Sunday, 31 March 2019


Lindy James and Sunny Jay

OK ths is taking longer than I planned and my primary focus of late has been the climate change hoax, the corruption, the traitorous acts and that these are all #ProjectDistraction because of #GlobalCooling.

I understand the science involved .. enough and there has been a number of data sets out that I simply cannot believe and nor can I ignore.

However I became wrapped up in battles over censorship on social media and most notable Twitter except as it went on what I thought was all about Muslims, which was only telling the truth on my case, now looks to be about Project Distraction. In my battles to keep the lines of communications open, I was looking to be succeeding in then started losing, I failed to notice.

Now I should have realised this when they said that my blog was 100% about Muslims when it is not and throughout these posts, some hard to find because Google deleted the tags/labels, I cover ..

  • Corruption
  • Police Corruption and Cover Ups
    • Predicted Accurately [ONE]
  • Councils Corruption and Cover Ups
    • Predicted Accurately [TWO]
  • Government Corruption
    • Predicted Accurately [THREE]
  • NHS Lies, Corruption Deaths and Cover Ups
    • Predicted Accurately [FOUR]
  • Ombudsman Lies and Time Wasting
    • Predicted Accurately [FIVE]
  • Grooming Gangs
    • Predicted Accurately [SIX]
  • Melanie Shaw
    • Do not believe the parents
  • Jimmy Savile
  • Rolf Harris
  • BBC Paedophile Ring
  • Government Paedophile Rings
  • Astrophysics
    • Asteroid strikes
  • Seismology
    • Chances of Magnitude 7 and over
    • Tsunamis
  • Volcanology
    • Chances of a super-volcano eruption
  • Pole Reversal
    • Its effects
  • Continental Shift
  • Ice Ages
  • Svalbard Seed Vault
  • Climate Change not being CO2
  • Welfare State and DWP lies
  • The EU Referendum and Brexit
    • Predicted Accurately [SEVEN]
  • Donald Trump winning
    • Predicted Accurately [EIGHT]
  • Financial Crisis
    • Predicted Accurately 4 years prior [NINE]
  • Austerity
    • Predicted Accurately [TEN]
  • Jeremy Corbyn LOSING General Election
    • Predicted Accurately [ELEVEN]
  • DWP to get rid of DISABILTY
    • Predicted Accurately [TWELVE] despite getting into issues with DPAC Members some later apologised
  • Touch on Animal Sciences
  • Health
  • Suicide
  • Homelessness
  • Economy
  • Identity Politics (Project Distraction)
  • Muslims was only in as far as what they did to my daughter and .. these grooming gangs being covered up ..
  • That is 3,833 posts, not including this one, trying to help and inform ..
    • Not calling for war
    • Not asking for anyone to be killed
    • And no .. not 100% against Islam

  • So yeah .. not even close to half of it being about Islam .. CHIEF!!
  • But you stopped all that to not offend a bunch of rapists
    • (They say 85% Child Rapes committed by Muslim men, according to Quilliam Report done by Muslims)
    • Oh bizarrely they trash the report by Muslims on Muslims with matches up from my own experiences and that which my daughter has eexplained to me who was a repeat victim .. oooh yeeeah .. the post that they mass reported? I said it was the truth ..
  • But yeah .. let thousands of people be tortured, suffer in pain or mental health and die jut so you do not get offended along your path to conquering nations, right?
  • The Master Race, right?

  • So would you think it not peculiar if I stated that they know that I have published a 20 plus part biag arsed long article on in ice-age arrivig I the next 5 years and they are STILL mass reporting me?
  • Would it raise an eyebrow if I told you that I have not attacked Islam, tagged or ranted on the usual places and yet they are still hammering me about it and then suddenly stopped and switched to hammering me about my scientific posts and my interpretation of the data?
  • Would it surprise you to state that they ripped apart an unreadable graph stating it proved I was wrong and that I could not read it .. except that not only did it NOT state this but its source is a webpage talking about the global cooling and Sun in a prolonged solar minimum in its Solar Cycle that has still not woken up and behind ll the weather changes?

  • If you let people ramble on long enough .. eventually one of those patterns I am so good at seeing, see above, starts to emerge

  • See the twelve things I got right? Yeah this group hated that from the beginning and I missed this at first. They looked at my blog alright and even under accounts that I did not know about at the time
  • As shown below .. they stupidly give the game away 6 months ago ..

Now at this point it may well be sounding very sinister indeed and you would be right.

