Monday, 30 September 2013


Expected signs of unthinkable beginnings of impossible endings...

A PAWNBROKER in debt?!

I did expect it to be a company offering to buy gold at rip-off rates. There is still plenty of time, lol.


Well despite Old Ken pressurising me to do...something like what I am doing here, there WAS something that sparked it all off.

Yup, despite it sounding mad, fantastical and hard to believe it was a run-in with some Radicalised Muslims and their holding my daughter against her will using fear and the threat of murder, that was the catalyst that led to my various audio recordings and blogs!

As I listened to them in the background and titbits of information my daughter gave me about them with several weeks I realised the absolute horrific reality.

It was not just a case of who they were but more a worry of what they were planning! So it was here and with this I started my crusade of getting audio recordings of everything I then used against the public offices of the UK.

Yes the audio is all available here including that with the Police and correspondence with MI5 and GCHQ.

Note that long before they LAID CLAIM TO IT USING SNOOPING that I told them they needed to concentrate on...

1) Manchester
2) Birmingham
3) White Water Rapids Centre during the London Olympics

Nice to get recognition and acknowledgement instead of using OUR heroic acts to justify their illegal and immoral practices towards their own people!



The first time the USA tries to do something humane and the Republican's behave like spoilt children and throw their toys out of their prams because they make money from sick, dying and people in horrific limb losing accidents!


Is this why the Republican Party are so keen on going to war? Lol. Maybe it's a double edges sword as they get to treat people for OIL?!

You do have to wonder don't you? It is rather disturbing and has been for me for years how they make their money. Do not like anyone else making money and soon throw their toys out again.

When it eventually comes out that it is several, or few, or a specific organisation in America that is RUNNING the UK I would be extremely interested to know how it originated?! I wonder what they would call it? Bound to have the word 'GATE' at the end of it?! Lol.

Obama Gate? Bush Gate? Britain Gate? Or maybe LIMEY GATE?! Lol. Or just BRIT GATE, that seems to have the best ring to it, lol. Hmm I myself might go for STEALTH INVASION GATE or revenge for the WAR OF INDEPENDENCE GATE, hehe.

Just having a bit of fun on the current non-reporting reporters obsession with words like 'gate' since the Watergate incident with President Nixon, lol.


Right now let me get this right?

George Osborne haste decided that slave labour, which will cost benefit claimants more money they are NOT paying out, a la NHS Recruitment I gathered evidence of, but also to put a best egg away in case the crisis happens again?

I have no idea whether it is all MPs or just conservatives but they have proved themselves unfamiliar with the word 'perspective'. That is added to the words 'reality' along with 'reciprocation'.

So let as first add perspective... 

Before they can even hazard a wild GUESS as to when we will be out of the crisis they are planning for the next? This means that austerity measures will remain until the time we have not only in the red but to keep going until the UK has as much put by as we had owed?!

Right that means that if the hard times lasted TEN YEARS, we have NO IDEA PRESENTLY, then you can double that period now safely before screwing the British public comes to a halt?!

Now THAT is perspective! I can also give you a bit more...

After EVERYTHING they have learnt nothing at all and want to continue as they had done previously not caring if it happens again! After all he wants to save for next time it happens while stating he will make sure it never happens again!

Mr Idiot, sorry George, Osborne it is a sad state of affairs when I have to point out that it IS STILL HAPPENING NOW!!

My god and he received an applause, are they REALLY that naive, blind and incompetent?! Lol.

These facts came to my attention when I was still digesting the fact that protesting disabled people, over people that had DIED, yes DIED, over their unfair austerity measures! I am also completely shocked that the news media, especially TV, completely ignored all the bunches if white flowers for the dead on Parliament Square despite seemingly being camped out on it to interview MPs on an almost daily basis?! What did they fail to see them?! 

If they can screw the disabled, sick and poor in such a way how can any other people believe the assurances politicians give you? Surely there are not that many idiots in the United Kingdom? Hmm maybe all the ones that emigrated or gave up citizenship we're all the intelligent ones?!

So other than just screwing everyone the only thing they came up with to prevent it happening again is to leave the thumbscrews tightened for twice as long as it takes to CLEAR the national debt?! Despite the fact we have no fooking idea how long that will take?! At 45 years of age I doubt I will live long enough to see that?!

So the media is either taking bungs or promises on what they report on, none of those who work within the media actually give a shite unless they don't get their rises then they all take action and STRIKE...nice!

So now we have some perspective and some reciprocation, pay taxes for twenty to forty years and work for free.

But wait?! I forgot about reality?!

Oh well you can choose to sign on everyday instead of the work?! Well as no one has had to sign on for years now that means HUGE changes and the inevitable need for MORE STAFF and very possibly BIGGER BUILDINGS to cater for the millions out of work!!

Which means it will actually COST MORE MONEY!!!

You bloody idiots, I tell you I am left head scratching at these morons and ask myself why no one picked up on the above even in the media?!

Also of course you still have the issue if the NHS lying and falsifying documents so that they do not treat, diagnosis or cure people!

So putting all the key words unfamiliar to Members of Parliament let me summarise?

If you work using tools inevitably on time the tools break. When they do you naturally go and fix them! You DO NOT continue to try to use them and stare at it like a demented idiot wondering why it is not WORKING for you?!

However the Members of Parliament seem to have been doing this to my astonishment for over ten years now. This has continued to the point that they are beating the tool against the wall in the hope that this will magically fix it and it will work again.

In reality of course the wall is a proverbial whip which ultimately means starvation, extreme poverty with benefit claimants working and looking like tramps and of course even more deaths than that shown on Parliament Square?!

So those applauding Mr Osborne are like that of Nazi fascists in a pre-war Germany?!

You have to have the correct system and infrastructure before you can talk as you have been doing you brain dead morons! Lol.  

Sunday, 29 September 2013



After thinking that the feature set of the new iPhone 5S was actually quite respectable and beginning to get an interest in finding out more about it, as I have been playing about with an iPhone 4S for a couple of weeks now, today I was bought down to Earth.

In much the modern tradition of lying and tricking of the public it seems that amidst all the fiasco of way over-priced and cheap and Fisher Price, or child's-gaudy-toy-like-looking, iPhone 5Cs and non existent iPhone 5Ss I stumble across this webpage...,24333.html

SO THEN these guys claim that this M7 Processor Apple claim is inside the iPhone 5S & C does not exist and is a lie. Also they mentioned the M7 CO-Processor, I was not previously aware of them mentioning is one, is ALSO MISSING?!

If this turns out to be true then for me it just about sums up in a nutshell just how distant, aloof and evil these companies have become to that of the rest of the human race?!

