Wednesday, 31 October 2012


My old friend FISH!


(not literally friend lol just old familiar voice of Marillion)

What a Rant?!

Yes that last post was a rant...

Probably just as well though I am not one for beating around the bush!

Just posted that one and am in pain and today was one of those days when i get home wondering how and that is with the help of two buses?!

As I had feared my right knee is becoming more of a problem as the weather becomes colder and more wet and the other night the inside of my right knee was in pain as it was pressing up against my left knee and this has never happened before.

Oh I have had loads of health professionals state that it cannot be operated on because if its central and if its behind the kneecap, patella, directly and I go home each time becoming more annoyed and get home and think for feck sake stop guessing to try and save money you look bloody pathetic, MRI the damn thing and TEN TELL me you cannot operate?!

The other odd things is that when I am out and I am in pain it makes me somewhat ... temperamental. Take today, I am standing at the bus stop leaning to one side using my walking stick so that my heels are off the floor. Standing still is an absolutely nightmare and seeing a queue and especially a long one makes me swear out loud and often bugger off tossing an item onto a shelf it does not belong.

No matter whether I am in a queue at Asda or waiting at a bus stop like today no one gives a shit and I could go deeper into this but will not because I will be labelled unfairly and wrongly. No today around a dozen people fled to the bus and I had to look round thinking there was some kind of gang war with gun play going on. It was around midday and I wondered what the bloody rush was for or whether Argos were giving away freebie bags?! I decided the bus was too busy and waited for the next one instead. When that one came, so now I had waited for the second bus, a guy appeared out of nowhere to my right and was trying to barge in the queue and I could tell very easily he was intending to barge in front of me too. He is not alone most people are like that in that side of town. He did not get in front of me and God help him if he had.

I hate this I really do. I would like to avoid it as I know I will come across the wrong kind of character, or should I some some unfortunate soul will think he will try his luck one day and it will kick off. If and when this happens there are so many nasty characters out there these days just a war of words will not be enough and I will know as I can read characters pretty well. Especially if there are a group of them and on that day all hell will break loose. I fear for what I might end up doing to someone, even IF they are deserving of it, and it is a very horrible thing t think about every time I go out in this kind of neighbourhood, not MY neighbourhood just THAT kind of neighbourhood, lol.

What will infuriate me is that day it will be I that gets into trouble, which will only fuel my anger and frustration at the relevant authorities involved and they will end up with some too and all the while I have been trying to avoid this situation and am in it because of corrupt authorisations, nothing more and nothing less.

But I WILL BE THE BAD GUY and all because of have more than enough ability to defend myself?!

Yes it most definitely is one hell of a 'topsy-turvy' world we live in!!

Or I will come home in an ambulance after collapsing.

It is a race to see which of the above happens first and I did get into a street argument with one fellow about 8 months back and two bystanders jumped to my defence, both women bizarrely, lol.


So now if I was Prime Minister and I was faced with a group of people that came forward as whistle-blowers I would be forced, whether I wanted to or not, to do something with a group this fearless and selfless.

Ombudsman everywhere would go and that even includes the word itself as the very Ombudsman that exist have made a bloody mockery of the word and to many it now stands for something else entirely.

Like many things I would have one body with sub-departments and these lot governing each of their departments and they would be given an impressive set of teeth. No gummy gnashers like those currently possessed by people who are the real benefit cheats, or just one lot of them.

So let us get something out the way, forget about people on benefits OK, they ARE NOT nor NEVER HAVE BEEN the problem or YOUR problem. The cost of this is minuscule compared to what you are paying for each authority in turn who abuses its position, does not do its job properly and lies about it, to the point where lives are lost and they do not give a flying ... Scotsman?!

Stop wasting our energy and time harping on about a section of society whose cost is minuscule and would be eve LESS  if not for bungling authorities, like the amount of people in very high private rents, which they are now harping on about, because the council is gradually shedding its old ways and the making statements to the public, 'it is not our obligation to house you!' evil bastards. Do you have any obligations left? I wonder what council obligations today compare to like 30 years ago or more? LOL.

No obligations, no housing, no libraries, disregarding at the the most disabled (read not long to live (cheap) ad no arms and legs) and shedding these at a rate of knots well what are you there for? FECK OFF and stop rinsing the public of its taxes!!

For those of you still drowning your sorrows down your local moaning about scroungers on benefits will give yourself a good kick up the arse and stop sounding like a bloody fool that knows nothing of simple 101 mathematics. Or better still go do a course on mathematics. Listen to the news of the billions of pounds being banded about here there and everywhere. Five, eight, ten, 50 million and listen carefully you will her trillions from time to time.

Would those of you still thinking that like me to draw you a graph?

I have never met one person that has NOT wanted to work, though I dare say there are some out there these are the tiny minority from my experience.

If you are one of those half pissed moaners did you know that a great many people working are STILL benefit claimers?! Do you include them i your finger pointing? Well if you are then you should as there is no difference as a benefit claimer is a benefit claimer and the word WORK is scientific and today it can only loosely be applied to the things people get paid for as its a small fraction of these were people are humping a shoulder load of bricks up stairs.

A benefit claimant is a benefit claimant and work is work. That is it and that is all!The word WORK means to resist gravity with force s getting out of bed in the morning is WORK. Going down the shops is WORK. Sitting at a desk all day is WORK. I do more than someone sitting at a desk all day. I do more than most despite my many areas of pain. The fact is I do not get paid for it no matter how many times I have tried. I do not get paid because I will not lie, it is that simple. That's it and that's all.

That is my first teachings to the pet hates I have had for years to the many bringing the country down through ignorance and buying into the government bullshit.

Put down that pint, go home and drink the coffee but make sure you have a damned good whiff first!!



It occurred to me while I was out today of the fact that organisations are going about shutting people up on the Internet and this occurred because someone on YouTube who had something to do with the Birkenhead Court video bust up asked me if I had a copy as it had been banned?!

If it was his and he filmed it well where is it?

But that got me thinking..

Who is it that does this and how is it they can do this when many authorities state it is impossible to Police the Internet?! I have been getting emails from Facebook for different causes and one of these consists of the fact that there is explicit pictures of children on Facebook they have not removed, how can this be?

How have we got to the stage where sexually explicit images are posted on websites of the big names but that a video of disorder in a courtroom, when you could only see the backs of most people anyway and certainly I could not see the judge, get BANNED?!

...then I started to think about the organisations that are doing this and the way they are structured and who exactly presses the button, as I can tell you now the ones that make the decisions have not the ability with IT to do this. This made me wonder at how many people that ACTUALLY press these buttons are now happy about doing it?

