Saturday, 30 November 2013


Well if this if what I think it is then the answer to the puzzle should be obvious.

If not then the answer to the riddle as to why in the report I posted is included in many of my own posts on this blog.

To give a hint it is down to the way some people perceive other types of people.

Birmingham Doctor Faces 10 Sex Assault Charges -


It was saddening to hear that eight people list their lives in the helicopter crash in Glasgow.

A terrible tragedy. Hopefully they can  prevent this from ever happening again, once they discover what went wrong.

Eight dead after police helicopter crashes into packed Glasgow pub -

Friday, 29 November 2013


Getting worried over something are we?

String to think that the rot had set in and will turn to a rout?

The ones ultimately responsible think that a change in government helps them get away with murder?!

Think again lame brains. Lol.

Energy Bills: Govt Price Freeze Plea Denied -


Our rather...speak if the devil and he shall appear.

Just mentioned Savile in one of my last posts and up he pops!

I am not quite sure how many hospitals have been under investigation already regarding Jimmy Savile but this report states that another 19 more are facing being investigated!

Who do I sound surprised as I should not be. But I am. Because its just so bloody shocking! Really puts my claims not only into perspective but despite them not needing it these provide then with some meaning of truth by not being nearly so shocking.

My faith in investigative reporting is being rekindled. Despite it only being The Guardian until today. Oh OK The Independent to a lesser degree.

Savile: 19 More Hospitals Face Investigation -


Well it seems someone took notice of my notes on charities among all my data?

I really do go to town on many subjects as I do trend to have this annoying ability to sense when something is not right?! Or you could day a great sense if shell when it comes to large rodents but I will not say the word Rat, oops! Lol.

So it seems there is a Panorama program that had been going through a battle about whether it will be aired or not!

Cannot say I am surprised as the one group of people who would not want to appear on TV as regards cheating for cash due to it looking very bad are the Charities! Only people more worried than these people are those who were friendly with Jimmy Savile, err or Dave Lee Travis, or Gary Glitter, umm or Rolf Harris etcetera, etcetera?!

Well my LIST really does seen rip be getting a work through? Let us hope it us a serious and thorough one and not just going through the motions as all the tax rip off ombudsman do?!

I wonder what will be the next couple of things to hit the media on my long list? About time someone got the skinny on what I have been saying about the NHS? Maybe the DWP? Or a big reveal regarding SERCO perhaps? Who knows?

Will be interesting nevertheless!

BBC to air controversial Panorama investigation into Comic Relief -


Well that of quite bizarre is it not?

For some years now we have started the conversion into worshiping and practising American ideals. I have stated for over a year on this blog that we now seem to be mostly under American ownership.

Now I spotted signs while I was out mentioning Black Friday bargains, had emails from UK firms about it too. I thought I was mistaken but here we have a report stating that Asda held Blah Friday deals?

We will be doing the Thanks Giving holiday next and in time the one that will appear really stupid....Independence Day! Lol.

For those that do not realise we will be celebrating how the Americans kicked our arses, lol. Something they are still big on celebrating despite the fact that they themselves are now trying to stealthily take under the world. Lol, turning into the very nation they tell other people they will not tolerate in other nations. Err like China right now.

That little spat in the East China Sea is not going to end will I can tell you. I love China and the people and its history as it is fantastic. But since World War 2 the Chinese government has become bitter over being screwed on each side by the west and Japan. They got a rough deal it if the whole thing to be honest and the name calling did not help. They fear a return to those days and are a little suspicious of everyone. I for one cannot blame them. To think that the west had been trying to won then over and then well this crap with Edward Snowden comes out?!

So what they are now is tetchy and edgy and the answer to it? Oh just fly a load if jets through immediately? Did they not complain about North Korea doing exactly that several times?

Do not do as we do, do as we say.

Fights break out at Asda as shoppers descend on Black Friday deals -


A terrible and bizarre disaster took place tonight in Glasgow.

There was done confusion over reports but from what I could garner it seems like their was a malfunction. The helicopter came down at an increased speed while rotating. It landed heavily on the roof of a pub before the roof gave way.

There was no explosion or fire and reporters seemed to get confused st differing accounts as did a helicopter pilot. One witness said it came down in a straight line while another side it came in on a slant. Well that would depends on your angle of view now would it not? If a witness was in the path, either behind or in front, it would look like it was dropping straight down. As the helicopter was rising it would be hard to tell.

Hats off to the people, including s seemingly thoroughly nice MP Jim Murphy. Instead of running away they all helped despite being aware there could be an explosion and confused that there was not. Or that there was not a fire.

This made it sound to be like the pilot cut the fuel line prior to hitting the ground. This is something a selfless pilot would do over built up areas. There may have even been a fire that caused him to cut the fuel line in the hope the fire would go out, rushing air doing the rest. This would prevent an explosion on landing or crashing. Again a selfless act.

I only hope that no one was killed. Shears wanted to visit Glasgow and always found Scots to be really nice people and had a few Scottish friends over the years.

I think it will turn out that the thump of the helicopter landing damaged the roof which then have way after the helicopter came to rest. Would also explain why there was no explosion.

Helicopter crashes into Glasgow pub roof -


Right now then...been working on this next bit for awhile now, since I discovered that I had Fibromyalgia.

Now I took recepeit of a couple of books the first I have had around two weeks and brand new and by a British author. Another was used, grubby and only arrived two days ago from America.

The latter book has a section in it for you to do a checklist of a run-down if symptoms which I will get to in a minute. The book is tiitled...

by Mary J. Shomon

Now I warn you now I got a real shock here. I have many, many problems but due to the major ones I do not really speak of the ones that are merely a pain in my arse, quite literally at times so it seems.

Now this CHECKLIST was absolutely astoundingly long.... I MEAN REALLY LONG. Now I will list the ones that affect me personally but there are another 30% more at least that do not apply to me.

I put in some funy comments and sometimes point out ones that are rare or do not have any more. Also you will note that some have the words 'Eleven Point Rule' in brackets as the author refers to the fact that in a particular section Fibromyalgia sufferers have at least, you guessed it, ELEVEN of them.

There is a section on a checklist of symptoms and here I have includud only the ones that I experience...

Those that the long list of really bad GPs and Specialists should have spotted are all in capital letters in brackets stating (ON MY [MEDICAL] RECORD)!

I am sure you can all come to your own cocnlusions regarding the NHS and the long list of hospitals, GPs, Sopecialists and others that have managed to miss this for way more than 13 years now, lol?

