Saturday, 2 May 2020


Was getting tired of posting about the outbreak and was thinking of turning my next post into a piece regarding the evil Hitler like hard-left that has been destroying everything and have continued to do so. When the whole world is super depressed or pissed off over this outbreak.

Then .. something popped up.

I was impressed when I saw the first trailer to the video game by Naughty Dog titled 'The Last of Us Part II'. So much so I was tempted to buy my first ever game console to play the first one.

Though I have gamed for decades I am primarily a PC Gamer .. or am wean I am able to do so and my degree is BSc Applied Computing. Should also add that I was already highly knowledgeable in animal science and was while I did my degree and included this in my dissertation I received a distinction for. They also asked me to go a PhD which involved working in simulation software to teach Keyhole Surgery.

When I try to explain my knowledge levels to the hard-left I am going to dive into they literally accuse me of lying, out of pure white fear.

On a daily basis there is a large focus from a group of, stupid, people that claim I am anti-science and a 'denier' to catch me out lying. Not only has this never worked but I have shown my prowess in over a dozen areas of science.

Now there latest trick as been to claim that I am not the author of this blog .. well now that they decided to look at it after 11 months and shocked at what they saw.

Yes I kid you not their tactic has been to claim that I am not who I claim that I am.

Make no mistake these people are somewhere between deep seated psychological issues to clinically insane. Strangely enough this is what I am also accused of on a daily basis, or whenever I show my proverbial face.

They also love swear words and labels that I will get into and at the end I am going to include a flurry of more screen-shots to show these people for who and what they are.

Remember these are the people that want to gain power and tell you that they are doing this for you and they are not. Like in the thirties they claim they are for the workers and the oppressed, in their views, people.

Ultimately these being in power will see everything go to shit and they will then strictly control everything you think, say, do, believe and own. And when I say own I mean to say you wont own anything outside the clothing that you wear.

If you are an inventor and require tools and equipment? Forget it as you will need permission.

Believe in democracy, despite it being screwed beyond recognition? Yeah you can forget that too because they do not tolerate other people's views. Will get into this shortly. I have other posts regarding what a socialist system will look like 'A Socialist's Dream' being one.

Oh and I am related to one and have been a long time so I know how they think. They declare themselves not a socialist these days but make no mistake .. they agree they have become authoritarian with no tolerance but still come out with the usual crap. “They have gone way too far” is one statement made to me and even state that open borders was wrong now the outbreak has happened and none of her family get help of any kind. Nor did their family get any help for other a decade prior to the outbreak being passed over in favour of 'friends' or to people can virtue signal to look good or avoid the usual labels.

Trust me when I say this the entire story is .. horrific. One part of one story can be found and with recordings with Police Detectives under the post 'Country of the Damned'. Just one part of one story and there are many stories.

But back to the big hoo-ha going on.

So Naughty Dog is full of evil little Hitlers who treat their workers, the ones they say they are for, like crap and refuse to pay them. Over work them and have a turnover of like 70% of staff.

Yeah well one decided that he was not going to take it lying down, told stories of how bad it is to work for them and how Christians there were not happy and then leaked the game online.

  • Focus on lesbian relationship for the story
  • Loved character gets killed by transgender
  • Bad guys are Christians
  • Second half of game you play as the transgender and kill the other beloved character from the game
  • Not even played the game and even I know this is fucking insane!

You are also going to have to get it through your skull that as well as being intolerant these people think that the rules and morals do not apply to them.

You might be part of the hoard but the moment you step out of line the sheep around you turn into proverbial wolves and devour you.

This why the socialist I am related to that still considers themselves a socialist left their party and that was the Socialist Worker's Party and not as extreme as the others. I believe they still wanted Brexit?

Well at first when I first heard these 'rumours' I thought it was nuts and some idiot faking it but in a very bad way. It was too stupid and too crazy to be true.

Despite me telling everyone from centre-left to moderate right-wing people how crazy these people are and a few, fortunately only a few, not realizing it .. they end up proving themselves far worse than even my claims.

The game has polls running on it. Anywhere from 56% to 65% of fans are point blank refusing to buy this game. Yeah the number would be higher and here is why ..

Some whiny babies, including one YouTube creator I will get into shortly, are furious abut the leaks and the backlash and are refusing to look at them. Saying people are over-reacting.

Except they have not seen the leaks and not considered to ask themselves why this is about the biggest backlash ever going on right now.

Now one thing I have noted is how prices have soared in recent times and once upon a time a serious high-end graphs card to build a PC with would cost around £500. Around £300 would get you a very good one. Not today as these have crept up to £1,200 or more and and £500 gets you mid-range?

Then you have had the 'pay monthly' greed. Then the micro-transactions greed. Breaking a full game up into parts with endless 'Downloadable Content'.

Now consider this ..

  • Building a Gaming PC is close to a £1,000
  • XBox Series X and the PS5 are said to be more expensive than previous generations at £500 plus
  • Who exactly will want to spend that money to be screwed over while being preached to at the same time?

Tell me, who?

They have taken away or ruined everything and they think that is they just keep at it they will brain-wash everyone to think like they do while you also pay them for this privilege?

It is sinister, amoral, preachy, dictatorial, greedy and above all else .. WRONG!

It will also .. NEVER .. EVER .. be accepted and has now gone on for enough years that people are at their breaking points.