I would imagine within each corporation the ones WITH MORALS number the ones without 20 to 1. I often wonder what they think when they get home at night and wonder if they are happy with their decision? Maybe they are just worrying about paying their own mortgage and looking out for the own family. Or just looking after Number One? Only one is a very small number and of these people those without morals are in the tiny majority. Indeed I would go as far as saying that many that have been forced to do rotten things really do not want to have to do that and if given the choice wished the world, and the UK, was a better place.

While thinking this a bus went by me with the poster to the latest James Bond film Skyfall along its side and I then thought if people were mostly amoral then films depicting heroes like that would never succeed. SO there must be the urge and rive to do good in most people even those that are considered The Devil's Minions!


I wondered how many it would need to really upset the Apple-cart and force change, one or two from each organisation? Talk to each other and join forces and come out together as team?

Now if I was i one of these positions that is what I would do and as for LOSING their jobs well there would be a legal case for damages, say, and a book deal involved for each of the team?!

Newspapers, well the right ones of there indeed are any left, I would imagine would pay for your story too!


OK an unusual day today and good parts and bad parts. Not long back indoors I ended up with a new toy, that actually will help a great deal with my Internet stuff, getting used to it RIGHT NOW?! LOL!

Had the beginnings of something I have feared the last years now, pains when winter comes round becomes well a bloody pain! lol. Only today and twice while out I thought I was going to end up on the floor a few times, hence why I always take a walking stick out with me!

Hmm this is working out better than the first attempt at using it, my new wireless keyboard I should not have bought but looked so good and very usable I could not resists it. It was £25 and came with a mouse but I tried to get a mouse-less one for cheaper but they did not do one in Maplin. In fact it was odd as he said I price as I stood there with my Visa card and it did not sound like £25?!

I left the store and shoved the box into my rucksack and looked at the receipt and it said £14.99 instead of £24.99 and he did say he had just had them delivered so the £24.99 must have been for another keyboard. What a result? Now I can type away with this tiny lightweight keyboard on my lap, jump up, jump down and jump around with glee. An added bonus is my thighs do not look like a medium roast after a heavy typing session either?! That was the main reason as besides everything else within this blog it has been somewhat uncomfortable on many occasions and I have long since been looking for a tray or dedicated laptop tray come cooler to be able to do this much more comfortably. Hoorah. Keys are a bit clicky and stiff but hopefully these will loosen up a little, or until I figure out I am using all wrong, lol.

The two books I wrote about all this I did on my previous laptop which thankfully did not get hot. This one gets hot for the most part because it is NOT the one I originally wanted and only a quarter of the price. Or I did not have the funds to build a desktop computer which is long overdue.

Today after having to let the first bus go as I would not get a seat on it I was having a profound thought moment. Indeed I had two but due to things getting more painful while I was out I, as I damn well knew I would, forgot what they were. These will come back to me but then I did not get to all the places I wanted today and even walked past my bank and forgot to obtain my rent. I walked in a nearby garden centre for no less than FOUR items. One they did not do and the other two I completely forgot. This is how it gets when it becomes uncomfortably painful.

I did not get anything in the way of food either! Luckily I am treating myself to a kebab tonight anyway and I do have some food here if I can be bothered to cook?!

Oh I did get an email from someone I do not know on YoutTube stating that the Birkenhead Court Dust Up video has been banned and asking me if I have a copy. I do not, lol, and was shocked and horrified to hear that this had been removed.

It seems Freedom of Speech is only as good unless your opponents have more cash than you!?!

DISGUSTING! SO I have no idea who took that off whether or not it is Merseyside Police or someone in government it matters not, it was still wrong. That will only fuel everyones suspicions but hey I am not about to point out there incompetent mistakes, I never was hehe!

Ah now I remember one of my thoughts...


I thought I would go into something here that I have hinted at several times to kind of get a certain message across. It is one I thought the listed authorities may make a stab at in an attempt to ... well beat me and try and muddy the waters and make me look something that I am not. Whatever the hell that may be?!

My late friend Ken Bunn used to state something to me while drunk and speaking about these subjects and it was indeed he that thought I could actually DO something and make a difference, I thought the exact opposite and I have stated this a couple of times throughout.

I have often contacted different organisations that are against corruption of which there are many. Half or more of these specify a particular area which I have stated many times only allows the government to pick and choose smaller battles and therefore continue to win. I have suggested that these groups join up or kind of bunch and huddle together. This way it is harder to defeat you in the face of adversity and you are more liable to get your message across. I seem to fail in these attempts and this blog was always in the back of my mind to get that message across further afield. I just merely needed the time as there was a lot to say and even more in the way of evidence to post.

Now that I have been doing this and to try and counter anything that any authority might cook up to counter my actions I want to say this...

I am not a leader, I do not want to be a leader and that is NOT the intention of this blog at all. I am not trying to rally groups of people together to do that at all I am merely trying to show things for what they truly are, whether this is technically illegal or not is IS MORAL!

One intention is that I DO meet like-minded people though and would be cool if I discovered someone honourable who COULD be a leader?!

Stephen Fry and Vince Cable spring to mind off the top of my head, lol.

If I was wanting to do this I would be VLOGGING and not BLOGGING!!

I do not have some grand plan to master a huge organisation together to do battle with the government and get my name in lights and TV coverage day after day. In fact the opposite is true! I am constantly have in the back of my mind that fear of a front garden full of journalists and if I DO appear in court and as my daughter's solicitor believes that the media will be there in a frenzy I am NOT looking forward to that either.

I would rather all the above had done there JOBS, been compassionate towards their fellow man and not spent the last twenty years destroying the lives of friends, family, my daughter and grandchildren and stopping people, including myself, from having a NORMAL life. Like I have never been MARRIED for one thing and I have been single due to all this for 8 years now.

So I just wanted to get that message across loud and clear as now at this stage just about ANYONE could be reading this and concocting stories and accusations to stop people taking notice of what I have here.

This story is also in a VERY public domain and was sent to various newspapers and TV New networks and I never spoke of money nor being paid in any way, though I was kind of hoping an offer might come through to help with travelling expenses up and down when I needed to for courts and emergencies. But I never even received an acknowledged so that went south for the winter.

In fact to date I have not had a single solitary penny for anything I have done.

Just to be absolutely clear on these issues, LOL.

As said I have hinted as much but sometimes ... well you just have to join up the dots before someone joins them up by their own hand and own design.

And yes I may have mentioned elsewhere that I have been in a situation where I have led several times in the past but I was thrown into these situations and normally placed in this position by the groups I was forced into. Normally unanimously voted in by all the group members, eh Van, Andy and Remi?!


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Rupert Heath Associates & now Conville & Walsh

So now there have been two literary agents show signs of interest but not actually divulging any details?!

First Rupert Heath Associates noticed me on Twitter and requested to follow me and now a curious email from Conville & Walsh?!

