Saturday, 20 October 2012


I thought I would add this little post to show my intentions and at the same time to give a message to Google, who recently gave me a warning! LOL.

This blog is about corruption and that which I have seen, heard, discovered and gathered evidence on and placed a large portion of it on here.

'OUT THERE' there are groups that concentrate on..

Police Corruption

NHS Corruption

Local Councils Corruption

DWP Corruption

Atos Corruption

Bailiff Corruption

Debt Company Corruption

Bank Corruption

Ombudsman Corruption

..and so on and so forth!

It is my strongly held view that this is CORRUPTION pure and simple and should NOT be segregated t way that is has...

This is because the government can PICK and CHOOSE its battles one at a time and in a better position to WIN each time. Together would be a different matter and tat is the point I AM trying to make along with showing people the horrors that can affect anyone at all and I mean anyone.

Now I do not know what the people reading this site have come here for and therefore which of the above they BELONG to, or to put another way what they are aware of.

I also do not know the sincerity of organisations that claim to deal with any of the above... I sent a series of posts to other blogs in relation to the above, but as I switched subject matter I switched a keyword that associates the subject with THEM. This way as each came to the blog they would then see that it is not only the area that they are primarily involved in but a whole range of areas to show that what they despise is actually rife.

Now whether or not these individuals choose to then follow the subject of CORRUPTION as this is in essence what it is, or the corruption element that they were a victim of or even a party to well that is up to them.

But consider this ... a dog can bark up the RIGHT tree but the cat can refuse to come down. But if lots of dogs all BARK up the right trees in turn the cats will panic and fall out out of the trees!

Or indeed may hold their hands up and come down even but I seriously doubt it.


So I got this warning message from Google telling me I had violated their terms! I did?!

I can imagine, GOOGLE, that your terms would likely read like War & Peace and if you are willing to make accusations towards people that use you then you should allow them the ability to explain themselves and that they meant no harm.

After all I did train as a Software Engineer and if I wanted to use an unethical method I am sure I could come up with something far more genius than the actions i performed and i certainly would not have started up a blog knowing an organisation such as yourself would scrutinise everything I did, now would I?

In other words HERE IS my explanation!! As I have no email and I am sorry but a great deal of companies, ALL ON-LINE ONES, have to stop this ALOOF attitude you have all taken up.

Many organisations and companies are quick to preach about politeness, netiquette and all manner of things but it is really not right that emails, if advertised at all, are buried in layer upon layer of web pages...

...this ignores a fundamental and gold rule of the science of Human Computer Interaction and I can honestly state this as it was a large part of MY DEGREE in Software Engineering and I am ashamed to say that it is LARGELY ignored by one and all to varying degrees.

It was also considered to be THAT important a subject that it was predicted during my degree to become a DEGREE SUBJECT on its own merits in several years time. That was 1997-2000!

Studying it I could fully understand why and it did seem anal but made a great deal of sense eventually. Unfortunately the very goals the creator set out to achieve have been ignored, by governments especially as so often is the case to which the do something they eventually and inevitably and ROYALLY SCREW UP!


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