There are a few tweets in the screen-shots below that kind of show this and give an insight into me spotting patterns and you could take away all there active accounts and yet they will STILL have two Anti-Populist ones they can fall back on.

So after I had gone .. a fake account had appeared pretending to be me.

Now .. it was widely known that .. one had previously been made before as had several dox attempts that went wrong. Did warn them it would go wrong but .. you know .. they are way better, superior and have all the answers. They are always right, even when they are wrong. You know they wait for one thing they do get right, takes them roughly 100 attempts and they think it turns all previous inaccuracies into all accuracate? Yeah .. leftist socialists.

Been related to one all my life .. virtue signaler but my entire family will tell you they are effing selfish. Tells people they have a terrible life and have grandchildren they worry about .. except out of 4 grand children and 5 great grandchildren she has not actually asked about them for over two years.

As a result of this .. one child does not speak to them .. another one has had enough, yet another teeters on the edge. Two adults grandchildren do not talk to her either and two others have had enough and a social worker friend calls her Hitler. Her own cousin stopped talking to her five years ago. Her own mother falls out with her. She is a controlling bully without compassion but fakes that she has it and has knowingly aggravated heart issues in someone along with their diverticulitis. Nice .. so seemingly trying to kill one of her own .. so that she may get attention.

Oh and its either a family problem, using the father of her children as blame .. totally forgetting she has one other child by another man, her mother is not part of that family and nor is her cousin. No it is the fault of the rest of the world and she says “I am NOT going to be like Hitler!” ot knowing that my social worker friend calls her Hitler.

Oh yeah it is a woman that cannot do anything wrong, remember?

Yeah that is why I am so good at arguing with them and they hate me as I know all the tricks and I know all the arguments.

Someone really should be paying me!

Yes so it became obvious that someone see all of these things, predictions, evidence, secret recordings, paperwork, scientific knowledge, BSc Applied Computing, other knowledge bases, offer of a PhD and interest in me from GCHQ and the MoD.

Now consider I was attracting a lot of attention in no time at all .. despite being slowed down I attracted 2,500 followers in 4 months and that does not include the 1,500 plus knocked off by Twitter.

Not been found to be wrong .. if I make the odd mistake I hold my hands up and admit I was wrong .. and am dead set on being factual. So what is the issue, eh?

But if you look at all of that and then you consider that something .. or indeed things are going on and you look at my record .. would it therefore be reasonable to assume that I would be seen as a real threat? To everything?

Maybe .. just MAYBE, and there have been some signs, that I can make both the left and the right realise they have both been used as pawns and they may .. I dunno .. unite?

Because a large number of accounts running around attacking both the left and the right looks to me as if someone not only WANTS this division but is actively trying to make it far, far worse.

Oldest tactic in the book .. Divide and Conquer which also acts as a massive distraction as does all this effing talk about Russia and World War 3.

If there was ANY collusion with Russia it was more likely that they were colluding about what they was going to do if the ice-age hits and how they would get rid of the worst of society .. which appears to be 85% of Muslim men before you start.

Lead the murdering ones to their doom by allowing them to move into their countries .. so that with any sudden deep freeze they would all die?

I saw a video once of mass praying in Russia and I do not know if this was real, to this day, or not and is not something I would ever expect President Putin to allow.

Oh and when it comes to fake accounts .. the leftists normally only do parodies and they either state that they are parodies or it is pretty obvious.

I had one done previously, if you recall. Oddly they one did not remain either though I am not sure why it disappeared.

Pain-pain-pain . And out of the ordinary bloody pain!

While I was typing this out a company based in London wanted to add me via LinkedIn .. will this be another one that is very left leaning and will back away from me or will I finally get an offer?

You see when I went back to my account n Twitter I had, had since around 2009 I did not expect to go anything like it did. I thought I was just generate followers and more interest in my blogs? I did not expect to see the real amoral shit and lies and the blatant bullying and trickery I was seeing going on. When I realised they were doxing and threatening children while claiming to be humanitarians I got carried away.

Somehow the most honest, polite and tolerant man around short of the Dalai Lama I ended up looking and feeling lie the criminal evil doer?!

  • Get heLp for my daughter
  • Offer of money for my recorded data amounting to 150GB
  • Along with traffic to my blog to generate an income
  • Working with others
  • Job Offer along any lines of that I have blogged about which is a very long list

But no on a daily basis I get told, with 270 Symptoms, to stop doing all that and that I am a sponger, not on benefits and they know this, and that I am lazy and should get a job. Yes by that lot above.

