardless of their intoxicated state or over cuddly physique bordering on heart failure or Diabetes Type 1, all were top killers not to be messed with.



Yes I did very recently mention that I had been and spotted what I believed to be a scam and I dare say that many of you have been wondering ... what, how where, when and why?!

Well you will note that in earlier posts I stated that I was under Orgnathic Surgery at Chase Farm Hospital and you may recall that the work had been postponed because my Dentist had failed to act and perform work requested to do so by the hospital?

They then did this again after I had to wait four months for this follow up appointment and I may have posted about that recently...

Well after visiting my dentist it turns out that I need to see the Hygienist and that when I asked about paying the £60 over time she first said no and then stated that when I made the appointment I had to pay a £30 deposit?!

Well prior to her telling me that she stated that I had been told two years ago that I had gum disease, oh no I did NOT, and that I needed a hygienist at £55. I WAS ACTUALLY TOLD that I needed the hygienist due to my smoking which seemed ludicrous as at the rate I was smoking at the time I would need a regular monthly appointment for this!

Well post to her falsely telling me that two years ago I was told I had gum disease, which insidentally I had told all previous dentists who stated that I did not, she also stated after glancing at my file that this would likely cost £200?!

Oddly the subject of the X-Rays that the Hospital needed and Dentist did not which despite the fact that first off the Dentist should already HAVE X-RAYS of my teeth and secondly as this is NOT COVERED by the NHS, like hygienists fees, likely will incur further fees?!?!

I have to remember to first of email my dentist over all this as I have been fucked about for over two years over this, reminding him he asked me if I wanted a load of free work done, as well as contact either the NHS or DWP as I have a HC2 certificate about getting this PAID FOR before I decide before long to start approaching solicitors YET AGAIN and no doubt in vain as there are no, or indeed precious little, in the way of decent and honest solicitors out there in at least a 25 mile radius?!

So scam? Yes well despite the lack of informing me of this miraculous gum disease I cannot help but wonder that at my age i find it odd that this NECESSARY work I needed came out of the blue whoch was followed by TWO YEARS of being messed around so that I can then be sent back to the Dentist and find myself with a bill in excess of £200?!

A little set up between the NHS, nearest hospital and local Dentists? Seems a bit strange don't you think?

Less strange when you consider that my Dentist only recently took on NHS patients and that this was limited to one day a week. Hadi, a my PREVIOUS Dentist at the surgey, had previously informed me that the surgery was struggling for money, rented out a room to a Physiotherpist (I previously POSTED) and that the day I was being told this was a PRIVATE PATIENT DAY and that NO OTHER PATIENTS were in the building other than myself?!?!

In all honesty this was NOT something I expected at all. I do not really like many Dentists you will no doubt be not at all surprised to read. I had, however, liked this one and both Hadi and the practice owner called Simon and this was totally odd. They did not assume that they were more gifted and intelligent than the patients sitting in their Dentists chairs and did not speak down to you nor look down there noses at you, like two other local Dentists with bad reputations i could mention! One particular twat that came acrtoss like this and annoyed me was actually an Orthopaedic Doctor/Surgeon at Chase Farm called Dr Tai, if I recall correctly. God, he was an annoying twat!!

It was rather fortunate for Doctor Tai that we never met again after that first instance I can tell you that for free!

Thursday, 24 January 2013


Well, well, well what do we have here?

My GP failed to mention he had sent a letter out to me when he told me he had referred me, odd too considering how dismissive he was when I was there on the previous occasion and how also he was reluctant to go along with the Charcot Marie Tooth Disease theory of mine.

Odd then that he tells me to make sure I inform them when I go of the CMT?! Hmm curious indeed and I do have to wonder just where this Rabbit hole will lead me.

One thing is for sure and that is that this journey will reveal all to me and I will be right there recording it as ever I have been!!

This is a back-up plan that I really do hope I do not need on this occasion but in all honesty there is a good and valid reason that more people should do this, it is easier to remain calm and not want to literally kick their arses around the hospitals or clinics even though most of them are deserving of it...

...if I know I am being fed lies and bullshit I can grin because I know i am getting it all down and it goes up on here, just part of my little tricks.

Only yesterday I was speaking to my sister at length about this and she asked me again how I had managed to quit smoking and I did go to lengths to explain how... the end up I concluded that I am the public offices and all of governments worst nightmares all rolled into one but the irony of it all is that it was THEY that created me!! She laughed at this which was good as she had been expressing her hopes and fears with the latter outweighing the former by five to one!

So it is not only me you see that has been through this kind of thing and has happened to a great many people of which I am but one. I will admit though that I have been through quite a list of things and I shudder to think of anyone going through all the things I did or even just fated to do so. It is inhumane and completely unnatural of any society claiming to be civilised.

The letter...

NOTE: I thought it odd he signed it and sent it and immediately struck me that scanning and posting someone's signature is likely to be extremely illegal so I blocked out 90% of it!

Just maybe that occurred to others besides me and that signature struck me as awfully big... don't you think?!


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

MY NHS CLAIMS REVEALED ... by Someone Else?!