Also these megabucks companies have adopted this 'Woke' attitude and think that as they pander to the hard-leftists that the rules do not apply to them either and I will get to this.

We get abused on social media for speaking our minds or telling truths that are not acceptable and this can be mostly over political correctness or over money.

Progressives have the rules bent for them even by YouTube who are now possibly going to be sued over the Suzy Lu fiasco. She and boyfriend, Steejo, abused the copyright flagging system on those that said anything about them actually screening whole movies in reaction videos.

At the same time and while the Suzy Lu fiasco is unfolding now Naughty Dog and Sony are doing the same thing because they want people to have over money for a game they do not want to buy.

The sheer levels of self-entitlement at both ends of the spectrum is mind-bogglingly bad and in all honesty and pardon my French but .. fucking amoral.

For those of us Centrists be us centre-left to centre-right are bloody well fed up to the high teeth being in the middle and screwed from both sides. Though if the truth be told 80% of being flocked over comes from the hard-left. No shadow of a doubt.

There has also been attacks on innocent people and a very large and repeated attempt to silence people as well as go after their income from the likes of Google, YouTube, Blogger, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook and likely others like Apple and maybe even Microsoft?

All this shite and right in the middle or the worst pandemic in a very long time? Yes because that was always going to be a genius plan, no?

Yes in the middle of this global outbreak caused by leftists and spread by leftists while the same leftists lied their flocking asses off over it and running around bullying, swearing, threatening people, doxing people and even causing others to take their own lives.

But they think themselves highly moral, only ones (false claims) that tell the truth and all about the workers, people, planet and including the environment and all species on it?

Tell me, does it at all sound like that to you?

If you keep these things in mind as you go about your day to day surfing of the web and speak to others on social media, does it seem like this to you?

Surely in the longest times of troubles the blindfolds of men must slip off if but for a single moment of time?

One can only hope.

In one year of Twitter I picked up 7,500 followers and this is despite many being knocked off, many being suspended for telling un-PC truths (always will be a mistake).

Have been hugely popular whichever threads I speak on and am on five growing platforms and this is just in a year.

Every one of these simply do not understand how my blog has not been ten times, at least, more poplar than it has been. Well .. censorship.

They called me crazy but many of the things I have talked about and suppressed over are now coming to light. They cannot get rid of me because they cannot show that I have lied, some mad conspiracy theorist or paid to do this, as I am not. I have bobbed and weaved for long enough now that many of my predictions, all in actual fact, have turned out to be accurate. This now makes it even harder for them to get rid of me.

Oh they try to destroy my character by lying and you get posts like “Oh we have proved him/you to be a liar countless times” in which case they then get attacked. They are told in no uncertain terms that I have never been defeated by any one of the 'legions of losers' or some similar comment, that have tried. My defenders hail from the UK, Germany, the US, Canada and even as far away as Australia.

Yeah, yeah, sure, sure these people are interested in the truth, facts and science. No, the fact of the matter is they have an agenda and they will do and say anything they can to protect it and rid themselves of the obstacles in their way.

Despite the trials and tribulations I am an unstoppable force as well as an immovable object.

In the last few posts I have started to actually show screen-shots of some of the exchanges and in this one I will continue to do so and will from here on out. Believe me if you have seen the dozens I have posted recently it is a very tiny fraction of what I have and due to my short term memory issues do not always remember to screen-shot everything.

That YouTuber I mentioned that whined? Well he was angry because he was banking on the popularity of the game to increase his viewers and subscribers.

Mate? YOU are the content creator and not the game.

Want viewers and subscribers? Then do not be a crybaby ass-wipe, look at the blasted leaks and do a video talking about them!

As I will get to further down many YouTubers I know and watch and do not like being spoilt ended up realizing this was bad and looked into the leaks.

Tyrone Magnus said “If these rumours are true, Naughty Dog can kiss my ass!”

Poor Tyrone, he has been stating on his videos for a few years how he did not want to get into the political side of things when reviewing films.

That all ended either with Captain Marvel or the film prior to this. This is the same with many others who, like me some years ago. Have now been dragged into these pile of horse shit that the hard-left are forcing down your throat every chance they get.

I do call these people stupid or deeply troubled but I am aghast to think that they will be successful wit their tactics when there is absolutely no way on Earth and especially in these modern times they will even get close to what they want.

When I tell them this directly they literally laugh and tell my side that “you fear the change that is coming”

Tiny in numbers, crazy and flawed ideas and authoritarian other thought processes of others this will only result in scenes of large angry mobs with pitch-forks and burning torches that will literally round these people up and tie them to wooden stakes. Or worse?

It does not take a genius to look at the pain and suffering they have caused and over a very long period of time. Their politics helped the virus spread. They change their stances on things more than they change their underpants too. The boredom they have caused during the worst time in history. The extremist friends they have made and covered up for while turning against all others.

Do not even get me started on their racism and sexism.

Their rules do not apply to everyone, they are selective, they are biased, they are bigoted and above all else they are sexist.

Now was it Goebell's in World War 2 they stated thought that the best way to hide your own crimes was to accuse all others of it?

Trust when I tell you this that despite the problems with the world today, which is down to greed as well as leftists, the Dystopia they want to force upon you is not only hard to live with the thought of but which the reality would be a living hell.

My sole goal is revenge for what they have done to my daughter and my family and to expose them for what they are and completely destroy their dreams and causes while saving the world and the environment at the same time.

