Sunday, 28 October 2012


OK this is worrying and even more so because I have no way of getting around this!

I have not heard much fro her in awhile now and this is the longest it has even gone on for by some stretch, in fact up until these last few weeks it has only ever occurred for a few days and was out of her hands and frustrated her. Indeed whenever this happened, which has perhaps been around three times on 18 months now, she was always apologetic on the phone.

I know not the reasons this is happening this time around which has been three weeks and not three days.

I know not where she lives now as she moved into some private accommodation.

I do not know her latest number, it seems, or her phone is blocking my number and whether this is if her doing or someone else's I do not know. Whether she has been mislead about me and angry with me or does not realise I cannot get hold of her I do not know.

I also cannot trust the Police to do what they are supposed to either!!

Remember that she wanted me AT the preliminary hearing but I did not know this and that also she wants me AT the Main Hearing on the 14th or 16th November 2012. I have told her in various messages and emails that if she has decided that she wants to do this alone and for whatever reason that i am OK with that and not to get in contact because she thinks I will be upset or angry. But still I have not been contacted.

I have been telling myself that now she has a solicitor on her side that she will be OK but of course this is not entirely the case. Baring in mind the amount of damage that the revelations of the facts will do unto a number of a very big organisations that will reverberate right up into the highest echelons of government and I am of course, a little worried. These would be Wirral Council, Merseyside Police or anyone else you can think of of higher authority than they are!

So I will spend the next 3 weeks chewing my fingernails secretly and hoping that maybe with a week before the trial or within a few days, or the day OF, the trial I will hear from Sophie with some very good news for her and her two children?!

Of course there are many possibilities that this could have happened.

Someone could have scared her off from talking to me, as has happened before hand and who this might be is a long list!

She may have taken a small payout of a few thousand to keep quiet and thought I would be annoyed with this.

She may have decided that because it is her mother, something her evil mother ALWAYS RELIES ON, that she cannot do it. Or given a load of promises by her mother not to do it and believed her again....

..but the sound of her mother's voice or seeing her face made her physically sick the last time I spoke to her I cannot see this being even a remote possibility!

Her name is Sophie Holland and if anyone who reads this sees anything in the North West about this, she resides near Birkenhead is as far as I will go, i will appreciate being informed...

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Other than this I do not know what else I can do and as the Police not only lie but whenever I have contacted them in the past of repeatedly and on every occasion royally made things worse I am ... feeling somewhat ... helpless.

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