What with a couple of other contacts in the last few days, someone nice in North Wales and Manchester Gazette requesting I post my story, you kidding? Not typing it all out a third time matey! LOL!

I now I contacted the latter a year ago but I do not recall contacting anyone recently. I may have sent of some emails or some other form of digital correspondence in the first week of my blog, around 8 weeks ago, but whether or not I contacted these two I have no recollection.

Yes whenever I contact anyone within a certain industry whose services I am hoping to acquire and due to the very nature and attitudes I have spoken about within this blog I tend to contact ten at a time. But there are hundreds of lit agents, I know as I have a list ... A LONG LIST.

Oddly in the respect of Literary Agents and I may have mentioned this previously is that single agents were a great deal more courteous and the feedback I got from them from the synopsis alone was quite something. Some even going as far as saying that I needed a large agency and I replied well funny you should say that as I get the impression that despite have a number of readers and secretaries, sorry Personal Assistants, I always get the feeling they have not read the synopsis and not even read the entire emails!

Considering that I stated many things I have here I expected half of them to answer 'no way?! Can you prove any of this?!'

Instead I believe that they decided it was all a work of fantasy, just as I had done on a site I am a member of with the initials PP! For those that have come here from there possibly and made some very sill statements in my diary section! LOL!

Oh and ever heard of standardising formats?

Printouts need to be justified, size 10 font, size 12 font, single line spacing, 1.5 line spacing, 2 line spacing, paragraphs 1, 5 and 10. Paragraphs 1 to 3. Paragraphs 1 to 4. Paragraphs 1 to 5. One sided, double sided, treble sided ... oh?


I did not even list all the quirks either. Some want them a certain way, post only very few email only. Some do not want chapters at all and only the synopsis (which makes a damn site more sense). Covering letter and the waste on my underpants, oh no wait that's just me thinking out loud! LOL.

Obviously missed the parts where I am penniless as I have been ripped of for tens of thousands of pounds, had my DLA illegally cancelled, defrauded of £4,000 and have a series of physical pains all over my body. Yes I can start doing cart wheels and spend loads of money running back and forth to post offices, bloody arrogant lot these tossers are! LMAO!

So I gave up until I had this blog some way down the road before I would consider going through that minefield again. As stated in an earlier post I kind of hoped there would be some chance this blog would do many of these jobs, with irritating people with mostly delusions of grandeur and a stone heart, for me.

Indeed even my enemies I have attacked here this blog can do a variety of jobs for me but it is not in the position to be able to do this just yet. Until it does I hope it either has not been picked up on their radar or indeed i have succeeded in making life very difficult as far as removing this blog goes.

Although it may already be the case, though I very much doubt it, but at a point I will not have to worry about it as it will be someone else big and powerful who will want this blog to stay and it will be them that defends both me and the blog. Like I said not just yet though I do not think. Maybe by the new year this may be the case and cold be as early as 3 weeks after this particular post, it is impossible to say.

It is the reason I have referred to previously though in the numbers game. The higher the number the more difficult it will become. Kind of a stealth attack and all the time I am muddying the waters so that if it is discovered by someone who would like it removed, i.e. THE TRUTH REMOVED it will hopefully be too late or will take them so long to work out if they can and then make an application to a court that ... well it will then be too late.

Would be comforting to know that I have reached that point, if and when I do that is


Been waiting for my rent to arrive in my account but it has curiously not appeared.

So I went in as it is nigh on confusing to keep up with the way they pay you. Now my rent arrives, well what they pay of it, between the 27th to the 1st of the following month. I prefer to get it as soon as it is there so may landlord can retrieve it in these difficult times that even he now is feeling and has for awhile.

So I logged onto my digital banking, which often does not work properly and till suggests I am with or about to be with Santander, though then it was Virgin Money and now Nationwide. I pulled up the statements for the past three months and noticed two things...

1 A curious payment of £5 which was due to the fact that the previous payment WAS £5 short, solving that mystery to some degree?!

2 That payment, £795 one, was on the 26th September and it is now 30th October which means 34 days have passed since the last payment?! THIRTY FOUR! Today the rent has not appeared so it looks like it will hit 35 days?!

Of course I am now debating whether or not to go down and tear them a new arsehole?! Something I have done a great many times but not for quite awhile now and they are obviously getting a little too comfortable.

I say that but a worried manager, named Colin Bullworthy, came racing down the stairs to meet me to the shock of staff and when I said not to worry I am only dropping of a CD with evidence on it and only want him to have access he then sarcastically said 'I am not worried!' to which I thought 'no of course you are not mate, but do not worry give it time you will be more worried than you are now!' LMAO!

He then sort of whined about having to place it in a safe.

At the time me being in their building causing a fracas  sometimes to applaud from members of the public or words of praise, this was a common occurrence and used to infuriate me that I would have to go down to figure out their never ending incompetence and hence I would blow steam!

Well now I am wondering do I go down there today and do this or do i go down there tomorrow and be even more furious than I am currently over this? Tomorrow is a day when I am supposed to be ferrying shopping back on three separate bus journey's too and fro so I am not going to be a happy chappy if this is all disrupted so because they get paid £38,000 to £300,000 or more in that building and could not organise a PISS UP IN A BREWERY I could not with my EYES CLOSED AND BLIND-FOLDED!!

The STATEMENT with sensitive stuff edited out of course!


This has long been a real hate of mine that gets right under my skin!

The word solicitor has me steaming at the ears and despite working for one that was a friend and on and off for a couple of years with 7 months continuously, this has not changed a bit.

By now you will all have realised how serious the situation not only still is but has been for 16 years or more and in recent times somewhat horrific.

Well after trying to find details of her current solicitor at someone's request online I came across this email I had from one I had arranged for her. My daughter had got the solicitors mixed up and walked several miles to see this woman, though I am not sure that is the correct term for her. I state that as I purposely looked for women solicitors due to the nature of the case and in that they would have understanding and compassion but not in this case. I have found that in solicitors but only a couple out of 100 or so.

So I have screen shot of this email response, needless to say my response was rather harsh to say the least.

Remember the solicitor was well aware of all the facts including that she had no home phone, mobiles were crappy and old and did not last long battery wise. Couple of hours at best before dying. She could have also conversed through me too, without divulging anything sensitive until she had MET my daughter!


Here is someone I responded to about

She responded back. SLIPPERY is their word of choice and I could not agree more!

I have submitted a number of online reviews on this bunch of crooks on various websites to warn as many people as possible.

There are enough out these already but at least I provide the proof so that people can see, no more I can do than that!


Hurricane Sandy, Frankenstorm, Superstorm and Giant Tropical Depression have all become buzzwords in the last 48 hours.

