Monday, 14 January 2013


Well I am in the hospital and this time recording an appointment and department I do not normally.

I do not know why I decided to do this but put it down to a gut feeling something would go wrong that would turn out to be something ridiculously stupid and easily avoided. At NY cost yet again though really this is not for anything that is potentially serious. Indeed it is must definitely not and to do with having an operation that involves breaking my jaw I have been waiting for since January 2012.

That would be a full year then thus far and no sign of braces our a boxing glove, lol.

I am particularly interested in whether our not they spot that I have indeed successfully quit smoking entirely, through absent tar stains and whiter teeth?!

See how much they are firstly paying attention, secondly got whatever it was preformed by Dentist and not wasting time.

With my luck it will be a miserable failure for them as usual and I am expected to be dropped from this project and through no fault of my own...

...but then maybe this work was only initially offered from up on high knowing I was about to become a headache to the higher echelons of the NHS and a bit of treatment  they should have performed 30 years ago will shut new up and keep new quiet?

I certainly would not put that kind of trickery past them!


Just as I suspected another royal fuck up. Right I have been discharged BACK to my Dentist after a whole year because they have been asked to take simple x-rays and have letter stating my gums are OK?!

I do remember now about x-rays and annoyed I did not recall and chase Dentist up on it?!

Though why they cannot DO THIS at the hospital our pouch up the simple phone, invented 100 years ago plus, I will never know.

The one thing I will TEACH this government and other members of parliament is a little word that I normally associate with Germans and Japanese...



How the feck do you call this saving money?!?!

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