Wednesday, 16 January 2013



I will not forget this day for the rest of my days I very much suspect?!

Well what a day that was, first I hear of Horse Meat in the BEEF Burgers at Tesco and various other supermarket names then a helicopter comes crashing to the ground in the most drastic fashion and a number of workers are kidnapped by Islamic Terrorists in Algeria.

All in one day!

I thought I was dreaming as I woke up and heard about the helicopter crashing but what was even more shocking than the news was the number of people who were STILL trying to get to their destination via the DIRECT route leading to many being shouted at by the Police and one silver Mini car driving towards a wall of flames 15 feet high or more and wall to wall. As it drove towards the flames I remember thinking ‘now WHERE EXACTLY do you think YOU are going?!’ I mean I was lying in my bed half awake and even I could see from MY viewpoint there was no way through the fire! They did not even think to exit the car either, you know the small wafer thin metal thing on wheels with a large tank of flammable petrol fed to the engine via very small pipe?! Called the car or extremely explosive tin can on wheels!

That was sheer madness, probably one of those people that only ever votes for the Conservative Party or Labour Party. STUPID! I saw the same car later that was filmed from a different phone and there was a guy clearly shouting loudly that the car was on fire but still they did not get out the car. The must have been very small flames at the time of the filming as I could not detect it on the footage. Though there were spots of flames on the tarmac which could have come from the car and been rubber hoses which had ignited and dripping from beneath it?!

What I had not realised immediately is the fact it was rush hour and that while people were sitting in their cars trying to get to jobs they have no idea they will still have by the end of the year and whether or not they will pay their mortgage but thinking about parking fines and whether they will get caught by one of the various speed cameras on the way to work or to home at the end of the working day when the sky rains fragments of helicopter, spinning rotors, extremely heavy and large steel fragments from the crane which rain down on them while they are pinned in by traffic only for the helicopter to burst into a huge fireball from all the aviation fuel still on-board. Sharp intake of breath before I pass out!

I literally said those exact words to a couple of friends earlier in the day and their eyes opened wide and I finished by saying that, that just about sums up a perfect day in the life of a member of the British Public!

Then I reminded him of the banner that was being held aloft at a football match between Manchester City and Arsenal that had the words ‘£62?! WHERE WILL IT END??’ painted upon it and I looked at them and said ‘Where indeed?’ It seems I had travelled to another dimension while sleeping and awoke on BIZARRO WORLD?! As if things were not strange and stressful enough already, for people hard at work amongst the mire?

Then in the later news it turns out another bunch of workers had been kidnapped, seven Brits amongst them, from a site in Algeria over the French attacking Islamic Terrorists in the North of Mali and demanding it stops before they will return them?!

Suddenly I thought of the film Bug’s Life and recall how a movie that had previously NOT interested me had captured me within the first 5 minutes when a group within the line of Ants notice the shadow of a leaf on the floor. They look up and panic as they see this leaf spiralling down towards them and one in the line jumps back as it lands square on the line when the Ant behind the leaf screams ‘I’mmm LOSSSSSSST!!’ I burst out laughing at this humour and was impressed they had done their research on these insects when suddenly my perception of the British public, well for the most part, in my mind turned them into Pixar created Ants?!

This was largely due to the fact that people tried to get under the Police tape in an attempt, I presume, to get to their destination. Raining fire, steel, helicopter fragments, cars aflame, aviation fuel everywhere, walls of fire, dangling twisted steel from the remaining crane some of it dangling, no idea of the damage to the sky scraper it is attached to, rumours of the smell of gas and yet there were members of the public prepared to navigate all this to get to work?! Simply astounding it really was.

Odd how many naïve people are willing to go to great lengths to serve Masters who would not bother to step over them if laying in the street before them on their way to the Wine Merchants! Yes I am sure I would do the same and if I EVER caught my own daughter doing that I would give her a severe scorning and I am pretty sure she would expect it to.