My fascination for extreme weather combined with my fear of loss of human life has gone into overdrive in the last 12 hours. I have watched with both fascination, awe and fear as the horrors that were predicted have gradually all taken place in turn and indeed still are as I type out this post.

Though what provoked me into typing it and placing in this blog of all my blogs was something the Mayor of New York had stated a couple of days ago and then something a news anchor stated, while recalling Mayor Bloomberg's immortal words, just this morning.

Mayor Bloomberg along with President Obama had both told everyone to heed the warnings given to them and get out and evacuate. Lines like 'don't be stupid' were used and Mayor Bloomberg even went as far as stating that anyone that ignores this would be placing the lives of the emergency services in danger during and after Hurricane Sandy devastating path. I thought a curious choice of words and could have sounded heartless and even made some think that this is what they get paid for. However in this instance I believe they were the correct choice of words. People can be naive and people can be sticklers for believing in things that  are totally off the wall and most likely or even totally impossible. Oddly some of these might think the same about conspiracy theorists no matter how crazy or how sensible they may appear. But what they accuse conspiracy theorists of a large proportion of people that as the accusers are in a way guilty of themselves.

This point become completely clear to me when, moving on 12 hours, a news reader on Sky News made the following statement while an ambulance in New York, or perhaps Delaware I cannot recall entirely, said that there goes an ambulance going to save people AFTER Mayor Bloomberg told everyone not to be stupid and get out. I was impressed that this woman remembered Mayor Bloomberg's words and also that she chose to recollect them at that time. Insinuating that there were many stupid people still left in New York.

But then I started to wonder just who these people may be. Sure there could have been a fair amount of these religious nut-jobs and bible bashers thinking God would spare them if he deemed them worthy of sparing. Nowhere would this be more relevant than in America though I would have thought more the southern states and not in a large city like New York. Maybe they were unable to evacuate for one reason or another. Maybe they were poor or possibly homeless people and i started to think that the possibilities were endless.

However what it did make me think is that here is a situation where the facts are staring you in the face. There could be no one that did not know about Hurricane Sandy and its path of destruction and lives already lost as it made its way through the Caribbean  surely? Sixty people had already died and it was skirting the shores of the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Is there a possibility that despite this many facts staring people in the face that they would still choose not to believe and stay put? It would be interesting to see if this is reported upon further and with the choice comments used while recalling the Mayor's comments I tend to think that it will now and I for one am interested to see what is reported along these lines. Will people that did not evacuate from those areas be asked, WHY? I am eagerly awaiting the answers.

You see this very blog is trying to reach out to as many people as I can albeit targeted at the UK. Now in my mind I have laid everything out as clear as I can, possibly rushed in places, and provided as much details/data/info as I can to the best of my knowledge and with any evidence I have to hand. I did always think that once I did this and it was live things would go insane within a matter of weeks. As pleased as I am with the the numbers I am getting they have not yet gone quite as insane as I initially thought, lol.

I thought that each person that read this, well those in the UK, would then realise and tell friends and family and each in turn would tell their friends and family. All the while new people would be finding this blog and start the same chain reaction. I do every now and then go round to relevant websites and inform new people or groups in different ways about this blog. Because it can only help people IF they are aware of the blog and have read it. Now as far as believing it is concerned, well like Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama did there is not much more I can really do. Not on-line at any rate. Sure I have several weeks more of material to post about and there will be things that pop up in the news along the way I can analyse to death then possibly return and re-analyse it. But if a viewer comes on and does not believe there is nothing more I can do. I have 11 other blogs and I do not put anywhere near as much effort into them and I DO NOT post them around on even the relevant websites, forums and suchlike. These I prefer to just let anyone find on their own.

So you see how that comment and the follow up comments got me thinking and made me realise that sometimes and as strange as it may seem, you can stand there while holding up all the facts and people still refuse to believe. Oh of course there will be the selfish and self-preservation element that will only end up leading to what you are trying to avoid from actually taking place ... well actually taking place! Maybe they are OK during this global crisis and are one of that minuscule minority that are doing the same or even prospering on these hard times. But this would be a minuscule number.

The others are made up of refusing to believe what stares them in the face. Rich people and government members and public office staff for the vast majority. Oh and members of the Police Forces and Ombudsman staff along with NHS staff. Well I say that but only for a portion of these and I know this from experience as health staff have admitted this to me on a regular basis.

Maybe in a few days time I might just have a better understanding in the human psyche and its reluctance to go with the facts.

Fingers crossed!

Monday, 29 October 2012


Well other than a glimmer of hope I had in the form of an unexpected email in the last 24 hours i cannot help but think of the words in the title over and over.

It is a ten minute walk to a friends shop not far from here which is about the only place that I myself can get to to socialise at all.

One thing I have noted for a number of weeks right here in Enfield is that weekdays, regardless of which day it is, for the vast majority of the time seem like a Christmas morning. The roads are often deserted and it is very common for me to reach the kerbside of a main road I need to cross and i am actually able to continue on without pause and get to the other side?!

This happens around 70 to 80 percent of the time to my astonishment and even three years ago this was not possible. I often recall stories my my grandparents complaining about how many cars there are on the road at the time and telling anecdotes of empty streets where kids could play and do whatever they want without fear of an approaching car. At the rate it has been going for the last couple of months this could well be the case around here come January 2013?!

Another subject we touch on is how bad it is going to get and how many people you speak to cannot see how the country will survive at all and how it will be when we are old?! With my physical abilities slowly deteriorating like they have for 12 years now this may be more apparent to me than anyone.

Despite all my knowledge and all my abilities I struggle to find a way round this and the idea behind this blog, well a month after I started it that is, I found that this may well be a way round it, albeit indirectly.

Getting my message and the facts over to as many people as I can and even if disregarded that it may well be that something being read, heard or seen somewhere that may invoke memories of something they have seen, read or indeed heard right here.

If I can show that I was just someone who tried to stand tall and make a stand and that the more people that were aware of the facts the taller we then stand TOGETHER.

I was visited by my stressed out mother who is always stressed out about the situation her family is in and despite my thoughts and feelings on this I stated that there is only one way out of this. She seems to come across that being allowed to complain about problems then solves them but they do not. Actions solve problems, not crying and I have done enough of mostly everything in my life.

It is these horrors, tortures and experiences that have made me what I have become today. I am a bi-product of a corrupt system and I like to think I am the right person on the right situation at just about the right time.

I think I mentioned once before that my mother got talking to a chap, called Martino funnily enough, in Lea Valley Park where I often visit to get photos and videos of rare wildlife. This is something my mother has done for years and will stop and speak to a complete stranger as if everyone in the world is decent and has time to listen to her tales of woe.