  1. Irritible Bowel Syndrome (ON MY RECORD)
  2. Mood Disorder (ON MY RECORD)
  3. Nasal Problems (ON MY RECORD)
  4. Ear Problems (ON MY RECORD)
  5. Fatigue (That is unexplained medically) (ON MY RECORD)
  6. Substantially Impaired Memory Problems
  7. Sore Throats (ON MY RECORD)
  8. Tender Neck
  9. Muscle Pains (ON MY RECORD)
  10. Headaches of Differing Types (ON MY RECORD)
  11. Unrefreshing Sleep (ON MY RECORD)
  12. Pain in Multiple Joints (ON MY RECORD)
  13. Pain for three months (ON MY RECORD)
  14. Pain base of skull left and right sides (Eleven Points)
  15. Pain midway between neck and shoulders (Eleven Points) (ON MY RECORD)
  16. Pain in Muscles over shoulder blades (Eleven Points) (ON MY RECORD)
  17. Pain in Hip Bones (Eleven Points) (ON MY RECORD)
  18. Pain in Buttocks (Eleven Points) (ON MY RECORD)
  19. Pain in Knees (Eleven Points) (ON MY RECORD)
  20. Pain in Upper Chest Bone (Eleven Points Rule)
  21. General Muscle Pains (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  22. General Joint Pains (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  23. Stiffness in Morning (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  24. Joint stiffness after maintaining same position for a long time (Eleven Points Rule)
  25. Pain in Upper Back (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  26. Pain in Lower Back (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  27. Pain in the Middle of Back (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  28. Pain in Neck and Shoulders (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  29. Pain carrying a Shoulder Bag (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  30. Sensetive nipples (stop laughing!!) (Eleven Points Rule)
  31. Aching Pelvis (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  32. Pain in hip that radiates down the LEG (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  33. Sciatica (Eleven Points Rule) (ON MY RECORD)
  34. Pain in tailbone, Coocyx (Eleven Points Rule) I get confused about the 18 areas after this as it just continues on...
  35. Pain or cramps when you write or type (ON MY RECORD)
  36. Carpal Tunnel like pains (was tested for this) (ON MY RECORD)
  37. Difficulty holding things (saucepan in right hand) (ON MY RECORD)
  38. Muscle Cramps (wake up screaming unable to talk) (ON MY RECORD)
  39. Muscle Spasms (twitching can happen often)
  40. Recurring tension headaches (ON MY RECORD)
  41. General tiredness (ON MY RECORD)
  42. Fatigue (ON MY RECORD)
  43. Fatigue alternating with normalcy 
  44. Extreme Exhaustion (seldom luckily)
  45. Fatigue not relieved by rest
  46. Flulike Body Fatigue (lost count of times thought I had flu but did not)
  47. Exhaustion after physical and mental stress
  48. Morning FOG (this that explains a lot)
  49. Restless Legs (caffeine makes this worse) (ON MY RECORD)
  50. Restless ARMS (see above) (ON MY RECORD)
  52. Early waking (went through a year waking up exactly 4am after my father died(ON MY RECORD)
  53. Feeling like you cannot take a full breath
  54. Feeling like you need to Yawn to take a full breath
  55. Sinus night time stuffiness (raid 99p store for sinus sprays) (ON MY RECORD)
  56. Thick nasal congestion that is difficult to clean (ooh boy so glad to see this one I was)
  57. Trouble swallowing (ON MY RECORD)
  58. Lump In Your Throat
  59. Impaired attention spand (like you would not believe)
  60. Poor Memory (ON MY RECORD)
  61. Poor Memory (sorry could not resist that, lol)
  62. Short term memory (and cannot remember what you went to the store for)
  63. Easily distracted (yes so I said to him I am gonna knock you...oh wait a minute! LOL)
  64. Remebering things you have seen
  65. Word substitution
  66. Feelings or worthlessness (ON MY RECORD)
  67. Anxiety (ON MY RECORD)
  68. Panic attacks (increased heart rate) (ON MY RECORD)
  69. Claustrophobia
  70. Sensation of burning feet (years ago for about a year)
  71. Numbness or Tingling sensations (ON MY RECORD)
  72. Sensetive to temperature changes
  73. Sensitive to changes in the weather (ON MY RECORD)
  74. Sensitive to changes in humidity (ON MY RECORD)
  75. Sensitivity to cold hands
  76. Sensitivity to lights and brightness
  77. Sensetivity to flourescent lights
  78. Night blindness (oncoming cars on single carriageways)
  79. Eye floaters
  80. Dry Mouth (Mostly when waking)
  81. More frequent cavities (are you SERIOUS?! LOL) (ON MY RECORD)
  82. Gum Disease (ON MY RECORD)
  83. Bruxism (Tooth Grinding)
  84. Cliking and Painful Jaw (ON MY RECORD)
  85. Pain in temples
  86. Toothaches unexplained by dental problems
  87. Irritible Bladder
  88. Diarrhea (ON MY RECORD)
  89. Constipation (ON MY RECORD)
  90. Diarrhea and Constipation ALTERNATING (oh my...GOD!) (ON MY RECORD)
  91. Bloating
  92. Nausea (ON MY RECORD)
  93. Indigestion (ON MY RECORD)
  94. Heartburn (ON MY RECORD)
  95. Stomach Ulcers (ON MY RECORD)
  96. Hypoglycaemia known as Fibroglycaemia
  97. Dizziness (ON MY RECORD)
  98. Dizziness on Rising and Moving (ON MY RECORD)
  99. Vertigo
  100. Dizzyness triggered by patterns in floors
  101. Clumsiness
  102. Spilling food or Drink while eating or drinking
  103. Fainting (ON MY RECORD)
  104. Dry Skin, Peeling skin (ON MY RECORD)
  105. Acne (ON MY RECORD)
  106. Ridges in fingernails
  107. Swollen feeling in abdomen or side
  108. Heart palpatations, skipped heartbeats
  109. Rapid heartbeat (ON MY RECORD)
  110. Chest Wall Pain … Costochondryitis (ON MY RECORD)
  111. Tinnitus (ON MY RECORD)
  112. Decreased Appetite
  113. Increased Thirst
  114. Carbohydrates Cravings especially sweets
  115. Attracting Mosquitoes
  116. Insect Bites become more swollen and hard
  118. Physical Injuries (TWO CAR ACCIDENTS)
  119. Toxic Exposure (Mercury)
  120. Severe Life Stress (ON MY RECORD)
Oh and I am STILL awaiting my new GP surgery, LMAO!


Oh bugger it!

I sent Capquest a little email without too much detail, I also did not tell them I had emailed to court with a copy of thier letter. You can check their highly ;aughable letter in my last post on here, lol.

But I could not resist the tekptation to be cocky and sarcastic along with speaking down to them, kind of a taste of their own medicine except I do not need to lie to do it, lol.