I have been absent a few days, which concerned a number of caring people in a Facebook Group enough to contact me, due to transferring money to my daughter's account which turned out to be a waste of time and I believe for two reasons but more on that in another post.

Among other revelations that have surfaced there were THREE primary ones regarding the NHS. One of these will be that I was subjected by the most audacious and diabolical scam to get me to spend money within the NHS that I am somewhat steamed about in all honesty...

I will also post on this in the next day or two but right now I am very sleep and only got three hours last night. I have no desire to want to play my new games nor watch my new film...

However what I will post about is a certain Ms Ennis I saw interviewed on one of the News Channels I think was BBC News 24 and what caught my attention was that she was thumbing through letters when I spotted one headed Whipps Cross Hospital and she went on to say that, like I have claimed and also said their MUST BE others, that she was repeatedly refused a diagnosis, refused referrals and even when she was referred the Hospital FAILED to diagnose her, told her nothing was wrong and said nothing more could be done and sent away...

However and just like my claims on this blog she said that she got completely fed up at being told one thing when her body was telling her something else entirely and she kept on. This went on for an amount of time that I failed to catch note of but I dread to imagine. This is because it sounded as if she had been referred two or more times and refused referrals in between for sometime also.

Well it just so happens that her insistence to be referred and her constant requests to be referred that she finally got around to getting a proper diagnosis and it just so happens to turn out to be none other than...


I kid you not!!

I heard this either yesterday or this morning and just today I was all geared up for another recording, which I failed to do as I was called in earlier than expected, and entered my GP surgery who asked what he could do for me, I thought not a good sign, but when I asked about the Podiatry letter he replied "Oh Yes, I got that and I have REFERRED you of to NEUROLOGY". After forgetting to start the recording app it turned out I had not needed it as I was expecting to be told more lies from the Podiatry like I had from the Specialist Physiotherapist who had only recently performed an about-face?!

I was all prepared with threats and means to apply pressure and my lack of sleep meant I would probably sound quite sinister too but was glad to realise there was no need for any of that.

However I did ask him about the absolutely dreadful Saturday I had a few weeks back were I passed out through pain due to constipation. I mentioned the Vagus Nerve, some weird screenshots going up on here about this too along with two others, and he nodded and confirmed that is what had happened though when I stated about my Hiatus Hernia, back problems and the whereabouts of this nerve he said he did not think that these were putting any pressure on it...

...failing to note that SOMETHING WAS and therefore realising that dismissing anything I suggest would be somewhat...hasty.

He also told me, rather suprisingly, that when I attended Neurology to TELL THEM I suspect I have the Charcot Marie Tooth Disease so had either completely disregarded his previous dismissal of my suggesting I had am suffering from it or was being sarcastic. Though going through the trouble to do what they are so reluctant to and refer me just to be able to use a sarcastic line, it did not sound sarcastic either, was going a bit far I thought. LOL!

So here we go again only this time I am heading up a highway that I have designated and belive to be the correct path to a final diagnosis. The diagnosis that he also told me in a previous meeting that 'some people NEVER find out about'.

As i was about to leave he also said "nice to see you again" and I replied it was good to see him also. Maybe a rapport I was finding difficult to establish no has been?

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Just a short one this to say that I have been working on a few things in my brief absence on here.

I have set out a couple of things and it seems they have paid off, not literally PAID lol, and I will be able to post some startling as well as helpful revelations in a post in a few days time.

I am also a little behind on a couple of other blog subjects and have a fair few things to post up and a good deal of media.

In fact I had to spend a few hours this morning doing some resizing and rotating plus there is a little video too, this things despite being on other subjects worlds apart from this blog they are in a unique position to help me with this one ... well as far as some of my claims I previously made are concerned.

Also due to the little backlog I have to work through and things about to occur there will be a nice flurry over the next few weeks on a number of different blogs which will include this one OF COURSE.

One main one on here will be to do with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, Plantar fasciitis and anyone who has difficulty with their feet who have had nothing but arseholes that are supposed to be medical professionals so yes I have kind of been experimenting like I have done for years and now seem to be onto something and have been a couple of weeks.

But I will not change the habit of a lifetime and in something this important I have to be absolutely sure of myself beforehand!

So over the next two weeks expect a great deal on four blog subjects and outside this one will be the ...

Reptiles Amphibians Fish BLOG

Orchids BLOG

British Wildlife BLOG


Well here are some people I can comfortable call heroes mentioning a couple more!

I copy and pasted the email I recieved and it it follows this sentence and I did not include links as I am having 'difficulites' galore with my connection today.

Please circulate and turn out!

Disabled People Vs DWP
Mental Health Resistance Network and Disabled People Against Cuts are holding a
VIGIL outside the Royal Courts of JusticeWednesday 16th January, 12pm

Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London 
WC2A 2ll.
This week sees 2 disabled people take on the government in the Administrative High Court, the division of the Royal Courts of Justice that deals with Judicial reviews, on the grounds that the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) discriminates against mental health survivors.