Never explained what job I am supposed to do that they deem as beneficial to mankind .. but whatever.

So I go back to Twitter after being goaded for a week while listening to boasting and lies and eventually I get mad and I go back to take a look ..

Oh and would you look at that? After Twitter suspends me the one that should have been suspended, already had been many, many times was going around pretending to be me and he was even spotted and reported. So much so that my old followers that reported him thought that when he was taken down it was they that achieved this? You know the followers that had not even noticed I had gone who were there on the thread ripping into him for lying and pretending to be someone else?

Well no .. the account disappeared BECAUSE ..

  • He got rid of it because he did not want to be mistaken for a MONSTER like me

Oh, sorry .. sorry, sorry everyone .. my bad! No that was the bullshit he told me .. now back to reality once again ..

  • He got rid of the illegal account impersonating me because he had been on contact with me under yet two other accounts pretending to be a friend and I had inadvertently told the I knew of it
  • They then SHAT themselves and got rid of it quick ..
  • He also did not tell the Leftists Troll Group Resisting Hate the leader of which thought it was me and was laughing when the account disappeared
  • Got great pleasure in telling oldwolf he got played

Now then .. are the there yet?!

What makes it worse is this ..

  • They was following me and direct messaging me on other social media accounts and it turned out that ..
  • They had yet another account that made it obvious and was ..
  • Pretending to be a Domestic Violence Survivor that was ..
  • Attacking other survivors of domestic abuse?

  • Lindy James @27sunnyjay and ..
  • Sunny Jay @lookinthemirro
    • Check bio and other than one line they are word for ward the same even doen to emoticons

This is the point when it gets funny .. I dropped a hint about knowing about other accounts and they would ALWAYS try this deflection tactic and said something like ..

'Ooh here we go, here comes more Big Bollocks Bullshit .. let me get my popcorn”

Soo I dropped a bigger hint .. suddenly the silence falls and the tumbleweeds start rolling across my field of view.

I had also already been looking at one account when BOOM! I was suddenly blocked.

Messaged them roaring with laughter .. no comeback .. lame as they are .. and eventually they tried to state ot was not them .. until I pointed out I was blocked by them seconds after I dropped the hint and I got this ..

  • Just coincidence .. they went to talk to you when you had blocked them and they realised they were blocked and blocked you back

Bullshit. Someone that had not spoken to me in weeks .. suddenly go to direct message me within sixty seconds of me blocking them?

That is when I found out that he thinks probability is actually counting.

Yeeaaaah except not only was that argument dead in the water and as lame as a dead duck but how do you explain that they blocked not one but TWO accounts in sixty seconds?

Or that they immediate ranting that I was a liar and they despise liars was simply not a normal response?

It it were me I would ask them why they did this ..why the other person thought they was a secret troll and had been reporting them?

This is a fact because not only would I react that way .. they forgot an important detail in all this .. they impersonated me and when they did .. they wet around insulting my old followers as me and told everyone else that this other account on social media was a troll.

Yup I was blocked by many for months .. one was so unsure and worried about the leftists that they blocked me while we was direct messaging.

He unblocked me 20 minutes later .. apologised .. had been told by Shaz Hobbs now it was the REAL ME. Over the next month or so another couple of dozen unblocked me and apologised.

In fact it was Shaz Hoobs showing me a tweet that had me going off battling all these evil doers after seeing them threaten children in a sadistic way.

Though a fair amount also recognised that it was the real me too.

But my response to all those that thought I was a leftist troll and their apologies? Well ..

  • Do not worry about it, I know what happened when I got back here and I cannot say I blame you .. I probably would have reacted the same way

Oh dear .. they started losing followers when I got back .. and then started losing followers on the other account that was following me.

You see he kept quoting my tweets even though he was blocked on three, count them, three other accounts. I then locked them down and he was STILL quoting them .. well after awhile he slipped up and I suspected he was following me. He had a history of following me .. super-stalker remember?


One friend came to me when I posted something about it and said that I had told her and others ages ago that I suspected something about them and suspected something sinister and once again I was RIGHT!

Thought I would emphasize I was right like I am some sort of grandmaster as they absolutely hate that as whoever they are I have run rings around them for 6 months.