This chap turned out to believe in God and as we got talking I was then deserted by the two members of my family as our conversations turned to philosophy as well as religion. Of course some of the subjects of this blog came up and that of my daughter and the radicalised Muslims. He hard what I had to say and knew I was not religious in any way or form. He then stood in front of me and looked at me before he said the following...

'You are a warrior of God!'

I replied that he was off the wall and reminded him that I am not religious despite my beliefs against common decency towards my fellow man. I stated that I did not need religion to teach me morals and believed that is how religion came about in the first place, to achieve some kind of order and make sense of the world.

'You are most definitely a warrior of God and it matters not that you are not religious!'

Now feeling like I was being filmed for a scene in The Mummy Returns, yes OK I see a great deal of films but who doesn't?

I then simply said 'well if I am I could do with a little help!'

Those that meet me and listen to me are often taken aback at my personality, beliefs and views of the world. Many suggestions and beliefs about who I WAS, who I am and what I can do and what I will achieve or SHOULD do have been somewhat fantastical to say the least and from people who ARE very sane.

They obviously see something I do not. They want me to achieve things I do not...

...I am merely a teacher. A messenger. Someone enabled with a unique insight and ability to see the wood for the trees, that is all.

Me personally I have always believed that it is the unique, no matter how horrific, the experiences I have had that have made my life to this point such an arduous journey that has gifted, though I think more a curse, of what I am above to do to this day. Nothing more and nothing less.

But time and time again I am viewed as some kind of saviour, well if I can achieve that in my posts here then great. But I am only human and just as much as the next man. I am not perfect and I do not nor never have claimed to be. I just see things for what they are and have done since a teenager. I am not bespectacled with Rose-Tinted Glasses and just can see things for what they are.

Though I seem to be cursed with this ability I would never have been arrogant to merely speak of these things on a blog without some form of proof to back up what i have been stating. In all the postings and whatever there is to come I hope that my statements have come across as facts and in the case whereby I cannot state them as fact they come across as my beliefs from my best estimated guesses, no matter how ingenious they may appear to some.

Despite my sounding like the Harbinger of Death too the one thing that people around me have come to realise is that I have only predicted these horror events and that had the world been a nicer and brighter place to live in my predictions would also match them but we do not. So no longer seen or morbid and verbose instead seen as someone who can aid them and give warning. Some of those I have known would come to me before anyone else to ask advice or my opinion about absolutely anything.

In fact had I charged for the service I would be a wealthy man right now but I am not. Yes it is nice to be able to make a half decent living and buy my own home so that I can not only relax but do many things i have only dreamed of doing. More importantly I could do so much more than I am currently able to do, indeed much more than I could ever achieve on here that is for sure.

It is merely forethought. Good planning and seeing the obstacles before they arise, something that the UK government are NOT very good at doing very well. If indeed at all.

But I am not one to shy away from doing what is right and I never have so whenever I have to I will stand tall against all corruption and all evil, that IS my nature!

I stated early on in my postings that my daughter cried over the phone several times while telling me she was proud to have a father like me...

...I CRIED TOO!! Just do not tell anyone!

I only hope that in time you will understand me and my postings and understand why she said what she did.

After all what is the point and therefore the very meaning and fabric of life if you cannot bring light into the darkest corners of a life tainted the way my daughter's has been....

Or that of anyone affected in this way.

Food for thought.


David Cameron Hug a Hoodie and Mafia London?! Here, here!

I was also shocked to see a report as I woke up one morning and was presented with burned bodies with their faces blurred out and statements that the chemical weapons that had been discovered being used?!

More surprisingly was the fact that I had not seen anything about this in the UK news anywhere despite keeping a close eye on things due to this BLOG?! Not on BBC News, not on Sky News and not in any of the major tabloids and wondered how can this possible be the case?!

As I wondered as to what I was being presented with and the fact that it was the first I had heard of this and it validity suddenly they were talking to a man from the UK who stated the very same things that my mind was trying to work out. More to the point he said that a several months ago you could not turn on the TV or buy a newspaper without being told what was going on in Libya. 

Now there is nothing!!

Not even to debunk what is being aired now on Russia Today?!

This stinks to high heaven but which part stinks I do not know but there is most definitely a very fouls stench!

In my findings I cannot help but think that as I have not even been acknowledged I am forced to lean in favour of Russia Today!! well I do like Russian despite the toss-pot they have in charge by the name of Putin.

I could not find this on YouTube!



... courtesy of YouTube!


YouTube Speed Cameras

Interviews, TV Spots about Jimmy Savile - YOUTUBE

Some choice cuts courtesy of YouTube...

AS the saying goes seeing is believing but in this case it is hearing!!

The Spirit of Man?!

What is that exactly? I wonder how many people you ask how many different answers you would get?!

I believe in the Spirit of Man as sung by an exceptionally beautiful voice on a landmark music album. I believe there is a desire to do good in a vast majority of us.

But we continue to play games, to turn against each other instead of the very people who instigate all of this, whether they knowingly do this or not they are the instigators all the same.

During my journey and even right now you cannot rule out any possibility! None. Some individuals, even those that enjoyed talking about this very topic, disappeared from my peripheral vision. I know not the whole truths as to why but I could hazard a wild guess that would likely be on or around the bullseye in both instances. They did not take my endeavours likely that is for sure.

Despite my claims of the World Against Corruption in the last post I would be happy to see the UK Public Against Corruption and maybe we can go back to the heady days of setting an example to the world, instead of being around the butt-crack end of it!

Of one of these I was warned to be careful and was reminded of two very prominent and famous deaths that of Princess Diana and Dr David Kelly while a Jehovah's Witness, of which I am not one I might add, stated that it is like the UK is being run by Satanists and after some thought I could not disagree with him nor rule out his statements.

Death was and is a real possibility and in more ways than one. If you consider that there was something that did not sit right with any previous deaths like those I state above then you will understand what dangers there are. Provided you give them any credence that is and when you are faced with the same fate you ... keep it in mind! but as well as this are the two Cells in Manchester and Birmingham that I am sure would like to make my acquaintance with fatal consequences!

Well in the world of Julie Covington and considering the life I have had up until this point...

There Must be Something Worth Dying For?!

Me Against the World?!

At least that is how it feels a majority of the time.

Alone and unaffiliated it seemed a daunting prospect. Still I had to try and do at least something as after all I knew the facts but how could I do this. My backlog of paperwork had indeed gone back for a great many years but it did not contain the vast majority that I knew were corrupt or just incompetent but I still maintain that the latter is just a smoke-screen.

I had always been willing to help others even if the majority of the time the word reciprocation was missing from many a vocabulary. I would never succumb and never submit and refused to become the norm to that which existed around me. The saying that if you cannot beat them you should therefore join them I had long since banned from the forefront of my own bedazzled mind.