Saturday, 28 September 2013


Yet again someone of noteriety comes forth, calls it how it is and condemns the government and their acts as being inhuman.

After all that IS what it is and you simply cannot lecture the rest of the world or at the United Nations about being civilised or crimes against humanity when you do not possess a single ounce of compassion towards your own but jyst see them as tools to be used to fix the country and it's bank balance that YOU are to blame for.

Dean criticises disability work test

Friday, 27 September 2013


Oh dear here we go again.

I have maintained two things on this matter and I heard this tonight and noted an omission! Remember it is supposed to be more TRANSPARENT!

First off the climate WILL GET WARMER no matter what happens. The best we can do is slow it down, at best, with current plans. Using satellites to deflect heat away could stop it but guess who will pay for it?! The planet will get warmer without our involvement and there are mountains of proof of that! But they do not mention these things at these events, or the news media decides not to to keep up shock tactics, or some other agenda?!

Among many other clues, some of which I have discovered myself, it has just been discovered that as the edges of glaciers have melted to reveal bare soil that plants have emerged. In the photo I saw it looked like a moss.

Now do you know what that means? Forgetting the fact that the plant was lying in a dormant state for WHEN the ice retreated but that in previous times the plant was PREVIOUSLY there meaning the ice was missing previously!

What mankind is in danger of doing is putting all its eggs, all it's ideas, all it's money and all its energy into just ONE proverbial basket which will cost mankind more than you can imagine.

I long for the day when they drop the use of their now not so new buzzword of 'carbon' along with its associated words of footprint, trading and any other lame brain quotes they have used in recent times. I saw the image of satellites deflecting heat and for the first time since 'Global Warming' and 'Climate Change' became used by the idiot media on a daily basis.

All I see every day are time wasting and ever decreasing circles and never getting to the heart of the matter for the repeated insistence of laying blame on everyone when only a few could possibly be to blame. The same few who have caused the global crisis but want to lay both the blame and the cost at the feet of the public.

Now that I have stated that I wonder how many times groups have protested and/or warned of these things only to be ignored.

Indeed there you have it in a nutshell. The ignorant and the lazy time wasters, think civil servants and local councils, are the ones to blame.

I have nothing against the stopping of pumping crap into the atmosphere but I am not going to point fingers at people because I have some 'issue' with them.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Now is that not interesting?

Ed Miliband wants to freeze energy prices uf he gets in power in 2015 for 20 months that takes us up to 2017.

Well they obviously think nothing of the Tories and the news media harping on that the economy is now improving?!

Two things about this is first off I have no idea if they claimed this about the economy, if so even more bizarre the media have not headlined that fact. If they did not then they are trying not to scaremonger?! Interesting.

It appears to me that an obvious divide of the media from the public and reality, like they accuse of politicians, is growing into a gaping chasm of late?!

Miliband: We'll freeze energy prices


I just had word from a mother I know who has had her child taken away from her and given to the father.

Of course anyone who is British will know that courts do not take a child away from its mother.

Except when the father is a Police Officer and he had already acquired the family home also to share with a Moroccan wife or girlfriend. Nice to know rub each others backs to the point of ignoring the laws.

What I was informed of today by a distraught, upset and confused mother is that the wonderful CAFCASS, also involved in my daughter's case who herself has been mysteriously quiet since they stepped in, turned up today.

They informed the mother that she will not get her child back despite there being no problem with her parenting skills nor maternal instincts?!

So the public are whipped beyond recognition for everything but now we and unfortunately for them I am discovering facts that there really are two sets of laws, one for us and one for them!!

However 'they' claim that the laws concerning children and everything they do is 'in the child's best interests'.

So they are lying or making decisions and flouting their own laws for children based on chummy civil servants.

This is exactly why I still did not trust the courts where my daughter is concerned and naturally hearing this gives me cause for concern!

I guess I will find out soon enough, fingers crossed, from my daughter as the  umpteenth court appearance is this month, September! Also of concern is the fact that this mother and her child are only a few miles up the road from the Wirral!

Monday, 23 September 2013


No, no, NO!!

After a year and nine months of some Labour MPs visiting this very blog they get it wrong... or do they?!

I now wonder if I am starting to witness the very lying and misleading nature of politicians that worked for them at the last election?!

Everyone thinks the attack on the welfare state was initiated by the Tories but no it started before they were voted in. They just took the right royal piss. 

In this article they state Atos gets assessments WRONG?!

Labour? Are you for real? They do not get it wrong it's a big setup to rip innocent people off, including disabled people. You have had all access to the evidence for 8 months...

Unless of course your remark of keeping assessments is a pre-emptive strike because you will have no power over this once in power?!

Maybe you just want the Tories to get the blame and sacked over something that is not controlled by government?! Will you then just dress up the same thing but with a different name?! Why else would you do everything but call it for what it is?! If so then who IS pulling the strings in the UK?! Serco? The National Security Agency? President Obama? Is it the UK anymore? Is this the real reason why Wales and Scotland want out?!

Will this all be the same for all those I have disclosed evidence on?! The NHS lying, cheating, killing, falsifying documents and test results?!

Do all politicians really think that this is all OK because enough of the British public don't care/are naive/stupid or just live like Ostriches that the rest are not enough in number to cause concern?

Are they right?!

Only time will tell in the end.


A BBC Hardtalk interview between Steven Sackur and Liam Byrne, Labour Party's chief spokesman in work and pensions, took place recently.

Quite bizarrely for an interviewer possessing, or seeming to, intelligence he asked about figures while possessing just one?!

Let me explain...

I take it that Liam Byrne had claimed Labour intended to reverse the Bedroom Tax fiasco based on it being immoral and with no alternative help, as per usual, with seeking alternative housing!

Stephen Sackur pressed him on whether they WOULD reverse this and I guessed that he must have some figures to throw at him. Liam Byrne was hesitant to commit himself, typical, and Sackur eventually stated that the welfare state had ballooned from something like 8% GDP to 13% GDP?!

Problem? YES!

Err well that's the welfare state as a whole mate and not just the extra bedrooms so why use it?! 

Second of all everyone in the REAL WORLD knows damn well why it has ballooned and not to do with welfare state but influx of foreign and lying scroungers. This made your questioning way off the mark entirely.

Also and I have previously stated this several times in that there was a huge wastage going on at the DWP and I was in FAVOUR of an overhaul to be more efficient and save money. Not to make it worse, set up a huge conspiracy to trick and mistreat as well as mislead the public on a fraction of society not to blame and no rights to fight back and defend themselves!

No as long as the right questions are asked in the media if the opposing party then you are home free pretty much...

Ooh wait a minute?! 