The WCA was introduced by the Department for Work and Pensions to test the eligibility of disabled people for disability benefits. The test has been fiercely criticised by campaigners, MPs and the British Medical Association. The government’s own appointed assessor of the policy has ruled it ‘unfit for purpose’, yet it continues.

The WCA causes death and distress to thousands of disabled people from all impairment groups. Dozens die every week following assessment while nearly 40% of those who appeal have the decision to remove their benefits overturned, needlessly exposing people who already face many barriers in life to traumatic and harrowing experiences.

The Judicial Review will be calling for adjustments to the WCA to minimise the disadvantages that people with certain impairments face in being assessed. In a wider sense it will be calling the government to account for these continued attacks on disabled citizens.

DPAC and MHRN call on ALL activists and supporters to join us in a vigil outside the court to show support for those taking the case, and disgust at the shameful practices of the WCA.

Bring banners, artwork and solidarity.
For messages of support or email

See also the Atos Debate in the House of Commons on Thursday 17th Jan Live from about 11am on BBC Democracy Live



I will not forget this day for the rest of my days I very much suspect?!

Well what a day that was, first I hear of Horse Meat in the BEEF Burgers at Tesco and various other supermarket names then a helicopter comes crashing to the ground in the most drastic fashion and a number of workers are kidnapped by Islamic Terrorists in Algeria.

All in one day!

I thought I was dreaming as I woke up and heard about the helicopter crashing but what was even more shocking than the news was the number of people who were STILL trying to get to their destination via the DIRECT route leading to many being shouted at by the Police and one silver Mini car driving towards a wall of flames 15 feet high or more and wall to wall. As it drove towards the flames I remember thinking ‘now WHERE EXACTLY do you think YOU are going?!’ I mean I was lying in my bed half awake and even I could see from MY viewpoint there was no way through the fire! They did not even think to exit the car either, you know the small wafer thin metal thing on wheels with a large tank of flammable petrol fed to the engine via very small pipe?! Called the car or extremely explosive tin can on wheels!

That was sheer madness, probably one of those people that only ever votes for the Conservative Party or Labour Party. STUPID! I saw the same car later that was filmed from a different phone and there was a guy clearly shouting loudly that the car was on fire but still they did not get out the car. The must have been very small flames at the time of the filming as I could not detect it on the footage. Though there were spots of flames on the tarmac which could have come from the car and been rubber hoses which had ignited and dripping from beneath it?!

What I had not realised immediately is the fact it was rush hour and that while people were sitting in their cars trying to get to jobs they have no idea they will still have by the end of the year and whether or not they will pay their mortgage but thinking about parking fines and whether they will get caught by one of the various speed cameras on the way to work or to home at the end of the working day when the sky rains fragments of helicopter, spinning rotors, extremely heavy and large steel fragments from the crane which rain down on them while they are pinned in by traffic only for the helicopter to burst into a huge fireball from all the aviation fuel still on-board. Sharp intake of breath before I pass out!

I literally said those exact words to a couple of friends earlier in the day and their eyes opened wide and I finished by saying that, that just about sums up a perfect day in the life of a member of the British Public!

Then I reminded him of the banner that was being held aloft at a football match between Manchester City and Arsenal that had the words ‘£62?! WHERE WILL IT END??’ painted upon it and I looked at them and said ‘Where indeed?’ It seems I had travelled to another dimension while sleeping and awoke on BIZARRO WORLD?! As if things were not strange and stressful enough already, for people hard at work amongst the mire?

Then in the later news it turns out another bunch of workers had been kidnapped, seven Brits amongst them, from a site in Algeria over the French attacking Islamic Terrorists in the North of Mali and demanding it stops before they will return them?!

Suddenly I thought of the film Bug’s Life and recall how a movie that had previously NOT interested me had captured me within the first 5 minutes when a group within the line of Ants notice the shadow of a leaf on the floor. They look up and panic as they see this leaf spiralling down towards them and one in the line jumps back as it lands square on the line when the Ant behind the leaf screams ‘I’mmm LOSSSSSSST!!’ I burst out laughing at this humour and was impressed they had done their research on these insects when suddenly my perception of the British public, well for the most part, in my mind turned them into Pixar created Ants?!

This was largely due to the fact that people tried to get under the Police tape in an attempt, I presume, to get to their destination. Raining fire, steel, helicopter fragments, cars aflame, aviation fuel everywhere, walls of fire, dangling twisted steel from the remaining crane some of it dangling, no idea of the damage to the sky scraper it is attached to, rumours of the smell of gas and yet there were members of the public prepared to navigate all this to get to work?! Simply astounding it really was.

Odd how many naïve people are willing to go to great lengths to serve Masters who would not bother to step over them if laying in the street before them on their way to the Wine Merchants! Yes I am sure I would do the same and if I EVER caught my own daughter doing that I would give her a severe scorning and I am pretty sure she would expect it to.