Dear Sirs


Yup nice try with the letter but I am afraid I can see right through it. I am not going to go into the nitty gritties of all this as you are fully aware of your own lies and tricks.

Intimidation does not work. All the tricks used I am well aware of. Your letter contains quite deliberate lies and trickery and I have no doubt that when you go back to Northampton County Court you fully intend to show a completely different letter to the one you sent me saying 'oh look how in the wrong he is'.

You are also a bunch of liars, but then I knew that already. In fact I was banking on you being just like all the others as this time I was fully prepared for it when they time came.

So I would umm go back to the drawing board and try again?! Or you could just send me another letter like the last one as I burst out laughing when I see it and really I should be thanking you as not only was I after something extremely good in black and white the letter I received was better than I could ever have dreamed of!

I also fully intended to embroiled in a number of Court Orders as I wanted to scrutinise their practice and involvement in corrupt actions by organisations such as yours. But despite me thinking this would happen with a number of public offices all of which are in the pipeline you provided me with some very good material a darned site earlier than I imagined!

So thanks. Also yeah go back and try again and you can try as much as you like but both you and Shop Direct are in the wrong. I also have a great deal that goes against your client, Shop Direct, which I made them fully aware of over forty times...but I guess they never told you that?

Oh one last thing, as for the credit reference agencies...go ahead as that is something else that plays into my hands to as like so many other corrupt parts of the British Society I fully intend to put a stop to them all.


Martin Haswell BSc


Well I have a bloody great letter through my door!!

This was from Capquest concerning the Northampton County Court Order over the used and faulty phone from Very Catalogue.

It is a real beauty and I burst out laughing I can trell you. I then took the letter from the Court regarding the accepting of my defence along with the letter from Capquest to my friends store and showed them. First I showed them the pletter from the court and they were all 'ooh yeahhh!' and THEN I showed them the letter from Capquest where they then dropped their jaws and their eyes widened in disbelief. I then reminded them that they should check ALL dates on letters to the dates they arrived.

The letter from Capquest states several discrepencies...

1) The date on the letter os vastly different to the date of delivery by 6 days
2) They sent me a letter despite it being is the hands of the court by their own admission
3) But they state that I have NOT been in contact with the court and the deadline has passed
4) They then mention the real hated paret of all this in that they will go forth and affect my credit reference which has been done so many times and done illegally it is a complete joke, which you then have to pay someone for just to LOOK AT!!

Now what I plan to do is first off I have emailed Capquests letter to the County Court concerned. IN the email I have stated that this is a ploy to either intimidate me into paying, becuase they now realise they will lose. Or if I fail to respond to them they will then re-apply to the Court stating that they sent a letter and I ignored them to imply to the Judge that I am in the wrong and have something to hide.

I also state plauisble deniability.

Let it be known that I have already insinuated that the Courts could be corrupt and be awrae of all this. Also I informed them that I KNOW that their, Capquest, intention is to then likely show a letter with the heading but differeing content to the court adding to the insinuation I am in the wrong.

Now here is a scan of the letter from Capquest and I have edited it and sent it as you see it, minus my postal address on here, to the court. With my added notes.

After the scan I will copy and paste the EMAIL I sent to the court too.



Dear Sirs

Myself v CAPQUEST, REF: 

I have had correspondence from Capquest as you stated I would likely have. But there letter states the following discrepencies...

1) They state I have not contacted you
2) They once again try to intimidate and I do not converse with criminals and all these companies are and is well documented
3) They have manipulated the dates, something that I doscovered that tyhese do a long time past and I am the reason that this is now widely known as I contacted all national tabloids and even BBC Watchdog regarding it and with a pile of evidence 18 months ago or more after being attcked by JBW Group
4) Once again and why I originally wanted to counter claim is that these are criminal organisations that are allowed time and time again to alter your credit reference and as a result I have a poor one
5) Poor because the only bad credit reference that can be applied to me was through mis-selling, I am the ORIGINAL complainer regarding PPI via the FSA, is only down to my deterioation of my health. Otherwise all bad credit reference in the last 15 years is down to lies.

The letter is quite obviously sent knowing that I have submitted a defence as they would have no reason to correspond with me once I had a court order served upon me.

They also suggest that YOU will Judge in their favour.

I am well aware that they fully intended to send me that letter, knowing I will get angry and ignore them, if not intimidated into paying, so they can then claim to the Judge that they attempted to contact me and that I ignored them. So attempting, likely succesfully if I had ignored them, giving the impression that I am in the wrong here and have something to hide. Likely the one presented to the court will state something completely different to the one I received.

I have attached the letter from them. It contains some editing of my own.

This will be edited once again and shown in a public place.

I think now you can see that if I was a dishnonest person and capable of taking thigs that do not belong to me, defrauding people and companies that I possess the intelligence to become quite wealthy while the opposite is true currently. In fact I am now attempting to use my honesty to actually create a career of my own and have written two books based on my experiences.

I do not think that I need to add that this criminal defrauding of the court using this behaviour as prevented me from acquiring the tools to push forward the career I refer to in the last paragraph? I will also add that due to this I have had to spend many years at doing this due to this and lack of support from public offices and the government only interested in their own well-being and that I can now prove what health condition I am afflected with I have had for over 12 years now.

I look forward to your opinion upon this.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc

Thursday, 28 November 2013


The party of the man I thought made sense seems to her enjoying a little self destruction.

Me thinks you just might regret that statement and my God was it wrong too! Are you suggesting that women are stupid unless they want to abandon being mothers so they can get to the top? 'The Top' by the way is a fallacy and does not exist. There is always a position higher up than you unless you're either Prime Minister or The Queen!

Pleb! Oh wait you can't say pleb now can you? PLEB!

Ukip MEP Stuart Agnew Says Women Wanting Babies Lack 'Ambition' For The Top -


This report states that thousands of families will be reliant on Food Banks over Christmas?

First off I tried several times to get help and it us not easy. If your busy and have health issues do not even bother. Probably just another service not for British people.

Secondly I am not sure who reported it or whether our not reporters keep good tabs on others news reports but...

It is NINE MILLION people that are in serious debt. That will affect others around them be they friends our family so you could probably triple that. That is half of Britain!

But then maybe that last point proves my previous statement? Lol.

Thousands of families reliant on food banks this Christmas - Home News - UK - The Independent -


Ooh dear. A remark about IQs? Dear me some if his must have deserted him just prior to opening his gate?!

Not a very BRIGHT thing to say Boris.

Are you suggesting it is genetic? That the Conservative Party are of some higher order in the tree of evolution? Maybe you refer to all MPs? Oh dear.

