Thursday, 31 March 2016


I am not speaking of drunken French sailors or anything similar! Lol!

No, I am speaking of Red Eyed Tree Frogs, Agalychnis callidryas.

A few years back I was breeding this for a friend.

I started of with two pairs and he managed to raise 36 frogs so we anded up with 40 adults. Then one day he went on holiday for three weeks to Crete. On the last week I decided to have a bash at getting the forty frogs breeding.

As I published some pictures and videos of me producing some young Pyrenean Fire Salamanders, Salamandra salamandra fastuosa, I thought people might like to see the little bits of film of the frogs calling, breeding and with the eggs and larvae?

I know a great deal more than mere corruption with a bunch of lying people your paying a great deal of money too dodging and weaving thinking they are saving money when it is the biggest false economy of the modern world.

Here are a few videos ...

There were about 500 larvae all told and at a conservative guess.

Well at forty pairs and 12 clumps of eggs at around 80 eggs per batch, lol.

I have a blog on Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish. Another on British Wildlife. One that proves quite popular is one on Orchids and I have several others including Astronomy & Astrophysics and Computing for both software and hardware.

On my YouTube channel I have videos on all these subjects and then some.

I can also state that this will grow in content a fair old bit over the next 12 months or more as I have several things now planned for this coming year.

So seeing what I can do, and how I keep busy, along with how much knowledge I have you can imagine that with each subject, including even Kung Fu ... yes ... I KNOW KUNG FU, that these blogs might be of interest to visitors who happen to be into one of the subjects I have covered.

I also do not go around promoting my blogs here, there and everywhere though I have often wondered if I should. AT the end of the day people come back or they don't.


Well it should be no surprise to know that for a fair old while I have been ... well, leading up to something.

This morning my mobile phone rang with a number I did not recognise.

Would you believe that after 18 months or more it was the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman? Lmao! I kid you not.

Nor am I kidding when she, Yvonne, stated that the 'incident' took place in September 2015 and I replied " .. err, no. More like 2013!" she insisted that I had put 2015, like it was my fault, and that in s slightly patronising way stated that they could not do anything without the names and addresses of those involved final decision letter?!

Yeah, I know. Lol.

Getting on for three years ago this all took place and I have published every single correspondence I had, had from and to the PHSO and they hit me with that

  1. I told her that I had already given them the names, addresses and the final decision letter
  2. I also had to go through NHS England last time too, I wonder if they will try that one again?
  3. I told her that she, or rather they, should be more worried about the fact I had recorded evidence, by which I mean them caught lying and in the act dozens of times and ... admitting falsifying test results
  4. She failed to bat an eyelid, did not ask for me to send in the recordings and repeated what she said about decision letters and names and addresses
  5. She had never heard of Jonathan White
  6. No apologies provided whatsoever even when she seemed to explain that

I then decided to REPEAT what I said, as Goldfishes have memory spans these guys would be PROUD OF!

I told her I had already sent all this in two years or more beforehand along with the decision letters.

I also told her that I would 'poke them with a stick' every three months and I would get sent a compliments slip and now had a collection ...

Once again, did not bat an eyelid, let alone bloody apologise!

Why would you not bat an eyelid?

When it is common and standard procedure to ... DO FUCK ALL!


Hmm so ... how about some screenshots?

Remember .. YOUR paying for this with YOUR taxes! 

You watch ... I bet they are either of a higher echolon of society or they are a different species to the rest of us, same with the NHS. MARK my words, ;)

Wednesday, 30 March 2016


This afternoon I sat somewhere I was not expecting to, nor was heading to nor even intended to be at all, sitting on a grass patch, in a village just outside London. I was there over an hour after a mile walk, or rather hobble, avoiding trucks, cars and vans as I was forced to walk on the road!

I wondered if I was ever going to get back!

Let me explain ..

I had visited a vape store to pick up a couple of things and a 30ml bottle of Barbed Custard. Only waiting at the usual bus stop I got on the bus only for it to not go straight at a large roundabout at Waltham Abbey, so heading for Waltham Cross, it turned ... RIGHT!

Odd as I thought all the buses going that way went through Waltham Abbey going the opposite way.

It seems not!

I thought I mist be going to Upshire then and when it reached the Crooked Mile roundabout it turned ... LEFT! Instead of going straight across.

It gets better ... and then it gets unbelievably better!

I then think I will stay on the bus to see where it goes, now heading up roads that used to be my local roads years ago, towards Nazeing. Then I realise there are no bus stops and I think 'no matter, it will likely go left towards Nazeing and then to Broxborne and I can get a bus back from there.

Except ... NO! The bus goes straight on towards a place I have not been through in likely twenty years, Bumbles Green. So I decide I better get off the bus and ring the bell, only as I am heading towards the front of the bus with me thinking the bus is going a bit fast to be stopping for that bus stop, it goes straight past it!

"Excuse me, you was supposed to stop there, I did press the bell!"

"Oh, sorry!" he replies and asks me where he wants me to be dropped off. I see a pull in and point "THERE!"

He pulls over, I alight the bus and he pulls away as I look around and realise I now have to walk about a mile IN THE ROAD!!

Trucks, vans and cars go past me as I limp back towards Bumbles Green. I walk through the village looking for the bus stop on the other side to get back to Waltham Abbey ... except there isn't one!

Eventually I come to a roundabout and see a road heading west off it, a bus stop on this road and know this will take me to Broxborne and therefore the buses must take me there. Except on studying the four routes only two go there and the next one is an hour away! I just missed one, apparently.

So there I am ... sitting on this patch of grass wondering how in the hell I ended up there and just how things can go horribly wrong.

You sit there for so long you wonder if a bus is going to come at all? You then start wondering that there may be a strike you do not know about? Or the buses have broken down? All the things that may prevent you form getting home, or at least getting back in a reasonable time.

I had something on me I was supposed to drop of at a mates, I asked me to order him something.

Once again I realise only too well that people without motorise transport are taken for granted, or everyone and everything is built to expect you to have your own transport.

I think it is just being registered disabled these days that puts this things more into focus?

It also is a sore reminder of what goes wrong when my Fibrofog causes me to lose focus on what I am doing.

Luckily it only added around two hours to my journey, maybe slightly more, and I put off dropping a parcel off at a friend's until tomorrow.

Then I went to put a new Smok TFV4 Atomiser tank on one of my box mods to vape on and the darn thing leaks everywhere! The last 5mls of my favourite flavour, Wick Liquor's Carnival, goes everywhere.

Thinking there must be a dodgey o-ring on the OCC (pre-made Organic Cotton Coil) I take the RBA (Re-Buildable Atomiser where you only have to change the cotton and not the coil too) out and put that in. Only when I fire it up I get no vape?! I try again and nothing. I then fire it while looking at the screen and it says ... 'Check Atomiser'?!

Oh great! This is just ... GREAT!

What a day. I change it back to the original coil, the RBS was only a single coil anyway and I prefer at least a dual coil and three at most, tightened everything really tight and ... no bloody leaks!

It must have just been installed by a cack-handed moron?

So after travelling and seeing a third of Essex, unintentional, I do not have to go back with the atomiser tomorrow and do it all again! Phhhheeeeew! Lol.

