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The time now is 5.30pm and I just got in. I am two hours later than I had planned to be and because of a young and annoying twat that lives locally I used to like…

..obviously not any more.

Now while I was out getting what I needed, a bag of sugar, I was giving this rather annoying twat and his offending words some thought and it made me wonder how big my mountain is and why I have bothered to do what I have at all.

I shall now explain how things went.

Now this kid I could really embarrass, though he is not a kids any more, and we went through a period of only passing each other now and then and saying hi. Indeed I used to like him and I saw him for the first time a couple of months ago and on that day he stated offensive things. I let it slide and I may very well have mentioned it on here.

Now he is estranged from his mother who herself was offensive and caused a great deal of trouble wherever she went. For the sake of this story I am going to call him … BARRY. Vindictive I am not unlike him and many others it seems, despite the ones being totally in the wrong and only having themselves to blame for it and refusing to even do that and therefore NOT moving on with their lives nor getting anywhere in these lives of note so ending up with a miserable and mundane existence.

Now Barry comes into my friends store today and starts to talk about life and then technology. Then he tells a story of how Bill Gates, yes THE bill gates of Microsoft infamy, was doing a speech and talking about how he was conned out of $10 Million! This was to do with reducing Carbon Footprints to ZERO to which I said you cannot do anything about it and Barry said ‘yes you can!’ I said no you cannot because life depends on Carbon and you cannot change that, we are Carbon life forms and plants need CO2. I let it go when he insisted and he went on to state that Bill Gates went on to state he did some investigating and found out something to do with fruit and vegetables and mentioned seeds and said something along the lines of its all shit and contaminated and all the fresh and unaltered stuff is being stored in sites all around the world. Now if true you can bet your life its by the very people that destroyed the planet and caused global warming in the first place … so that will end well then?!

Barry then states that a man in the audience gets up and goes up on the stage and punches Bill Gates in the face and when I asked who this was Barry tells us that it is the man who took the $10 Million of him for this climate shift malarkey. This was right after Bill Gates was supposed to have stated what I have done for years now and that you cannot do anything about the Carbon Footprint!!

I said I would have to look and find out about this video he saw and asked him if it was on YouTube to which he said he did not know.

He then went on to talk about phones and computers and I turned around and said that Microsoft are seen by many as dodgy but it is not Bill Gates he actually is not all that bad and that it is someone else.

He contradicted himself by then stating that Bill Gates os more or less an evil twat and I felt like reminding him of the story he only just finished telling us. I then went on to state that actually the crook at Microsoft who has actually been seen as such by many for a couple decades now is Steve Bullmer and Barry said oh I know yes. I thought first off he was lying, Barry that is as Bullmer lies all the time, and second he did not know WHO Steve Bullmer was. I then stated that he was ex military and has taken to leaping around screaming on the stage as Windows 8 is shit. He said Windows 8 was not shit and I said ohh I am afraid it is mate and a lot of people think so to which he said well what are you using it on? I said errr what? He replied and I said what do you mean what am I using it on… a computer obviously and he said but what? He did not ask his question very well at all and I wondered if he was losing his marbles at this stage. It turns out the wally was asking if it was a desktop, tablet or phone which first off did not make much difference as everyone says its crap on all of them. The guy standing there who owned the store cannot get sound files onto his phone via either Bluetooth or Email and Barry went on to say that this is stopped due to copyrighting and that is why he cannot save it and I said ‘oh no its not Barry as they do not KNOW what that sound file is’ then he said that oh because it is an mp3 they KNOW it is a copyrighted file and I said ‘oh no they DON’T Barry and if they are blocking mp3s then that would be very naughty and illegal. Both men asked why and I said that I record all the time and use many different sound files, I record thee meetings for this blog and do all kinds of things to which Steve said … ‘Oh yes of course I never thought of that’ and I said they could not scan every sound file that gets attached by people around the world that quickly to know what that sound file is!’ It is that simple unless it took several days to arrive at the minimum.

Then we talked about phones and he started running down Windows and stating Android was the best one of them all anyway and I thought well hang on a minute you just been defending Windows and even Apple and their iPhone make your bloody mind up? Of course now that we were onto mobile devices I stated about the limitation they put on the 3.5mm Jack socket and set the limit in the EU at 80 DECIBELS! He said he knew and I realised immediately that I had stating the wrong number and it was actually 85 but immediately realised he was lying about being aware of this because he did not correct me on it. So him being into music I stated that I used FLAC files to which he said he would not touch them it’s a waste of time mp3’s sound perfectly fine. I then told him about my Fiio E17 and he said oh I would not bother as the sound he gets from his phone is perfect and I then simply said go and give one of them a try.