Just when you think you have seen just about as much tragic news in the course of one day and three come along at once…

…oh except I forgot. The Dance of the Sugar Plumb Weathermen stepped up a beat when they finally stated what I could see on the tips of their tongues for several days. The coming Friday, 48 hours time, was going to be extremely bad weather with a great deal of snow that will affect almost every inch of the UK along with very strong winds that will truly create BLIZZARD conditions and requests and comments abounded suggesting that members of the public watch out for any vulnerable people, well senior citizens I guess they meant, or disabled people as the cold snap will be unforgiving. Oh I think they mean all the people they recently screwed over for cash on every possible way who are now all scared to put the heating on due to the ridiculous energy costs that MPs and PMs have not had the  balls to stand up to and confront?! Oh so I wonder who is at fault on that one then?

Oddly while I was out that was the main topic on everyone’s lips and on returning from my local town centre with two PC games, The Witcher and Deus Ex Human Evolution, I had bought to keep me occupied if I am to be snowed in for a few days but turned out to be utter garbage pieces of software code that should never have gone on sale. PHEW!!

Damn it man can you not manage to fit any more into a single day?! Oh wait, it is 9.53pm and I have been at the laptop for several hours and just about anything could have occurred in that time?!
Quite how the first helicopter accident that had ever taken place in London, certainly the first I have heard of in over 40 years, came to be is a real mystery. Reason is a very tall crane which at the end of the day was not lit up, despite locals having complained about this. SO at the end of the day it was the property developers at fault building the site! Oh but wait they said they cannot possible speculate as it is too early and the needs many, MANY months to investigate before they can work it all out. Fuck off you tossers…

…here I will do it for you. A bunch, or ONE, people or person with far too much money thinking of making another mount of too much money ignoring statements of common sense because he does not want to pay for all the lighting, fitting and energy charges to light up a bloody tall crane so aircraft do not fly into it!! Oh dear!! What they really mean to say is they cannot say anything for months because the wanker to blame will have enough money to hire the top dozen lawyers in London and it will take that long to wade through the inevitable wall of fire … I mean BULLSHIT that is to come. While decent and honest human being cannot even find the crappiest of legal aid lawyers to fight for something that is morally correct and for someone decent and honest.

Yup that is about the size of it more or less which is why my eyebrows reached for the clouds when I saw people scrambling to get under the Police cordon or drive through a fifteen feet wall of fire?!

Worthy deeds are only worth doing for worthy people. Also worthy people there are extremely precious few of. But then maybe all these daft people were foreigners here to work and could not read the wording on the tape used by Police for their cordons? Or the driver bought one of the dodgy fake licences from those dudes on the news the next before … hmm do I remember those people wearing skullcaps? Well so much for their religion and them being honest and decent and are likely the same ones that own the supermarket stores that plead naivety and being unaware when we discover we are eating an animal that WE consider sacred, the Horse! Feed them some not so Kosher pork and they would not like it and that is BEFORE I get onto the subject that Muslims, who also do not eat pork, have now realised that as well as Horse they have been eating their forbidden meat too?!
Yes that will not cause an almighty problem now will it?

Knowing the Equine community as I do and largely made up of woman they alone are going to be screaming hell Marys for some time to come. Then there are the Muslims when they all realise and the fact that most supermarket chains are owned by Jews and we have their war on our streets?!


And to think, January 2013 and we are only half way through the month thus far!

You could not make this shit up!

Despite my claims of foreseeing trouble on the horizon I cannot foresee what form it will come in and nor can I predict the source and I can honestly say that this was a complete surprise to me in all honesty. Never would I think that a helicopter tragedy would happen on London’s streets and nor would I have thought that supermarkets would sell beef that contained Horse meat and Pork along with whatever else is in the 100% beef burgers. Also and for me the use of Horse is an absolute no-no and if NOT illegal then it damn well should be. I do not care what people’s views are on this and in parts of Asia, which I love, they will eat almost anything that wall scamper or crawl into their gardens but I would refuse to eat those things too. There are levels that I consider to be not only barbaric but also completely unnecessary in many cases. To me these two things are no different to eating the last Dodo, for the latter, or eating the family Dog, for the former. I am not, or should say may not be, a vegetarian in any shape or form that they come in today but there are lines drawn in stone nevertheless. Also a no-no for me, of you have not guessed it from my other blogs, is Frogs Legs too.

Monday, 14 January 2013


Well I am in the hospital and this time recording an appointment and department I do not normally.

I do not know why I decided to do this but put it down to a gut feeling something would go wrong that would turn out to be something ridiculously stupid and easily avoided. At NY cost yet again though really this is not for anything that is potentially serious. Indeed it is must definitely not and to do with having an operation that involves breaking my jaw I have been waiting for since January 2012.

That would be a full year then thus far and no sign of braces our a boxing glove, lol.

I am particularly interested in whether our not they spot that I have indeed successfully quit smoking entirely, through absent tar stains and whiter teeth?!

See how much they are firstly paying attention, secondly got whatever it was preformed by Dentist and not wasting time.

With my luck it will be a miserable failure for them as usual and I am expected to be dropped from this project and through no fault of my own...

...but then maybe this work was only initially offered from up on high knowing I was about to become a headache to the higher echelons of the NHS and a bit of treatment  they should have performed 30 years ago will shut new up and keep new quiet?

I certainly would not put that kind of trickery past them!