I tell ya, just the short term memory issues of Fibromyalgia alone, let alone the dozen areas of pain and the few embarrassing things, is a .. fecking .. pain ... in the arse! (Father Ted accent)

At least I now have my RBA for my Smok TFV4 Full, dual coil of course, and now have a Smok TFV4 Mini and though it is nice I did want a Smok TFV4 Micro but no one seems to have them. When they do they appear to be with a kit and a 80W, I think it was, Smok Box Mod.

"We don't stock them" said Craig in the Puff Dad E store when they do the full and mini and O pointed out that no one does! They are always with the kit and God help anyone who has a kit and breaks their atomiser 'cos you cannot buy another one. Not in the UK, lol.

No, no, no I am NOT buying another box mod! Lol, I have the Snow Wolf and the Cuboid, I do not need any more ... no pausing and thinking about it, no!


Oh yeah and I picked up my free 30ml of Barbed Custard by Vapemunki, which is one of my top four flavours.

I have been through three dozen and I have three new ones on the way, Suicide Bunny OB, Marshmallow Man (as I got fed up waiting weeks for London Vape Company to get them in) and .. umm .. something else .. cannot remember ... ooh a new doughnut flavour by thjose guys actuall called the Doughnuts Juice company...oh sorry Donuts Juice Co, lol. AMericans cannot spell, I forgot, hehe.

Repeat after me ... (in a Stewie Griffin voice) Cookie .. Dough ... Dough .. Nuts?! Lol.

Anyway they do three doughnut flavours and I ordered one and no not the strawberry and blueberry! I said in a recent post that americans seem to think that Waffles is a Strawberry flavour, Dougnuts taste of strawberry or blueberries and all cereals taste of granola!

Good God, thankfully they did not invent them as they would have thought they all tasted like shit without half an vineyard, orchard or half a punnet is dumped on everything?

I just love waffles on their own, a little maple syrup at most.

Pancakes with sugar and a touch of lemon.

If its gonna taste of a bloody fruit or berry then bloody well call it that!

If you want doughnuts without the over bearing fruit ... Wick Liquor's Carnival!

Their Boulevard flavour is a nice vape too.

Monday, 28 March 2016


Well it seems like I was wrong on something.

A few years ago someone mentioned that the giant form of Pyrenean Fire Salamanders I owned and then sold, gave birth to fully formed Salamanders, i.e. without gill and not aquatic already black and yellow.

Now some of the Fire Salamander family like Cantabrian Fire Salamander, one small form of North African Fire Salamanders (S.s. algira when I last looked but are not), the Alpine Salamander, Golden Alpine Salamander and Lanzai's Salamanders. These scientifically are, respectively, Salamandra salamandra bernardezi (one split into S.s. alfredschidtii, sensibly), Salamandra Salamandra algira,  Salamanadra atra, Salamandra atra aurorae and Salamandra lanzai.

All of the species mentioned above all have one thing in common. They are half the body weight of the giant Pyrenean Fire Slamandra, maybe a little less and are noticeably smaller than normal Fire Salamanders, like the French Fire Salamander (Salamandra salamandra terrestris) and Spotted Fire Salamander (Salamandra salamandra salamandra). Hence I thought none of the bigger species would actually give birth to fully formed salamanders. I was wrong.

The naming might look complex, but it is bad to my mind.

The first name is the family, or genus, then the species name and then the sub-species.

However what is wrong with it is that it insinuates that one branched off from another but assumes the date and/or rather that there were only three events that could have separated them off from each other?

There were probably several ice-ages and we know not how often these have occurred. Also any warm periods, so that southern forms go up mountains and therefore get broken off, also would occur and number almost equal, if not precisely equal, the number of ice-ages that have occurred.

Think of it as a wave, if there was a lowest point that would be an ice-age and its coldest point, it stands to reason there would also be a peak in a warmer period. Up, down, up, down and so on and so forth.

Of course we know not what causes these right now but I am willing to go out on a limb and state our planet has been wobbling and still is from that huge chunk of comet that wiped out the dinosaurs?

Good God, my head is so full of theories it is not true!

I must write some books on all these theories and these amphibians ... oh wait, I DID! LMAO!

Here is a little video of me getting something wrong ... just for the record ... lol ...


As a favour to a friend I ordered him a book and to get the delivery free of charge they put the minimum order up to £10 at one point and then put it up further to £20.

A couple of years back, and posted about on my computing blog, they started making a great deal of errors, especially with deliveries. They threw one package into a garden and as it was geo-tagged, or so they claimed, it flagged up as being delivered. A neighbours two dogs was playing with this SSD drive in the rain! I kid you not.

Many did not believe me and one mate stayed in for a delivery that never came but when his girlfriend arrived home from her teaching job she found the parcel from Amazon in their front garden, just flung into some bushes.

My friend was shocked and swore there was no knock at the door and unlike my house his one is dead easy to find.

Well I ordered these three items, all of which I picked because they first had them in stock and secondly ... were fulfilled by Amazon.

When you see this message in future run like hell and go to a third party.

I told them about these incidents and others and they did not care and despite me rollicking them several times they did absolutely nothing.

Well Easter Sunday they claimed to have tried but failed to deliver my three items ordered exactly one week beforehand.

So not wanting to stay indoors for yet another day and they are unable to find something ... as BIG AS A FUCKING HOUSE, I went out.

I was only out a few hours between midday and 2pm, of course they go and try to deliver during the period they never EVER deliver. It is either 8am to 9am or its 5pm to 7pm.

No, after taking a week to get my bloody order to me, one I could have gone about and picked up myself locally, they come to my house during the two hours I am out of the house over 48 hours!

I really, really cannot be messed about like this.

When I ordered my shopping on-line it never went like this. They did not fail to turn up and bring it back the next day, so how come this happens to my Amazon orders like 75% of the time and higher?

A stupid wire I ordered with it, angled, USB lead, arrived on Tuesday morning. A stupid wire! Lol,

Anyway I have declared war on Amazon and stated I will now go through the waste of time Ombudsman, asked them which one, I presume that Retail Ombudsman idiot who was trying to make excuses for retailers selling tumble driers and washing machine that like to spontaneously combust?


My rather strong email ... which I always get stern about when they have taken no notice of my complaints over a period of a year or two.


Dear Morons

Well you have struck yet again and shown that you are not only badly run and with a terrible service, along with not giving a shit how badly your delivery drivers are but you LIE as well.

I have seen the track package page ...


Track Package indeed! It doesnt track anything. It gives absolutely no insight and no clue as to where your items are, please get RID OF IT!

Well your not the company you once were and I will be campaigning for people to ditch your extremely badly run and amoral company to others that give a damn about there cutomers.

I stayed IN ALL DAY LONG and no attempt was made to knock at my door with my package, as you claim.

Best of all is that the three items that I ORDERED on Sunday 20th March, 8 DAYS AGO, have not only taken, inexplicably, a week to leave your warehouse, no reasons provided despite asking, and now they are GOD KNOWS WHERE!

I live in a house .. YOU CANNOT MISS IT ... IT IS AS BIG AS A HOUSE!!!

Do you realise that much more than 50% of your deliveries, more like 70% or more, have failed to arrive when stated?!


What makes it worse is I have warned you about this for several years, but you do not give a crap.