  • The lengths one should go to prevent a world one would not be prepared to live in should know no bounds.

  • A society installed and built upon deceit will quickly fill with people not willing to comply and will eventually push back with their full force.

  • Do not expect acts and sacrifices from others you have not performed nor willing to do yourself.

  • Constant antagonising of a much larger and wiser group will only result in the demise of the smaller one.

  • History is awash with authorities that become too authoritarian to the messes only to be taken down in the worst ways imaginable.

Let is take a look at their favourite buzzwords ..

You cannot bend nature nor evolution to your will.

It is highly dangerous as well as irresponsible to draw conclusions from partial data.

I stated for awhile that these hard-left morons have infected everything from entertainment to politics and these are the same people that lecture you on global warming that has paused and dropped and dropping now but in three decades cannot prove is man or CO2.

Well that humongous backlash over the PlaysStation game The Last Of Us Part II is revealing exactly that and even those influencing these things, like lying grifter and con-artist Anita Sarkeesian, then bare-face lies about it.

She tweeted she had no influence and yet here is Jeremy from The Quartering on YouTube that shows you a video where Naughty Dog head Neil Druckmann, claiming that she did ..


The Amazing Lucas on The Last of Us Part II leaks ..

Jody's Corner is not impressed with Naught Dog either

Tyrone Magnus says if The Last of Us Part II rumours are true 'Naughty Dog can kiss my ass'

Robinoyo warned of something like this with The Last of Us Part Two and the evil leftists called him a bigot and racist and here he talks about that

DreamCast Guy on rumour of Naught Dog leaker being one of several employees who were overworked, bullied and not paid

Anita Sarkeesian gets accused of ruining The Last of Us Part 2, she says she has no involvment and Memology 101 shows video that states she is lying .. what a surprise ..

A blow up of epic proportions over the identity polictics and leftism in The Last of Us Part II results in Naughty Dog taking down videos of anyone even speaking about it. Abusing YouTube's copyright claims.

Jeremy Prime of Geeks & Gamers along with many others being attacked and here Jeremy, no not that one, from The Quartering talks about it ..

HeelvsBabyface has Sony and Naught Dog try to take his channel down and a number of YouTubers start talking of a legal case (Class Action?) against Naughty Dog and/or Sony.

Tyrone Magnus on Sony stating they have the leaker and that its not am employee of Naughty Dog and absoluetly everyone cries “bullshit”

Well this video seems to have already gone

Yellowflash on how Sony and Naught Dog are proverbially torching everything The Last of Us Part II

Upper Echolon Games on how the gaming industry is going to get damaged, well even more so than it already was, by the Naughty Dog scandal

Mr H Reviews on Naughty Dog striking people, who has been struck and more talk of legal action against Naughty Dog. From so high to so low and in record time too ..

YouTube could be heading for a lot of hot water over the heavy handed censorship as along with the Naughty Dog Shite they have a couple of others occurring at the same time.

Tim Pool on Journalist that went after YouTubers like Sargon of Akkad and I believe Count Dankule getting caught doing some very bad things ..

Anyone remember Suzy Lu too? Well it seems after playing the victim and striking out at other for not doing the very thing she has been herself she has had a lot of videos taken down.

Vindicating Tipster ..

Remember the other half of the progressive couple of double-standards? Well John Swan here explains that Steejo has had things taken down too ..

On another note ..

Ed Davey is a condescending idiot as Sargon of Akkad explains leftist, vomit inducing, pandering ..


Now then .. one thing that leftists love is AGW and Green or Renewable Energy. So let me explain a thing about wind-turbines and solar ..

    • Are very expensive to build, run, repair and produce little
    • Kill millions of birds, many bats and untold insects but this is a necessary sacrifice according the the hard-left
    • You need high grade coal
    • You need high-grade quartz
    • These need to be melted which produces a lot of CO2
    • That along with mining the environment three times more than just coal to burn
    • Companies claiming to be 100% green energy have lied
    • Event with eco-warriors and music band 'Johnny & the Eco-Twits' (joke) was said to be solar run but plugged into the grid
    • Apparently this is also OK to the hard-left

Now I know nothing about Michael Moore but if yu watch just the first half of his movie 'Planet of the Humans' you will see just how stupid, dishonest and dangerous these leftists are.

Even I had underestimated how bad, amoral and utterly dangerous as well as how widespread these people had got. They know I know and they are worried abut that ..

On Dr Roy Spencer's site, former NASA Climatologist and Author, he is reported on a second drop in consecutive months on annual temperatures and second highest drop in satellite history.

Let me tell you this .. any Marxist climate alarmists that have more than two grey cells working as a team are going to making brown bricks from their small round holes for the next four weeks.

If yet another drop occurs next month or even the month after the floodgates are going to open against anyone that promoted AGW especially those in a very insulting way.

Hold on to your butts!

Bit of serious fun .. Joe Rogan and Tim Pool .. it was aliens!


Now some wise quotes from some rather brilliant individuals .. again .. as I have done the last few posts.