The news media is very good at asking all the right...wrong questions to get no answers for the public and hell bent for some reason on trying to catch out or force interviewees to slip up. Or shock value. It is never a genuine discussion and I grow tired of it. Pointless and meaningless.

An interviewer who is over confident in their abilities normally interviewing someone who everyone knows lies through their teeth anyway.

Funny how everything and everyone is largely religious!! I guess God's warriors and subjects have been told to use lies and deceit on each other for everything?!


Seems like years of Hardtalk and we are still in the same shit for the umpteenth day! Well that has been productive then?! Helped the public see the truth? Nah not really. Helped educate them into the right decisions? You must be joking?! Years into this crap and with all the corruption I have covered have they exposed it and spoken to those trying to fight against it?! Well that is yet another no, lol.

Probably won lots of awards though?!

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Where DO they get their figures from?

Tonight I have heard for the umpteenth time that the economy has improved?! Well I am very observant when our and about and it seems as worse as ever.

In fact I was speaking to a retail owner yesterday and he stated that he had taken £85 all day!! Several years ago you would expect to take over £1,000 on a Saturday and £2,000 was not unusual! This £85 was his second lowest since the economic... SOD IT...RECESSION started with the lowest being £55 on a Saturday. In fact an entire weeks trade does not match a Saturday's takings before the economy nose dived!

So hearing it stated yet again in the media, when Saturdays in the whole of Enfield is like a ghost town, just leaves me scratching my head.

How they can say this, or worse still use it like everything is OK now is a pretty incompetent thing to do. I wonder if they will keep stating this? Probably think it cannot be far away now so if they start saying it now then in 6 to 12 months when it is they can say they called it?! Lol.

Only what do they do when it is the same or worse? Conveniently forget, that is what. Lol. You cannot blame the economy being crap because of the reports of them being crap. Nor can repeatedly stating its improving eventually force an improvement or trick people into spending to the point to which we return to pre-crisis levels.

I do wonder how much time and money will be used to force things to be better before they realise it does not work?!

Friday, 20 September 2013


Yes this is great that factions are being pro-active but when will they just call it as it is?

They touch on the causes of the pressures but not the root cause. The simple fact is that either the suppliers and government are being push overs and bent over a barrel or using the situation or lying.

Whichever the reason it still results in members of the public being unfairly tortured, pressurised and having their lives destroyed!

You cannot get blood from a (head) stone and nor from a coffin! But you can feel the wrath of those who will suffer a far greater loss than MONEY!


Well here is the first of a series of knock on effects I have been waiting for!

The shadow of bad choices and cover ups need to follow the culprits to reveal their current whereabouts and career. Typical that he is in charge of protecting children!

Now as many more of these start to take place those with any morals at all and indeed gonads to boot may spill on the background stories and who really is to blame.

After all if they all do it they cannot all be 'got at' so to speak.


Well this is an interesting find.

It seems that the immoral, unlawful and downright evil treatment of the true British Public is being seen and noted by others.

Maybe now we are finally seeing the first signs that we are getting somewhere?! Or at least my subjects are getting somewhere?

'Hope Springs Eternal'

Be interesting too see what the evil MPs say about this, if they dare say anything about it. Be interesting also to watch any Conservative MPs starting to look a little nervous? Lol!


Duse to what I believe to be an unfair comment, with insults, based on reading just one posting I have decided to do a series of diagrams.

These are in FOUR PARTS and this one I have done first is PART THREE and on the RETAIL side of things and explains WHY you have to use anger when your being defrauded out of your money...

Unless your just going to lie there and let them do what they are doing as well as conning people out of cash then there simply no other way and this is by THEIR design and not mine.

Thursday, 19 September 2013


How cool is this?

Cyanogen is not new but this story is and I am thoroughly impressed, though I have not used the operating system myself.

It has been a modified version of Android which itself based on something else.

Funny how they take each other to court and claim to have invented things that were invented by others before they even existed, lol.

I hope they do well and will pay close attention to this and I dare say many phone manufacturers will be interested in licensing it to use on their phones.

Android alternative gets $7m funding


Well this is ... bizarre!

Niw that the 'evil' word is rapidly becoming synonymous with their name again they do something akin to polishing halos.

Google aims to help us live longer

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


The use of the word creaky is somewhat the understatement of the century.

No mention of Wirral Council who ignored twenty years of being told then covered it up and helped the evil and guilty one in the process?!

Still maybe when the court case is over hopefully this month, fingers crossed.

Child protection system 'creaking'


My God! Did I do not double-take at this headline and was still scratching my head.

I am not sure what he was requesting when it comes to specifics. How do you ask voters to vote so one does not get a clear majority, oh wait Clegg thinks Tories will get in lol, so that they go to him cap in hand?! Oh sorry the Conservatives go to him.

Also I have not really seen evidence of the Conservative government being held back?!

Maybe I am missing something but I find this an odd thing to say. Please vote for a hung parliament?! Lol.

We must stay in government - Clegg

Monday, 16 September 2013


I shiver nervously as the cold embrace of an Autumn morning engulfs me to let me know it has arrived. Pills have popped and nerve cells become excited and dance around my foot like bolts of electricity. A reminder of the pitfalls of venturing afar and to wonder is to the frequency and intensity of the oncoming day. Like venturing into a Kingdom that will cause pain at every turn the process is inevitable. But the choices and movement are mine to make so planning can make or break. So it is the Kingdom of Pain.

A clear blue sky beckons me but gadgets around bid me warning. A choice to remain brings forth the tall doors to the other kingdom. The kingdom of Boredom. Primates we be and from that first tool in hand we journey to discover and do. For an epoch we journey with these principles for so very long that we have become entwined. From the moment long ago that first tool was held and then used the others followed. Today we surround ourselves with tools and puzzles and without we feel an internal pain and burning that is difficult to bare.

I ponder and gather while deciding my journey before the sound of slashing turns my head to see driving rain whipping the glass in diagonal streaks. I think to stay but the mental torture from the thought of boredom seeks to drive me insane while the wind and the rain tell me they want to punish all that venture out. My mind a mess and quandary tormented further that it is tormented to begin with. Why does my mind get like this? Why is that part of suffering so confusing and difficult to control?

I glance up and hope to see blue skies and lo and behold they do return. The journey is fraught with those dancing nerves along my foot and feel like tiny lightning bolts dancing around before taking a rest. I ponder that with all the breakthroughs in medicine and science how is it that afflictions exist tat cannot be dealt with. How is it that boredom can and is so mentally stressful? As a society we know of these things and have done for what seems an eternity. So why are these not taken into account and why are they used to prey on us by others? Humans like to do complicated things and we like to play and we do not like pain. These are two separate Kingdoms that oppose the two I face each day. The Kingdom of Play and the Kingdom of Do. Those that flitter and flirt with both Kingdoms of the latter will have a truly enriched life indeed. For the other two of Pain and Boredom no human being should endure the two at once. For this is a depravity and hell that no human should bare. There truly is no worse place to be and the pain affects the stress and vice versa and to add the endurance of time leaves no words to a description as there are no words that can describe this.