What is the name and address of the Ombudsman that are supposed to deal with you?

Is it the retail ombudsman?

Please provide contact as I am now going to make my complaint against you official and go through official procedures to complain about you.

I will also now publish a few posts on my blog about you, you have a few already about your disregard for your customers and will now absolutely RUBBISH or take the piss out of any new media coverage you get.

For example, I hope you aerial drones double the reliability of your current methods of delivery, as maybe then we might get 75% of our goods as and when you state we will?!

Martin Haswell BSc

Saturday, 26 March 2016


I said I was distracted recently?

How about something a bit different from all the corruption, what I have done, proof I have recently got and all that? Let us step away from this momentarily to something I am finding a big help, a pleasure and gotten me off cigarettes?

Yeah, well what happened was that one day I was in a local chemist, picking up my prescription meds and I was looking at the E-Cigarettes they have in their they source from Liberty Flights. I normally look at the cheap slim things in there but one day I picked up a leaflet that had much beefier e-cigs. One was called the 'Cloud Chaser' and I wondered why it had such a cool sounding name.

One time I was in their I asked if they actually worked, as after three years of quitting I found myself smoking again.

I had a little stress due to a loss of communication with someone and had started smoking, much to the annoyance and surprise of family and friends after staying off tobacco for so long.

Behind me was a couple and they started to give me a run-down of how good they are and how to use them.

I purchased one called the Premier, but despite the name it was a bottom of the ladder e-cigarette. I asked if they had a better one and they said 'no' but next time I was in there they did in fact have a better one! Dumb-arses.

Anyhoo after a few weeks I walked into Mirage E-Cigarette's store in Waltham Cross and saw something looking like the Cloud Chaser of Liberty Flights, except this had a black tank atomiser and a neater design. I bought it.

Then I decided I wanted one to take out with me but my new E-Stogie was too nice. So I bought a small subvod kit. Battery did not last long enough and then I spotted an even BIGGER E-Stogie, called the Aspire Elite Kit, Aspire CF Maxx Battery and an Aspire Atlantis Mega tank on special offer, normally £95 but was same price as I paid for my smaller E-Stogie, about £60.

In this time the guys in the various shops, like the Juice Shop in Edmonton and Puff Dad E in Waltham Abbey, were remarking about getting a box mod. Except I did not like the look of them and thought they looked like bad 1980's mobile phones! I told them all so too! Lol.

I then bought a Sigelei Legend only I wanted the 30 Watt version and they sold me the 15 Watt version. SO when I took it back they did not have one and I ended up paying more and swapping it for a damned box mod, the Joyetech Cuboid 150W, though it operates up to 200 watts, lol.

I was told before I bought it that it was not metal but plastic ... wrong, when I got the damn thing out it was like a small steel brick! Nice.

I had heard of some laws coming in and read on the Internet of a series of, completely pointless and obviously biased in favour of the tobacco industry, laws coming in. One was restricting the atomiser tanks to hold just 2 millilitres of juice. Yes, you read that right they do not want tanks bigger than two MILLILITRES! A little over a third of that a teaspoon holds! With many tanks being 3.5 to around 6 millilitres many of the tanks would become illegal in just two months time.

I had been told and was reading into dripper atomisers. Technically these leak but in actual fact they do not unless you put too much in them. You take off the lid of the atomiser, held in place by o-rings, and literally drip enough juice just to soak the wicks which are made of cotton.

You guessed it, another law they want to bring in is tanks that do not leak. Great if it applies to tanks only but I just have this nagging feeling it will apply to dripping atomisers. Well they DO look like tanks and I doubt a corrupt government working with the tobacco industry will even bother differentiating between the two. Even when pointed out.

This is something I am going to be very interested in.

Another thing is them using exploding e-cigs or ones that catch fire? Because they do not and it is the batteries that do. A combination of companies buying batteries of the big five Sony/Sanyo/Samsung/LG and one other that do not make their 20A target and actually re-wrapping them and claiming they are 30Amps or 40, even, Amp batteries.

A bunch of idiots, not nerds as 'nerds' know their stuff, who want to brag about using low ohm coils under 0.1 even, fail to realise the laws of electricity, notably Ohm's Law. At low Ohm's your drawing far greater amps and if the battery cannot take it, especially so if they are badged 40 Amps and are only 15 Amps in reality, eventually the batteries will start to fail. The will fracture and before long, rupture. When they do you will get a small explosion or catching fire. With a lot of heat being given off and gases venting out.

So yeah, stop idiots from re-wrapping batteries and other idiots from fucking about being braggers without brains as well as stopping the sale of tanks that leak like sieves, yes. But do NOT use it as an excuse to get people off e-cigs and back on fags because your mates work in the tobacco indsustry and your missing a black hole equivalent in the way of taxes.

You see? This is what I have ALWAYS had an issue with!

They do not add taxes to something to convince you to not do it, use it or eat it because it is unhealthy, it is just a lame excuse for money.

Then this money is used NOT in the area it is taken, like health and a corrupt NHS, no! It gets used to fund something it should not be. Now everyone is going over to vaping as it is much healthier and you can still get your nicotine fix as well as completely control your nicotine amount as well as drop it in increments, as I have done. So now they have been missing a whole bunch of money, because people are now literally giving up smoking which is what government said they wanted. So I was expecting something really, really lame to be announced that made the whole thing look completely and utterly obvious.



Anyhoo, back on track. I bought another to go out with, thought it was too nice, but something else, but the batteries they make are naff, even the top ones, and didn't last.

I also wanted a box mod called a Snow Wolf and thought if I ever bought one it would be that one. I ended up with that Joyetech Cuboid and then bought a Snow Wolf anyway!

I started buying different tank atomisers, like two Kanger Subtank Minis, an Aspire Mega Atlantis and an Aspire Triton 2, which is currently doing something wrong. Then a Kanger TopTank Nano and then I started worrying about not getting a dripper. So I buy a Tesla Clapton Dripper! Then I buy a Mutation X V4 dripper. Then I read about something called a Velocity. By this time I am watching an American dude called Rip Tripper I really like to watch on these things and I order a mini Velocity in silver. Then Puff Dad E, who previously told me they had no Velocities in stock, had a full velocity in black in a cabinet. Hmm ... better get a back up?! LMAO!

Just as I was buying my very last piece of hardware I see this Mephisto dripper, all copper and gold with engravings and shit and I say, 'oh that is pretty!' and remember that Mephisto was the arch enemy of one of my favourite Marvel heroes, the Silver Surfer .... you see what I am doing here? Coming up with lame reasons to buy one, and I did and I did. LOL.

Then there was all the e-juice flavours!

Oh my God ... a Charlie's Chalk Dust, two Wick Liquors, three bottles and flavour of Ruthless later along with a Pancake Man, SY4 from Mirage, Zeus Juice Dimpleberry an Avant Garde and a whole bevvy of others and then WHAM! Vaper's Tongue ...

Just waiting ...

Just waiting a bit longer ...

just waiting for idiots to flip and start typing comments about how it is nothing to do with your tongue and to not call it that before I point out that my Fibromyalgia means 'painful muscle tendons' and that is it's official name but has nothing to do with those things and to stop being offensive to others just to attempt to make yourself look brainy.