Rationality of thought imposes a limit in a person's concept of his relation to the cosmos” - John Forbes Nash

In a dream it is typical not to be rational” - John Forbes Nash

Scepticism is as important for a good journalist as it is a good scientist” - Freeman Dyson

The glory of science is to imagine more than we can prove” - Freeman Dyson

If you have any talent or occupation that delights you, do it and do it to the hilt. Don't ask why or what difficulties you may get into” - Richard Feynman

Facts are stubborn things but statistics are pliable” - Mark Twain

Always do what it right, it will gratify half of mankind and astound the other” - Mark Twain

There are heroisms all around us waiting to be done” - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Skill is fine and genius is splendid but the right contacts are more valuable than either” - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

That last one has been the bug-bear of my endeavours not helped by the combined efforts to suppress me and my goal to reaching enough people to make a difference.

Cannot think of what it is that would instil so much fear into so many agenda driven people just from the things that I state publicly?


One trying to be crafty and as delusions to the levels on their own levels of knowledge .. in this tweet they make a huge mistake. They ae trying to argue that CO2 warms the planet but also ignoring that not just CO2 gets warm. They also used the temperature of -273C and this was a mistake.

I answered after a few tweets at them asking what the issue was with absolute zero they failed to answer, which was a clue to them to their mistake.

My answer was 'everything' stops the temps from hitting -273C and they then took the piss and declared I know nothing.

This is the sort of people you are dealing with, they claim they know about science and that actual scientists do not if you disagree with them.

Except absolute zero is -273.15C and cannot be achieved. For this temperature to occur naturally you would have to be well out of the solar system and as they have detected heat beyond the Sun's influence, likely outside the Milky Way entirely.

In fact you may have to be in a large star-less area of the universe known as the Bootes Void?

So empty space cannot influence temperature in which case its all matter .. or everything. AT least within the solar system as everything radiates heat and keeping things well above absolute zero is not hard.

They posted a meme, told me I was cute when I was wrong, sounding a lot like another troll of mine who lies through her teeth and called ZombiePiano.

They said they would keep me in suspense until tomorrow morning. My answer?

No .. you really wont”


They all cherry pick philosophers ..
Now then a common thing among idiots is as well as not being scientists and calling those that speak science or claim to be scientists liars, they also rule out whole continents being below average as just weather but every single one of them will  at some point say 'Well AGW is real as its hot in my garden' or cannot be cold as it has not snowed in theior garden etc etc ..

Blog they have never read but trash because they know it does not state what they want to hear?

Yeah that is called being prejudiced and is as far removed from science as you can possibly be while they call me a 'science denier'

Get caught out lying all the time but continue to insist they never do this. Insist you have been caught out lying all the time to put off followers yet never able to prove it.

Claim they never ever report people and yet they have me many a time, around 30 on this one thread, and here they are more or less admitting they reported someone else.

Will twist anything to silence the truth and/or opposing arguments as these are simply not allowed and not allowed for me, centre-left, means not allowed for anyone. If you are hard-right, or at least think you are? You had better not step out of line as they will end you, your career and your personal life.

Here is a good one .. after more than 10 months of refusing to look at this blog someone does, there is a meltdown I may have covered in a previous post?

Well it must have scared them as this hard-left Antifa foot soldier pushing AGW then decides to go for the tactic of insinuating that I am not who I say I am? Umm yeah .. really.

Oh and then after realising I had recording of the Police, many and two on 'Country of the Damned', they then decide that what I did was illegal. No care whatsoever as to what I exposed or how bad the crime was .. actually rape against a minor. Nope then harps on abut me breaking the law.

Then when I explain they are lying yet again and explain the law, how it works and that I used to work for a solicitors practice they run off with their tails between their legs.

Of course they return with the claim the next day, or sometimes a week or two later, that they were not proven to be a liar yet provide no proof or links to that effect. They then insist that I am the liar and have been caught out many times.

Nasty, evil, lying scum of human beings is what these people are.

So next time your listening to someone preach to you about global warming, socialism or any other far-left agenda like identity politics ask yourself what this person is REALLY LIKE?

Friday, 24 April 2020


So then moving on to yet another part and they seem to be kind of merging into one.

But then the Covid19 outbreak has affected so many things and sometimes it reveals the failings and/or corruption to big names involved in other things.

Like Anthropogenic Global Warming for one.

Just as a few of us knew the Covid-19 was from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and was airborne when said it was and for our troubles we were censored by Twitter, Google, YouTube and Facebook who have literally been responsible for not only killing a lot of people but maybe family or friends of those, including me, of those trying to warn others.

The World Health Organization lied.

“Big shout out to YouTube who are too dumb to let the people do a good job on your platform to report the news” and “We get suppressed, we get de-ranked and we get demonetized” - Tim Pool

Paraphrasing here but 'Nature editorialized an old article about the Coronavirus' and ''going back and editing is suspect”- Tim Pool

Nature also recently removed a paper looking into the Grand Solar Minimum and the internal mechanics of the Sun we know very little about it and she and another team have had three of four predictions come true.

This paper was by, and I have covered several times, Professor Valentina Zharkova.

Think I have known, but been reluctant to say, for over a year now what is going on and it is utter stupidity by the powers that be. I have referred to this as #ProjectDistraction.

So this is two recent acts concerning Nature which now taints their reputation that has to have many asking the question .. finally .. 'what the fuck is going on?'

If you thought it could not get worse along with it emerging that the CDC and NOAA are publishing very different numbers under causes of deaths you now have the Competitive Enterprise Institute launching a campaign to remove the '97% Consensus on AGW' claim from NASA's website.

The authorities that leftists appeal to when lying to keep the AGW debate alive so keep their socialist take over alive are falling like proverbial dominoes.