To be found in these two Kingdoms of Dread cannot be of ones own doing. Only a series of circumstances can one find oneself there. Once there it is a horrid place and fast becomes the depths of depravity you would give nigh on all to escape. Leaving just one could help you deal with the other to some extent. Two together is a place that no hell could match. The only being to truly appreciate this place would be that of the Devil himself and a broad smile he would have for human beings to be tortured in such unimaginable ways. Only he would truly appreciate the suffering of one kingdom which then adds to the other. No one could surely survive the two? No one could endure all and come out in one piece and a full bag of marbles? Surely not?!

Those that aware of these places and what it holds in-store for both mind and body would not expect anyone to survive without being effected. This is all so very true but what has been considered not is what if someone was to survive and not be affected in the way that they would think?! Surely if the person how dot died from over indulgences or suicide they would surely have some rare species of Bats in that belfry?! Like some sick psychological testing ground to see how far a human can be pushed before something gives way. As the cooling winds breeze through my soul and the Autumn sunshine causes me to reach for my Diesel Sunglasses I ponder this thought and I, as always, attempt to guess there pondering thoughts. I asked myself again why it is s hard to deal with two much of one kingdom and why two combined become such a force against man?! I ponder to the length of time anyone should endure the two and decide that less than a year at the outside. Pain and suffering cannot truly be removed from mankind because it helps us understand but too much...far too much is a fate worse than oblivion herself. What if many suffered this on a large scale? Ooh my that would be tempting the fates and the history books and truly would those in power reveal their naivety and incapability of that said power. Those that are looked upon underfoot are no more important than insects that we step upon. The Kingdoms they are confined to are of no concerns of ours! They are a lower life form and without intellect and they are in a whirlpool that none will possess the ire, strength and intellect to traverse and escape from! None can survive?!

But what if one CAN? What if one DID SURVIVE? What if among the so called dreggs of society there was one that could hold off all that is thrown and of the two Kingdoms combined?! If this ever be possible did the kings and queens of society ever stop to think of what the consequences might be?! Something that seems designed to kill off the weakest and poorest in society has been left unattended for so long that they failed to notice one survivor! He scrambles atop his peak, brushing himself off of dust and dirt as he gathers and composes. He stands stop his peak and he starts to shout. He tells his story of how he survives in the hope that as he saw others die he might tart to save those that remain. He wants to show that you can go through the worst evils imaginable and still survive unscathed. He wants you to see how it works. He wants to show those that are completely oblivious that absolute truth and the scale of the horrors endured. Flirting the very edges of humanity for so very long and the suffering that awaits the two Kingdoms is almost dealt with single-handed.

But what of the Kings and Queens? Had any stopped to consider what would emerge as a survivor of the pitfalls at the dreggs of society? If they still had the marbles they entered with would the bag now weigh more that at the beginning? Would there be NEW marbles in the bag?!

Could we have unknowingly created something that will come back an bite us in the arse while we were focused on greed, money and power?

What could be the consequences of such am individual? Could he teach others to do as he did? Could he teach others to survive the pitfalls at the pit of society? Could he tell people the honest truths?

If so could this spread? If so how fast can it spread? If he already exists should we be asking how fast has it spread?

How much does he know? How far can he reach? What control would we have? What is it that he fears? If he survived all that would his preparations therefore be formidable?

Should we lure them? Should we call a truce? Should we barter?

Despite the clear skies the slight nipping breeze blows on through my soul. For so long have I battled my way through and for so long have I told my stories. So many insights have I revealed to one and all in the hope of helping. The hope of teaching. In the hope of changing. I dart and lean my head quickly as the sun flashed across my eyes as I place my sunglasses over them. AS I cross a bridge a collection of Swan Cygnets emerge from under it in a line. I wonder if it be the family whose sibling I helped with its broken leg? But I count five and realise it is not and turn to see the parents with a sixth cygnet in the distance. Mine had five WITH the crippled one.

I smile at them as they turn and notice me but continue south on their journey. I look up at the clear blue sky and safe in the knowledge that I will escape a drowning, turn and continue on my journey. Flashes of dancing nerve endings being ignored upon the way as Can't Get You Outta My Head by Kylie starts to drum away into my ears.

AS I walk I decide that Psychologically it is all down to a definite case of the Twin Kingdoms of Dread and that it is inhuman to force any one individual to endure the two for very long.

Unfortunately this suffering has never occurred to them and never been important enough to occur to them!

Unfortunately for them I survived and I stayed out of the way behind my peak while I uttered my stories of old. One by one people would come and people would listen. Again and again I told my stories and had much to tell. I would keep going and tell all and continue apace. One day enough people would have come and enough people would believe I speak the truth.

That was all I ever wanted as this will then achieve all my other goals too.

But now I will emerge atop my peak and tell my stories for the enemy to see. Provoking and challenging I shall be. Well here I am and say these things I will. Stop me if you so dare. Issue the subpoena if you so dare? Do not be bashful and go the whole Hog and issue a warrant for seizure?!

This is my annual claim. One whole set of seasons has now passed by and I find myself back at the start. One whole year how now passed by and from here on in the seasons of beckoning begins. The words of postings will appear more frequent. More stories of old will appear as new. More links of old will be made.

Over time I worked hard and long and prepared to remove the use of labelling of my person and none can the use that of lazy, mad or harbinger of doom. I offer help and that is all I ever do. I simply offer the truth and nothing more. What id done with said truth, well that is a story for another day.

As time drew by I would see the truths in stories revealed even though most be ancient but the real truth I still see nonetheless. I link and post and tell my visions of stories leaking through and poke fun at many for that is what they deserve.

Many that be employed by the deceitful few are either blind or just take money to do biddings told them. This tarnishes and so not easily removed despite claims of being trapped but this is how it manages to work. Not part of the evil system is to be deemed lazy and bone idol without question or offers to redeem or vindicate. From a society based on lies, misconceptions and slavery now want to themselves point the finger of blame while firing a spray of labels at sections not big enough to be of any significance to the corruption nor the cause. But it will occupy the minds of the weak for awhile longer and those of the story telling to! For to be deceitful you also need cunning otherwise many will see the truth and the truth itself needs to be known by the minimal few as the fewer the better it works. So decision to employ naïve, desperate, cold and also amoral people would be the best to make for none would then cotton on!

