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If you have not realised it by now I have been busy in the three days I was offline!! LMAO...

Still the scandals and fear strike into our very hearts in the main news currently and right during the absolute scandal, horror, bone tingling and GUT WRENCHING fiasco that is the Jimmy Savile saga there is the announcement of even more fuel price hikes that have left the tabloids for the vast majority seething with fury. Staggering and not only that but now that there is a combined outcry towards the government for not standing up to the energy companies while they have no qualms out of sticking the boot in on families, wheelchair bound people and people with lives of stress and/or pain. Would they be the same individuals that would not and are still NOT standing up to the banks?! YEP, they would be the ones! The ones that want the public to pay for the fact that they treated the public’s taxes like it were no more than mere monopoly money?! Yes sir!

I also noted while offline that the very complaint I had mentioned previously in that I did not know who may bank was with and the complaint I made, as it was NOT the Royal Bank of Scotland but turns out NOR was it Santander and that Santander have now pulled out and I STILL do not know WHO owns my banks as I cannot sign into my digital banking via the Royal bank of Scotland’s normal webpage?! Now it would seem that Richard Branson and Virgin Money are looking into buying them and I for one would be much happier than that of Santander as the used to be Abbey National and we have … HISTORY and one of the many things I have not covered here. They have also been arsewipes to my daughter and lied to her about her own account and money. No ... no ... NO!

Today I spent time with my sister and her boyfriend, Billy, and having no Internet connection and not much going on I tagged along while they went shopping for Halloween items for a party. My sister was never one for going at things half-cocked and had already amassed a barrage of items already.

While out we spoke about many things including our tormenting and odd mother and her rapidly deteriorating personality and hunger to create stress and confusion in our lives. Indeed in most things in recent years I had completely kept her out of knowing anything serious, a naysayer to the extreme, and as a result had to also shut out many other family members. She would think twice about stopping a complete stranger, in a garden centre say, and telling them of our, her children, most intimate secrets, heart aches, torment and pain in an effort for her to gain sympathy and attention. Indeed this in itself just ADDS to the pain and heart ache we are already suffering but she NEVER sees it this way. Despite the fact that since my father passed away she constantly claims, while also trying to turn us against each other unsuccessfully, that she has done the job of both mother AND father and in arguments I tell her that she does not do the one job she is supposed to with any degree of success whatsoever and AWAYS makes any catastrophe ten times worse than it already is.
Indeed these tricks she has pulled for as long as I can remember and it has always been an insult to my intelligence that I first do not spot this IMMEDIATELY and also that I do not then warn others of her tactics. These were not entirely seen by my siblings but are TODAY and have been for a fair while now, over a year at least, to the point that whenever we talk that we never know how to deal with it or indeed HER! Any potential partners that arise on the scene have to be given warnings and were always attempt to try and not go over the top and to sound like hateful children and we do it but end up sounding like we are exaggerating anyway. Well that is for a time at least and with Billy this is no longer the case and he is actively involved in any discussions regarding my mother and always states his shock and that despite his disbelief in the beginning he now realised that we were not actually going over the top at all and that she IS far worse than we attempted to explain! ‘Yeah we get that a lot!’ Was all I could say to my sister’s laughter! Imagine that then that I also had to pre-warn my daughter on a visit about her as she was leaving one nutter behind only to end up being faced with another?! In fact after spending her first few hours with her grandmother she immediately stated she wanted to return home to the North West of England?! In front of my sister at the time, December 2011, I said ‘I knew it Nan scared the hell out of you didn’t she?!’ To which my daughter laughed and said ‘NOOO!!!’ and I then stated ‘like HELL she didn’t?!’

I state this here as not only have I had all the previous elements to deal with but that the government’s attitude that your family can BAIL YOU OUT, because they are too busy deciding on MOATS and DUCK ISLANDS for us to pay for that this should and WILL come to an end. They screw up the lower portions of society and then expect us to help out each other when most do to get along or worse hate each other! Factor in personality disorders and the like liable to be inflicted up them by the crap and shit that the government throws at us while they live privileged lives and its nothing short of inhuman and a complete joke! In fact I personally believe it to be beyond CRIMINAL and totally out of the question that they are UNAWARE of where they are pushing British Society. I believe they are deliberately and in a sinister way pushing us towards something and what it is will NOT turn out to be very nice at all. Many I speak to on the subject feel the same and even the possibility of a civil was on our own shores comes up in conversation. After all with a war, whoever it is going to be between, gets US to do THEIR DIRTY WORK and after the dust has settled the WINNERS get the blame?! A kind of divide and conquer tactic and a stab in the dark if I am honest and a wild guess at what this may be. The possibilities are the rich and the poor (no brainer in the winner there), one between races (knowingly pissing of British that get nothing while ethnics get everything) knowing that what they do not have the stomach to do they will cause friction amongst cultures until these differing cultures do it for them. I know of places even here in Enfield where the government DELIBARETLY placed races that hate each other just a few dozen yards apart. Enfield Island Village is such a place and that when trying to calm tensions the Housing Associations threw a party with free stuff, toys, beauty treatment for women and food with the local pizza dudes arriving ‘en masse’?! What is the total number of people that attended? ONE! A woman called Christina and her son Tony and when the organisers asked her why no one was coming out she said because you have placed all the nationalities that HATE each other opposite each other?! She then said did they NOT realise that and what DID they expect? The women would look out the windows of their flats at the stuff on offer but would not come out of their homes even with the free stuff on offer. Oh dear.