Those that are in trouble and will have more revealing scandals over the next year or two are

  • WHO - COVID19 & the CCP
  • NATURE - Deleting Professor Valentina Zharkova & COVID Information
  • NASA – Long list but AGW & the 97% Consensus
  • NOAA – Three months into biggest lock-down CO2 rising as normal
  • USGS – Missing the obvious with volcanoes
  • United Nations – All the above
  • IPCC – AGW and the rising CO2
  • GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, TWITTER, FACEBOOK et all deleting or suppressing people with the actual FACTS regarding
    • COVID19
    • AGW Climate Change
    • Immigration
    • Rape Gangs
    • For attempting to divide nations resulting in descending towards civil war

Dictatorial, controlling, manipulative, condescending and guilt of misinformation, theft and in some cases .. manslaughter.

Authoritarianism at pretty awful levels and seemingly getting worse.

No doubt many are going to end up on that list and I from what I am seeing the Police on both sides of the pond will likely be added foe their over-handed and pointless not to mention their careless and incompetent tactics.

Personally I would not want to be associated with any of the above by the time 2021 comes around and I not only pointed this out to the USGS but I did tell then that people can count.

A few weeks later they made a public announcement based on something I said t them .. 'We are not monitoring enough volcanoes'.

Also in the coming months and likely between June and December more and more scientists that were badgered into silence will not remain so any longer.

Added to this is the reality that while people struggle without money and start to starve it might occur to them that for decades trillions upon trillions has been pumped into researching AGW and celebrities have lectured us about it.

If there was ever a recipe for the greatest disaster this is it.

I would hate to think of what would go through people's minds if millions or billions were pumped into large companies during this time? This will just amplify things that will result in civil wars.

I dare say there will be a long list of others located in other nations and I have been suspect of a fair few in Britain for a very long time. Government and public services too which was how this blog got started in the first place. Well once I had a collection of evidence to feel confident of not sounding like a mad level of conspiracy theorist and knowing I would gather more along the way.

Also feel confident in my ability to accurately predict things too and over time this would help.

Unfortunately I did not know that along with government departments that all social media giants would come after me too. Am 100% certain of government departments and am now certain about Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

It gets worse I am afraid as in China Wuhan itself is going back into lock-down and that is now three areas doing this. I have actually seen five ore more reports so could be five or more areas going into lock-down? But I may have seen more than one report of the same area?

An area near the Russian border, Sichuan and now Wuhan are the areas I am aware of for certain. Tim Pool talks about this in this segment and also talks about how it is reported that the CCP knew for six whole days before they admitted anything.

But what about the report by British Scientists stating that the outbreak may have started as early as September 2019 that even the South China Morning Post is reporting on?

Now since my last post several things have come out and I am in no doubt many more will before I even post this.

One report was a United Nations leak that they are estimating that 2 million could die from the outbreak in Bangladesh alone?

At 164.5 million people Bangladesh is the 8th largest population on Earth. If they did get these sorts of numbers will Nigeria and Brazil get 3 million each? India 6 to 10 million?

Not sure how they came up with that number as China lied abut the numbers. Or have they found out by some method that 10 million have died in China? Or perhaps would have died because they knew a second wave will occur?

Now look at the Populations of Countries

  • CHINA 1,439,323,776
  • INDIA 1,380,004,385
  • UNITED STATES 331,002,651
  • INDONESIA 273,523,615
  • PAKISTAN 220,892,340
  • BRAZIL 212,559,417
  • NIGERIA 206,139,589
  • BANGLADESH 164,689,383
  • RUSSIA 145,934,462
  • MEXICO 128,932,753
  • JAPAN 126,476,461
  • ETHIOPIA 114,963,588
  • PHILIPINNES 109,581,078
  • Now three key Nations
  • UNITED KINGDOM 67,886,011
  • ITALY 60,461,826
  • SPAIN 46,754,778

  • IRAN 83,771,985
  • AUSTRALIA 25,439,161
  • TURKEY 84,512,995
  • SAUDI ARABIA 34,702,077
  • YEMEN 29,689,474
  • SYRIA 17,412,083
  • ARGENTINA 45,110,905
  • COLUMBIA 50,771,714
  • PERU 32,877,340

Now then a look at the rates today on Worldometer and I was surprised to see a sharp incline in deaths?

Now then here is the scary part. Nations like India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Russia, among others, have barely started to see the catastrophic effects of the first wave which will sadly ramp up in the coming days.

At the same time there has been some rises in China and a couple of others is a second wave.

After declaring no cases for awhile China has now admitted to 351 in a day that I am not even sure is an entire day? Thought I heard of rises in Japan and Singapore too? People expect Sweden to rise sharply.

Now if China gets back into thousands in a single day over the next week just as India and other start to ramp up can you imagine what the graphs for cases and deaths will look like in as little as a month's time?


Now then China has now been reported, to the disappointment of climate alarmists who insisted otherwise, to have factories open but are not actually producing anything.

Leftists got this wrong as well as the outbreak being temporary. This is because all the pro AGW websites revealed their bias in stating early on in January and February that it would be 'temporary' because the idiots in the media insisted it was like the flu.

The flu does not spread this fast, we have treatments for it and the death rate is 0.1% and in the beginning they insisted that the death rate for Covid19 was less than a percent. I stated that they were calculating it wrong from the get go and said this would rise. I also said that it would likely be between 10% and 30%.