Well I have a fairly high IQ but I can guarantee you that everything about me, Boris, is not only on here but down to a failed and long since failing system ruin by cheats, liars, scum, evil and amoral people. That is government and at least 20% of all public office staff. All those in lower positions are low on the IQ front as far as I an concerned and from NT own experiences, lol. So no Boris you were not only a fool to say that but also way, way wrong.

Not looking good right now is it? Lol. Hmm can see why they refer to you as a buffoon.

Is Being A Banker Genetic? Boris Johnson Looks To Intelligence To Explain Equality Gap -


Hmm website to name and shame Doctors? Are they trying to draw attention away from this blog?! Lmao.

Found this amusing as it states about naming and shaming doctors over dementia like it us the only illness that exists our the only illness that is missed...or is important, lol.

Just weird its for dementia only.

New government website to name and shame doctors over who have poor rates of dementia diagnosis -


So after my little disagreement with Tesco and then lying to me about their network now it turns Pitt that they screw their suppliers too!

Hmm I think these particular prior that own theses types of stores have become a but too cocky, big headed and comfortable. All this on to of the fact that these so called supermarkets are not super at all, do not seem to stock as much as they used to and are actually greater than the average sure to boot!

I think I have shopped in Tesco for the last time after reading this.

Tesco accused of squeezing suppliers to support its profits -



Just been through 170 emails for my hotmail account, as I have not checked them for like a week, and the reason I did is to check the email from NHS England to acquire the address of my next GP and anything about my official complaint.

But I have had no email! Now I am assuming that they thought that I was going to get my own GP? I never said I was and they never asked if I was either?

Left hand, right hand, left hand...

Anyway I have now had to email and ask about it. I have also commented on my last GP surgery and the complaint. I also commented on the General Medical Council and them being OK with coruption, lies and falsifying documents by health professionals. Tsk-tsk.

For anyone that is interested in keeping tabs, or in other words I simply put this stuff here to show and prove what I have done and when I did it. PLus what I said and when I said it.

That is the beauty of being honest and open, if you fling accusations at me about my language and that is the best that you can do?! Oh dear it is NOT going to end well for you! Lol.


Dear Adams

How goes the search for my new GP?

I have not been on my emails for awhile as I am busy getting to grips with many other things as well as reading up on the condition I now realise I have.

I am eager to speak to a new GP about this condition and getting myself referred to a specialist on the condition. Of the many things I am affected by, all of which now linked to my new discovery, one of them is short term memory problems. Now NHS staff had told me repeatedly for years that my physical pains COULD NOT be linked together. Now I doscover that they are not only linked but explain a whole list of things I have.

One of these is short term memory problems. Due to the fact that I have had so many battles with so many Wolves, as you shold have guessed from my BLOG, I often forget things and on a daily basis. Dates, times and appointments and even taking my presciption drugs among other things have been terrible for years and gotten worse. Up until this recent discovery I had put it all down to the constant pain I experience, though sometimes this did not quite add up.

I have been meaning to check my emails since we spoke on the phone and I have had to work through 170 of them and on this account alone. I did expect an email from you with a new GP to go and register with. But you have not emailed.

As I am now emailing you I will now hot two birds with one stone. First off I left it with your department to sort this out for good reason and one is that I did not want to run around eplaining myself and etting booted off the next GP surgery when they found out.

Now I know what you will be thinking right now, I do not remember what you said on the phone that they do not pass it around. Oh and I do remember only too well. Only after we came off the phone I remembered something that mean that this was not true....

Now I did tell you this on the phone in that the surgery in Southbury Road knew all about what had happened but claimed I had told them when, and I explained this, this was not true and not possible. The same surgery also knew that my previous GP, a Doctor Huq, had closed her surgery when I considered registering with them last year but wrogly chose Abernethy House instead.

So you may BE under the impression that this stuff cannot be passed along to other surgeries but it DOES. To me it is only too obvious that it should be passed on because you should be considering the safety of the Doctors on your NHS register, despite what you told me.

SO I would rather not walk in and end up demanding to know why how the next surgery knows and talling them angrily that I am getting fed up with the contradictions I have been hearing of late within the NHS.

One last thing. According the the General Medical Council it is perfectly OK for Darren Francis, therefore all Doctors, to lie to patients and they do not have a problem with Doctors, lying and falsifying hospital test results. Obvioulsy you will understand what will happen if and when the media get ahold of this and the mere fact that many months have gone by and I have reported this to a fair few departments and no one seems concerned about it? If you do not then you should do.

I am afraid to say that the General Medical Council are now under my scrutiny as a department that backs up the lies and corruption and merely acts as window dressing. Of course the worse part about this is the amount of the taxpayers money they consume and all the organisations like them. They are a public service, a public office and all public offices are answerable to the public as it is the public that pays their wages.

That last little details seems to have been forgotten by many departments and I have spent a year building up a plan to remind them all. I call it my Blog.

In the meantime I hope to hear form you soon with a GP Surgery I can go to and register without any further problems?

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc


Ohh not checked me emails in quite some time.

Now remember the General Medical Council?

Do you also remember that...

1) I have a recording of a hospital specialist LYING about a test result and ADMITTING he lied and then dictating a NEW LETTER to my GP.

2) Remember that in that conversation with the GP it turned out that the letter dictated in front me me was not sent? Then causing a disagreement between me and my GP? Which led to the GMC and them causing a problem which got me kicked off the GPs register?

Well according to the General Medical Council they think that Darren Frances. who lied avout the tests for a condition that kills, is still perfectly fit to practise?!

Here is the email and below that is the email I sent back asking them to clarify how they reached that decision, lol... cannot believe this is still ongoing with them...

Note the absolutely appalling line spaces! Terrible there is no professionalism in the UNited Kingdon any more, just a nation of half wits, lol.

Note how I explain a phone conversation with NHS England too. Absolutely no problems when speaking to someone there is no doubts as to what I am saying and no accusations that I am lying or that I do not possess the proof I claim. They cannot do anything about it either. LMAO!

Amazing is it not? I am really beginning to understand how Doctors like Harold Shipman went unnoticed for so long and others that have caused one death after another.

Also need I remind any reader at alkl that whenever something like this happens you get all these statements in the media that steps have been taken to ensure it does not happen again. Complete bull crap, lol.

Maybe Doctors or of a higher or loftier life form or hierarchy and cannot do anything wrong until it is provied that they have been bad enough to have got someone killed. By the time this is proved it is then discovered that anywhere up to a dozen deaths have been caused by them, al la Shipman.

Or somewhat like what has gone on within the BBC for thirty years or more, lol.


Dear Mr Haswell

Thank you for your email of 1 November 2013.

I am sorry you were unhappy with our response of 30 October 2013 and have noted the points you raise in your email.