Your not, your only succeeding in making yourself sound like a rude and arrogant idiot.

Anyway ... those just into it or thinking about vaping, especially from cigarettes I have typed this out, have done a couple of videos too, see below.

Word of warning. Nicotine strengths go from zero through 0.3 (or 3), 0.6 (or 6), 1.2 (or 12), 1.8 (or 18) and some finish at 2.0 (or 20) and even 2.4 and 3.6 (24 and 36 respectively.

The decimal point is only there if it is labelled in percentages or milligrams. Just remember the number as they work out the same, three or six and so on.

Also if your going to go straight to a sub ohm ... you miiight want to stay away from 20mg and higher, lol. You will feel the nicotine on your throat, they call this a throat hit. Stronger ones are more for like cigar smokers, lol.

I started on 18 and 24 but am now on 3 and 6, but do have one bottle that is 12.

I have been to the Juice Shop, Puff Dad E, Vape Co or London Vape Co (two of them), Vaporium Cafe, Vape and Green and Krayzee Vape Cafe. I think that is all, lol oh and Mirage E-Cigarettes in Waltham Cross.

More in the videos ;) ...

Hardware ...



Well I seem to be getting things done without actually focusing on them!

In my terrarium I noticed a male putting in a daytime showing, a little odd unless they are ... amorous, and then a females tail dangling over the edge of the pond area.

The ferns, particularly the Maidenhair Fern, was a little overgrown and I could only see a small part of the actual body of water. Still I looked through the small gap anyway and as I peered carefully I thought I could make out the outline of a very small head submerged in the water. As I was looking intently to see if this might be what I thought it was I noticed a banana like shape that had four structures at either and and thought 'they are legs! I am sure of it!' and due to the angle not belonging to the head shape I first spotted.

So I decided to go in and have a look but then thought about setting up the camera on a tripod, to get a video of me guessing and then pulling out any salamander larvae, or tadpoles.

Sure enough I was correct in my assumptions and the video got uploaded, now I am uploading other videos on me getting into vaping! Yes I went from cigarettes to vaping recently and am quite hooked on all the technology available, as you will se in the next two posts, lol.

Anyway here are just two videos of a male Pyrenean (or Lourdes) Fire Salamander and then the one of my netting out some babies with their feathery gills, think tiny Axolotls as that is in essence, waht they are .. well .. sort of, just different species, lol ..

At least SOMETHIING is keeping me occupied and I wont be throwing around any bottles of Lady Million either! LMAO! That joke may get explained ... one day ... maybe ...

Me fishing out the youngsters, the VERY youngsters lol ..

Friday, 25 March 2016


I was queuing up at an ATM at my local Sainsburys on the Great Cambridge Road.

The man in front of me walked off and headed across the car park and I approached the machine but as I was wrestling to get my debit card out of my pocket I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

There in the dispensing part of the machine was a bunch of notes, money, sticking out! There were around six notes in all, I am guessing a minimum of £40 was there, and I took the money out. 'Huh, that would be handy, what with me needing to buy a replacement camera' I thought to myself as I looked at it.

That is really not me though so I turned around to see where the guy had gone and saw him heading to a silver SUV. I headed over and he was putting something in the boot of his car. Oddly he kind of tapped the front right pocket of his jeans, as if reassuring himself the money was there. He seemed to be apprehensive about what he could feel and gave it another tap, as if he was just being sure.

He put his hand onto the tailgate of his car and looked at me as I was walking towards him with my hand held out.

He had not spotted the notes just yet when I said with a smile "Next time you use an ATM, I would take your money with you when you leave!" I said as he then glanced at the notes and his jaw dropped and eyes went wide.

He smiled back as he took the notes and said "Why, thank you very much!" and I replied it was not a problem and turned to head back to the ATM.

I thought I was the one with short term memory problems?!

Now I had a wait behind two people, damn why is being the good guy such a pain in the arse?


Thursday, 24 March 2016


Well it has been a long, long time since I first contacted the PHSO.

That is the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman who you pay for the running of, building, rents, council taxes and all the admin, salaries and no doubt a fleet of cars too?

I have left it an inordinate amount of time, quite deliberately so, knowing I would hear nothing from them despite me poking them with sticks to wake them up every two or three months previously.

They have taken absolutely no action or even investigate anything whatsoever.

Here is me now poking them with a stick with some very, very harsh words and accusations ...

Here is a screenshot from March 2015 and it all started before then and I am given them some documents of reports I typed put detailing my recorded audio and telling them, even then, that I expect them to do nothing and they have acted, or rather inaction, exactly as I predicted they would.

So I actually warn them I am watching them, fully convinced of their corrupt ways too and that I will publish them whatever they do or indeed do not do!

They still have the confidence to do nothing and not be concerned with any comebacks ... because their aren't any.

But you will still pay their bills and salaries for them! LMAO!

Such a joke these clowns and so, so easy to expose them in a way they completely fail to understand or even realise the implications of that come along down the road ... email after screenshots ...

EDIT: It seems the email no longer exists, I am searching for another email address to send it to and I am not the only one that suspects the PHSO of corrupotion and here is a link to others contacting them and getting absolutely nowhere with some interesting comments to boot ...

EDIT: Found email FROM him/them stating they are out of the office until the 14th November 2014 which would have been a reply to an email I sent them over a letter I sent in the post, so likely started several months earlier than the time they emailed me. So somewhat prior to early November 2014.

EMAIL AS OF TODAY, 24032016 ..

Dear Jonathan White


Well if there was ever the evidence that ombudsman, no matte WHO they are and WHAT they cover, not only do nothing but never have any attention of doing anything I think you have one of the best ones there is.

Or should I say that it is 'I' that have one of the best ones there are.

I set out on a five year plan to blog about not just the corrupt, wrong, incompetent and badly run public services in the UK but to highlight the complete waste and disregard of the British public's taxes.

I have had to literally POKE you with a stick to get any responses out of you and added to that the last time, as I explained on my blog, I decided to leave the PHSO alone for over 6 months. I predicted that in this far lengthier period of time you would not contact me and therefore do absolutely nothing. This despite the fact that I have way over half a dozen of a mixture of emails, compliment slips and various other things from you.

While I left you to walk right into one of my traps so I could highlight your failures and prove my prediction that you would not do anything, not even come to a conclusion that they were not to blame, because you cannot, I concentrated on the DWP and have continued upon my path with the corruption within the NHS.

This therefore means I have had a great deal more data since I very first approached you.

I have had many members of the public express utter shock at what I have told them as well as friends, family and all my visitors to my blogs and YouTube channel who are now starting to see. This also includes men of the cloth one of which left a comment of thanks as he realised his family had been lied to and cheated along with other health professionals.

In fact one private osteopath burst out laughing at hearing how I was x-rayed, refused x-rays and had x-rays cancelled before then expressing her concern at how bad the NHS is.

I have also been chasing after the government and you may note that as far as running the DWP is concerned and Iain Duncan-Smith, who I gave a very hard time for three years, along with Michael Meacher using my blog to attack him in the House of Commons back in 2013 and Nick DeBois being corrected by me when he said that the Tory Party found out what Atos was up to and they got rid if them and he got a shock when I informed him he was looking at the man that highlighted their lying ways and tricks and that it was I.