Just when you think you have seen just about as much tragic news in the course of one day and three come along at once…

…oh except I forgot. The Dance of the Sugar Plumb Weathermen stepped up a beat when they finally stated what I could see on the tips of their tongues for several days. The coming Friday, 48 hours time, was going to be extremely bad weather with a great deal of snow that will affect almost every inch of the UK along with very strong winds that will truly create BLIZZARD conditions and requests and comments abounded suggesting that members of the public watch out for any vulnerable people, well senior citizens I guess they meant, or disabled people as the cold snap will be unforgiving. Oh I think they mean all the people they recently screwed over for cash on every possible way who are now all scared to put the heating on due to the ridiculous energy costs that MPs and PMs have not had the  balls to stand up to and confront?! Oh so I wonder who is at fault on that one then?

Oddly while I was out that was the main topic on everyone’s lips and on returning from my local town centre with two PC games, The Witcher and Deus Ex Human Evolution, I had bought to keep me occupied if I am to be snowed in for a few days but turned out to be utter garbage pieces of software code that should never have gone on sale. PHEW!!

Damn it man can you not manage to fit any more into a single day?! Oh wait, it is 9.53pm and I have been at the laptop for several hours and just about anything could have occurred in that time?!
Quite how the first helicopter accident that had ever taken place in London, certainly the first I have heard of in over 40 years, came to be is a real mystery. Reason is a very tall crane which at the end of the day was not lit up, despite locals having complained about this. SO at the end of the day it was the property developers at fault building the site! Oh but wait they said they cannot possible speculate as it is too early and the needs many, MANY months to investigate before they can work it all out. Fuck off you tossers…

…here I will do it for you. A bunch, or ONE, people or person with far too much money thinking of making another mount of too much money ignoring statements of common sense because he does not want to pay for all the lighting, fitting and energy charges to light up a bloody tall crane so aircraft do not fly into it!! Oh dear!! What they really mean to say is they cannot say anything for months because the wanker to blame will have enough money to hire the top dozen lawyers in London and it will take that long to wade through the inevitable wall of fire … I mean BULLSHIT that is to come. While decent and honest human being cannot even find the crappiest of legal aid lawyers to fight for something that is morally correct and for someone decent and honest.

Yup that is about the size of it more or less which is why my eyebrows reached for the clouds when I saw people scrambling to get under the Police cordon or drive through a fifteen feet wall of fire?!

Worthy deeds are only worth doing for worthy people. Also worthy people there are extremely precious few of. But then maybe all these daft people were foreigners here to work and could not read the wording on the tape used by Police for their cordons? Or the driver bought one of the dodgy fake licences from those dudes on the news the next before … hmm do I remember those people wearing skullcaps? Well so much for their religion and them being honest and decent and are likely the same ones that own the supermarket stores that plead naivety and being unaware when we discover we are eating an animal that WE consider sacred, the Horse! Feed them some not so Kosher pork and they would not like it and that is BEFORE I get onto the subject that Muslims, who also do not eat pork, have now realised that as well as Horse they have been eating their forbidden meat too?!
Yes that will not cause an almighty problem now will it?

Knowing the Equine community as I do and largely made up of woman they alone are going to be screaming hell Marys for some time to come. Then there are the Muslims when they all realise and the fact that most supermarket chains are owned by Jews and we have their war on our streets?!


And to think, January 2013 and we are only half way through the month thus far!

You could not make this shit up!

Despite my claims of foreseeing trouble on the horizon I cannot foresee what form it will come in and nor can I predict the source and I can honestly say that this was a complete surprise to me in all honesty. Never would I think that a helicopter tragedy would happen on London’s streets and nor would I have thought that supermarkets would sell beef that contained Horse meat and Pork along with whatever else is in the 100% beef burgers. Also and for me the use of Horse is an absolute no-no and if NOT illegal then it damn well should be. I do not care what people’s views are on this and in parts of Asia, which I love, they will eat almost anything that wall scamper or crawl into their gardens but I would refuse to eat those things too. There are levels that I consider to be not only barbaric but also completely unnecessary in many cases. To me these two things are no different to eating the last Dodo, for the latter, or eating the family Dog, for the former. I am not, or should say may not be, a vegetarian in any shape or form that they come in today but there are lines drawn in stone nevertheless. Also a no-no for me, of you have not guessed it from my other blogs, is Frogs Legs too.

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