Not me!

The truth of it is it also became apparent the to improve the quality of my daughter's life and that of my grandchildren as well as my family there was only one way to achieve this and this was to attempt the things in my blog. An Ostrich sees nothing, learns nothing and is able to do nothing about any oncoming danger when his or her head is buried in the sand.

The very idea that if everyone knew the truth then the lies just fail to work any longer. Yes I personally would like to see all the parties dissolved ad everyone kicked out of the House of Commons and start again as I have trouble seeing any other way of moving forwards and actually progressing as a society. Do I think that would ever happen, well no not really.

If the lies do not work any more though then something different has to supplant it and something based on truth. All the bullshit that you hear every MP utter, which is only to put his opposing force down at all costs which I hope the vast majority see for what it really is, drives me to despair. I saw a Newsnight talk with two MPs over the 1% growth that means we are out of recession. Jesus, Mary mother of God they were BOTH pathetic. I could argue that purely based on this conversation ... no SPAT alone I can state that a triple-dip recession is pretty much a given.

Someone I know posted a joke on her Facebook Wall only yesterday that read 'Why did Nick Clegg cross the road? Because he said he would not!' I had to laugh at this but it seems to be the way of life for all at or near the top. This is the way it has always been. They all state what they are going to do when they are in power but then 90% of it never happens and that which does only occurs on a smaller scale. Why is this so?

Now to me it always appears that it is not they that is actually in power and that once in someone else then says, no you cannot do this and no you cannot do that?! But who? Like everything else I have gone to war against in this blog the government and even the Prime Minister appears to be just eye candy to the general public in the UK. Bizarre then that many of the companies getting away with 'Blue Murder' and 'Daylight Robbery' are owned by Americans; eBay, Starbucks and others as far as paying taxes goes. I would wager that Shop Direct are American owned too as the crap phone they sold me was sourced from America!

A curious set of facts.

So me against the British Government seems somewhat of an understatement when considering who might be pulling the strings and coat tails behind the scenes. More to the point is ... WHY?!

So at times it seems like it is me against the world! Well the western world at any rate.

Maybe in time and with a little luck and a growing belief out there amongst decent and honest people this will one day soon change and become...


Which would be a strange turn of phrase as the vast majority would itself be considered 'the world'...

WORLD UNITED AGAINST CORRUPTION would probably be better!


Sunday, 28 October 2012


OK this is worrying and even more so because I have no way of getting around this!

I have not heard much fro her in awhile now and this is the longest it has even gone on for by some stretch, in fact up until these last few weeks it has only ever occurred for a few days and was out of her hands and frustrated her. Indeed whenever this happened, which has perhaps been around three times on 18 months now, she was always apologetic on the phone.

I know not the reasons this is happening this time around which has been three weeks and not three days.

I know not where she lives now as she moved into some private accommodation.

I do not know her latest number, it seems, or her phone is blocking my number and whether this is if her doing or someone else's I do not know. Whether she has been mislead about me and angry with me or does not realise I cannot get hold of her I do not know.

I also cannot trust the Police to do what they are supposed to either!!

Remember that she wanted me AT the preliminary hearing but I did not know this and that also she wants me AT the Main Hearing on the 14th or 16th November 2012. I have told her in various messages and emails that if she has decided that she wants to do this alone and for whatever reason that i am OK with that and not to get in contact because she thinks I will be upset or angry. But still I have not been contacted.

I have been telling myself that now she has a solicitor on her side that she will be OK but of course this is not entirely the case. Baring in mind the amount of damage that the revelations of the facts will do unto a number of a very big organisations that will reverberate right up into the highest echelons of government and I am of course, a little worried. These would be Wirral Council, Merseyside Police or anyone else you can think of of higher authority than they are!

So I will spend the next 3 weeks chewing my fingernails secretly and hoping that maybe with a week before the trial or within a few days, or the day OF, the trial I will hear from Sophie with some very good news for her and her two children?!

Of course there are many possibilities that this could have happened.

Someone could have scared her off from talking to me, as has happened before hand and who this might be is a long list!

She may have taken a small payout of a few thousand to keep quiet and thought I would be annoyed with this.

She may have decided that because it is her mother, something her evil mother ALWAYS RELIES ON, that she cannot do it. Or given a load of promises by her mother not to do it and believed her again....

..but the sound of her mother's voice or seeing her face made her physically sick the last time I spoke to her I cannot see this being even a remote possibility!

Her name is Sophie Holland and if anyone who reads this sees anything in the North West about this, she resides near Birkenhead is as far as I will go, i will appreciate being informed...

Martin Haswell on Facebook.

@saintallnights on Twitter

You can also find me on various sites like...

Linked In


Four Square

Google +

Other than this I do not know what else I can do and as the Police not only lie but whenever I have contacted them in the past of repeatedly and on every occasion royally made things worse I am ... feeling somewhat ... helpless.


Freedom of speech...

I find that a funny term in these bizarre times we live in. I mean I for one have been concerned for some time that despite my forward thinking and planning that this blog would not last for very long and be removed before its goals are met. I have scanned, secretly recorded, taken photos and videos to put up on here and various other places as a back up. Left the biggest organisations to the later stages while trying to build up this idea and this impression. Hoping to show that I am only telling the truth and giving my opinions.

Freedom of Speech? I have often found when speaking to people that freedom of speech does not really exist. Though I have yet to get to the bottom of this for many things and in many different places I am hoping that the reality I find around other places on the Internet does not occur with me and this blog.

Yet I find lies everywhere I look and it is an absolute viral infliction that has consumed my society at the very least. In fact this lying is often not even given a reaction to when certain people have been accused of it but swearing is not on.

Lying to the point where people have lost their lives is OK but swearing is not?

How can this be?

So it would seem to me that if you are powerful enough and have the money you can lie and get away with it, unless you piss someone off larger and more powerful and with more money than you have. Of course there is a point when you are so large it does not matter and an example of this is the ongoing legal spat between Apple and Samsung and the money being wasted there when, in my opinion, they are probably both guilty rendering the whole legal battle even more pointless and wasteful than it already is. That is just one example and no doubt there are a great many out there.

But in the case of people with their own websites and their own blogs I constantly hear they have been taken down. Well the every idea of a BLOG, I mean its VERY INCEPTION is as an on-line diary but the truth, it seems this far, is being censored and/or banned completely?!

Now I was already well aware of these things when I started this blog, I WAS HOPING it would NOT get to the stage that I had to write this blog, airing my private life in such a public way was never really something I wanted to do, but due to the lying, false faces, trickery and or/incompetence (add any expletives or derogatory terms you can think of as they will ALL APPLY) I have ended up being forced to do it. In fact there is a deadline that all the above named have...