Just as I suspected another royal fuck up. Right I have been discharged BACK to my Dentist after a whole year because they have been asked to take simple x-rays and have letter stating my gums are OK?!

I do remember now about x-rays and annoyed I did not recall and chase Dentist up on it?!

Though why they cannot DO THIS at the hospital our pouch up the simple phone, invented 100 years ago plus, I will never know.

The one thing I will TEACH this government and other members of parliament is a little word that I normally associate with Germans and Japanese...



How the feck do you call this saving money?!?!

Sunday, 13 January 2013


Mere moments ago I was suspended in a bath of hot water. Down the lengths of my body soap suds clung to my skin gently as if life itself depended on it.

As I lay there floating I thought about the things that have recently occurred and despite the texts I sent to one brother and my sister I floated there thinking not a great deal of it. I thought how curious this was when in reality it was that which I was expecting all along and had worked so hard to do. Albeit without confirmation as yet and somewhat earlier than I had envisioned it was as I expected.

At some point I had thought how I would react if I exited the bath and entered my bedroom only to see the Prime Minister standing in my garden? My immediate thought was 'oh fuck!' but then I though well it was bound to end up with me and him face to face at some point, better just deal with it'' That was it?!

After being suspended for sometime with my mind wandering I had thought how strange it was that I could get to this level headedness and calm over a possibility like that? The truth is my methods and many of which I have yet to divulge would always take me in this direction and there was nothing to stop it. There never was and it is indeed the reasons or I should state some of the very methods themselves that give it this power of perpetual motion.

Eddie Van Halen is screaming out a guitar riff as I type called Respect The Wind and its haunting melodies fill my ears while I contemplate everything I have strived to achieve. I recall how those moments of pure blissful suspension caused to wonder how things that would be considered by so very many to be crazy, mad and shocking news has managed to fade while blending into what I would call my reality!

The coming months of 2013 are likely to see more of this kind of event as the realisation hits those that despite what tricks can be thought up or the sign that I have fallen or failed to notice simply do not work. Not only that but I can also turn these around and use them as weapons towards those that would attempt to think them up in the first place.

This was indeed the reasoning to many of my announcements on here and exactly WHEN I made them like that of the screwed up numbering of this blog and all my other 11 blogs. It was allowed to continue for such a time until that once revealed it could not be explained away any longer and that records i collected going right back to the end of August are nothing short or fantastically impossible to achieve. Game over, at least for that trick but in this event I was hoping to completely extinguish the possibility of further trickery and lies.

I had long since stated that January of 2013 would be key and despite the previous estimations of things happening that failed to occur there was always and always will be another month and another set of reasons. Of course I had to consider other factors that many have failed to realise and this includes Michael Meacher MP and I stated previously that I have to be careful. Well yes I do and the important factor in many of these things is the very thing that still mystifies scientists around the globe...


It was abuse of time that many public offices used in the hope that members of the public failed to notice until I came along. In realising this I myself decided to teach them a lesson in the use and abuse of time while being honourable and honest in the meantime. Time is a factor in the postings I have been making since August. In fact it is there very reliance that I am falling back upon for the most part.

You see this blog has become my .... EVIDENCE!

Despite my claims against all of the offenders contained herein this very blog exists with my posting as EVIDENCE to what I said and WHEN I said it. So any claims to the contrary by any people or bodies willing to abuse the truth and bend it to their will would find it a little impossible to do so...


From this there is no escape and any attempt to remove or delete it would be seen as a DELIBERATE ATTEMPT TO ERADICATE THE TRUTH!

Not forgetting the fact that it simply would not succeed and would only serve to hinder themselves further.

Strange, don't you think, that winter time forcing me from getting out into the wilderness with my camera to listen to the wildlife while warm sunshine bathes me and I have to rely on a bath of very warm water to achieve any philosophical meanderings?!


The same night I was told about the Prime Minister's appearance at the end of my daughter's street with the BBC, the backwater from beyond basically, I also heard of two people who were stabbed and died in Birmingham.

These were Big Issue sales people and in all honesty the report did not state any more than that but I knew as I am sure did many others that these two people were foreigners?!

To be honest as well as my predictions as to this taking place and that the government either firstly knew or secondly are fucking incompetent, I often see these people down in the High Street in Enfield and in all honesty I thought that in the last 2 years they have blatantly been put in harms way and that it was only a matter of time before something like this took place.

I also think it is just the beginning and it is only a shame that more did not read this blog. To the people that run the Big Issue Magazine I can only shake my head at the absolute insanity that has taken place. You give a bunch of foreign people, who the British Public are growing ever more fed up with, a bunch of your magazines to sell and place them in High Streets in very busy areas were 95% of the people are probably walking around without the money to buy the things they want, or worse still NEED, and these people come into your face more or less begging for money?!

Fucking stupid and blindly naive!! You should be ashamed of yourselves as your relentless never ending whining like those of Socialists to be correct fails yet again to take in human nature and you have ignored the basic fundamental principles that have cost two people their lives!

Now are you STILL DOING THAT?!?! This is what I would like to know!

