Friday, 23 February 2018



Well no sooner had I accused all the Tories of thinking like that of that amoral moron Owen Lister .. they then go and prove it, so good luck trying to pretend that you all do not!

Apparently they are in court to state that they want to .. wait s minute? Let me check. Yup ..

They are 'apparently' claiming that disabled people have no human rights?!

Let me state that again ..


Now forgive me hear for a moment but how the flying fuck can that be the case? How can you go to a court to state that ANY group of people have no human rights?!

I do not know whether to burst out laughing of their total idiocy or get very very scared and concerned that my previous .. concern regarding the British courts being corrupt might be about to be proved?

Now just think about this for a moment ..

How could you go to the courts and the law, meant to be there for everyone and how we can claim to be at all civilised as a society, and ask them to allow the Tories to discriminate against a group of people?! Oddly mostly made up of British born people too .. so once again stabbing their own purely because they can get away with it without being labelled.

Also how can a political party in what is supposed to be a first world country, show their inhumanity in this way and get away with it without repercussions? It simply begs belief!

I keep asking myself .. if what it states in this blog post can possibly be true?! I .. I .. find it so difficult to believe. That they would come out with it in a way that can be reported upon and go around the Internet like the proverbial wildfire.

A pile of cash has more rights than people .. except the Tories, lawyers and Judges seem to have forgotten that ..

  • A pile of cash can not suffer.
  • A pile of cash cannot feel pain
  • A pile of cash cannot become homeless
  • A pile of cash does not have difficulty with the over inflated bills .. which the Tories and other politicians are too fucking scared to confront
What the fuck is going on in the UK and why are the leftist, or claim to be left, media ignoring shit like this?!

It would not surprise me in the least if this was very recent and that they are doing this purely to prevent me from winning two wars?!

Yeah .. I have two wars and it looks like both will be won .. there is just this damned waiting involved with one lot to do with fact checking and another thing literally awaiting a court date!

Still trying to get everyone else to pay for their mistakes?

Still trying to prevent justice to protect the money that is not even fucking theirs?!

Wonders truly never cease with this political party and in all honesty another wonder is coming that they still will not only STILL exist five years from now but will also likely be the party still in power?!

That wont be saying very good things about the British people.

Do you go some of the way right or all of the way right? If you go all of the way right and you let it be known .. do not be surprised if you get burnt at the stake further down the line!


Before I found myself in my current situation .. held up by tasks and .. well, others, I mentioned a very brief stay in a hospital on the Wirral.

This was by some margin the worst stay I believe I have had in a hospital, despite several members of staff being the most .. well, hospitable (no pun intended).

Now .. a name I mentioned to the idiot I spoke to, who was actually from Liverpool and was not factual despite his insistence of my medical condition, was recognised. As it turns out .. I now find out that the name I mentioned knew exactly who this was, more on this in a few months, and I discovered why this moron remembered the name ..

.. because they called him 'a wanker' more or less. Because he had the exact same attitude he gave me, was an idiot jobsworth that obviously believed that the NHS, namely him, should be paid for doing fuck all. As should the local councils .. despite obtaining money under false pretences and any idiot can easily find that out, hey, investigative journalists that avoid these stories like the plague!

Rather bizarrely and also a sign that he was not as intelligent as he liked to think that he was, I was very obviously not from around those parts of the country. NOT EVEN CLOSE. It would be obvious to everyone that I was either a Londoner or from somewhere very south-east.

Now with that realisation you might be forgiven for thinking that in their case they might ask themselves how they would measure up to other hospitals from so far away? Umm .. no.

I realised at the very end that there was a severe problem with this hospital .. because of the absolutely humongous change between th first four people and then the very last one .. contradicting what the other four had stated to me and in the same process asking me why I had asked and/or expected certain things to be done. Umm .. yeah .. wasn't me you fucking blithering idiot, it was ALL FOUR of your fellow colleagues that stated these things.

