Monday, 30 September 2013


Well despite Old Ken pressurising me to do...something like what I am doing here, there WAS something that sparked it all off.

Yup, despite it sounding mad, fantastical and hard to believe it was a run-in with some Radicalised Muslims and their holding my daughter against her will using fear and the threat of murder, that was the catalyst that led to my various audio recordings and blogs!

As I listened to them in the background and titbits of information my daughter gave me about them with several weeks I realised the absolute horrific reality.

It was not just a case of who they were but more a worry of what they were planning! So it was here and with this I started my crusade of getting audio recordings of everything I then used against the public offices of the UK.

Yes the audio is all available here including that with the Police and correspondence with MI5 and GCHQ.

Note that long before they LAID CLAIM TO IT USING SNOOPING that I told them they needed to concentrate on...

1) Manchester
2) Birmingham
3) White Water Rapids Centre during the London Olympics

Nice to get recognition and acknowledgement instead of using OUR heroic acts to justify their illegal and immoral practices towards their own people!

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