These people also do themselves no favours that carry the Big Issue as they do come up to you whether or not your surrounded by marauding children or hobbling along with a walking stick and wave the Magazine in your face... like I said it comes across as more like begging and was a stupid idea in the first place but no doubt it gave a bunch of people the ability to sleep nights with smiles on their faces and a warm butterfly like feeling in their stomachs that they are doing their bit to rid the world of evil thought...

...until it went inevitably wrong that is!

Maybe I am wrong as I know nothing of the Big Issue Magazine maybe it is just a case of simple exploitation I do not know. Are they Socialists blinded by a odd urge to do anything that can be perceived by the world at large to DO GOOD until it is realised it is bad?! I have no idea all I knew was that whenever I see these people I thought first stupid idea and then crap idea and hmm maybe that is a very bad idea to thee lives could end up in danger idea and 'oh crap!'

I had thought ... no HOPED that if enough people would pass on this blog that scenes like that would not take place but unfortunately this happened too late, if it happens at all of course, for the two in Birmingham. Hopefully those others around may realise that this is the start and that it will only get worse from now on and that Britain is not Great and most importantly NOT the safest place to be right now.

We can but hope.

I also hope that there is no more like that but somehow I fear it will not be unfortunately.

Successive governments will reap what they have sowed but unfortunately innocent lives will be lost in the process if things continue along the path they are on. This will then bring on anger when the 'angry mob' which has now grown exponentially in size realise they have been taking it out, or taking the lives, of people that were innocent and then focus on those that are realising that they could have acted at ANY TIME in the last 3, 4, 5, 6 years?!?!

Of course there will be an amount of guilt thrown into the mix too from realising they were wrong. But maybe ... just maybe it might be that those that read this blog and disregarded it did not act accordingly so to 'enlighten' as many as they could to the truth.

Now there in a nutshell is everything that is wrong with the UK and this 'Looking after Number One' attitude that never works. You cannot fight a war alone you dumb fucks!! No one passes relevant information on until it lands on their doorsteps and affects them directly and then its a case of realising ... 'oh its my fault ... if only I had done a little more ... tried a little harder ... been a bit more helpful ... a little more courteous.. ' etcetera, etcetera.

When I recently posted that I KNEW my blog numbers were being manipulated I did explain that I had known for sometime now. I also stated that i am not even receiving the money you are supposed to be paid, from Google.

Now first off this 'missing' money from the numbers I DO HAVE TO HAND is not alot and indeed not enough to actually PAY ME. In fact it would only make it a little less then a third of the amount to trigger a payment. But then I never started this blog for money anyway. It was a couple of weeks after I started it before I realised you can get paid.

So thus far I have done it for nothing ... nada ... zero ... zilch!! Way over 300 posts, all the running around, getting gadgets I need, planning, luring, setting traps, running around the country, keeping scanning documents, tricking the Police, NHS and all the others that I have along the way.

It could turn out I never will get paid anything at all but that would not change a habit of a lifetime for me. My history is littered, and I do mean LITTERED, with people who were so-called friends only to turn on me secretly and use me in many different ways. Some of these would stand around and bitch like a collection of miserable old spinsters with nothing better to do.

What would bring on all this? Nothing really only what I can do and my level of knowledge would bring on a rising tidal wave on envy and jealousy beyond the boundaries of reality. Did I want this? No of course I did not! Was I happy about it? No! Every single time it hurt, every single time and it mattered not whether I let on or not.

That was the nature of the beast, the evil in my life. Only found in a biblical notation that I had long thought meaningless and pointless and in the ten commandments of all things and it has taken me 30 years to realise what they were on about!

So many may wonder over time why then I do this? Because I will not become party to this and when I have moaned about people that I have known it is because of an injustice that they themselves have caused me. I was also privy to the things that they said and WHAT they said because as many as there were queueing up for the day they would see me proved wrong on something, one individual actually used those EXACT WORDS TO ME, others were informing me of what was being said because they wanted to impress me or just become a better friend or mate.

Yes my story and my history is a somewhat long and complicated one but I have been very aware of it at all times with the odd shocks and upsetting surprises here and there. But I can tell you this...

Out of all the people around me and everyone that I know they have all but one thing in common ... they failed repeatedly and collectively to understand one thing ... what all this was like for me?

Sooo I did not want to be part of that. I did not want to be just another person sitting around moping and moaning with no idea at all why I was moping or whether or not I was moaning about the correct things that brought failure to my own life. I can tell some still do not quite 'get it' and think that someone should be happy never knowing and that I should learn to live with it?

Well to learn how to live with something you first need to know what it is otherwise the whole statement becomes null and void. Secondly and as far as I can tell I have not requested the answers to the age old question...


...and until such a time that this is the only answer that I MYSELF am not aware of I will keep gathering the answers for the my friends is not only human nature but has become the very nature of my life that has led me right up to this moment. This VERY precipice that I am at now and the safety that my daughter is in and the help that I have brought to others and those I have yet to help have all become possible because of this, so no I am NOT going to change. Nor will I stop. There is far too much good needed to be done in the world and i am doing but a small part of it. Only the beginnings but a beginnings all the same.