I got this distinct feeling that during the three hour or so wait, it was 11am when picked up and dark when I left, these staff members were either reprimanded for being human or more likely after I had left. Reprimanded and bullied was the picture in my mind. He had already stated that the '111' system was a complete waste of time and that they were all idiots. Well what do you expect you blithering idiot .. it was obviously another front created to shift blame away when someone dies. A bit like Atos, Maximus and Capita .. except they were not set up by the government and are private contractors that get paid handsome;y to lie and cheat so that the public services and government do not get caught red handed. Except now and moving forward .. sorry all you MP's but people are realising thanks to that you never fully understood .. the Internet and smartphones.

Oddly enough I was stating to someone recently about this 'takes forever and accepted as such by everyone' attitude of public services and government. I have always said no and that it would all end in tears .. too bloody late. Well this is also true of big private companies too. Someone mentioned to me that the major tabloids now ask for donations when you venture onto their web-page. I said that I knew and just like in government services they ignored a changing world due to taking forever or sheer incompetence, been left behind by other news services, no one buying newspapers any more and .. been left behind. Bummer!

But when they get it wrong .. they seem to think they have the right to expect others to pay for their mistakes, despite these mistakes being in the millions or even billions of pounds?!

I ask people that if any member of the public made a mistake and went to these people for help what would be the response? "No! It's your fault!" and despite this being a few hundred or a few thousand pounds. Oooh no! That would draw the reactions that your taking the piss or stupid. But when it is millions or billions and for organisations that were handing millions or billions .. not that is OK. Of course it is natural with these humongous figures that a few tens of millions or the odd billion winds up under the cushions of the proverbial sofa?!

So then .. Arrowe Park Hospital where they all fully expect to receive salaries while not providing services? Ooh how I would hate to be a public servant (servant? LMAO) over the next five to ten years. Anyway .. yeah it seems that ..

  • Bullying been reported by the Liverpool Echo, surprise surprise
  • Tribal Divisions between Nurses
  • Hiding of hospital beds going on
Now remember me stating for over five years that the problem with people who are amoral and dishonest? Not to mention easily corrupted?


In fact being a mental health professional and his rudeness I have wondered how many people with mental health problems have taken their own lives after speaking to him or someone with that same attitude?!

Thursday, 22 February 2018


"Too stunned to comment"

That was the line I had in my notifications in Facebook .. well I had to take a look. I also had no idea what it was I was going to find. Cannot be anything that shocking, .. surely?

Umm yup!

Some Tory .. wan .. person said that the best thing for disabled children is the guillotine?! You had better believe it!

I bet some of you thought the headline was to use the guillotine for the Tories?! LMAO!

Oh .. my .. God .. this just gets .. BETTER! He is a retired GP?! I would be thanking God for this gift were it not so fucking disgusting.

His name is Owen Lister, hmm smeghead? I also have some advice for him .. people that want to behave like that of the animal kingdom, namely reptiles of which I have expertise very literally, would not wear fucking suits! Or clothes for that matter. When we started to become civilised ever so slowly we started wearing clothes. Funny how you would lose the lives of children though. But not your fucking suit. Lol.

But then again maybe he does lose the suit? Maybe he is a naturist and maybe that is a way to catch out amoral people because they have this .. hatred of clothes? Ahhh I am only messing here.

What I am pleased about, if this is at all posible with something like this, is the fact that I have believed and I have harped on for four or five years or more about how I have personally believed that the Tories were actively taking steps to drop disabled people.

Now if you can say that the best thing for disabled children is the guillotine .. take a wild guess at what they secretly think about disabled adults?!

Suddenly it does not sound quite so bonkers as it did as when I first started stating this five years ago. does it?

I have a guy into conspiracy theories who is currently focused on depopulation and the chicken shortage at KFC. Hmm I wonder if I told him that in many areas of the animal kingdom, we are supposed to be above this, it is the weakest and youngest that are preyed on or die first?!

Mr Lister .. I might remind you that nowhere in the animal kingdom do a small number of liars who portray themselves to be human, would lose if society reverted back to an 'animal kingdom' because it requires intelligence, strength and abilities to survive, do a small number live at the top purely because of the number or cockle shells they have horded. Or printed bits of paper, or shiny things .. or paint covered canvas.

Time after time these people prove themselves to be complete fucking idiots that lack anything in the way of wisdom at all.