Well those rate rises have continued. Italy and the UK have now both gone up above 13% and Belgium is above 14%.. There are higher percentages but these are from far too small numbers of people to consider.

There are still unknowns, like how many were infected and did not realise and later on how many people lived alone, stayed at home as were told or ignored and passed away in their homes? It could be a very long time before we find out these numbers, I would estimate 3 months for some countries and up to a year globally?

During a moment in between hashing out his latest piece I thought I had mentioned the second wave outbreaks in China being three but possibly five and discovered I had actually underestimated even this. NTD's China in Focus reports that there are indeed 6 areas of China where the people travelling or being syphoned off away from everyone else.

They have also raised the death toll for Wuhan by 50% but they could have raised the total for the entire country by 300% and no one would believe them. After screw ups we are still to believe that the death toll, of raised by 300% nationally, is under 10,000? While the US with one fifth the population is at 37,150 and still rising?

Not a snowman's chance of crossing the Sahara, that one.

A Wuhan resident has started legal proceedings against the government which was followed by a Police visit warning him not to talk about the case? Well duh!

Lets make no mistake about it.

It has been all over the place the handling of this and a complete fuck-up or gargantuan proportions after years of heading down hill fast.

The EU? Well if I have any doubts about them being finished in my predictions, of by 2026, there are absolutely no doubts abut this now.

So much for the fookin army, eh?

When all has calmed back down and the sheer mountainous amount of losses are reflected upon by the sheer number of masses out there many are gong to get more than a little angry, in my estimation.

This is how I have felt for the vast majority of the past 30 years. Lies and bullshit from those that take money away from the people for things they do not provide.

Groups of amoral fooking sheep that bleat on year after year ignoring all science for one with the attitude they are all morally superior that results in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people to date I have no doubt will become millions by the end of My or June 2020.

Do not even get me started on morons like Iran that want to blame those they hate the most instead of the people that actually caused it. Maybe that is why the CCP decided to blame America and Trump? Because they knew that certain areas were so stupid they would believe it? Stop any retaliation or payback and send it in the direction of innocent people?

Well I wonder where the got THAT idea from?!

Dr Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity stated in a video he had received a death rate figure of a little over 20% for the Covid-19 Disease?

They thought that 40% to 80% of the world would contract this thing. Now we have a second wave starting up in China and we have not reached the half way point of 2020 yet.

If half the world's population get this what is twenty percent of 3.5 to 4 billion again?

AS it turns out things are not looking good for the leftists on the AGW climate change front either as the updated CO2 graph for April 2020 shows no changes in the rise.

I took the graph and asked a large thread of Antifa AGW leftists where the CO2 was coming from and all scattered, one fucking moron answered with 'How long does it take for the CO2 to drop?' but missed the point, did not look at the graph and then lied their asses off while trying to accuse me of lying for the umpteenth time and after barraging her with the question and pasting my own tweets in to show they were lying ..

They merely posted a bullshit Bot Sentinel score of 97%, well that's cool. Laughed like a drain, did not answer the original question, acknowledge they were lying and scampered off.


One of an small evil and fringe group that unlike over 100 others on the same thread cannot bring themselves to even so much as mute me.

Now I am told I have super-stalkers and I get more attention than David Dubyne, Tony Heller, Frolly, Ned Nikolov, Kenneth Richards and a few others. Still that is cool and if the case then I am taking focus away form them. At least t some degree.

None of these people greet each other. Oh I get defended quite a bit and with some gusto too, which is nice but surprising. Have a few screenshots of that in the last post and will likely add a fair few to the end of this one.

Nor do these people even talk about the deaths from the virus but then I guess as they know damn well that their politics, political correctness and attitudes are responsible for it spreading I dare say they do not want to?

Leftists get angry when I bring up Covid on threads to do with AGW and say the two are not related ..

  • AGW
    • Supposed to kill millions
    • Uses models that have failed
    • Based on numbers we do not know
    • Its the atmosphere
    • Not even close to have 20% of the data but leftists say they know it all
    • But leftists claim they know
    • Is on its way to killing millions
    • Uses well established models
    • Based on numbers we do know
    • Travels in the atmosphere
    • Based on data we do know but was ignored by leftists
    • Leftists did not know and their PC ways helped it spread

Look at the two above. Both have been a miserable failure to different extremes and all because of political correctness.

Western nations have had a massive influx of people they could not cater for, afford nor house now ask yourself how this has helped the spread of the novel coronavirus? Do you think it helped or hindered?

How do you think people will feel, or even you, in the aftermath of all this? Do you think there will be a large amount of people angrier than they ever have been before and there will be a collapse the likes of which would not have been seen before?

If so what nations do you think this will happen to? What nations do you think this could happen to?

I titled a previous post 'The Day of the Paradigm Shift' because that is what is happening or will happen. It is inevitable.

The odd thing about the leftists complaining about bring up Covid and not being connected is because it is connected. What is really going on with the planet has the effect of very high cosmic rays and these cause more mutations. Did that make you think?

When I started my series on climate change back in January 2019, though I have stated for years its nonsense, I predicted an outbreak that would spread and kill many people. However I had thought it would be around the 2023 to 2025 time-frame.

But it is not connected, the cult state. But then these are the pole that think in a linear fashion and think that 'A' causes 'Z' though there have been plenty of times the two diverged. Happening right now.