Tell me ... what have YOU done in your life lately?

You really DO need to read the blog, the whole blog as otherwise I have to quote another age old saying and that is a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing...

...what in YOUR life is currently more important than the TRUTH?!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

David Cameron, my Daughter & MP

Well that was an unexpected thing to be informed of?!

I received a text tonight from my daughter asking if I saw David Cameron on TV on the news standing on a bridge at the end of her road?!

She trips me I might see her on TV and she DID meet her MP and he wants to see her again!

What a curious turn of events? The MP if Frank Field, I shamefully, or not as the case may be, failed to know who he was when my daughter told me she was meeting him day before yesterday. Err or yesterday?! Lol.

In an area that is like that back of beyond that most government had forgotten about, umm if that not most areas these days, a mere matter of days before high court and just after meeting an MP, not to mention Michael Meacher soon to do whatever he us planning to do, David Cameron appears at the end of my daughter's road?!

Hmm ...bizarre...very bizarre indeed and extremely interesting not to omit TELLING?!


My daughter thought it might be on YouTube but unable to find anything.

Odd after my divulging that I know this blog had been manipulated, I exchanged emails with an MP and my daughter meet Frank Field either yesterday or the day before. High Court this Friday coming, a conference held with journalists being the topic and the Prime Minister appears at the end of my daughters street in The Wirral?

Am I seeing the first signs of the whites of their eyes?

Well they cannot complain I gave then every opportunity and despite this latest event it is only the beginning...

...they ain't seen NOTHING YET!!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Well I have decided to reveal that I have LONG SINCE noticed the factor of ten link on each of my twelve blogs on twelve different subjects between the number of posts to the number of viewers.

These numbers are not possible. You cannot have this link across twelve different subjects as the popularity from one would be quite different from the next in line.

But it not only DOES this but does it across twelve blogs whose postings number anywhere from 8 up past 50 and on until around 350 posts and yet this factor of ten not only persists but has done for several months now.

Now you also have to consider that out of all the blogs one and one alone has been very heavily promoted my myself on all the big name website, err this one, and appeared on the Home Page of the Daily Record Newspaper's website!!

Making the impossible even more impossible!!

Added to this that money is supposed to be accrued and yet that has not flinched in months as the current 22p should me more like £16?!

A blogger should get £2 for every 1000 viewers and yet I have had over 4,000 just on this blog and I have 11 others with the next best one being over 500 viewers currently.

So that does not make any sense at all either!

So the numbers are being influenced somehow but exactly WHO or WHY I have no idea presently but I have posted a question in a public forum, posted things on my Facebook Wall and emailed Google about it.

Manipulation of these numbers is illegal and tantamount to fraud for one thing.

So the proverbial tree has been shook and let us see what rotten fruit falls forthwith?!


Monday, 7 January 2013


In my last post I had forgotten something that was vitally important but this has turned out to be OK because it has allowed me time to give this some serious thought.

Now remember I strongly believe I and my family may suffer from Charcot Marie Tooth Disease which leads to muscle weaknesses and not joints. I should also point out, provided I have not remarked on this already which I probably have and there is also likely AUDIO of me stating it to health professionals, is that I have always been confused that I get all these aches and pains but NEVER is it in a joint, closest being this painful clicking in my ankles but now and then.

Well in my research I discovered something else and along the lines of my remarks that if the CMT has affected my back then this could have caused problems with the Vagus Nerve which affects your breathing, emotional response (like fight and flight responses or fear and anger), along with heart rate and swallowing. As I also stated that compressed 'enough' it can cause sweating (had told Doctors I had problem with this few years back) fever type symptoms, low blood pressure and feeling like a heart attack and bad enough passing out.

Well there is another physical condition that can cause pressure on this Vagus Nerve and it just so turns out that this is something that NOT ONLY DO I HAVE but have requested an operation for it for over twenty years now and is spoken about throughout these posts and down to my involuntary vomiting?!?!

Remember I was REFUSED the operation and the very odd thing is that like one or two others this condition is normally associated with senior citizens!!

Now I shall go into detail about how and WHEN I first suffered from this condition and I was in my late teens. Around 16 I had just returned from living in Brighton where I was forced, by the government, while there to join the Youth Training Scheme, as it was known back then. This YTS was based in Marmion Road in Hove and eventually I was placed with a removal firm called GB Liners.

Only when I returned from living in Brighton, or Portslade to be more precise, I started suffering with heartburn that over time become more painful and a lot more frequent. It became so bad that my grandmother urged me strongly to register with my FIRST ever Doctor as an adult, called Doctor Tennekoon, who was also her GP though she hardly saw him.

I did and over time I was given drug after drug after drug, so this would have been around 1988-ish, and eventually I had to demand that he refer me to hospital which he did. After series of tests and the FIRST of TWO Endoscopy's, the other many years later, and a Barium Meal Scan it was discovered that I had a Hiatus Hernia.