I have seen this attitude with GP's myself where time after time they mistakenly think they are the smartest and often the most important person in the room. WRONG!

But Owen Lister takes this to a whole new level and now and fucking finally I can prove what I have been trying to tell people for bloody years.

I just have one more thing to say ..

How the fuck did this animals become a GP and .. do they not swear a Hippocratic oath?!

EDIT: It has come to my attention that this man stated this some time ago and that even though the webpage link below has been ... 'UPDATED' that this was still a year ago nearly. I am slowly being asked by each person I know how this did not end up on TV?! A bloody good point!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Oh dear.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Apart from someone called Victoria .. someone who appeared from nowhere and if never heard of .. this legal action against the Metropolitan Police went under my radar.

Admittedly my 'radar' is not very good at times due to situations and circumstances. I have one bad situation I'm not taking about a great deal. I also have a while at of circumstances I'm also not talking about at all. Sorry.

Those that have been coming here awhile might now be thinking 'ooooh?' and .. well .. yeah.

I've always stated that with me and this blog is not always the things that I am stating you need to be taking notice and/or be wary of but often the things I am not.

If I suddenly stop talking about a situation then you can pretty much bet that there have been some radical developments. You can also take it that things are very, very different to how they were when I last mentioned them.

Trust me when I say that there are bloody good reasons, of love to divulge many things .. must be running into the dozens now, but simply cannot.

I do not like giving my enemies a heads-up to an attack and my enemies are not all known and can arise from the strangest of places. I think. Well .. I do not know to be honest and I tend to just think of them as a single entity when there is, in reality, a fair number of them. All bad people and organisations, of that you can be assured. All guilty of one or more crimes against the people and probably humanity on occasion?

This report is about the case of the black cab, I did not even realise he was a black cab driver and therefore in London, driver John Warboys.

The Police have been found guilty of treating rape victims like absolute shit.

Seems to be systemic, does it not?

Around the country the Police have been found to be doing this, even the odd GP too like one in Liverpool a few years back I covered on here.

It ain't over 'til it's over.

It ain't over.

This war between the rape victims and the Police was concluded in the Supreme Court of all places.

Funny as I've been complaining of the lack of use of the higher echolons of the British Legal system being used for the rich and not for the benefit of all for someone now. Now we finally get this? Taken long enough.

So finally, or maybe it has happened previously, the court and no less than the Supreme Court in this instance uses the word 'inhumane' to describe a public service. Well it is a start .. now we only need this stated about one or preferably more local councils and the NHS. IN typing that last sentence I have realised this was probably said about disability assessments which the DWP got lucky with as its not directly, but is indirectly, linked to them.

So out of the big four I have been publishing about, NHS, DWP, Local Councils and Police, we have two of the four had the word .. or insinuated that they have been found to be inhumane and .. that strongly suggests corrupt.

The both hilarious and disturbing part about all this is that they make you pay to run them so that they can do this to you?! 'Pay taxes for us so that we can treat you like garbage'.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: John Worboys case: Met Police loses 'landmark' appeal -


Hmm interesting report by the BBC about the numbers of people getting into work and those unemployed.

It would appear the number of unemployed rose for the first time in two years, a number I think had been fabricated for a few years now.

While at the same time the number of people getting into work rose .. too .. wait, what?!

Hold up there a minute? How does that work?!

I'm not really an expert in this field but I have foreseen many problems with it. I've also predicted that it would get .. hacked, for want of a better word, by the government.

So here I am reading a very, very short report, bad journalism yet again, stating that the number of people without a job has gone up while those with a job has .. also .. gone up?

Jesus. Last night in trying to explain to someone that the chicken shortage at KFC is not some government test on the public to test what food shortages will do. This morning I see this?!

A test for food shortages? Yeah, I don't think so. It was possible that this chicken shortage was due to that scientists have been talking about for several years? That meat would start to disappear due to overpopulation and lack of the amount of land needed. But even if this occurred and solutions not found I didn't expect it for another ten years at least. Though five years is possible. Besides this .. well you don't need a test to see the reaction in food shortages as it's happened many, many times all over the world and the end result is the exact same. Panic that induced panic buying. According to an actual linked report that was sent to me it was a supplier screw up anyway.