So when I suggested that there may be the possibility of a race war I did not state who, and quite deliberately so, and for good reason. I myself failed to realise that most of the real culture clashes did not even involve us white Caucasians despite the media making it look this was for a very long time and I was aghast to find out who and why I did not realise this beforehand. No I find this out first hand when two Jamaican women walking along watching me help a family moving home assumed that I was a hired man with a van. On replying yes when asked if the Muslim family were moving the two women screamed ‘YES!!!’ while punching the air at the simultaneously?! As the family were friends of my mothers and she was a previous member of the Socialist Worker Party, to which I do not agree with and think they have their heads in the clouds and believe what they want to believe, she had a look of horror on her face when I told her what just happened?! So it seems the word government or governing has been transplanted by manipulation as this seems to what they are doing to the masses. What I would find astounding is despite everything that has come out, and things like I have stated here in this blog which have NOT, or KEPT from, coming out that there are still people that will STILL BUY into some, if not all, of their lies. I am thinking straightjacket for some reason, hahaha.

If you are watching TV and listening to them right now and nodding I will let you know of a little trick I picked up to catch out the VAST MAJORITY of MPs…


Now as I have been forced to stay offline for a few days I know not what the numbers are doing on my blogs but during an odd period of very brief and bizarre Internet connectivity I do experience at times like this an email crept in while my sister and boyfriends was here and it seems a company has noticed my blogs and in particular the numbers I am getting in a short space of time. This a positive first sign that the blog is indeed doing well, perhaps extremely well as this company has requested a linking up of my blogs to their company. Only I have ever heard of them and know nothing about them and seems a trifle out of line to agree to someone I have ever dealt with! When this post has been placed on the blog later in the week I may have a quick look into them and have a think but unless I read positive things about someone I will NOT agree to it. I can also assure you that if was to ask me the same thing well they will NOT like my response!

I will not promote anyone I see as being crooked. Have a bad after sales service or interested I cash and not customers. I have had an account with Amazon since around 1997 when I was buying their books from them when I first attended University and I still buy from them today. There is a reason for that and a reason that when I buy something I now get asked to write reviews for products too. Indeed becoming an Amazon Associates and Affiliate Member is supposed to be notoriously difficult and I have read of people applying for a year or two and being rejected. So imagine my surprise when I was immediately accepted?!
There are good reasons for all that. However if you asked eBay about me they would shudder and anyone that asks me about eBay I warn them to stay well away, it is not the site it once was and is more trouble than it is worth and you end up with huge bills while failing to sell over a dozen items and the bills are higher than stated when you set each up?! No, no corporate and greedy is how they appear to me and after being kicked out twice it is a case of once bitten, twice shy! Also if I showed you any of the emails or letters I send in anger when I realise they are being c…rafty would have you wince while laughing at the language I use against bit greedy corporates. This particular friend I warned away from eBay I did for a very good reason and I would not recommend anyone who suffers from anxiety, depression or any stress related illness to stay WELL AWAY from eBay!

On the other hand if it works for you then fine, I only speak from my own two experiences and look out for those that companies like eBay could cause undue stress too.

I might also add that, possible e UK only thing I do not know, that some organisation has turned to the big online companies and told them, oh it was the Office of Fair Trading I recall now, that they have to change their websites?! YAH THINK?!?!?!

Yet another example of my lengthy, persistent, repeated (think Tim Robbins in Shawshank Redemption) never ending pressure into one subject which yet again appears in the news?! If only Dom and Ken were here now I know what the two would be saying to me, lol, something along the lines of what they did before but would now be CONVINCED that someone somewhere has been taking all my hard work and my correspondence and claiming it for their selves. I would say in response ‘DO YOU EXPECT ME TO BE SURPRISED?!’ and burst out laughing to which they normally would stop looking annoyed and start laughing to. I would then get ‘YOU SAW THIS…WHAT DID YOU DO TO PLAN FOR IT’ to which I would then tell them about this blog and say that…

If and when they find it, it will be quite something to watch as I will be able to see it scare the living daylights out of them!!

Planning, pressure, leading, plotting, traps, cunning and more are all tools that I would employ to use against one and all and I will do so without lying, without illegalities (well moral ones) and only show that what I state is the truth and that if someone somewhere wants to decide to close me down when I have amassed tens of thousands of readers it will only serve one purpose…





I wonder if any of them wanting to silence me may think from reading the statements above. Those are all the possibilities; surely there cannot be any other reasons? Can there?


I could provide you with the answer but would be fool hardy of the above mentioned are reading this despite the fact I do not think it would do you much good.

You will find out before very long anyway so if you ARE reading this…be patient!

Not too long to wait now. A tiny fraction of the time that I had to wait I can assure you of that! After all … it is indeed a necessity for my plans that you READ THIS and this includes whether or not I discover that you have or not!



If you had not realised it those sentences were for the various civil servants and government departments I have attacked over many years and in this blog in particular. Those more observant and smarter of you of which I am sure there are many would likely have already figured that part out by now, lol.
I hear some of you THINKING: What about a clue then? Well I have previously stated and at various times I DO NOT LIKE nor believe in NO-WIN scenarios?! Well what would I likely strive to achieve in the face of these ‘NO-WIN SCENARIOS’? How about: THE EXACT OPPOSITE!! “They won’t like it up ‘em!!”- Dad’s Army.

There is still stuff to speak about and there will be more posts and indeed there are two others along with this one, one with scans of a new letter. Revelations may be in sight but an end to the topic of corruption is not, until it is wiped out entirely, NEVER TO RETURN!

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