The last time I checked my overall figures of visitors some months ago it had tipped over 300,000 and it is now raising each month faster than ever.

Over the next 7 months or so it will continue to increase its monthly figures and will not be long before it tips over a million visitors.

I can assure you that in those 7 months there is the possibility of several things occurring that will see that rise increase in an exponetial fashion.

I also posted that I found it quite hilarious that the news media, stealing ideas that I informed them about over four years ago, reporting on deaths within the NHS that NHS England are investigating to be quite hilarious.

The NHS is just one in a list of organisations, mostly public funded, that I claimed would be costing lives with very specific details as to why and how they are costing lives.

This includes Police Forces, the DWP, Local Councils and even energy companies.

I assure you that the list goes on and my data and my posts have continued to grow ever higher. This results in anyone I approach having absolutely nowhere to run or hide.

If you do not do what your paid for by the taxpayer for the taxpayer the proverbial is going to hit the fan before very long and some of them already are.

So what is your explanation this time for doing nothing and not contacting me in a period longer than 6 months?!

I just found a screen shot regarding my contact with you from March 2015, so that is a year we have been at this with no information, action or even some lame conclusion blaming me or calling me a liar?


Martin Haswell BSc


I have stated it on here for the last 3.5 years plus.

I have stated to friends for far longer.

I told all the national tabloids, ombudsman, government, Doctors, hospitals and the NHS themselves, namely NHS England several years ago too.

I even told a whole long list of solicitors firms when I tried to get legal representation to take legal action against the NHS too, again several years ago.

None of them listened, took any action or even reported anything along with acknowledging me.

The only one that did was the late Michael Meacher MP who emailed me back in late 2012 asking if he could use my data in the House of Commons and send it off to the national tabloids.

That was the second time the tabloids got my data and yet even this time there was absolutely no acknowledgement from The Press. For as much as they like to expose everyone else for getting up to no good they themselves also cheat and get where they are on the backs of others.

I had pretty much expected the news media to be as corrupt as everyone else and though many that knew me thought me mad several years ago they all sing to the same tune now. Many that insisted me mad will WhatsApp me, text me and call me when they hear of anything I have not heard of in the news or stuff they have heard which is a mirror image to things I stated and posted a long time ago. Well, they do claim it is news so if I stated it even 6 months ago it is OLD NEWS. Lol.

What it was that I stated is that all of these people will be costing lives but in a way that would be extremely difficult to detect. I mean, look at how difficult it was for me to get legal representation in the past? I am doing it now and with a pile of evidence too! If I cannot do it with everything that I possess then how can anyone else? If those accused are well aware of this and with no legal aid in existence, or at best very little, then do you think they are going to care?

This taking place at a time when everyone else is struggling financially and they will be feeling that there is almost zero chance they will be taken to court.

Now imagine this happening over ten years. Imagine how many evil people will be in these positions that will not have a care about a human life by then?

All because you are not doing anything right now.

I am hearing that lives are being lost that has the NHS to blame although what made me laugh was that in one news report it stated that NHS England were investigating?!

I have contacted NHS England about this for a fair few years going right back long before I even started blogging! I also approached the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman no less than three separate occasions. NOTHING. Even in the last one that must be getting on for three years, must be over two now, I have to write to them every couple of months just to get them to say they are still working on it. If you have been here long enough, do you remember that?

Do you know what I have been doing with the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman? Showing that they, along with the NHS England and the General Medical Council, are corrupt.

But how?

Well instead of poking them with a stick to wake them up every three months or so the last time I decided to leave it. Now I am going to have to go back and check at some point but I am sure it has now been longer than 6 months? I had poked them three or four times previously every three months, at a guess. Because I believe that even 6 weeks is an unreasonable amount of time to leave people without contacting them yet that is what everyone seems to take in government and public offices. So three months going by and having to contact them should be embarrassing?

Except they did not seem to think so so this time I left it and decided to leave it about 6 months or more.

You can imagine how I will word the next correspondence to both the PHSO and NHS England? Lol,

So now there are a flurry of reports coming out by the news groups that ignored me many, many moons ago. Here are a few ... that I most certainly contacted four years ago in my very last wave of contacts with any tabloids and TV news groups ...

...huh, and they want to whinge and whine and blame the Internet on their dropping sales?

No, it is because no one trusts you as your terrible at being corrupt! Lol. Try not ignoring what cannot be ignored, no matter how much they pay, what they do for you or any other perks you might get.

The public are not entirely stupid!

You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. I am amazed that you are either not familiar with that line or just decided it was all bollocks?!

Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Oh dear, what a terrible disaster and heart breaking scenes of devastation afflicting a naïve Europe once again.

Once again we have had a long list of innocent people killed.

One wonders when the naivety will end?

The new Nazis that think themselves the master race, or religion whichever you prefer as both probably apply, have a again.

Two things I noted from this cowardly act.

One was that the Belgian authority's quite just days before that they had shot and apprehended one terrorist and that he was cooperating with said authorities.

Not enough it would seem.

I thought it was just the British government that would tell you any old bollocks just to appease you, get in power or just keep you quiet until they do pull their fingers out of their arses?

As this is Brussels and Europe's naïve leaders all have offices nearby I'm hoping that they pull their sand filled ears into the daylight now.

The second thing I noted was how members of the public that had scraped through it actually smiled and even laughed about getting through it.

I wondered if this could be a sign of the fact that I've always maintained that people normally out on an act when on TV but in this instance and with the shock they have no time to compose themselves?
I was surprised at some of those interviewed, I really was. To me it was obvious that people had died and that was all that I could think about. I heard one interviewed state there was a mother with a very young or newborn baby and all I could think about was anyone there that had children or if any children died and just how terrible that would be.

Many just showed how happy they were that they were not among the dead.

It was odd how people just kept on running too. Way out on the open where you could see there was no danger they just carried on running.

Maybe it's just me, my reaction would be to help the injured and had I come in close proximity to a living terrorist I would have gotten great joy from kicking his arse all around that airport. With a large crowd cheering me on, no doubt.

Also, these moronic radicals really do make me laugh ... an act of revenge for what they did arresting that other tosser? Do they bloody well know how revenge works? Or do they think acts of revenge is only bestowed upon them? What do these low IQ morons think that arrest was? Picking on an innocent man for the fun of it? It was an act of retaliation for the Paris bombings, you half-witted imbeciles of deluded beliefs and tunnel vision!

Still people I hear and speak to are quoting how we should stop taking in migrants and I was also told two things today. A friend told me that there had been a bomb scare at Liverpool Street Station in London but noted there was nothing on the radio or in the news about it. I told him that it was in fact quite the opposite and that Cameron and others had stated there was no threat to anything happening in the UK! So the extra men are just bollocks one again because you feel we need to see them? This friend of mine telling me this disbelieved what I'd found out about the news media covering up terrorists with a bomb in a dinghy at Waltham Abbey's White Water Rafting Centre while the Olympics were on a couple years back.

One I warned the secret services about several months beforehand, you better believe it.

He nodded in agreement instead of the previous looks of disbelief when I'd said they covered up that bomb in a boat incident on the River Lea. I only found out long after the Olympics when a local moaned at me about the money spent on the area. He then stated about the cover up and complained they didn't tell them the truth.