With regard to your concerns regarding Dr Francis, these were considered by us previously and, in our letter dated 3 September 2013, we informed you that the assistant registrar was of the view that the issues raised did not suggest that there were any concerns regarding this doctor’s fitness to practise. We recommended raising your concerns with the local healthcare authorities.

I can advise that all of the correspondence you have sent to us has been read in full.

I am sorry that we cannot help you further with this matter at this time.

Yours sincerely

Keren Millea
Enquiries Team
Fitness to Practise Directorate
Direct Dial: 0161 250 6818
Fax No: 0161 240 7299

My email requesting an explanation on how it is OK for Doctors to lie...
Dear Sirs

Darren Francis is not the only one fit for practise.

So according to yourselves lying about a test result, admitting he lied, dictating a new letter which he then failed to send to my GP which caused a row and not forgetting that the test is for something that can and IS potentially fatal is perfect;y OK?

Can I quote you on that on your website?

I have had a better response from NHS England, though there was an attempt to cajole me into dropping my complaint which I have refused to do. But the gentleman on the phone from the NHS was in complete agreement with what I have stated. Odd that he cannot do anything about Darren Francis.

Also even more bizarre is that I have something that no one else is going to have in a million years and that is Darren Francis on tape admitting he lied and then the tape with John Gubbay where Jogn Gubbay explains that the letter is not the one dictated and proving that Darren Francis lied again.

As for your remark about what you put in an earlier email/letter, please indulge me and just explain how none of this is relevant?


Martin Haswell BSc

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


I find this report somewhat stupid really.

Really, really stupid!

First off it is will known that Muslim men if this nature see write women of well ages as just objects for sex and if a lower life form than dogs. I have seen it, read it and heard it and why there have been sex rings uncovered. I have no doubt there sure more of these and it us writing that no more have been caught. This is making me wonder whether the carpets in many Police Stations are beginning to bulge again in several places?!

So how the hell does the NSA think that by exposing their online activities with pornographic sites is going to work?

Put very simply and bluntly it is not and will add it is complete bullshit.

Now I will give a lesson as I feel that is what is needed. Even if you thought, genuinely, that doing this could do something then I am afraid not, lol. I cannot believe I have to say it. But I wiki go one further.

First of all you will need to prove that the person using the device at the time is who you say it is, if you do not want to look extremely foolish. Secondly it will be nigh on impossible to show that the person quite deliberately navigated to said site. This will only likely be done if the person registered with some form of ID or financial transaction. Thirdly your are speaking of an activity that probably 90% of men do so bloody good luck with that one!

I could keep going into other details to and use the words hijacking it pop-ups or that what you download its not what you think it is. I also say that if they have half a brain they could cover their tracks and have excuses to the ready? If they are smart that is.

I will be honest but that is bloody lame in all honesty and I think you know damn little about your quarry. Writing as you speak to the rest if the western world like you know what you are doing.

Of course the cats out the bag on your snooping because you were going overboard and doing on everyone. Bi doubt so you're own companies cab get the jump on others for buyouts and business deals. This greed and incessant need to take over is what had now caught you out. You're own fault by you're own actions via greed, power, dishonesty with a cute to cheating in business. But no you will go and blame some lone dude who acted because he our she thought it the moral thing to do?!

Fantastic message and signals you are giving out even to your own public. Would not like to be in your shoes at any point in the next ten years.

I would try again with a bit more forethought before you open up your floodgates in future?

NSA 'plan to shame web-porn users'


Well it seems as if religious nut balls are still trying to hold the human race back? Only this time around they want to do this to children and brain wash them.

When will people realise that forcing beliefs, or non beliefs, onto people us not very fair and completely wrong and immoral? You simply cannot use the excuse that you believe your right ago you have to force this onto others. That is called oppression. It if something that really infuriates me.

Life started quite obviously for a reason. It did not start up and evolve, oh dear I used the 'e' word, so that life can just sure on a lump of rich that had a finite life span only to be snuffed out!

If such a being as God existed I do not think he would be arrogant enough for humans to believe in blind faith that he will turn up at the 11th hour to save us all and still the animals to boot.

It is times like this when religion really does shoot itself in the foot reportedly by being first and foremost hypocritical. Secondly it had been preventing scientific discovery since before Galileo and his contemporaries existed. Crazy to think it still does this today by forcing beliefs only fools would believe into impressionable children. I met a man once who was manic depressive and his entire problem was down to having a childhood with religion forced upon him. He saw things in the world so terrible that he kept asking himself why an all living God would let this happen. In the end the pressure and stress caused something to go wrong. Not even his Doctors had worked that one out!

We are built to be logical but when religion starts to become crazy, unrealistic and forced upon you the ideals and the facts continue to refuse to match up. This will inevitably take its toll. No way around it I am afraid and I hate the use of the word 'faith'. When I hear that word what my head deciphers it as is...'yeah I know it sounds crazy and completely impossible as well as improbable but just go with us and believe it anyway!'

I spent the my childhood between the ages of 11 and 14 arguing with one of the most fanatical of them all, a Jehovah's Witness who used to show me booklets of children in the future hugging Bengal Tigers. Yeah as a kid who was already highly knowledge on animals and a father who had a store seeking exotic pets the notion was utterly ridiculous. He would not have it though. Years later I bumped into another classmate who lived near him. He quit being a Jehovah's Witness and his bother kicked him out the home because of it?! But very Christian now is it? Lol.

These idiots do not realise that the only difference between them and extremist Muslims is that some if the latter are prepared to strap a bomb to themselves and end the lives if others purely because they do not agree.

I will state one single solitary thing about a bomber and a victim. The victim had not tried to enforce their beliefs I the bomber. The suicide bomber though is trying to force his beliefs on a great deal of people.

I think its bloody bad that they keep on doing it like they are succeeding our Erik eventually win?! Bloody hilarious that they somehow fool themselves into thinking this. I sometimes wonder just how many years they need to do it before they realise that its not not never had been possible and that they are losing?!

But hey its hardly like they are intelligent as they blow themselves to pieces for a being that only exists in written words written by men long since dead and vibe if which they have ever met! If they don't possess the brain cells to work that out them they will never figure out that they are losing.

I say this because done I was motoring and recording single handedly from 250 miles away tried to use my daughter. In a pub one night one if them walked up to my daughter, her mother and mothers EDL member boyfriend and announced

'I don't like British people or British Customs. Everyone thinks we are smart but we are really stupid and know nothing!'

What the idiot did not know was that I had been sending recordings if his voice, pictures if him, his living address and small details I could glean about his unregistered car. This along with the fact he was meeting up with groups in Birmingham and Manchester and I had been doing that for several months from 250 miles away. What he failed to realise when he said that about the British is that he did not have the slightest clue I had been forwarding all this data to both MI5 and GCHQ. Fecking dummy!