Just recently I got noticed by someone and they put me on a list .. not not one of those lists but .. well lets say that my followers rocketed. That has probably wound the up because they goaded me about the 2,500 followers I lost and how I had not got them back yet.

Shows how good he is because I currently am heading for 5,200 followers.

They are going to lose a lot more followers by the time this series is finished and they are NOT going to be happy now.

Would you believe, and there may well be a screen-shot of this, that they actually recently stated to me .. after thousands of failures to beat or stop me ..

  • Now you see what it is like to go up against me .. big bollocks”

That was literally several days back.

I wonder if they have considered that I could post this series again on my social media in a months time and after that it would have been read by thousands?

I wonder if he has considered how many would read it if I posted it all again by the end of this year of 2019? Hundreds of thousands?

Now I think I caught the attention of roughly 270 people a couple days back but since I caught their attention I am getting fringes following me.

It was listed as #MAGA and #Brexit and he said ..

  • Oh they are just MAGA folk and I don't care about them”
  • Funny as I picked up quite a few he was arguing with over the past few months and I showed them he loves reporting MAGA .. leading to him melting down, them blocking him and following me

Six months and he is in a far worse position now than he was when he first ran into me .. now what was that about who going up with who now?

You carried on reporting my friends AntiPoppy and I warned you that I would come after you and expose you.

Oh wait? Was your logic not to state that unless I can do this immediately I should pack up and go home? The process of deduction is not immediate .. not even for Sherlock Holmes you tool.

Got your note-pad and pen?

Note them getting paid to do this, not them having a moan at remainers and note the two accounts both with 'Sunny Jay' used and I have overlapped the BIO of 'Lindy James' @27sunnyjay onto 'Sunny Jay' @lookinthemirro and the similar names and lines ..

The Screen-Shots ..

Saturday, 30 March 2019


SaintAllnightsFollower on GAB

This is where it went fro the super-stalker which was in the realms of creepy before that to bat-shit crazy and obsessed.

So .. once they got the full suspension .. bearing in mind it was their first .. they decided that after getting five or six suspensions from me, which you would need to receive two life-time suspensions, he would gloat.

You see this moron thinks that the number 'one' is equal or greater to '300' and I do not quite know how.

This was why I thought initially he was al leftist as they have this truly fucked up reality where if you get 49 things wrong and the something right .. this turns the previous 49 'wrongs' into rights.

They also believe that with their enemies if they get 49 things 'right' and then finally a 'wrong' this turns all previous 49 'rights' into 'wrongs' and ergo .. they win by default.

I honestly kid you not not.

If your a leftist reading this and asking what is wrong with this and cannot see it then I would suggest seeking out a psychiatrist .. at a coffee shop .. wait until he has a mouth full of coffee and put the same thing to him.

Suggest you wear a brown shirt as when the coffee is all over it .. you will have your answer.

I did decided I was done with Twitter ..

As Tim Pool says and in all honesty he has no idea but it is a truly awful, awful … did I mention AWFUL platform run by awful people who are liars and is riddled with scum of the Earth that actually think they are something they are not. They all have feelings if superiority, which is weird because they act and sound like Nazis but oddly accuse everyone else of this.

But this guy .. spent months projecting many things like leftists tend to do .. and one of the things this guy is .. is a humongous egomaniac .. the very thing he told others about me. Never washed though with anyone and that drove hum nuts too.

By now he was boasting of his website while telling me that my blogs were shit .. weird as they are actually designed by Google and the 'THEY in that statement is also something else that the genius also did not pick up on or found. Despite his claims that he knows everything about me and what I am up to ..

Yup he does not even know about all my social media accounts either, the giant sized prick!

So I retreat to GAB .. as I have 800 followers but have always found it harder to read .. a bit slow .. a bit glitchy and .. whenever people I know created accounts they disappeared again .. and why would that be?

  • Extreme right-wing racists

Now all of these people that came and then went all later described GAB to me as too toxic.

Well it is in places. But not all of it and if they thought about it it would make sense that many of the first on their would have been the most toxic right-wing on Twitter .. forced to go there because of the toxic left-wing on Twitter.

Yeah so .. journalists and Twitter and everyone else failed to spot something ..

  • Those starting accounts on GAB and then never using them were doing this because of the extreme right-wing toxicity towards everyone, which is STUIPID of the extreme right-wing
  • Who happen to be the very ones forced to go to GAB because the extreme-left absolutely INSIST they are extreme right-wing .. who then backed away from the REAL extreme right wing on GAB

Yes, Adam Boulton, all this business about right-wing is a load of old bollocks and did you just find out or have you always known and chose or was told to ignore it?