But what gives? Tales of thine underlings do truly send a shiver down thy spine! An individual has survived our Twin Kingdoms of hell and exclaims his discovery of our trickery?! What devilry is this? Thy front-line staff now fear that they be quite deliberately placed in the firing line to take falls meant for higher hierarchies? What if we have our 'Baby 'P'' saga?! We will not get away any further of blaming it on the underlings whose money and powers we took away while keeping our own at the expense of the lives of children across our constituencies?! “Sandra? Book me a one way ticket to BRAZIL?!”

Alas those that make the mistakes have something many of us do not and that is the ability and option to escape the hell hole and leave the cesspit behind! Back on a Psychological viewpoint those that know that they can live on the other side of the world at the drop of a hat will think that if they screw up then they can do that. That psychology WILL BE there even if not immediate. Alas most probably already have homes overseas we paid for! Just in case.

My strive has been is to stop everything going to hell as I am stuck here and so is my family and daughter. Whether the crap that exists be down to deliberate or naivety the end results ARE the same. We ARE in a mess and somehow and via some people we ended up here be it those put up as the idiots in charge or those behind the scenes that pull their strings? The string pullers could be anyone. Oil or energy companies or even Politically Correct Groups of morons or only half the facts Green people?

To reach goals and solve issues the only things that matter are the facts and the truth.

You cannot bend it this way to suite one lot or that way to suit another lot. The playing field becomes unbalanced and before long you have an out of control see-saw effect. The science is the SCIENCE and I do mean SCIENCE, not theory or best guess. You cannot change or alter the facts because another one would be politically correct. People are what they are. You also cannot go bounding down one road shouting it will achieve something because its what YOU believe or because the figures, loose scientific models, SEEM to suggest that.

Inevitability means just that and the best you can do in some shape or form is slow things down, kind of like putting things off which is what political correctness does and simply allows some to take advantage of hospitality. I see and hear no one screaming for me or my daughter, well not yet.

I would find a war easier to deal with any day of the week as opposed to that of my life for the past twenty years. They can shove all that heavy uniforms where the sun does not shine but at the other end of the field is a guy, or bunch of guys, with guns. They want to shoot me dead and if they do it is over. I simply have to shoot them first! That is it and that is all. Yes OK some people you are at war against might be very racist or despite their claims to be God fearing actually quite evil and do things the Devil would be proud of. I would rather die by a bullet than kneeling on a floor knowing I will shortly be beheaded! These are evil people and more importantly they are RACIST PEOPLE!

That is is and that is all.

So no I do not appreciate being fed absolute trite by the media. I also tire of all the talk, talk and talk when everyone else knows nothing is going to change so why talk about it?! In any war half want your help and half do not. Your damned either way and it appears to me that the wider public in both the UK and the USA seem to now be aware of this fact?! So why go through the expense and all the deaths?!

To ignore this and the people and get involved and way beyond a certain point will now show the public that already know what I know one thing and one thing only! There will only be ONE REASON that any country will ignore their own people and send in their military....MONEY AND OIL!

Now if you go ahead and do this not only will you anger two nations way, way bigger than America and America could not fight against, even WITH the help of the famous loyal Terrier Dog, the UK, you will also alienate your own people too. The two government of both the UK and the USA are already venturing down a dangerous road and with Syria in everyone's minds right now they are looking at the pool in the neighbours garden and know that said neighbours are out! They just do NOT see the neighbour's on the opposing side watching them play in the pool!

Sunday, 15 September 2013


I thought just to keep the ball rolling now with what I have amassed together that I might contact the PHSO and email them for a response. Lead them on a bit before coming out with the BIG GUNS, lol.
Should be a laugh and here is a screen-shot of the email I sent them, which itself is a bit of a laugh, lol...


Hmm...I was looking for a list of Ombudsman as I wanted to create a list of all those that I have attacked and gotten evidence on, regardless of how much or how little. I was re-writing the awful sub-heading to this blog when I came across the site listed below!

I do not know WHO they are so I emailed them and asked and there now immediately follows a link and the email. Lol.


Dear SIrs

I was looking for a list of Ombudsman on the Web to remind myself and make a list of the number of Ombudsman, among many other organisations, I have actually contacted over the last twenty years when I came across your site.

Now I will first explain that it is a fact that all Ombudsman are actually a waste of space and merely window dressing for the public and regardless of what is reported in fact do not actually do anything at all. I have spent several years doing this with not just one but a whole list of them and in a whole number of different ways too. IN ways that would and have shocked tens of thousands of people thus far and rising by several thousand each week.

Now I had actually never heard of you before and no idea who or what you are. I would be garteful, as would my readers, if you could explain and my first thought was an Ombudsman to the Ombudsmen?!

If you are a genuine watchdog or someone who reports things about the Ombudsman then I can tell you that the list of Ombudsman I do NOT have evidence on will be 10% the size of the list in which I DO have evidence on.

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc

Saturday, 14 September 2013


The story of capping house prices mentioned in a recent post...

Bank 'must limit house price booms'


A year has flown by since leaving the starting line all those moons ago. I had many ideas as to what would take place and when but thus far and for whatever reasons exist they have not come into the light.

It matters not.

It was always going to be that the ultimate aims would still be achieved. There was no way I would fail to actually reach these achievements it would always be a matter of when. I had a whole list of ideas and tricks to set about in motion and many miniature goals to leave the house to achieve. Many more presented themselves out of the mire than I could have ever hoped for and then some more to boot. Still my list had its original ideas and one in particular I had been waiting to set in motion. This was one reason I did find the fact that some other goals were taking longer than expected to achieve. It was the one trap I had in my arsenal that would put to an end once and for all that everything they have told you in government would turn out to be just another set of lies and show that they had no compassion for anyone among the wider public.

Years of torture to my less than perfect hearing by sets of people who wish to open there mouths and let the sewers run free. Years I had waded through the sewage and wanted and waited to find away to use this and turn it against them. Oddly not only have the needs that I have not been met as yet but that which I was hoping would take place at around the same time have not occurred either?!

So maybe it was somehow and in some way meant to be that way?

My trick was to use one of the very core principles of being a member of the Conservative Party and use it to show them all for what they truly are along with all others truly to blame. It would not be hard at all to do and is in its planning very simple. It did need several tools to work and one of those was a BLOG, such as this one. Another one would be a big enough audience of people that cared about more than just themselves. For this I had no idea how many people I needed to have as visitors but one would think that 50,000 plus would be enough?! Before I needed my last tool I needed the current government to carry on spouting there usual garbage about how the austerity measures would improve things, that we was all in it together (now left out of speeches) and of course that the CHANGES to the welfare system are fair and would HELP people. Of course that famous Tory motto was also needed but exists anyway and used for years. That is the 'We help those that help themselves'.