So Star Jamal, who IS the idiot?


I refuse to be choosy who I don't like...i bloody well do not like anyone who forces their will and belief into others. Our in other words I will bloody well dislike whomever I choose. Lol.

Evolution debate again engulfs Texas Board of Ed -

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Well this is quite incredible.

Here is another figure that had shocked me and the second in as many hours. This time its not winter deaths but instead the number of British people currently in SERIOUS debt. That is SERIOUS debt not just any debt.

That number had been reported in the BBC as being 9 Million, yup NINE MILLION. Factor in the number of others affected by being friends or related to these nine million and you are getting on for at least half if the nation. Thirty million at least affected by this by either being one if these nine million or forced to watch and sit by feeling helpless.


A sad set of circumstances that I discover just how many people my one blog on corruption can potentially help! Very sad and worse than I thought, far worse than I thought by a factor if about 20.

Nine million in 'serious' debt


Right now then. Here we go again.

Now please pay attention...

I recently stated that I had previously stated that, yawn, there had to be skullduggery involved as the banks came out of debt far too quickly. I mean come on people how did they do it? Lol.

Then it turns out that skullduggery was exactly what is going on. I also stated that those involved and those that concocted the dastardly plans throw their arms up stating, we had no idea?!

Now here we have the new head of the Bank of England Mark Carney.Who has also recently been reported on to be pally with the man everyone loves to hate, George Osborne. Mark Carney throwing his arms up in the air and stating, in effect, that they had no idea anything was going on? Really?!

The Bank of England could not do the sums I did in my head to realise something was going on? Yeah right. Truth is they would not have been doing any kind of sums as they had no reason to.

A friend of mine who will remain nameless told me today that he was screwed by his bank. This led to the filing for bankruptcy and the losing of his business.

Mark Carney: RBS allegations 'deeply troubling and extremely serious' -


OK this is just one example but a major one it is.

People in Greece who have contracted HIV had TRIPLED. Prostitution had give through the roof and all down to the financial hardships upon them!

OK so I stated that I have had bad experiences with Greeks and suggested I had no sympathy for them previously.

I admit I was wrong and only now reading this realise just how wrong I was! Poor bastards. In all honest and with hindsight I should not have done that based on a couple of idiots I knew. What I found highly shocking was that the World Health Organisation accused Greeks of deliberately injecting themselves with HIV?!


Where would they acquire it and why the Gerik would they do that?! Even so it is nothing to shot at the media about. It would only highlight just how desperate people are and the lows they would sink to. Not an option I would entertain I can assure you.

It should also be noted that Greece is further along the track with their destinations and this could be showing everyone else where they are heading too?

Greeks 'Injecting HIV To Claim €700 Benefits' -



£850 an hour?!

Eight hundred and fifty grand?! Eight hundred and fifty big ones?!

That is the reported hourly rates if the to lawyers! My bloody God, lol.

Makes you wonder how much money had been wasted on these wasters by big companies like Apple and others that could have give to a genuinely good cause. This would have done then a great deal more good than a spat with Samsung could ever do. In fact it had had write the opposite effect though no doubt you have claimed all loses in revenue on Samsung, Google and Android and anyone else your want to destroy so you have a monopoly, lol. Nope I am afraid it will be your own anti competitive actions that is gradually alienating people away from giving you cash for overpriced products, lol.

Good luck with that and let me know how that works out for you?

In the meantime so much for my idea to hire a top solicitor?! Lol.

Puts into perspective that the British Government have all but taken away Legal Aid which paid £45 per hour to shit solicitors.

Yup that was what being poor USED to get you in the way of justice in the UK and you do not even get that anymore, if you sure truly British. Taken away like everything else while Muslim extremists run yup legal bills of trend of thousands of pounds and live in the best houses.

The two halves are so far removed it simply and can only be deliberate?!

It is this simple fact that Human Rights Group either refuse to see or shite that they are not a human rights group at all and only interested in their own salaries and survival.

How can I say that? Oh well you see...I had clashes with them too, lol. You are not seen as human by then if you are British! Lol. Regardless of age too.

Fury as rates for top lawyers reach record levels at £850 per hour -


Well it had to happen did it not?

I have to day that even I have been shocked and disgusted at the numbers of deaths stated in this report! I am also surprised that it has taken the best part of the year to emerge too.

Thirty thousand sounds truly incredible and even I could not foresee anything remotely like these numbers. I would have hesitated to estimate even in the few thousands. A few hundred would have been more likely. Would be both interesting and informative and not forgetting just to know how many had pre payment meters installed?

Also to keep in mind is the fact that they have continually reported that a severe winter had been predicted for this year! Although it had failed to arrive when they said it would if it does arrive prior to Christmas it is very likely to last longer than last years freeze.

So they have declared last years deaths as 'shameful' but is likely going to be beaten again and hopefully not as much as the highly likely one third again more so than last Winters deaths?!

Winter deaths rose by almost a third in 2012-13 -


Just blunt teeth, lol.

Yes guys and still the other Ombudsman are not toothless while sitting on their backsides while their thumbs sure nowhere to be found?!


Well you have done it now as you will be scrutinised from now on and will be challenged to prove it I guarantee you that!

Umm PROVE IT! See I told you so!


Ofgem not a 'toothless tiger' in fight against rising energy prices, insists boss -


Hmm strange that they, only now, are threatening to freeze data sharing?

I would have performed this action absolutely immediately.

That is what Europe have only now threatened America it may do. This will not matter a jot to America and laughable to even think it let alone utter it! Think about it, they have been at it for years they have got everything on everybody and in all that time got everything on businesses too! I would now investigate every single MERGER, TAKE OVER, PURCHASE and anything else that American firms did over the entire globe to do with business and see if these moves were in close proximity to anything about to be declared.

Then you just need a reporter and someone who can come up with some graphs to see if a pattern emerges. If it does then you know America were lying about not using the collected data and had an unfair advantage on a business level that they fully abused.