Little did he know who he was speaking to. So I told him and do you know what he did once he learned the truth?

He turned his motorised scooter around one hundred and eighty degrees and sped off as fast as his invalid carriage could carry him!

I remember smiling as he sped off thinking "So? You didn't really want to know the truth after all? Just someone that likes to complain about everything?"

I actually thought momentarily if this is why the government kept things secret? But then I thought better of it. Sure, I'm not naïve and don't things should be. But they have taken it far too far in recent years and it had crept down the line to celebrities. Now they just want to hide their money, tax evasions and very sordid escapades involving some very sick and very illegal things.

Speaking of 'sick' it reminds me of the other thing I was told today.

I was told in a message, by someone else who also didn't believe my theories, that Swine Flu is back and they are covering it up. I'm told that a number of hospitals in the county of Essex, Harlow being one, have been sending texts to the public. Sound expensive, much? The texts warned prior that if they started getting flu like symptoms to not, that's NOT, go to hospital.

Well that's sounds very odd as well as expensive and you would only do this over something very contagious combined with being deadly.

As the person who told me had just spent some time in a hospital in betting that one of the health staff or maybe another patient or patients told him if the Swine Flu.

It might not be Swine Flu and they could be just guessing that from the text messages but the messages were real, apparently. The Swine Flu was just an estimated guess.

Bad news send to be rather like that of buses and come along in packs?!

I only hope that the leaders in Europe get a handle on all this terrorism and quick. It's the last thing a financially troubled, for a long time and long time to come, Europe needs right now.

But I think I'm going to cross every appendage over the European Championship, Wimbledon and even the Olympics in Brazil?! Then, of course, there is the Zika Virus!

Let's hope and pray there are no incidents at all, especially widespread ones with many victims.

The Middle East is now Europe's backyard -


I am not going to state too much ..

But I have had a response from the first wave off letters and in the form of no less than FIVE text messages from a legal firm asking me names and addresses of all my General Practitioners as well as the Doctors and Hospitals that have all lied.

This is the first time I am attempting any of these things on a serious basis since I started blogging and of course since I started blogging I have acquired a great deal more DATA and recordings!

Now we shall see how this all pans out?

Remember .. this what I have done is unique and mountainous and along with the fact I have so, so many recordings there is this blog to consider.

This blog and the fact that well over 300,000 have visited my sites and the number that will eventually visit my blog over the next year. Even two years is not that far away, not when it comes down to the question of repercussion.

A friend asked me why I was doing this and I said I cannot lose. He looked puzzled and said "How do you work that out?"

I reminded him that all these people are out there that claim to perform a service and help, poor, disabled it matters not.

With me doing a good 8 years work at this and with all that I possess and all that I have done on-line then I should be a very easy person to apply and get help.

If I cannot then people will ask under what circumstances exactly dod these people really help and what are they doing for their money. If it strongly appears they do nothing than there will be a viral outbreak and then an uproar!

If however it turns out that one or two of the three dozen I have contacted then that works in my favour too, does it not?

He burst out laughing!

Now, so shall I ...



As you know, and I hope I have not forgotten to post anything, but since around November 2015 I have had a row with Eon Energy ... yes once again!

This was because they sent someone to my door twice, despite me keeping them informed, and decided to charge me £60 per visit. I told them to remove the bills and they refused. I asked them to remove the bills, which then altered to £50 or £55 per visit so someone is cheating money out of customers, or take me to court.

They did neither.

I then told them they would get no more money until they take me to court and it was left at that. I have to admit that my time passed than I realised, well I do have Fibrofog from Fibromyalgia and have to contend with GPs and Doctors evading my diagnosis and therefore correct treatment!

But then Eon Energy had my health issues explained to them in great detail a long, long time ago.

Now here is the 'rub'.

I have now contacted them again and now they tell me to go to an Ombudsman, funny that they all do this now that ombudsman do nothing at all and no intention of doing so?

Now this is what will happen ...

I will get scorned for not contacting either them or the ombudsman previously but they will not get scorned for the lapse in memory.

Except I will ask, which one of us actually HAS an excuse when it comes to lapses in memory?

I will go through the motions though yet again and I am sure I contacted them previously about this and just forgot all about it because of my Fibrofog?!

Here are a couple of emails, one from them and one back to them ...


Dear Mr Haswell,

You need to contact the Energy Ombudsman directly…..

Thanks for getting in touch about billing on your account and how we’re added charges. We’ve tried our best to sort things out with you but we weren’t able to agree on a solution that you’re satisfied with. This means you can now have your complaint independently reviewed by the Energy Ombudsman.

We sent you a Final Resolution Offer letter on 8 December 2015…..

The letter lets you know what our final resolution offer is for your complaint. If you’re satisfied with our final resolution offer, give us a call on 0115 969 7206 and we’ll put this in place straight away.

If you’re not satisfied with what we’ve offered the letter explains how to contact the Energy Ombudsman. The Energy Ombudsman would review your complaint and if you agree with their decision, we have to act on what they say.

We won’t talk to you about your complaint any more unless it’s to accept our final resolution offer or we hear from the Energy Ombudsman.

I’m sorry your complaint hasn’t been resolved yet…..

If you want to contact the Energy Ombudsman it’s quickest to call them on 0330 440 1624, they’re open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Alternatively you can fill in their online contact form at or write to them at Ombudsman Services: Energy, PO Box 966, Warrington, WA4 9DF.

Have a good day.

Kind regards,

Scott Hilditch
Residential Correspondence

If you'd like to email us please visit  By emailing us through our website we can guarantee your information remains secure. Thanks.

Dear Scott Hilditch

I believe I said , and the third time now ...

“Take me to court!”

Odd that you totally evaded that question. I have only been waiting five months or more for you to respond to the demand I have now put to no less than THREE TIMES!

You know as well as I do that you have the ombudsman all tied up and your not the only ones.

If you were to peruse my corruption blog, and a recent awkward questioning of a Retail Ombudsman on BBC News 24, you will note that I already know this and therefore know only too well that approaching any ombudsman is a complete and utter waste of time.

Likely this waste of time only serves to help you in your cause to get some litigation type order to enter a premises and force payment meters on to poor victims, unfairly and illegally.

Martin Haswell BSc

 ... and the Energy Ombudsman Service ...

Dear Mr Energy Ombudsman


I have on ongoing complaint regarding Eon Energy.

Even though I have kept them abreast of what was going on last year and was funding my daughter’s very serious legal case against four public organisations, which she won and was awarded over £750,000 in damages, unless I was lied to, Eon have been unfair.

Right at the end of this legal case they sent someone to my door about my bill, which was only around £200 or so. The note on the slips left, as I was not home, stated I was being charged £60 per visit.

I had a row with Eon Energy regarding this and asked them twice to remove these unfair charges. They refused and I then told them to take me to court as I was not going to pay them otherwise.

Unfortunately I failed to realise that many months went by and I have since contacted them again and suddenly they tell me to go to you, which I may have already done but forgotten about?