Hmm sounds like they are helping thieves really doesn't it?!

It would work out brilliantly if I was making my first small monthly cash from Google and their Adsense around the same time that the changes took place. Neither one of these have currently happened and I cannot even hazard a guess as to when either of these are likely to happen! I can still achieve what I wanted by arriving to the party late and in all reality arriving late would have much more of an impact on visitors. That is because quite unfortunately it takes people to feel the pain personally before they then acquire morals and join up with others to become a campaign group! A large majority of the time at any rate and a large reason why things are the way that they are.

One of the things that I could use to explain this is house prices. Everyone that owned a house that increased vastly in value did not stop and think, or even did not care, about how this would eventually affect there own children and grandchildren! I speak from very good experience on this one. I have long since stated this for well over ten years and no one agreed with me and yet I just read somewhere that they want to bring in a cap to stop prices rising too fast.
Horse. Stable. Barn door!

I fear it has gone too far and far too late for that. But this housing and property greed is not the only area either and there are a great many others that need this capping and I am afraid to tell them that these greedy executives who own the age old adage of having far more money than intelligence, I am sorry I mean 'more money than sense', also need to be capped and in every industry. If you do not agree and are asking yourself 'why?' then I am afraid there is no hope for you! Or maybe you just do not pay attention to the news?! Or your ignoring it thinking that like all times before it will go away? This latter type I call the Ostriches!! I used to have a friend like that and indeed I could even be accused of being like that to a degree. Well all except the IT Industry that is!

We just simply and on the whole cannot be trusted. I have no idea why and what the Psychology is behind this but it is this very thing you can use solely to show why chasing around after Carbon atoms by the bucket load and thinking this will save the planet is pride of place. It is like watching a bunch of mental health people from the local funny farm standing their with razor blades slowly slitting their own wrists with no idea of the consequences. But they get joy, toys and money for doing it so just keep doing it. They have to have that one of Ferrari or Lamborghini because the bloke with the next company does not have one! Like those stupid Arab kids driving around in Lamborghini Murcielagos, themselves a piece of art, and ruin an automotive piece of art by putting a completely dreadful paint job on it then drives around London and has no drivers license?!

Why is that stupid twat not in prison?!

If he ever goes out again and ends up running down and, god forbid, killing a small child after that airing in the newspapers and due to his nationality his idiot father would loose a son by slow beating tyo death by angry mob!! Then there would be an almighty row about it despite the father being a complete twat!! But he is obviously some oil tycidiot and his cash, we stupidly gave to one individual, will have the courts tied up from every day people for years. Oh yes I forgot, we are not allowed access to the law now it is only for the likes of rich, powerful, famous, governments, Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft and Sony and the like!

There is too much of an attitude that things will likely go wrong after they have gone and gotten an stupidly large pay off.

But then seems to lend to the idea that I am all in favour of the government getting more money in the way of taxes and fines but no. I had hoped that these world wide gentlemen's club meetings like the G8 and G20 might have been a way to stop the rot, or the racing towards the rot would be better, but no such luck. Just another big things for the media to harp on about but nothing really effective ever comes from them. Well that kind of sounds like the United Nations too! So they all think this is the way its done, do not agree, do not trust each other (well they all lie to their people so there was never going to be trust), call each other names because they cannot get there way or money they should not jave or deserve from ANOTHER COUNTRY or just want to borrow from someone.

That latter reason ion the last paragraph is probably close to the mark as to why this country is so full of shite-on electronic items that were shipped over from other countries to sell to the British public because we have put up with everything else?! Hmm yeah that will be it. Lol.

The truth is there is no unification in the UK to like minded people and all I have ever seen are organisations based on a area of politics that has a unified set of rules that you are supposed to stick to and insist work no matter what?! What I find amusing is after all these years they have not realized which ones do work and which ones do not work and yet we have had a long enough history to teach us. We are also a victims of different customs too I am afraid and this is where it first started to become unfair as different sets of rules came in for different people for different cultures, races and religion and this is WRONG. It is a guaranteed fact that 99% of religions are totally bogus so there you have a complete waste of money changing the levels of the playing field in favour of some and not others because they believe in bullshit! The bleeding hearts and civil servants who were taught many wrong things but not a single ounce of common sense spent twenty years just making this far, FAR worse. Then act all surprised when one factor of society lashes back after being forced to keep their mouths shut, and therefore feelings and thoughts heard, for the best part of thirty years? What you really did not see that coming? Just how bloody naïve are you?

Well I could sit there using the word 'NAIVE' all through this but I am afraid to say that the use of this word is wrong and I know this from not just one big experience but a twenty year long string of really bad experiences. Over and over again and so was created someone who would live, if he survived, to become the worst nightmare that these previous governments and civil servants could ever imagine. I could also guarantee that the talking down to people would also be rife and assumption and therefore spoken to that I am nobody and that they are therefore far more intelligent than me and that I am simply a common or garden, village idiot DUNCE would continue to rile me and attack them verbally both intellectually by challenging them to things I already knew they were totally incapable of as well as using insults that were nevertheless facts to get them to react and make ever more mistakes that I could publish.

This was the part that, for at at least, made it all the more amusing. I have lost count of the number of people and the number of public offices I have brought down to ground level with an almighty thump. This has happened by letter, email as well as face to face and I know many monkeys have lost there jobs while the organ grinders sit atop their perch thinking themselves safe. I have long since done this, of late I have increased to frequency, I am currently doing this and will continue to do so. Even those that think they have seen and heard the last of me have not, oh noo lol.

As long as you talk utter crap, use words you do not understand and speak down to people as well as treat people like shit and sheep I will continue to bring you crashing down to earth without a safety net. Only each time I will assure you that you will fall both faster and from an ever higher altitude.

For as the organisations out there want to waste there time with front-line people to these organisations until they refuse to budge to their own lords and masters who then give in and therefore get away with it and the organisations and protesters go home happy, no, no, no. This is not the way to deal with things this is just putting things off and this is why we have hardly progressed as a society in the way that was envisioned between thirty to sixty years ago. This is why the world that was to meet our widening eyes in 2001 never came to be because the masses were held back so that the few can over indulge! But to cure the cancer you have to remove it all otherwise all we will continue to get os the chemotherapy while never getting rid of the old and outdated core problem and beliefs.

Of course there is something that one can hope that can be learned from this too? That is that now that it looks as if all the big names are suffering and that as their associate chief executives shift nervously in their seats either privately or in a rapid fire inquest then others can take heart and take notes. Too much ambition and using falsifications to get there can lead to this? Lead to what I hear you ask but lead to what they are now going through and what they will go through over the next couple of years.