NSA surveillance: Europe threatens to freeze US data-sharing arrangements -


Well this is odd.
Hmm now WHY did I type that? I fully expected the imprtant figure to be unchanged at ZERO but nevertheless it still surprises me, lol.
Now if I watched 206 hours of films either on TV or Optical Disc I would see adverts and forced to. These do not get adorned these things for free and is a bloody cheek.
What I also find a bloody cheek is advertising when it comes to bloggers and video creators than ends up being free to those benefitting from it day after day, week after week and month after month!! In fact its now many months aftyer many months and in a little over 7 months this would have changed and quite literally so to year after year, lol.
It is crimijnal when you think about it, it is misleading and greedy of those that concoct these ideas. It would be much fairer to not allow you to monetise your stuff until you have been doing it for one year at least, had a certain number of visitors either in total or weekly. But no they only TELL YOU that you can MAKE MONEY from their Blogger and YouTube accounts viad adverts and one whole year later, a dozen blogs, a thousand videos and over 75,000 visitors and your still wondering what your doing this for and cannot even PREDICT when you will get your first payment, lol.
I very recently stated that by MID January 2014 I should either have received my first payment or be able to say with confidence WHEN that forst payment will be. Which shoould be end of January 2014 or the end of February 2014. This has two aspects attahced to this which makes the prediction all the more interesting. Firstly there is the fact that deletion of all but three ads made that earnings figure leap by £2.50 and that by the end of March 2014 it will be heading towardfs two years since I started the first blog on corruption!
I think that a total receiving of ZERO will leave no one in doubt as to the truth behind these things and the company in question, don't you? Lol. I deliberately did not look for sometime in the hope of seeing them START to move in the right direction. Oddly one did and then went BACKWARDS, lol. NOt even COOKING has made a difference to the YouTube earnings?! Hmm OK so I will try a couple more dishes over the next couple of months with a few other videos and see where we go, lol.
DO not forget that I COVER a wide range of subjects so would ATTRACT many more people than the average person! Computing, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Orchids, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, Japanese Maples, Wing Chun, Cycling, British Wildlife, Films, Music and now COOKING to boot!
There is just no sense of honour in the western world of late nor can honesty be found anywhere you look either. *SIGHS* It is such a shame it really is.


I have now been at these blogs for well over a year, for this one was the first, and a little over a year for all the others.

Now as I have stated previously I have not been able to acquire as much as I would have liked for many while one or two I did provide more that I thought I would. This one and the British Wildlife one being examples, possibly only ones, of the latter. I also stated that I had a great deal of plans to get through I referred to as phases. Now it may well be seen by many that I have provided a hell of a great deal and everything that I possess but this is not the case. I have been rather forgetful for quite some time and not only do I recall things I forgot to cover but added to this my data I made available is only around 10% of everything that I have.

This data takes over 50GB to store at a wild guess and likely is more. Of course my increasingly forgetful nature has now turned out to be part of the affliction that affects the different parts of my body and called Fibromyalgia. Discovering this not only explained that but just about everything right down to the fact I have never been able to get to grips with my symptoms. Not an easy thing for me to accept I can tell you. Knowing this know helps me a great deal as there is a whole list of questions bouncing around within my head that have now vanished. Boy am I happy about that.

Now there are a number of things that I have been missing in the way of tools that would have allowed me to provide more input into all of my blogs, including this one. I call it the 'Productivity Shopping List'. Mostly this is to do with a working environment, which is literally terrible even if I had no physical problems. Some of them are to do with access to the things or places that could help me. As I also stated I have done all that I have with next to nothing and ask for nothing in return though I dare say there may have been a fair few that in the beginning might have thought this unrealistic and even impossible. Yes it would have seemed like that to me on many occasions too but I was never one to give up quite so easily. So before I lead on to a list of intentions and possibilities I thought it might be an idea to show a couple of lists?

But before I do I would like to mention a little something I have spoken about with a number of people. That is fund raising and before anyone thinks 'ooh here we go', stop. My blogs are free and always will be, my books wont, lol, because I do intend to make a career out of all this and become self-employed and self-sustaining. But try as I might and with unreasonable amounts by com0panies that really want free advertising for a lifetime before you get any payback I also need to explain, especially if you are not British, that there is no help in this country. I say that with certainty as the chances are that I have covered or referred to my many attempts to seek help with various authorities. It became apparent, after starting to work in my own store and then having to give it up, that I would have to do this myself and without any interference from anyone. Unfortunately this is something that all public offices right up to the cabinet, Downing Street I mean not Mahogany furniture! I heard about a website called Kickstarter and what I heard sounded like a great idea. I had meant to look for months but kept forgetting but then I was not too keen on going this fund raising type route and swore to myself that my blogs would go for at least a year for each and every one before I would even consider doing this. At least to show that I was dedicated to it and that it was and is a passion of mine to do all this. Unfortunately it stated something on the Kickstarter web-page that said they 'do not accept people wanting others to fund their lives' which when I read I thought oh crap, that would basically be what I am asking or seem to be. Though this is not strictly true of course as a glimpse on here and all my other blogs show that I have been attempting to help others as well as educate them too. If they WANT to be helped and educated that is as it is purely down to them. I can only light the way I cannot tread your footsteps for you. Well actually I may be able to tread some of them but that I will get to in a later paragraph.

So there were two things and one consisted of this shopping list of tools that would help me be more productive, and therefore help more people, and the other being intentions which would also help more people. But I would need to email several firms to see if this is possible and about little details like the costs. Sounds mad and totally impossible but that is not the point. The journey can be more educational and enlightening than the destination as the crew of Apollo 13 discovered, as heartbreaking as it was for them.

Now for the first of two lists...


1 – WORK SPACE COMPUTER (build it and cover it in the blog)

The current position I am sitting in and the placing of my body and the monitor of the laptop is not ideal and causes me to NOT want to switch it on when I come in. Gets painful, uncomfortable and strains my eyes.
This would consist of motherboard, APU (all in one AMD chip so no extra graphics), RAM, SSD Drive and HDD Drive. A monitor and possibly a second one fitted to a clamp monitor holder with a swivel arm so I can sit more comfortably on a sofa to do my typing.


This I am undecided about as I have never really liked them because I think they are a con. You pay the same price for the top ones as a far more powerful laptop. They do not have a proper keyboard so you need to buy one making them even more expensive. They have this forced upgrade policy where you are forced to buy a new one after 18 months or so.
But they are bloody handy and super portable. I can take one with me and not notice it is there and work on my blogs from anywhere that I am. Of course there are a load of other benefits too.
A better bet would be an, though I would hate to admit it and those that know me as soon as I say the word, Apple Laptop! YUKK!! APPLE!!! A 13 inch err whatever they are called would be the more sensible option. But these are not cheap and I am not sure I could live with myself handing over £1,000 to Apple?! LOL.


Obviously the word 'CAR' would be the obvious choice here but that is a distant dream presently.
More sensible right now, if these Amitriptyline get their dosages raised and work even better, would be to travel by train and spend a few days in places. Mainly to do with wildlife but also may be able to capitalise on other things while there. Local stores, people, experts and likely other things that do not spring to mind right now. I cover a dozen subjects so the list could be fairly long.
That list could be longer but you get the general idea of where I am going here, hopefully.
The other list many might find a little more intriguing and can be quite productive. At the moment I can only think of one thing that is on this list, there may be others but the one I am very aware of right now is the main one and an idea I have had for a long time...