1st January 2013

I will not state WHY this date is important but it is in a bizarre kind of way.

The closer it gets to this date then the worse it looks for all the above. Beyond that they are finished pure and simple and of course many others have already gone that way, just watch things unfolding on the news. Well be careful WHICH news you watch though?! (laughs)

No the truth of the matter is that with money and power brings the ability to LIE and keep on lying. But telling the TRUTH can and so far HAS PROVED COSTLY.

Saturday, 27 October 2012


Well here is an interesting story and only because to me there are two sides to it...

On the BBC News 24 channel this morning was a feature about a businessman, a Mr Herman, who recorded repeated phone calls from a telesales service for wasting his time. The bill amount was £195 and he filed a small claims court application.

Bloody good for him is what I say and about time someone did that.

What annoyed me was that in their letter they stated that they "should not have contacted him a second time after he said the first time he did not want any more calls"?!

No idiots you should NOT HAVE CALLED AT ALL PERIOD!

He was also told that he had previously had PPI and that he should claim back but he said he had never had it?

Now the really annoying side and from my point of view.

This chap recorded two short phone calls and billed them for £195 but ... they covered this in the mainstream news?!

Are you for REAL BBC?!?!

Now compare that to what I have done here, the lives that were at stake, including that of children and I do not even get a 'thanks for the discs'?!


Friday, 26 October 2012

YouTube My Account Stats (2 weeks)

Not up very long now, about a week or so at a guess.

The STATISTICS to my YouTube account which is now all linked in to this blog, indirectly lol.

So I am knitting all the last pieces long last?!

Seems like I have been at it for an eternity, though there are still some settings to be tweaked, waiting for a book to arrive to achieve that. With a bit of luck by the 7th November all pieces will be in place.

End of November I will post a new set called THE TEACHINGS where I will become quite rough/stern/brash towards all the above and with each in turn.

Then a little after that will be TWO lists, well two in mind anyway may be more, that will be posted.

Then sometime in mid or end of December the last revelation of all. This will be in TWO parts, though lengthy and there are dozens of eye witnesses to this and even film! Good luck with finding it though!!

Of course there will the the usual interjections amongst all this with anything I find amusing, annoying or disgusting in the news that I can analyse to death and pick to pieces. lol.

Number f websites? Hmm let me see ... oh god cannot work it out but just this subject alone around 16 or more and links to it in other places.


Been worse than this but this is a pain in the arse attempt at replying to an email from a Literary Agent who recently contacted me out of the blue and I am somewhat surprised.

Been here before though and likely turn out to be from a correspondence I sent many months ago I had forgotten all about?!


We will see and I pointed them to this BLOG saying look I am real busy and printing out and sending even only FIVE CHAPTERS is time consuming and expensive, especially when you send of ten at a time?! lol.

If they cannot just read and view a couple of posts of posts on this blog then they will be unable to read five chapters will they? Then LOOK at this blog?! LOL.

Grrr had this crap since January 2012?! 40 emails/letters/recorded delivery and total silence over than...

send it back to us (once and yeah right send evidence to large crooked company when I NEED THE PHONE?!)

No! YOU send ME a NEW phone and I will send this one back!! No answer!!



"you are using a BOT program, we have recorded all correspondence and are sending it the the authorities and the POLICE!?!" LMFAO!!

Umm I am WHAT?!?! Go on then send them, if you don't mind looking like complete FECKWITS?! LOL!


In all my endeavours, in all the hours and with all the money I spent along with the evidence I gathered over time I must admit that despite my attitude to assume EVERYONE is corrupt I did not really expect it to actually turn out this way.

I thought that somewhere along the line there would be at least ONE industry or organisation or company of a particular industry that would take up my cause.

I thought there would be at least ONE newspaper?!

I thought there would be at least ONE TV News network?!

I thought there would at at least ONE governing body?!

I thought there would be at least ONE MP?!

I thought there would be at least ONE Ombudsman?!

I thought there would be at least ONE solicitor?!

I thought there would be at least ONE Literary Agent?!

I thought there would be ONE Police Officer?!

You see where I am going with this?

But s you can see from the email listings posted elsewhere this attempt goes back years for different things and anywhere between a minimum of nearly two years, January 2011 with my daughter Sophie's scenario and horrors, to 4 years with many others and far beyond that.

Due to reasons I will not disclose I knew the BBC would fall like they now are, though I must admit the reasons and fashion in which they are, ARE a TOTAL SURPRISE AND SHOCK!! Even I did not think they could be that low!!

You will see elsewhere in my postings, and way before Jimmy Savile's disgusting exploits broke the news, that I state that in all the news media I contacted the BBC was LEFT OUT entirely and that I had my reasons for this. That I will get around to in due course.

No nothing and even though most of my subject matter has cropped up in the news one thing at a time, well there WERE FOUR DVDs to work through, one by one things have come to light. Still a few to go though!

So I always had this BLOG in mind, I was wasting a great deal of time chasing ghosts as far as my two books were concerned and the news tabloids and TV and it just was not worth the effort as I never had any sort of acknowledgement at all that anything I had sent had even been read at all. Unprofessional, discourteous and rude is the understatement of the year as far as I was concerned. As I was doing all this at my own expense for the benefit of others this made it even more troubling and disturbing and would have been bad enough had someone had actually bothered to correspond and tell me I they thought I was a nut-job would have been bad enough. But I never even had that?!

So in the back of my mind this was always my back-up plan and there are back-up plans to this blog too!!

I mean that despite the fact I have been factual, I have told the truth as it happened and I have provided evidence to back up what I have stated, and not even ALL the evidence, I still felt that people that are corrupt, liars and cheats seem to get on and have all the money and power and that means solicitors to hold up there version of the law?!

I only reported here what has happened in the past and what is occurring right now but evil seems to have the law on its side while decent, honest and mostly poor people do not. The law has been a sham for awhile and I am sure it will now be exposed as this before too long, if not already.

But even though I could at least think that if someone was to come and shut this blog down I could take a little bit of solace in the fact that this would then actually incriminate the very people who took this action, whether it was someone I have fingered or indeed someone else and NEW to come along and ACT on their behalf.

I had to hope that enough people would have been here and backed up all my findings and posts in the meantime or even that enough people had been on here and BACK here at least a few times so that I knew it was WIDESPREAD knowledge and enough that just about everyone was aware of the truth.

It may sound like now that i am leading up to declaring that I have had legal threats, which I would not give a hot about anyway, but I have not...

...but I do feel like I am getting very close to that time where one of the above named, and I have not even declared all just yet, will come across this and take action, or at least think long and hard about it before they do!