Now along with the obvious reason of the ever growing anger among the public in different countries around the world there is something else too to note from this and it is beginning to take place now! A little later than I expected if I am honest and open but better late than never is what I always say. Well until they fire you that is, lol. I had long predicted that when things got bad that around a year to 18 months into the bad times the many ig organisations will turn on each other?! Indeed I even tried to provoke this and if you look at any of the correspondences that I have sent to these organisations you would have noted that every now and then I would say something like....

'You large companies make me laugh! You spend all your effort, time and even MONEY trying to get blood out of a stone when your REAL problem is another big company which are getting their money instead of you!!!'

I would not be far off the mark to say that 90% of the people I have attacked have had this remark put to them with the full intention of making them wonder and suspicious of each other. But you have to understand that being calm and nice would NEVER get beyond the front line staff. But I always knew that this would get nowhere and that these companies have quite literally advertised their aloof attitudes of modern times. They do this on their websites as I have covered previously and I would have asked simply, what is Facebook's email address?! DO not know? Go find it on their website and come back and type it in the comments below?!

No need it is, or at least it WAS.

This might be extreme but try it with the companies that send you bills! SO your energy company in your country of living go and get their email addresses? My guess is that in excess of 80% of them will be very difficult to find. Nikon's in Japan was especially hard to find but I did find it. Emailed them no less than THREE TIMES and never received an answer. Arrogant, ignorant and aloof. Here is our made like shit, give us far too much money for it....GOOOOOD, now fuck off we don't wanna talk to you know more. But we will make it look like we do by having a bunch of idiots with a phone each who know fuck all about the products your ringing up about. Better still is we will charge our customers money for them to phone up and talk to idiots!! Yes that would be cool (rubbing their hands together).

But at the moment no one is buying anything. They were supposed to start buying now. Hmm come to think of it they were supposed to start spending at the beginning of this year? Oh well hang on a minute was they not supposed to start spending in the run up to Christmas 2012? Oh and at the start of the London Olympics which was going to save us? Oh and the start of 2012? Oh and the run up to Christmas 2011? No doubt they will say something similar about Christmas 2013 or the start of 2014?! Or maybe not if they are reading this blog?!?! LMAO!

Things have to come back down to reality and that means everything and across the board, not token gestures of 5 or 10 percent salary cuts to their own salaries!! My god how are such incompetent people in these jobs?! Have we been THAT naïve for all these decades?! What happens when there is nothing left to sell off? What happens when it is obvious that the banking industry, finance industry and the British economy, as well as that of other countries, are NOT going to go rocketing skywards and save the day and the blushes?!

More to the point why are these people of power and in charge such a bunch of schoolgirls? Hiding away in the shadows and if not insistent on a bunch of BS hoping that the corner can be turned to save them from like like the complete morons that they are?!

Oh wait....'turning a corner'? Has that not been used by one of them already?! LMAO! I wonder if I should come up for jokes for each member of the cabinet that starts with 'All I want for Christmas [is a whole list of stuff that does not concern a single relative!]' Fill in the bold square brackets with whatever would give you a rare chuckle, lol.

So to return to the beginning and my point being that my greatest of all ideas, there are still many others, cannot be put into practice just yet no matter how good it is. It involves me being set upon by a whole list of different public offices many of which I have already attacked. To initiate a knee jerk reaction that they have come to use so willingly and thereby proving I have stated long since past within the posts of my blog that to which the very line the Conservative Party are meant to stand by.

'We help those that are willing to help themselves.'

The only thing missing is that small amount of monthly money to show that I have achieved it, even if it only a piddling amount, and that it is now heading somewhere and will not take long now.

Of course I have been completely ready for this long awaited knee jerk reaction and have been since I started the blog, ;)! There are other smaller simpler traps that I have previously hinted towards or even blatantly and completely described but this is the grandest one. But it was always going to be down the line and towards the back end of the blog before I could even think about it being put in motion.

As I said before the numbers to my blogs have also managed to achieve totally impossible things, like three times at least I have noticed the number of visitors going BACKWARDS!! Lol. Not only on here either and on my YouTube account too! There is only way that the numbers can go backwards in this way and what it shows beyond any shadow of doubt is that the numbers are not a real representation of that actual numbers of visitors! Now how far out the numbers presented to me are I have no idea and it could be 5 across all the blogs or it could be 50,000 and there simply is no way of knowing. Welllll... this is not entirely true of course but it will not be me that finds this information out, if indeed it is ever found out. I certainly do not have the time, money or patience to go diving into this myself and I am sure there will be a law against me achieving it that will be very easily implemented while no one asks them why the numbers have been faked?! Lol.

Now I have mentioned the trap and I have mentioned the tools. Of course as like anything else there are available many more tools to help you acquire more or better with whatever someone is doing. Of course even I have often asked myself how much more I could have achieved with several other items in the back of my mind. As for these tools I will do a short post listing both tools that would help me do better as well as a list of things I have been....WITHOUT and those that would help me keep on top of things when it comes to all that I do and the pains that I have to endure. Of course these are tools that I have asked for help with from the government several times but have been turned down. Did think about putting in for a Duck Island but I think they have stopped all that now?!

As for my audio recordings, which is not only WHAT I hinted at previously but was ONLY hinting at, I am not sure what more I could do in all honesty. YES OK I do have the option of going to see that so called GP one more time? There is also the possibility of the third NHS Recruitment Drive for £3.00 a day in food vouchers?!



Well this makes more sense to a purchase I did NOT see coming!

So it seems that just as I had predicted from the FIRST MOMENT Nokia made the wrong decision to go with a Windows phone they created an ANDROID PHONE!!

That now makes a great deal more sense. to this purchase taking place.

No doubt in my mind that Microsoft caught wind of this and hence the buyout.

There is one other possible version of events and that is that as promises were not kept a sinking Nokia decided to DUPE Microsoft into purchasing them?!

Hmm now how would you do that I wonder?

I also think this act of revenge had a second goal that has not come to light yet but will over the next 12 months.


Friday, 13 September 2013


Here is a little and quick mock up image I did containing two very different lists on morals, simply a bit of fun but also shows a point or two, lol.



Picture of Tony Benn
The People's Assembly launched a national movement against the we need your help
Is this email not displaying correctly?
View it in your browser.

A message from Tony Benn

Dear friends and comrades,
It was a privilege to be asked to speak at the People’s Assembly on 22 June, which launched a united campaign against the cuts. The People’s Assembly has a plain and simple goal: to make the government abandon its austerity programme and if it will not, to replace it with one that will. I know that you support this goal, but to achieve it we need your help.