Strange as it seems and despite my previous mentions and attempts at obtaining a solicitors services they are generally unhelpful, well the crap ones are.
I have had this idea since before the blogs even started about hiring a solicitor with my own money?! Yes you read that correctly and with one sole purpose that will sound mad but will make3 you think long and hard about it....


Now I know what many people I know would say as well as many in my family... 'Do not be stupid, how can you do that? You would never win!' ooh but au contrere! You do not have to WIN to actually WIN do you now? Think about it for a moment.
I stated earlier on in this post that it is the journey that can turn out to be the most educational and indeed the most productive. An endeavour that would be covered on here, raise an eyebrow with the media and along the way get a great deal of people thinking and realising the truth?! Possibly?

So to define it better it would matter not what a Judge ruled at the end of it but along the way enough could be revealed or even just hinted at to make more people realise the truth which would force many changes for the better. How long this would take I do not know and could take a year or could take three years. However the one thing I cannot get past would be the costs. Presently and for the foreseeable future this is simply way out of sight. Well sort of! I would happily fund that it is to save my country from going down the toilet or buy its soul back from the current owner, the devil lol. I do intend to email a few people and try to find out exactly what a mad scheme like this would cost and how long it would take. I think it would be one hell of a ride and possibly do a great deal of good. Kind if like when I paid £10 for someone else's fine for getting caught on a train without a ticket! When a few hundred people were looking and the ticket inspector sat down in utter shock at what I just did I was asked why I did it? I simply said one thing after a smile crept across my face...

“It was worth the £10 to see the looks on everyone's faces.” which was then followed by a roar of laughter.

People take notice when you do something out of the ordinary. For those that have realised and read enough of my posts people need a jolt. A shock if you like. Think of it like shaking someone to make them wake up but without the physical shaking of course. I do that a lot and in many ways and at times I could be accused of being a little cruel.

I do get angry at things done by the authorities and although I set about doing things knowing that the people I am dealing with will do nothing with feeble excuses and very possibly lies to I still get angry. Unfortunately, or fortunately it could be argued, I am saddened and maddened by this complete waste of space and money and I still get angry all the same. I then USE this anger to react as it is very often the case that the best titbits for me to use is when I suddenly respond with anger and even name calling. That barrage I then send them or tell them to their faces then has them struggling for the words to string together for excuses and their reasoning to provide me to abate the anger. Or even to just have me go away, lol.

I call this method the 'Shaking the Tree' and 90% of the time provides the best results. An unfortunate but necessary thing to do. You cannot just stroll up to people or organisations and ask them for the secrets or expect them to just come out with the details to provide pieces to the jigsaw. This is especially true when your talking to people you are well aware are likely just pawns and fall guys and do not even know why they are telling me the crap that they are or that the people they work for fully intend for them to take to blame when they get found out.

You can see this in motion right at this very instance in time, I love it when things fall into place to suit me and this blog, lol. It has been reported, and I covered it very recently, the one bank has been found to be deliberately tricking and conning people so that they can get a hold of their property and assets? This is the Royal Bank of Scotland but I dare so will be a number of others too which will likely come out over time. I also stated that many of them got out of debt rather quickly too many months ago in another post. Now this has been revealed the head of RBS have appointed a solicitor to investigate or as I like to think of find someone down the line they can pin it all on?!?!

It is simply a complicated modern method of plausible denial. Pure and simple.

The trouble is we know now that banks have been doing it. Through this blog many of you now realise that all public and many private companies have been up to no good and that they will all have contingency plans to pin the blame on someone further down the hierarchy.

Now consider the fact that we are told that we are wrong in not working when we cannot and the government drive you with the proverbial whip to work for companies whereby you will be set-up to be the fall guy in the event that their dastardly plans go south for the winter?!

What they have is a level of distrust that they are only making worse by continually showing that they are flouting the rules and laws so badly because they have been helped and told that they can easily get away with it. They will not be punished for their dastardly plans and that sends out a message that lying, fiddling and crime is OK. Yes they say openly that crime is not OK but that is not the message that is received. Quite the opposite in fact and they have been doing it now for what seems like an eternity and they continually make it worse. Oh but like everything else they will blame it on someone and eventually each other. By this time they would have completely destroyed England and all it residents.

From older people right the way down to children you will see a degenerating society whereby the actions towards their peers will be increasingly vile.

I digress.

So to achieve this turnaround I can reach more people by way of a legal battle against those responsible. While doing this I can also show that no matter what I have NOT befallen their trap, whether they intended this or are just plain stupid. I refuse to be changed into something I am not nor want to be because of the selfish and misguided actions of those in power.

I flatly refuse to become a degenerate and a scheming liar.

They should not take this as a weakness either and I am fully capable of kicking the arses of those that deserve it. I am fully capable of going that extra mile for those that are pure evil and never change and care not or even wish to take the lives of others.

Well I think I pretty much made that crystal clear already.

So how can all this be put into motion?

Well if I give in and decide to place on simple button with each of the blogs pages, that is how. A simple 'donation' button. To increase my input and do this endeavour I can simply place a button for others that believe this would be productive and do that which I stated I would be happy to do. Had the earnings started arriving when I wanted them to I would not have considered it.

The beauty of the button is that it will be there to simply have people donate whatever they wish to and I would certainly not ask for any figure. It could be 10 pence or ten pounds, it really would not matter to me but to others it could show that they took part in something that may turn out to be something big. Something that changed things nationally or even globally. Possibly? If of course I decide to do it.

The truth is I am undecided. The idea of the legal action has been rattling around in my head for several years. The idea of the contributions button has only been rattling around my head for about four months, if that. I told someone in my family a few months ago that the time of me accepting help from any one has long since past. That really has not changed at all. But even deciding to place the dreaded button there I of course face somewhat of a conundrum...

The idea of the blog was to each as many people as I could within the UK so that they would see the truth. My total visitors thus far is over 70,000 and at the end of the day I do not know how many even believe this country can be saved? Or indeed they want to save it? Or think it is even possible? A contributions button and the legal action may be moot points already, or even just one is a moot point?

Despite my many claims throughout the life of this blog I simply do not know!

If I DO decide to add the dreaded button it would only ever be optional and will not happen just yet as I am still mulling it over and may yet decide not to do it.

But then on the other hand at least people may realise that any money donated would actively be shown to be trying to change things for the better. Far better than funding say a protest march or marches and likely to be far more productive.

Well I say that but really I mean in my estimations and hat was what I had planned if all else failed.

I simply cannot decide whether this is a good idea or not but keep telling myself there is no harm in trying. The donation button itself may even be an experiment on its own and show me what people really think? I would rather see a million people donate a penny than one person donate a million pounds! And yes I know that the million pounds is more money than the million pennies which is indeed why I said it!