I have declared things gradually and carefully in the hope that any legal team would find it difficult to actually take me down and the blog too. I have long hoped I have been able to do that! Time will tell eventually but I thought I would just say a little something about it now just in case something occurs.

As good as I might have appeared in all this I am not ALL KNOWING AND ALL SEEING and despite how I sound I do not know everything. i am just very good at research and very good at working things out. Sometimes this is almost immediate and sometimes it may take a week or two for the trickier scenarios.

I have had another corruption organisation find me and they did this on Facebook and added me, it seems North Wales has an anti corruption society and I wish them all the luck with their plans! Good on YA!! He told me about someone else with a website about it and I have contacted them now too.

That would make either seven or eight anti corruption organisations.

I have also been emailed by a Literary Agent and not the one watching me on Twitter either?!

But I will not get excited as although I do not remember doing it, it may be that they are just someone I emailed months ago who have only just got back to me. yes they CAN take that long sometimes.

As for the names of the Literary Agencies the one who requested to follow me on Twitter was Rupert Heath and the one that just emailed me was Conville & Walsh. These are just two over several dozen, very conservative figure, that I have contacted previously regarding my two books on these events. I even gave up adding chapters to the one on the radicals and my daughter until I can get one single agent now to read THIS BLOG for two minutes so that I am not spending hours and money on hundreds of sheets of paper, large envelopes and postage only for someone not to even speak to me at all about the EVIDENCE and that I clearly stated it was all true and they say things like 'Oh it really did not MOVE US?!' lmao! CHARMING?! Clearly a portion of these so called literary experts have difficulty even with reading the emails?! What chance do I have that they will read a couple of synopsis I take the time and effort to print out? Or even the first four or five chapters? Or this blog to save me time? After all they can read this whenever they feel like it and whenever they have time and THEN make a decision. The facts are here and the evidence is mostly here, what more could you possibly need? lol.

Oddly, going back a step here, the fact is that this blog and my other sites COULD make me a small amount of money but I will believe it when it happens, but I do not know for sure.

This would be good as I still may be needing to perform a full body MRI and have the cash to take legal action against the above with my own solicitor and a DECENT one too, if there is such a thing.

do not think I will be buying a mansion any time soon, like the next twenty years, lol.

But ODDLY the UK government has been harping on about cutting benefits to all and including disabled people, yeah a bit late on that as they did this 3 or 4 years back now to thousands and still doing it today, and this site AS WELL AS MY OTHERS are like my memoirs and my experiences that can HELP others and WARN OTHERS while making me the cash they have already stripped me of and will do some more in 2013 and that taking down this blog would also be taking that way from me too?!?!


So I fly by the edge of my seat all the time, constantly gamble and add things little by little, trying to avoid what many believe is inevitable in the hope I will last long enough to be able to AFFORD, see how it works for them, to DEFEND myself and THE TRUTH!!

That is life in the UK today and boy would I rather be anywhere else?!

In another way the blog is kind of intended to reach out to someone who will FIND ME and offer ME THEIR HELP?!

So it has become a double edged sword. I help others and it turns out that his may bring me help?!

Plus my daughter can access this and her solicitor too. Hopefully from small acorns large Oak Trees may grow?!



next post up is typing a GMail email to Literary Agent who has contacted me! 
The difficulty that is!!


As promised and as stern as I said it would be here is the email I sent to Eon Energy...


Dear Tossers

I just got a letter from you...




You are unbelievable and are obviously corrupt so i have placed your letter and all correspondence in a VERY public domain with thousands of followers.




Warned them before and I carried out my threat once before too, they now get NO MONEY for FOUR WEEKS!!


I owned both these phones, as you can see. I told Very this but I think they banked on me telling porkies probably because they tell porkies.

The one on the left came pristine, shrink wrapped and three years ago. The one on the right came battered, torn and with NO shrink wrapping. I will post a video of the boxes next and ... errr the APPS that I left on the phone?! LOL.

I am a bit particular about gadgets and even keep the boxes they come in in pristine condition, god knows why, and have a loft full of them!

Obviously this did not give the game away about the phones sourcing but raised suspicions immediately.

Next was a scratch on the top edge of the phones casing... then the apps a few weeks later and then the faults started piling up one after the other.


Oh showed this to a friend on my phone, turned out to be a different one to that I watched previously and was quite a lot longer so I posted it from his store, lol.

This is the same court my daughter was at and is supposed to be in just a couple of weeks or so, though I still believe it will be Liverpool High Court myself?!

I assumed this was recently but turned out it was March 2011?! Madness!

Unfortunately I do NOT KNOW if i will be attending the court on the day as I need to be asked by at least ONE of TWO people!! LOL. I hope so but maybe my daughter, who has had difficulties trusting me and obeying the Council's wishes despite finding out later I was right, may be doing that again and I need to ring her.

She has been worryingly silent and if for some reason she does not want me there I just wish she would say, she does not have to say why. I would not go against her wishes anyway and even all this I posted here I asked her if she was sure she wanted me to do it?!

But then she wanted to appear on the Jeremy Kyle Show so this could not be that bad now could it?! lol!

Anyway ... back to this court fiasco I did think might have been sparked off by me, though it would have shocked me if that HAD been the case, before realising it was March 2011?! LMFAO.

Still there IS time!!

Watch "The take over of Birkenhead court Part 1" on YouTube


Well I had just had a visit from a friend when this letter arrived and we was busy speaking about the latest names surrounding the BBC and the paedophile ring names that no one in the media is 'allowed' to mention.

i had been told that Max Clifford had been approached by a great many celebrities regarding fear of the finger being pointed at them. I think my friend must have been mistaken when Mr Clifford, a man I had attempted to contact and had spoken to his secretary over subjects in this blog, was supposed to have said something along the lines of 'they are not all involved' or 'most are not involved'.

Everyone then said why would you go to him, he is the one that makes money selling big stories and I said well maybe that IS why they went to him! Everyone realised then what I was getting at and burst out laughing.

just as he was about to leave i opened up this letter from Eon and read it with fury, as I had already contacted them about this payment. My friend said 'cheeky bastards!' to which i said well just you wait until I email them, swearing and name calling will be very much so the order of the day.

Then he left and i read the whole thing!!

Now you will note from the letter that they are stating that I had agreed to pay £50 a week indefinitely  well NO I DID NOT and can produce several emails where I stated THIS!!

Second of all I only owed them £50 when I paid that last £10 so owed them £40, now think about it ... now read on in the letter to where it states...

'...if you don't pay us the agreed £50 then you are going to have to pay the outstanding balance of £39'??!?!?!

I am sure you will be interested to know exactly the type of correspondence they will now get off me and I will post it up here once I have finished composing it and sent it. Right now I am heading out of the house but wanted to get this up in the meantime!!