I have Fibromyalgia Syndrome which causes around 120 symptoms and one of these is short term memory loss, known as Fibrofog. I also have a damaged right knee, oesophagitis and pain in my groin from an inguinal hernia repair and I also have another inguinal hernia. I am also crippled with a back problem that has something to do with collapsing discs and the NHS are lying to me trying not to diagnose or treat it, this is so that they, the DWP and Local Councils can all save money.

Now before you make knee jerk assumptions over this let me assure you that I have been working on this corruption, well corruption everywhere in public organisations for 8 years and have been blogging about it for over 3.5 years. I have also had well over 300,000 visitors and by the end of this year this would have risen faster than it ever has before.

Also to show the incompetence, lies and lack of action by those receiving taxpayers money I post about things as I go along, so people can see what happens, what actions and who acted as and when it happens.

The fact that the posts are all dated are a little thing they fail to realise and that I use to my advantage.

Now if you do not mind I would like your help on the matter, though really I am not expecting any, just as a Retail Ombudsman representative avoided questions over washing machines and tumble driers, I know were sold as new but refurbished, on BBC News 24 recently. In fact he avoided the same question three times!


Martin Haswell BSc



OK then I will put up this one for now and to show what I am doing right now.

As plans 'A' and 'B' have not worked out yet, due to time for the former and God knows what to the latter, I am trying something else.

I suppose in a way it kind of works out this way as I have referenced these kinds of people previously and on several occasions.

There are many out there, organisations that is, that offer to help and claim to help people in tricky situations and plenty of them claiming to help disabled people.

Although in my experience, the same with charities, I have always ended up being ASKED FOR A DONATION than being offered help.

Also it is high time, now that I have gathered mountains of evidence, to approach for legal representation. If your the enemy I want to sue ... NO I HAVE NOT APPROACHED BEFORE! Well that is not since I started blogging.

There is this unfair 'Statute Of Limitations' to get around and they will no doubt ask me why I had not approached a legal firm before ... except for that I did!

As everyone seemed to both be lazy and not realise that if they had bothered to spend one hour with me they would realise it was an open and shut case, as I would not prove to be found dishonest in court, I did not get anywhere at all.

So I set out to get a whole raft of evidence as I did not want to get to a meeting the next time only to fail at that hurdle. I wanted to leap all hurdles laid out before me and so I continued on until I got between 6 and 12 from each and every one of them.

I far surpassed these figures with many of those that have failed to do as they are paid to do by the British taxpayer. Because this flawed attempt to save money has only cost the taxpayer ten times more over time at a minimum.

Do not pay to fix people now and you will pay to keep people for year after year until financial ruin is upon you.

Oh, wait?


So I am approaching legal firms, charities and literary agents but the last one has not gotten very far and also another industry full of not very bright people. Quite naive, in fact, in many cases and really need to go back to school to learn mathematics.

As they all seemed to be obsessed with money and things that cannot lose they should therefore be bloody good with their mathematics.

If they were then maybe they would stop wasting their time looking for the next JK Rowling and Harry Potter type series that will no doubt be a copy and would not make a single percentage point of what JK Rowling has achieved.

I have also had to apologise for my videos as my SIXTH camera took a tumble and I thought it was OK but pictures are fuzzy and when shooting video the lens vibrates.

Yes, yes I should have replaced this last year but I was helping someone else out. I did think I would get some funds back from the endeavour to get a replacement but it has not happened. Now is the time this becomes important as the Spring is finally here and Summer not far behind!

I should get something about two weeks from today but I am at a loss to pay more and go skint, and I have to already to replace this damned thing, or pay less and get other things I need too?!

I used a Sony with a 50x zoom lens and do I pay under £300 for one of two cameras in the region of 65x zoom or closer to £450 for an 83x zoom?

I need this to continue getting films for my YouTube channel and pictures for my blogs and as many of these are animals, especially birds, the bigger zoom is vastly more appealing! I am sure people taking pictures and films of birds and avid bird watchers would fully understand. In fact ANY animal expert would totally understand my predicament.

So things are moving, the weather is turning milder and I am becoming more animated, at long last, and after hobbling to the nearest ATM on the FIFTH day of back pain with my walking stick being the only thing that got me there, the pain finally subsided.

Mind you, it did get too much and I piled on 150mg of Tramadol on top of the 100mg I left the house on! Well it was either that or phone for an ambulance while out but it makes no difference because in the eyes of health professionals your wrong whichever of these you decide to do. The exact same applies to the government and they have been trying extremely hard to get that into the mindset of the British people.

This is what Iain Duncan-Smith was getting at by stating you risk splitting the nation down the middle. Except they have already been doing that which, provided your not a complete moron, most people noticed by the choices made in the last general election?

By this I mean Scotland and England. The Scots looked like they wanted out and the English in turn voted for that which Scotland hates. AT least that is they way it appeared to me as even I did not see the Tories getting in the way they did. In fact I did not see them getting in at all.

See? I do not always get it right! But it does turn out to be a rare thing, me being wrong and I do not like being wrong while at the same time have no fear in holding my hands up and admitting when I am wrong. But then did I not just do that?


Here is a video of a few letters sent off which may help others with the addresses on the envelopes ...

As I stated ... errr ... somewhere this is WAVE 2, waved one I completely forgot to record!!
Oh well.

Sunday, 20 March 2016


I was reading the report below regarding the interview of Iain Duncan-Smythe by Andrew Marr on the BBC.

It makes me laugh these days to read stuff about the BBC stating at how others have launched attacks upon others. Glass houses and all that. A blistering attack on the government by IDS? Oh?


I cannot believe I'm going to defend IDS here by asking which 'blistering attack' they are talking about?

I think the one I'm asking it of, or the ones, are all holding wooden spoons that look like they were dipped in something?

But the part that got me all annoyed was Downing Street stating that they are doing this for everyone and that they are being fair?!

Are you fucking kidding me, Downing Street? Jesus you people really do need to all by some pencils and go back to the drawing board!

I never saw, nor do I listen, to these budget announcements because I can't remember the last time they were both interesting or attacked one vulnerable section of society or another.

I did get to hear that there were cuts to disabled people yet again but tax breaks for the rich and wealthy.

Now you idiots have always maintained that your ways of doing things and helping the rich gets the economy moving again, crap, and helps creates jobs? Where? How long, exactly, have you been banging your heads against the wall on this one this time around? Six years? Seven maybe? More to the point ...

How many more years are you going to keep robbing the sick, disabled and poor before you realised this way doesn't work and in the past it was merely down to coincidence?

The horse has quite literally been flogged to death but still the Tories stand there in a queue each wielding a set of defibrillators hoping this time will be the ... time!

Suddenly I'm thinking of a Family Guy scene poking fun at Sean Connery's James Bond when he keeps telling a woman he is going to have seed with her. She keeps telling him no and he keeps asking. Eventually she says yes and he looks at the viewer and says "See? Fifty 'No's and a 'Yes' means, yes!" Lol!

Now read 'fifty SHIT YEARS and then one good one means our ways work!!'

Except General Elections are every five years and not every fifty, Mr Oddborne! Sorry, Osborne! Lol!
How he thinks he will get voted in as Prime Minister at the next general election, I just do not know! Unless of course the next time around has a really bad ratio of extremely naïve, amoral and utterly incompetent British voters in which case I really will start looking elsewhere for a home?