Now remember this is a kid I liked but already offended me when I previously saw him by calling me a liar…

When I stated that he should go and give a portable device a listen he said he did not have to as you cannot get a better sound than he is using. Now without thinking about it I told him that I had MY OWN DOUBTS about these things until I got one and that now that I have one I would not be without one. He then said no mine is loud enough he does not need an amplifier and I said … ‘what? No Barry an amplifier is not about volume it is about quality of sound!’  to which he then rather in an annoying tone and insistent fashion said ‘no…my phones and headphones sound exactly the same as my HIFI does indoors there is no difference!!’. Now I was being called a liar and for the second time on a row and I then said ‘ohh is there NOT BARRY?!?! Well correct me if I am wrong but when I told you that portable devices right across Europe had been limited by the EU to 80dB did you not state that you KNEW THIS and that means that by your own admittance your HIFI and your PHONE could not possible sound the same?!?! You have also admitted that you have not heard one of these portable amplifiers either so you cannot possibly state that there is NO DIFFERENCE what is what you have been stating for the last 30 minutes. Added to this is that fact that you just stated that you have a £30 pair of headphones and in all honesty you are not going to get good quality on a pair that cheap anyway mate?!’

I went on to explain that my headphones were £80 to buy when new and that they sounded far better than any previous headphones I have owned and that I have also tried out more expensives ones aup to £300 which sound far clearer than y Skullcandy Heavy Medal! I also said look if your happy with what you have then fine mate, I only told you as your into music you can improve the sound quality and without even listening to anything higher prices than what you own you have decided they are no different?!

God, he was so lucky I really wanted to break his jaw like you did not know! I thought you fuck, the next time we meet on the street we are going to have words and I will simply ask him what I had done to get offended 6 times in the last two times we had met. What had I possible done, when I had not seen him for two years to talk to, that deserved being that. If he replies that I made him look a twat in the shop I will state that well don’t call people a liar when you have no facts nor experience to back it up!
I was so annoyed at one point I said … ‘Barry?! You DO KNOW I have a degree in Computer Science?!’ to which the person with none that I know of affirmed that he knew and I thought well you’re a fucking dick then are you not for arguing?! You argued and called a liar a man over twice your age who has a degree in this field?! Barry had also already stated several things about technology that was not only wrong but way off and sounded like a crazed conspiracy theorist… not bad for a thirty minute chat?!

When you factor in that I would give anything to be around people with similar interests and knowledge that I do you would think it more a nice thing to have Barry live nearby than a completely frustrating and now offensive one?!

When he left I turned to Steve and said ‘ooh my God Steve he was sooo fucking annoying the fucking twat!’ He laughed and said that he now realises that what it is, is that Barry reads magazines and bits on the Internet and just remembers certain things but no real knowledge’ and I said he was right because I would tell he did not really understand the underlying technology and he was basically one of these walking text books.

He may find this post and become infuriated and I would say … look on the bright side … I could have used your REAL NAME?!

Also as far as I can think there is only one person who could possible come on here that could even realise who the real person I refer to is, and spread it about.

However Barry offered himself up for infamy as the atypical idiot that you can show the facts too and still refuse to believe them without so much as experiencing them.

I am sorry Barry but for all your self-proclaimed intelligence if the rest of the British Public are like you then we are truly FUCKED.

If the rest of the British public are like you I wonder why I bothered all these years and why I still do, I tried to tell you about a few things and you chewed my hand off while accusing ME of being a liar and an idiot repeatedly just so that your own lies can make yourself look good?!

Now why the fuck would I want to help idiotic morons like that?!

Now some readers might even think it a bit much of me to state all this but in all honesty and myself personally, and I know others and especially those that know me, will think he got off likely.

I tried several times to take the HIGH ROAD but only to be confronted with ROAD AHEAD CLOSED signs and the worst he got from me is me sternly pointing out that he had contradicted himself. No raised voices, no name calling and no black eyes nor broken jaws. Luckily for Barry, lol.

Come to think of it he will probably turn out to be one of those men I have come across so many times over the years that talk a good fight so that are a top physical fighter which means they are born with the ability to beat all other males including those that have exercised, wealth trained and trained in martial arts.

I love them the most, I really do … grrrr, lol.

Hmm come to think of it I know someone who always managed to date one after the other just like that, regardless of their intoxicated state or over cuddly physique bordering on heart failure or Diabetes Type 1, all were top killers not to be messed with.


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