Sunday, 6 January 2013


Boy I am glad that is over..well I bloody hope it is over..

Firstly I woke up sore and still am, whatever that last push did hurt like hell and stings rather!

But was forced out today and took a shed load of cotton wool in my backpack and well as packing out my already padded cycling underwear?! LMAO.

Well after being told last night that my situation was going to get worse by an idiot that did not know what Ex Lax was I am pleased to declare that she was WRONG! Well THUS far, lol.

I fell into a peaceful sleep around 2am and then woke up at 5am, exactly why I do not know, but after going to the lavatory (noo not THAT) I listened to the news for awhile before falling asleep again.

Around 8am I woke up again and I was thinking bout what I had discovered the nght before on the Internet. As per usual of the NHS and being told I was getting an ambulance, then told no and I would get a visiting Doctor I was then told that I would not get this and by the same woman at Barndoc that said that my situation was about to get worse, due to the Ex Lax, that I was NOT going to be picked up but that they had booked me an appointment for 10.30pm at Chase Farm Hospital despite me telling her I could net get there. "Get a CAB!" she exclaimed and I thought how so many of us disabled people have so much money lying around that we can just phone for CABS at the drop of a hat.

To say that the public at large are naive is one thing but to get this from professionals is quite another. That it comes form so called medical professionals is utterly shameful and I would hang my head in shame to be THAT naive and complete lack of compassion.

So I spoke to no less than THREE people and the closest I could be told, other than I could have a heart condition, is that the odd symptoms I failed to understand were "yes that would be a change on pressure" and I thought 'what the feck does that mean?!'.

Looking on the Internet last night I found out what the REAL reason was and it seems that there is a nerve, called the Vagus Nerve and Vagus is latin for wondering due to its meandering path down your spine, that caused all that. It apparently, and believe me was bloody hard to find this information and dozens of so called health sites before I did and not on the NHS sire EITHER, that if you involuntary strain hard enough the Vagus Nerve becomes compressed and drops your blood pressure.

From that Vagus Nerve becoming compressed you get the heart attack feeling, the sweating, the vomiting feeling and the passing out!

It also turns out that a damaged Vagus Nerve can can impact your swallowing (which I have a history of), Indigestion (which I have a long history of), Constipation (which I have had on and off for years) and one site was speaking of sinus problems which I also had for many years.

Then I wondered whether or not the CMT, being a muscular atrophy, may have had an impact on this nerve over the years?!

A neurological muscular disorder which can alter something that would place pressure on this Vagus Nerve would explain absollutely every ailment that I have had for a very long time. From the more alarming and painful down to the downright annoying, blocked sinuses at night.

Still whether or not the Vagus Nerve in my body is damaged or not, i.e. just gets compressed now and then, it explains alot. My mind DOES get foggy and I have often typed on this blog about how shopping is a nightmare and I often go out and get back WITHOUT what I wanted or even needed.

Just today I entered Tescos and bought a litre of Milk and was half way home when I realised I had not bought Decaf Tea Bags?! This happens all the time and I have always put it down to the pain r stress that it will get more painful while out so forces me to rush. I have often typed about how there were times when I have gone upstairs no less than three times in 5 minutes only to forget what I went up for, come back down and then remember?! That is the most bizarre thing, it really is.

It is rather odd, I find, that an absolute diabolical agony that I experienced that I would NEVER want again, I bought Dulcolax (or whatever it is called) from the 99p Store while out, and three people unable to help me, well one person and two idiots, that led me to uncover details about the Vagus Nerve that together with CMT explains EVERYTHING!! Well possibly and there is still more research to be done.

Maybe if Professor Mary Reilly returns from her Christmas break and decides to contact me I can ask her opinion on this as the entire NHS do not have a clue and the woman who refused to send anyone out to me did not even know what Ex Lax was?! When she said Senna and I said Ex Lax she said no and I realised she did not know what it was and I corrected her TWICE?!

Oh GOD LOVE it has only been around since World War 2 and possibly PRIOR to this, that is all and you work in a medical capacity and am not familiar with possibly the OLDEST laxative known to man?! Riiiigggghhhhht!!

So there you have it for anyone that has had anything similar it is the compression of the Vagus Nerve that causes those odd and horrid symptoms that makes you feel like your dying sooo much that you just want to welcome death with open arms!

I said it before and I will say it again ...

... i long for the day when I actually speak to someone in the medical profession, oh OK the NHS then, that actually not only KNOWS SOMETHING but can actually GIVE YOU A BLOODY EXPLANATION!

So the fact that they cannot and that the first person I spoke to was absolutely overflowing with compassion for what I went through, once realised about Mrs Emma Royd, that a decision was made NOT to send for me nor to send anyone to me despite telling me it was about to get worse and I said 'I doubt that love as worse would mean death!'


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