It worries me no end not only the damage to society he is currently doing but what he would do if the British public are stupid enough to vote him in si that he thinks 1) He was correct and 2) He can go even further?

In fact I'm in the 'out' camp over Europe except for one single solitary concern ...

That leaving Europe the Tories will use as an excuse to treat the vulnerable and the poor ten times worse than they do now?

There is no bigger sway for me over the Brexit question and I certainly don't want any 'STAY IN EUROPE' politicians giving me a bunch of lying crap to get their own way either!

In fact I cannot help but wonder if each and every politician had given agendas, or offered sweeteners by one camp or the other to promote being for our against it?

As I've proved over the last 3.5 years in here and realised around 4 years previous to starting the blogs ... everything I've looked into is corrupt to one level or another and some to extremes too.
I mean, there is nothing worse than a bunch of Doctors and Nurses being paid their salaries by lying to patients, unless they have no choice of course, and leaving them suffering si they continue getting paid.

Unless of course you know of some in which case I'm all ears?

In fact providing there is something and evidence had been acquired I will fully support, and have on here, any one person or group of people that investigate and expose corruption absolutely anywhere.
What's extremely troubling for me and this is for every minute of every day is that it's not a case of knowing who I can trust but that I have no one at all I can trust.

I would so dearly love this not to be the case but I'm afraid it's true.

At least, for now.

Duncan Smith warns government risks 'dividing' society -


While I was stuck in my house reduced to playing a PC game called Fallout 4, for the first time in four months since it bored me to death, I thought of something I should really point out ...

Off the top of my head I have had three health issues that the NHS and a string of GP surgeries and yet another string of hospitals have spent year after year avoiding.

These are ...

  1. Fibromyalgia Syndrome ... I have had 20 years, asked about constantly for 13 and diagnosed myself before confirmation at Guy's Hospital
  2. Right Knee physical Injury (Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury?) ... I have had around ten years, confirmed twice and four years or so apart, the last one at Guy's Hospital without asking
  3. Back Pain I have had 15 years and been asking constantly for 7 years or so I had proved at a Chiropractor 5 years ago, yet the NHS still wont confirm
  4. Let us not go into asking for a Hiatus Hernia repair for 20 years
  5. We also will not go into Inguinal Hernia repair pain or that they discovered a second Inguinal Hernia they said I would get, at the first one's repair, they later retracted
Now I have maintained throughout this blog and showed paperwork going back God knows how many years for each along with secretly recorded audio stretching back 7 or 8 years.

These conditions and their diagnosis I am sure are known to the NHS, even if not whatever GP was dealing with them. They still lied though, no getting around that one.

I can say that and say that until I am blue in the face but if visitors do not seek out and listen to the audio there is little I can do.

Except ...

If you think about it, why would they lie?

If the conditions were untreatable ones then they would just tell me what they are and that they are untreatable and that is job done. But they have not.

Fibromyalgia is indeed treatable, except your not allowed two of the best three drugs due to a corrupt European Medical Agency who gave a lie as to why they were disallowed.

It is a lie when they state that there were no trials done or the trials did not prove it when they proved it enough for the American National Institute of Health. That is their version of the NHS...except it is not entirely free. Though it might be by now? Lol.

The third drug is allowed but they will not give it to you because it is expensive, but will tell you it is not as good as the cheap crap alternative, there is a reason why some things cost more than others ... because they fucking work! I have even been told that they do not give it because you can tailor the other one better, Gabapentin in this case. Good God, they really think they are superior and members of the public are idiots even if they have Degrees!

So why do they now just say these things are untreatable? Because first off they are and secondly you would then qualify for further help.

But as the kicking in the balls of the disabled people of the UK has shown, along with Iain Duncan Smith not being able to stomach it, they are willing to do anything to save money. Oh along with their chums careers ... even if said careers entail nothing at all. I loathe calling jobs in the public sector including each and every ombudsman, careers. The word 'Career' implies that you are heading for somewhere or striving for something. They do neither of these.

So the lies are set out by government within the NHS that will save the NHS money along with local councils and the DWP. Possibly along with a few other fringe public services?

Also to get away with it only those at the very top, or within government know this because if not ... well the cat would have been out of the proverbial bag a long time ago.

Though to be fair it was with PC World selling people refurbished goods as new, along with Argos and possibly others that may now come out now that some Whirlpool washing machines and tumble dryers have caught fire just as I predicted on here a couple years back?

I just remembered my friend called me today who is Type 1 Diabetic and he had a very dangerous fit and ended up in hospital Saturday night just gone. He told me that they left him in the hospital for 8 hours before he gave up and left and that his girlfriend had read on the Internet that a Hotpoint Tumble Dryer they purchased had several reports of them catching fire.

I lose count of the time that someone that previously thought me mad had recounted a story or incident and I end up resisting an overwhelming feeling to tell them @ I 'ffing told you so!' Lol.

So with that being ignored since at least 2003, when The Guardian newspaper reported 'PC World being caught selling refurbished goods AGAIN' and that title clearly showing it has happened several times previous ... well anything is possible.

In this instance and the subject of the NHS and the health service you only have to ask yourself why they did not bother to tell me? Why evade the issue?

Plausible deniability by stating they are idiots. I already have had one GP trying to make me think twice by asking 'Maybe they were genuine mistakes?' NO!

There is a reason I apply so much pressure ... so that when they are wrong they look unfit to hold their positions. Except that I have had several GPs admit things to me and on file too.

One said that he lied.

The other admitted that the NHS ask them to lie to their patients all the bloody time. She quit immediately because she had the intelligence to realise something that no other GP has managed since. That they will run a mile and hang the GP out to dry when caught out.

Dr Huq was the one that realised this.

Doctors Gubbay (who lied several times and evaded in a big way), Kumar Senior and Junior and my present GP, along with a few others I cannot remember the names of, have failed to realise this.

I received a cheque for over £4,500 because of what I knew of their tricks. Achieved by asking one simple question of the DWP...

'Can I have a copy of all the medical letters, please?'

Well ... OK, yes it took a long time and a lot of setting up to do before I could ask that question. When I did they said what I knew they would "We cannot find them, we could not have had any' except I had the proof right here and on my blogs that they did. When they realised that I received a phone-call.

One week to ten days later without any more questions asked or any Doctors letters from my current GP, an amount of £4,500 appeared in my bank account.

Unfortunately for them that was only ten percent of what they owed me!

I have told them consistently and for over ten years of the exact same symptoms. There was a period of three years when they paid me DLA but then cancelled it and nothing for 7 years until I proved it and what I had once and for all.

It took me a whole year to get them to fall into my trap, at the DWP and Atos.

So where is the other 7 years worth of DLA they should never have cancelled?

Quick to take you to court when you owe them £100 for council tax or some fine for fuck all, aren't they? ASk them for the money they stole that runs into tens of thousands and they turn deaf dumb and blind and it is like talking to a wall ... NO RESPONSE!

So I strongly advise that if someone you know has come to you with claims like these, do not forget I provide the evidence, not suggestion or insinuations ... EVIDENCE, and you have scorned them, disowned them or cast them off as mad .. think again. Because if they were decent friends of even family ... let me tell you that being on the receiving end of that is really not a nice place to be.

Trust me on that if nothing else.