But anyway .. so this Nathan or now AntiPopulist, or AntiPoppy as I called him, was so obsessed with me and .. do not ask me why as he was an idiot and pretended once again to be someone else, starts an account on GAB and calls himself ..

  • @SaintAllnightsFollower

Can you believe that?

They always referred to my followers as 'minions' which was a bit of a stab I think because he tried to steal so many and they blocked him. Well over a thousand and I would not be surprised he has has been blocked tens of thousands of times across all their accounts?

This is obvious even from the last part in this series and will become more so in the next part and even as I am typing this out I have realised there are probably about 8 others tweets I have not sorted into the relevant folders .. and there are .. ooh hang on .. seventeen folders.

Because of my memory it is hard and I have like a brain melt when I try and recall names and orders when in it comes to date thongs were said. Or posting the in the right order.

This is become the main issue of today, you see. My mainstay line when I started blogging was that I had evidence and a lot of it. I linked some on to these posts and then waited for the day when an honest news outlet got in contact.

Now I knew that the UK's were corrupt .. proved that long before I even started blogging nearly 7 years ago. So I thought it would come from overseas. Now there was a period on time when it looked as if a tabloid I France had been contacted and I thought I was home free ..

.. yeah fast forward to today, look at the Gilets Jaunes in France and the rest if Europe and the word, search it on YouTube and WikiPencil, and we now we that came to nothing too, right?

Eventually I just stopped linking in evidence because it just was not going viral .. Police lying, proving they knew about grooming gangs and did nothing 8 years or so ago .. Police lying on a number of recordings, one over four hours long. Police Reports lying. Radical Muslims and recordings of them too. NOTHING.

Someone stands outside a court though streaming from his phone complaining about what they have done and everyone pays attention?

I just scratch my head .. is the problem the government? Or is it just people and their general perception of things?

I I am right about everything is this lack of focus the reason why the powers that be get away with it?

There are a lot of things that simply do not make sense to me in all honesty.

So anyway I got booted and this prick creates this account to boast .. and .. well he belongs to the powers that be .. or I should say 'they' do and are pawns of theirs. They also know exactly where to push too .. because ..

They told me no one gave a shit about me on Twitter, no one had even noticed I was gone. That they all realised I was a liar and a moron among other things.

Now I figured out that this was not quite true. A few was angry and said so publicly that I had been suspended and that I was all only about the debate.

This is because scores of people working in large groups always get angry, start insulting and then start reporting you once you react.

Never used personal attacks of any kind or swearing. This means nothing against the gender, sexual preference, looks, size, facial features or anything like that in any way, shape or form as this is just not me.

Nor did or would I ever do this over skin colour.

As I said I also did not swear and never said the word 'C*NT' publicly.

But I have received several suspensions so when Jock Dorsey and that lying .. no .. no .. beyatch Vijaya Gadde are on Joe Rogan with Tim Pool saying 'But we don't discriminate' then yeah .. you fecking do!!

While at the same time ..

People do tell you after having shit done to you for 15 years and your health so bloody bad its indescribable and your memory causes you to forget bloody things anyway ..

  • Oooh your going in the right direction
  • Oooh you have made such a difference
  • Oooh just keep going it will all change soon
    • Yeah like it has in the last 7 and the last 15 years you mean?
    • Oh no wait .. its only gotten worse
  • This persons gonna change it all ..
  • That person is going to change it all ..

And your hammering away at this to try and get enough followers in the hop that you can dig yourself out of a hole and have hundreds of people from Hope Not Hate, Tell MAMA and Resisting Hate you had NEVER heard of before coming at you in ever bigger gangs to kick you off the platform?

For telling the fucking truth?!

“Just keep going” gets a but annoying to hear to be honest. In fact when I was fully suspended from Twitter .. I was relieved that I was not going to hear .. or rather 'read' that line again.

If you cannot help .. fine .. but for the love of God .. do not hinder .. things are hard enough as it is!

Now I was fully suspended my super-stalker now thought themselves invincible and he was coming at me on a site .. where no one will agree with him and will NEVER get me suspended .. EVER .. so why?

'Must be a correlation between the rapid decline in the average amount of Sunspots at the peak of consecutive solar cycles, along with the increase in cosmic particles that are both altering the wind patterns of the Earth and creating more seeding and therefore more rain and snow?'