For some bizarre reason they do not see combinations of things and even today, as has occurred in the past, they think that ice-ages are caused by Milankovitch Cycles alone?

They never once stop to think about the different depths of these cold periods and why there are different depths. But they are all about the science. Apparently.

Oddly a study has come out reported by the Daily Caller and talked about by Tim Pool that states, well GUESSES actually, that the death rate is lower as they think many people have contracted the novel coronavirus and been asymptomatic only so death rate like the flu?

Not a Bat's chance in hell.

  • Never known anyone to die from the flu
  • In the space of a week I may now have heard of three people I do know die from COVID-19
  • Doctors in Italy were under the impression it was like the flu .. and then were inundated with sick people, dead bodies before saying “This is nothing like the flu, we were not warned about this?!”
  • Graphs still have a steep incline and the deaths graph is weeks if not months away from slowing down and as it is almost at 160,000 already and many countries are only having their ramping up now and the real figures we already know to be way higher?

Situation is ridiculous and I fully admit impossible.

Situation is teetering on explosive and this comes down to one single thing I am afraid and is being made worse all of the time because of this one thing.

Lying and not admitting the truth behind why real decisions are made and this has made much of the public in many nations suspicious for many years.

Because people want to hold on to power, because of egos, because of tribal political leanings and political correctness along with the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Sorry but science and facts as well as psychology just does not work this way and it has been a recipe for disaster that is currently on a simmer and heading to boiling point at various degrees in each nation currently affected.

Will they really be that surprised if it all breaks down?

Due to stomach pains and now a returning headache this piece is taking its sweet time.

One of my arguments in the current events unfolding that includes the increasing snowfall and harsher longer winters and also linked to the outbreak is volcanic activity.

Now I normally produce two graphs, one from the Smithsonian that only runs to 2000 and states that the graph should not be used out of context, what the 'F' that means. The other runs to 2010 and I have found several record breaking years since that one ended.

Curiously you cannot find volcanic eruption frequency graphs beyond 2010, or at least I could not locate any.

Now what the leftist Antifa AGW Cult do is state the graphs do not show the clear rise in numbers of volcanic eruptions that have occurred since 1950. They try to scare and embarrass me in pointing out what the Smithsonian stated on theirs about context.

Lastly these so-called self-proclaimed scientists that swear their heads off and call anyone that disagrees with AGW 'Pseudoscientists' still answer with things like 'bullshit' and 'moron' when I explain something.

That cloud seeding is caused by particles from meteors, cosmic rays and volcanoes and all three have been increasing. Added to this ice clouds in the highest layers of the atmosphere that are extremely rare have become regular and breaking records each year.

These are, and you can look the on on sites like, Noctilucent Clouds in the Mesosphere and Polar Stratospheric Clouds in the Stratosphere.

These co-called scientists rubbish this and so seem clueless in how the atmosphere works and rubbish all data presented to the while claiming to be scientists and all others that disagree 'pseudoscientists'.

And they say we are the ones in denial. And they always refuse to look at what you present to them.

Now it has been very much noticed by many that they are focused on me and while the core ensemble will happily block others, no matter how many times I tear them to pieces they just wont block me like over 53 others have.

It has long gone beyond a point where it appears, at least to me, like they know the truth and are on Twitter to muddy the waters.

Like they know I am right and they came at me in waves of three to six each one just sending waves of tweets and accusations at me.

Now to me this is odd. Even the USGS admitted things to me that these people wont give in to and to deny that these different areas of scientific data mean anything or are irrelevant is mind-bogglingly stupid/

So either you have a bunch of really thick hard-leftists that know bugger all about science while trying to convince people that they do .. or they know the truth and are key people on sock accounts looking for people like me and trying to put people off the scent. So to speak.

But like I told the USGS a year ago .. people CAN COUNT ..

I find it quite bizarre as we have had all these documentaries for decades, TV series and since the Internet science websites not forgetting PBS and Discovery channel telling us everything about everything that we know about so far. Even if a little wrong taking into account the replication crisis in science.

But in recent years, I would say at least a decade, its been bullcrap after bullcrap and in very recent years a new craze of deleting webpages has become a semi-regular thing.

Because storing text has suddenly become just so expensive, no?

They want us to unlearn everything we have and think everyone is stupid and easily duped and thought it a good idea to spread shite around thinking that there was no one out there to sort the proverbial wheat from the chaff.

As I was typing this out a new set of reports came out that stated that ..

  • An are of Beijing has been listed as high risk for the Coronavirus and worse than the first wave and is in lock-down
  • Other previously reported areas are getting worse
  • This is an areas where lock-downs were lifted
  • More countries and news media, like Bilt in Germany, as calling China out over their covering up of the disease
  • Bilt also pointed out that China has grown by stealing the ideas of others and this comes about by now allowing people freedom to think for themselves
    • Something the hard-left and Antifa of the western world seriously need to take on board

I have also noted a growing number of reports that the Novel Coronavirus was man-made and though this is something that is impossible for someone like me to claim one way or the other I had stated early on it was an entirely plausible theory.

According to the idiots on the hard-left it was a 'tinfoil-hat theory'.

A curious but non-applicable accusation and tactic as the term applies to those that are affected with an irrational fear.

Before you can even be classed as irrational you first ned to have fear.

Despite the fact that I have been trough periods of 'fear' it is intense anger and revenge that I feel far, far more than anything else. Above this is the desire to end my current situation that has dogged me for years.