Since 22 June we have built a national organisation. Local assemblies are being organised the length and breadth of the country. We are organising thousands to attend the protest march and rally at the Tory party conference in Manchester on 29 September. Preparations are underway for a day of civil disobedience on 5 November. All this has been achieved by volunteers and some generous donations.

But to build our campaign we need more resources and regular funding. Building a national and local organisation, developing our website and e-communications, writing and printing leaflets all cost money. Regular monthly donations will make a real difference to the People’s Assembly. We are asking supporters to give whatever they can each month, however big or small.

Yours in solidarity,
Tony Benn

Demonstrate 29 September, Manchester
No Cuts - Save the NHS

Book your place on transport - click here
We are working hard to make sure the demonstration on 29 September is the biggest demonstration that Manchester has ever seen. The People’s Assembly has chartered a special train from London, and hundreds of coaches are being organised from across the country. We have managed to get some funding for a limited number of half price train tickets which are now available to book online.
If you can help with leafleting for the demonstration please let us know. We are suggesting the following timetable for co-ordinated leafleting:
Wednesdays: transport day - leaflet your local tube or train station
Thursdays: workplaces - leaflet big workplaces in your area
Saturdays: hit the highstreet - leaflet local highstreets or town centres
Please email if you can help out and we will put you in touch with others in your area.
THIS WAS IN MY INBOX!!! No idea how they managed to get my email but I guess someone handed it over.


Well they DO seem to use women to do this lying abd cheating stuff lol, or JUST USING THEM?!

Dear Mr Haswell
Thank you for your e-mail submitted to the GMC on 10 September 2013. I am sorry that you disagree with the decision made by the assistant registrar. However, it is important to state that in deciding to conduct a preliminary enquiry, we are not disputing your allegations or condoning the doctor’s actions as you have described. Please be assured that Dr Gubbay’s employers have a professional obligation to contact us immediately, should any fitness to practise concerns arise at any time or as a result of our enquiries.
It is not unusual for doctors to have more than one role, and so more than one employer. The doctor is obliged to inform the GMC of all his employers so we can seek reassurance from each of them that there are no wider fitness to practise concerns which should be brought to the attention of the GMC.
 Once we have obtained all employer responses, an assistant registrar will re-assess your complaint to decide if any further action is required, although in the absence of any adverse employer comments it is unlikely that we would proceed to a full investigation.
The detail you have provided will remain on our system and if, in the future, any further concerns are raised to us in relation to Dr Gubbay’s fitness to practise, the information you have provided will be available to us for consideration.
 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to write to us and for the information that you have provided.  I would be happy to answer any queries you might have, if you wish to contact me on my direct dial number.
 Yours sincerely
Kerry Robinson
Kerry Robinson
Investigation Officer
Fitness to Practise Directorate
Direct Dial: 0161 923 6620
Fax No: 0161 923 6578


Reply email to the laughable report from the Independent Case Examiners...

Dear Joanna

NR 74 68 64 D

Thank you for your report it has been most helpful, though I am rather surprised that you not only sent it but actually put your name to it?!

I knew from day one what you were and so never expected for one second that you would actually win my case but what I did hope to get is a report so full of lies and incompetence that when I posted it online everyone case see very clearly that the taxpayers money is indeed being wasted on a grand scale that involves FRAUD due to services not performed.

You actually sent me a report stating answer from the DCS and DWP that I had ALREADY provided you with and you stated to them "OH ALLRIGHTY THEN"?! Did you actually expect me to believe this report, that because they LIED to you all is OK and that you could not work out for one moment that I am not naive or a big enough idiot to believe this?! It truly IS the biggest insult to my intelligence I have ever experienced!

Also your report is full of contradictions as well as lies....

You use the excuse that they tried to ring me but did not have the correct number which is odd because they have both used this number as have you!

You even STATED the number within the letter right at the beginning!

Added to this you persisted in giving me that extremely lame reason about them not being able to knock on the door with the bin in the way?! Are you actually SERIOUSLY putting your name to THIS REPORT?! I must say I would not be putting my name to anything so utterrly terrible and with Elephant size holes all through it.

Also you have managed to then back them up and blame the GP but have done absolutely NOTHING about approaching her and allowing her to defend herself. I can assure you that in any upcoming court case and media event our versions of what actually happened will be IDENTICAL, yours, the DCS', Atos and the DWP will not and trust me when I tell you I have a high amount of experience of this!

You have spent 21 months of the taxpayers money asking them and they have lied to you and that is IT?! LMAO!!

I cannot tell you just how hilariously funny that is, lol.

Do you know the odd thing?!

I knew there was also corruption whereby the DCS controlled the NHS and its Doctors bue this was the most trickiest to get proof of! Well turns out not so as since you last heard from me I have been busy amassing my blogs with more evidence and I have no less than TWO Doctors LYING about several test results and have them on tape!!

The really funny thing is that one was an ultrasound scan and all I have to do is have a private scan and it is done!

But it seems I do not need to as the NHS have also been trying to secretly recruit p[atients in pain to work full time for £3 food vouchers per day and I also recorded this to! Only at the second meeting and after I had posted it online a reporter was there and from The Guardian if memory serves me correctly, lol.

But of course this has nothing to do with your office, until some point in the future when investigative journalists finish their investigation and print a story with all the facts! Lol.

Maybe you and your bosses MIGHT want to go and look here...

Again thanks for the Report, as you will NOTE from the above blog it arrived just a few days after a letter from the General Medical Council whereby the lame excuses and lies are EXACTLY the same as they are for all other governing bodies and Ombudsman I have approached in the last few years.

As for pointing out your mistakes and you think it is at all worth it? As I stated in my blog there is no escaping it either your corrupt and attempting, albeit badly, to cover up for the DCS and the DWP or your totally incompetent and not fit for purpose.

If you do not 'quite get it' then I strongly suggest that both you, your colleagues and your BOSSES have a good long look at the blog I have provided...



I have done all mine single handed and for FREE!

Oh yes and I have passed the 50,000 people mark! How many agree with you and all the other public offices? NONE!

How many have defended you, the government, the NHS, the DWP, the Police, HMRC and all the others? NONE!

So a survey of 50,000 people, not a thousand but FIFTY THOUSAND, and you have all yet to get a single person defending you and the funny part of it is that there are many ORGANISATIONS that re-post my blog so 50,000 viewers is not even CLOSE!

So unless you can come up with some brilliant excuse and reasons of how and both WHY you are going to do better then I think that this avenue is pretty much a dead end!

After all you handed to me on a plate EXACTLY what I wanted and could not have done this at a better time, lol.

Oh yes and umm, just for the record....

Atos and the DWP had ALREADY ASCERTAINED that I needed a home visit! You cannot then change the goal posts without looking like liars or idiots.

Food for thought.

Martin Haswell BSc