So after realising my predicted time frame on disappearing meat is intact, unless it's more bad journalism, I'm wondering if I've seen the first published proof that the unemployed figures are bogus?

The fact is when you have screwed with the Welfare State as much as they have you kind of start asking yourself if it affects the numbers they live to publish, intended or otherwise?

Hmm I did just think of one possibility ..

You people leaving schools and further education with half getting jobs and half not could result in small rises for both numbers? I think this would be under certain conditions and the jobs market would have to be pretty stable without much in the way of big changes on either side.

But I have also read now that Maplin is in trouble? To be honest I'm surprised that one didn't happen ten years ago or more. Their prices went very, very high from very, very low. Be a shame because despite not using Maplin that much I do from time to time. In fact I was in one two days ago. A particularly shitty one of in honest. The BBC news report mentioned something about a report, they begrudgingly admit was Sky News' report, of a potential buyer for the store. Let's hope it's someone that returns the store to its former glory and not using the screw the public.

Maplin was the only supplier of electrical goods that I never had nor heard any evidence of were selling refurbished goods as new.

But then maybe that's why they suddenly appeared to be expensive years back?!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: UK unemployment rises for first time in two years -


Well I have to say I have been hearing of things going on.

These things should be in the mainstream news and by that I mean everyone in the UK should have seen this on TV!

I also thought that when it started out would signal the beginning of a dark period in the UK's history? That lost generation striking or lashing out continuously. For a long time to come.

It still has the potential to become, not one but, two lost generations.

Maybe this was all part of the grand plan?

Criminalise sections of society to make any instalments of any systems for the poor to go more smoothly?

Get rid of the Welfare State and bring in Universal Basic Income. With the flat rates nationwide and the costs of rent in the big cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and possibly Leeds among others will be too much and anyone without a job moves away.

The rich and the pawns sectioned off from each other? That's what many seem to believe will happen. Some dystopian future akin to something from a classic sci-fi film or book.

I only ask if there is some sort of switch system? What if someone in the inside loses their job or becomes poor for whatever reason? What if someone among the poor becomes wealthy? Will there be some kind of switching system introduced? Some building for processing those that go in and those that go out?

I'm having visions of scenes from films like Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner and Blade Runner.

Yeah I used to think some of these conspiracy theorists had watched too many movies?

Except .. we do have a future ahead of us and we have no idea what that holds.

It would also be wise to remember that they have been banging on about how the planet is overpopulated for many years. They have also harped on about on oncoming food shortage. I might also mention the storing of seeds of plant foods in Svalbard. Is there one in Greenland too? Kentucky Fried Chicken running out of .. umm .. chicken?!

The way to get power is to manipulate the public into behaving like animals. By treating them by animals and letting them see, hear and read about stories of single mothers dying. Whether they froze to death, starved to death or took their own lives .. it stems from the same treatment and reaches the same intended goal.

Yeah that would be some master plan.

If no one knew of it. If no one knew of its possibility and probability of working and divulged it onto the Internet in some form so they can get called out on it at some point.

Every human being had the potential, or is highly likely, to behave like animals when treated like animals.

Then it's not that hard to get large portions of the public to perceive these large groups in a very negative light.

But don't worry .. as I've told a few conspiracy theorists that like chatting to me .. 'this is not something that can happen overnight. It can't happen in a couple of years even. Your looking at an absolute minimum of five years but my estimation would be at least ten.'

So there is trouble in Manchester. According to the Manchester Evening News' headline .. feral teenagers and organised criminals?

Now that has to be two separate entities at least? Think about it, organised but feral teenage criminals? Yeah, I don't think so.

They seem to have been going after the public transport system for their targets.

I suppose that of some plan had been concocted it would be in phases? By way of different protocols?
The first would be too got the financial system or indeed .. systems.

The second would be to turn take people's disposable income and move it from the positive to the negative territory. Or when I saw the bean counters can't do math.

Third would be too get them to behave like animals in every increasing numbers.

The fourth is to then move them on en-masse to other locations.

The fifth of to either keep them there or keep them out of the big cities of rich people. One of these theories involved a prediction of a wall built around London.