Unfortunately my own endeavours to that regard have been stifled by social media and highly likely government too.

If you refuse to pay-up and cut off all available escape routes you will create an enemy and in my own case a resourceful and a formidable one.

Evidence of just how crazy it is and why oh why do people have to jump onto the truth they prefer and then doggedly stick to it?

Tim Pool on 'hot mic' moment with journalists saying coronavirus not that bad and they have been vaccinated when no vaccine exists ..

Same night I then see this about rumours that a big hack has taken place of the Centre for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and the (Bill) Gates Foundation ..

Tim Pool's take on the data grabbed, which apparently was accessed, as now reported, by people using old account data and man of the has 'password' as their password. Yup, no kidding.

There was some report I may have mentioned, by Stanford? About the virus not being that bad and many more people have had the virus than thought. Meaning that the death rate is lower?

Only as it turns out their numbers were wrong and the kits they used for the study were manufactured in China and reports from many countries have emerged of faulty test kits from China.

Here is Dr Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity who states its nonsense and disappointed this was published on Nature's website.

Oh dear I wonder if he is aware that Nature removed an entire paper on Professor Valentina Zharkova not long ago and other Coronavirus, Covid19 statements recently?

I am afraid to say that in as little as a month or two, maybe as many weeks, that is now three strikes for Nature and it certainly seems like someone .. somewhere .. who seems to be manipulating everything is also manipulating Nature and .. panicking?

PhD and worked in a nuclear plant and good analytical mind if not so good at Brexit, Thunderf00t who looks at number, says new China numbers are still lies, Russia is worse than they are saying as are many places ..

The proverbial is very seriously about to hit the fan in al manner of ways but will the fake news tell you about it?

Adam on Timcast with interesting chap talking about World War 3, Starlink, Moonbases and other things ..


Over past few weeks my daughter's grandmother has become ill and I want to explain now what has occurred ..

  • Had stomach pains for ten days along with diarrhoea
  • This is never happened before
  • This has now died down for 3 days since I started taking Vitamin C and Zinc tablets after staring at a bottle someone gave me that was bought from Holland & Barrett
  • Should be noted that, when I actually remember to I also take Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin B pills due to my Fibromyalgia which causes Hypomagnesaemia
  • Friend on Twitter tells me to be careful seems to have heard of COVID-19 sufferers going through this just prior to being admitted to hospital .. cannot tell me own daughter as ..
  • Taken into Arrowe Park Hospital in the Wirral
  • Same hospital I was admitted to where I was told one thing by 5 people and then an ass-hole contradicted them all, claimed to be an expert on Fibromyalgia and the got everything wrong about it, Toby Tobin
  • Family was told she had COVID-19
  • Before quarantine time ended family was told she did not have COVID-19 and family picked her up
  • They took her home and was hugged and kissed by several people, figure not known
  • Two days later she was back in hospital and told she had COVID-19
  • Two days later the family was called and told she was fine and she did not have COVID-19 and could someone whose experienced a horrific life due to public services and has breathing and kidney problems can they pick her up
  • Daughter a single mother with heath issues not good for COVID and 'special needs children' she has had little help with
  • Scared ex tells my daughter to speak to me as I am the genius, which causes my daughter's jaw to drop
  • Tell her not to do it
  • Two days later my daughter calls me sobbing .. grandmother in hospital, very bad and family told she wont make it through the night and she has COVID-19
  • Few days have past since I started this and no word thus far


There are heroisms all around waiting to be done” - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.” - Mark Twain

The 'paradox' is only a conflict between reality and your feelings of what 'reality' ought to be” - Richard Feynman

Scepticism is as important for a good journalist as it is a good scientist” - Freeman Dyson

Oddly the most popular thing among the hard-left I have thrown at me and repeated ad nauseum in the hope of planting the seed of doubt among followers is that ..

I am mad and therefore all my claims must be discounted?

Bizarre tactic as not only are they being bigoted and disrespectful to yet another vulnerable group they are actually not correct and seem to be forgetting a number of notable and brilliant people throughout history.

John Nash of Princeton University being just one.

Lastly here is a video by Anton Petrov about a scientific paper that shows yet another theory of mine being accurate which is likely to show several other theories of mine being accurate.

Spacetime does not expand at the same rate everywhere and does in fact vary in different parts of the universe.

Finally ..

In the posts of this blog I have explained and proven that the NHS have lied to patients for years and on doctor, Dr Huq, quit the NHS over this after admitting this to me.

  • Do not refer people for diagnosis
  • Do not refer people for expensive scans
  • Do not refer people for expensive treatments
  • Do not prescribe expensive drugs
  • Do not tell patients we told you not to do any of this
  • Going on for more than 15 years
  • How many have health conditions they know nothing about?
  • Now we have a nasty pandemic
  • They tell people they have lied to for 15 years with health conditions no one knows about and likely due to the lies will never find out about so ..
  • Stay at home and help the NHS save lives
  • Is actually killing way more people than they have already
  • But they get applauded for saving the people they asked to stay at home
  • And on Tik-Tok apparently many of them are doing dances while people die?!

A selection from just one that claims he is a scientist and promotes global warming as man-made and swears and calls others 'morons'

In case you do not know that is Climatologist Dr Paul Williams who used to appear on the BBC, whose models have utterly failed and irreparable and suffering depression over it. Well because he was wrong. they were all wrong.