For the next twenty years I asked various GPs, every single time I had a new GP or new clinic even, about having the operation but was told it would never be performed even though my original hospital Doctor (Dr White) at Whipps Cross Hospital thought I needed it while he openly admitted that the specialist, a Mr Pietroni (if I recall his name correctly) thought I did not! I also and may have mentioned it on this blog that when the Barium Meal was being performed I heard a Doctor, who was standing behind a seated nurse both looking at the monitor, state CLEARLY ... and I QUOTE "I have never seen one that size before?!"

Now I asked about this statement when I went saw various people afterwards but never got an answer and was told they did not know what I was talking about. Also I have no idea to what that Doctor referred to. It may well have been the Hernia itself or could have been something else as on this type of scan I dare say they get to see a fair deal?!

So imagine my shock when I find a website where it was being talked about that a Hiatus Hernia can place pressure on this Vagus Nerve. Also consider that I have often referred to the fact that I can vomit involuntarily and that I was told this was down to the Hiatus Hernia by Doctors but had NEVER read about this myself?! I was told this was Oesophagitis Grade C and I thought no more about it.

But the vomiting feeling I had Saturday night was identical to the vomiting I get from time to time and sometimes several times a day only this time it was combined with strong feelings of other things I often get from time to time like the blacking out, which I have done in local Sainsburys from time to time (have done for years and was told it was cannabis use the FIRST TIME?!), Nausea, Fatigue and SWEATING!! ALL SYMPTOMS I HAVE EXPERIENCED FOR YEARS IN MILDER FORM and never all together like they did Saturday.

Well now is that not interesting?!

The Hiatus Hernia can place pressure on the Vagus Nerve which itself can explain half of the symptoms I have had for years. The Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, itself could be the or indeed combined culprit, eventually affects your back and this is where the vast majority of the Vagus Nerve is to be found.


So how is it that this nerve, despite all the symptoms I have told Doctors over the years and feeling like I am sounding like a Hypochondriac, has NEVER EVER been mentioned in ANY conversation over all these years with all these so called experts quick to roll their eyes at you?!

Interestingly is that the Hiatus Hernia was not the ONLY hernia I had and one other that popped up, quite literally in fact, was my Inguinal Hernia which can easily kill you by causing Gangrene, was IMMEDIATELY operated on to my shock and horror and I even stated to my current GP, Dr Debbie Dressler, well I have asked for my Hiatus Hernia to be operated on for 20 years and told no, so why so quick to operate on this .. to which she said this one will kill you!

Indeed when I was checked over prior to the operation I was told that the muscle wall in my LEFT groin were also week and that I would have to come back and have a mesh placed in that side too before I get ANOTHER INGUINAL HERNIA?!

At this point I thought 'what the feck is going on with me?!'

Oddly I never got called back for the other side of my groin, curiously especially after what I was told. I also always said that it was all these little areas that seem to get affected and that my ligaments and tendons seem to not be 'all that'.

So now with some careful thought it has become much clearer to my understanding as to what is going on but GPs, and I mean ONE AFTER THE OTHER, have been quick to REFUSE ME POINT BLANK and without so much as batting an eyelid a referral for an operation?!

Indeed if you recall that my current GP asked me to come back in a couple of weeks time when I remarked about the Oesophagus and my vomiting as, and I QUOTE "THAT NEEDS TO BE SORTED OUT!" and I walked out of my current clinic thinking that after all these years I was finally going to have the operation that eluded me for so long?!?!?! I was over the moon!

But just as I have stated so many, MANY times on here an about face was to be performed with an air of nervousness to. When I went back and I MAY have recorded this I said "but you told me to come back as my vomiting and Hiatus Hernia needs to be sorted out?! That is WHY I am here and now you are saying there is NOTHING you can do and cannot refer me after telling me that was what you wanted to do?!"

Indeed when he originally asked me to come back he uttered the exact same words he did when i walked out of his clinic the last time, the time he contradicted himself, and I QUOTE "We WILL get to the bottom of this!"

I think now that they have got to the bottom of this a very long time ago and that I cannot believe that THAT MANY health professionals can be that naive and THAT STUPID! I think they have been under instruction for the longest time NOT TO ADMIT TO ME what was really wrong!

Of course when it come to why there are a couple of possible reasons and I think it funny that when I state what I have done on so many occasions that, the faces change but the lies and tricks remain the same with each public office springs to mind. This is exactly the same that Wirral Council have done for years that once they realise they missed something bloody obvious better to put peoples lives in danger including children rather than admitting you was wrong which would cost you dearly financially.

Now put THAT exact same theory into THIS scenario with my health and it seems to be a perfect fit and uncannily similar, don't you think?!


Now I also wonder that if they have managed to figure out about what I have been up to and are indeed watching this blog at all realising what I have now discovered may cause someone, somewhere to come out of the woodwork to 'deal' with this blog?!

Are these the final pieces of the puzzle I have searched for regarding the NHS all these years?!?!

Well I for one think it is HIGHLY LIKELY and maybe it is not so that the DWP can save money by NOT giving me DLA all these years but actually from the likely legal action for damages that could arise from my realisation of the truth?!?!

What I also find interesting is this...


Important Point: Many of the ABOUT TURNS have occurred AFTER my notes have materialised too?!