Sorry .. I have spent weeks back I several areas of science I have individually covered over the years on my blogs.

In fact this recently became their focus .. anything to do with Islam was not mentioned at all for weeks .. until yesterday when he suddenly realised it had not been mentioned. He might well have realised that I had not posted about it elsewhere either.

Bit of a problem as the one that normally does battle with me, allowing this low life Amoeba to sit their reporting his heart away, has not been seen in months. That would be Jammony Cricket James O'Brien,

In fact he has a bit of a problem and that is .. that everyone is staying away from me and he has lost his aides in getting people reported.

Aww this might have something to do with me jumping onto the threads of a few leftists organisations and dropping screen-shots of him tweeting while taking the piss out of leftists?

That is about to get a lot worse .. because if member of Hope Not Hate, Resisting Hate and Tell MAMA, among others, come onto here and realise there are Wolves of a different nature among them .. who might be .. using them?

Yeah I imagine this could cause a few issues, no?

There were a couple of other things to discover from this period too. I was now convinced they were not a leftist troll. I was also sure they were not of the Islam faith either, despite stating Gay Muslim on their profile at some stage. They just never reacted to any insults to either Allah or Mohammad either which was why when it was only them and me .. I put that to the test, but forgot to take the screen-shots. Did not want then to realise I was onto them so I had to leave it awhile before I could try that again. Only he never brought up Islam again for months and neither did I ..

  • Because I stumbled across scientific data that made me realise it was a fool's errand
  • Though I still posted about stories of their evil ways .. I did not got as savage as I previously did

They called Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell prats and that threw out another theory I was working on .. that they were either social workers from The Wirral in the North West of England of someone in central government acting to defend them.

My daughter had already been threatened by someone with the same name that they used .. via an 8 Ball Pool app on her phone. She had also been warned months ago by two social workers and we have recordings of that she should stay of Twitter.

That did not state stay off 'social media' and she had been on Facebook for years .. they said 'stay off Twitter' and had only been on it a month.

A couple months later, probably less my daughter's account disappeared but not before Naz Shah got her suspended for the first or second time.

After going quiet for a couple of nights he has been on me like a randy Porcus and he is trying to slow me down publishing these later parts in the series. This should really have been published last night and so is 24 hours late.

In fact he has been giving me some real corkers that should have people totally shocked, totally convinced of what I have stated for many months or .. totally laughing their heads off at what he comes out with or my playing him like the proverbial fiddle.

So after awhile as I suspected this one was a bit different and was not linked to larger leftist socialist organisations and .. well at least appeared to be acting alone, no way I believed that, I probed some more. Told people I was close to there was something much more sinister about this one and I wanted to prove it.

Unfortunately the same old thing happened with me .. everyone told me to block him and ignore him and I said it wont work and that he would just have other accounts .. or indeed friends.

Many followers started to disappear .. and one told me that he had boasted about reporting her on another account. He admitted that he did and said 'it was fun'.

  • Twitter is not about your numbers of followers according to this one ..
  • Its just about lying, being amoral, claiming you have the moral high ground and yet not a single thin got back that up and .. suspending people
  • From someone who has attacked the left-wing, right-wing, FBPE (is it on their accounts? No?!) Pro Brexit brigade.
  • As him what he stands for .. you wont get a straight answer and it will be a lie anyway

So .. he then comes out with 'What happened to your follower Mr Burns?' who has now been suspended a second time.

Yeah Mr Burns was one of those that thought ignoring him would make him go away .. nopety-nopety-nope!

Got your notepad and pen?

  • Watch out for where he takes the piss out of viewing JPEG images ..
  • When I actually said "Processing RAW Images"
  • ANd he goes off on a rant .. because he thought that ..
    • Viewing and Editing were the same thing ..
    • and if tat was not bad enough and remember he is laughing and ranting like a fool ..
    • He thinks that JPEGS and RAW FILEs are the same thing ..
    • A WEB DEVELOPER do not forget?!

Also note ..

  • Knows of disability and being a victim
  • Focuses on blog though what he thinks he can achieve through GAB is beyond me .. obviously commenting on blogs leaves him too exposed to have his identity discovered?
  • My friend Mr Burns
  • The Weakling Remark
  • Bad Father Remarks
  • How he INSISTS that 'Your done' just means that your finished .. yeah tells everyone he is British .. my God damn arse is he British .. nut he talks about his 400 Euro computer too 

Screen-shots ..