Friday, 5 October 2012


So far I have explained everything I have to the best of my knowledge and have provided as much documentation, without it becoming ridiculous, to back up what I have been stating and claiming.

Right now that involves a group of men that I had not thought for one second had anything going on and indeed the very idea of coming across a group of radical Muslims hell bent with dastardly plans could not have been further from my mind.

For weeks this continued and there was a little snippet of facts and clues popping up here and there I started to realise this was much more than mere coincidence and had to face up to the fact this had fast become not only a possibility but now a real and worrying reality!

Of course what made this worse was that my daughter was right there in the property with all these guys coming and going. I also realised and explained to my daughter that she was seen as a lower life form than people that followed their faith and that indeed a dog might have been treated with more respect than she go until the day they had converted her to their faith! In time she started to see that this was indeed the case.

I had spoken to the Police and had already stated to MI5 that one of my intentions was that if I arrived up there at the property and that if i could get rid of one obstacle and be present while the other was TEMPORARILY absent and while getting my daughter OUT I could accidentally find a certain laptop that may well have been discovered on the STREET and hand it over for 'research'?!

Now I was primarily focused on a laptop while my daughter had known about something within the property that was often hidden and this was a folder. She had mentioned this item to me previously and through our talks now suspected it was something vitally important and sinister as the two of them had always tried to keep it hidden while unaware that my daughter had spotted where it was left. Though she mentioned the folder a few times I had disregarded it from my mind and still my focus was on the laptop which would have had details about the Jihad websites despite Salin deleting the history.

When my daughter fled the property from that day forth both items were 'lost' and not spoken about again ... well at least for about 6 weeks when my daughter called me from a friends hostel one afternoon...

It turns out that in her escape she had grabbed the folder and taken it with her and it had remained in her belongings while at The Bridge Hostel and luckily this had not been stolen despite the number of times her door was kicked in two!

"Dad?! Err remember that folder I told you about?!"

"Folder? What folder?"

"The one I told you they kept hidden away in the property and would not let me see them put it away?"

"Oh yes I do remember something" I replied.

"Well I have had it all this time and only today I looked inside it! You will never believe what it is and what it contains?!" She exclaimed!

I listened while she described in detail what the folder contained and I started to wonder if I was hearing what I thought I was and questioned this by asking my daughter to repeat various things throughout her description of the folders contents.

I could not believe it, quite simply, and was absolutely desperate to get my hands on it and see and read for myself. We tried to find a way for me to get 'at it' and she even took picture using a laptop web cam of certain 'elements' of the document and even showing me close ups of pages while video conferencing using Windows Messenger, or MSN as it is sometimes till referred to.

I told her to hide it and that it was probably not a good idea that she had it and eventually she managed to post it to me and up until that point when i received it she was quite nervous about having it in her possession and fully understandable as to why this is due to not only the SOURCE of this 80 odd page document but also for several, an understatement, things contained within.

This is the document i have recently referred to and yes I have read it and yes it is one hell of an eye opener for more reasons that you could imagine! For a few weeks until I received it I told her to hide it under her mattress. It was 60 pages plus and so was not easy to stash away and as she realised during our conversation it would not have been ridiculous to assume that just about everyone knew we had it in our possession!

Now to make sure that everyone who comes on here, whether regularly or only now and then, I am going to announce 5 days ahead of time and next Wednesday 10th October 2012 I will post, in SIX parts, the entire document!

Then viewers are free too see what it is and where it came from and more importantly it contains an interview and a line of questions and answers. As well as some of the statements made it is also wise to concentrate on the line of questions being asked, as there are a number of fundamental deliberate (?) errors by the person asking the questions and I felt from the interview...

.. that the interviewer was LEADING the interviewee!!!

Are they on someone's payroll, whether good guys or bad guys? Or is the interviewer just STUPID?! Either way it is extremely bad!! The fact they reacted like they knew nothing about these guys rules out, for me anyway, that he/she wa ont the paryroll of the good guys!

So as I stated before I know not of how long this will be up for and if it will be removed at some point, maybe it will remain on here, I just do not know.

I have EDITED the document in the hopes that anyone wanting it removed would find it difficult, legally anyway, to do so.

But it is hard to say if this is successful until AFTER it is posted up on here so just MIGHT be a good idea for many, if not all, of you to make COPIES?!

So I thought I would post this little prelude up while I am sitting around drumming my fingers waiting for the most oppurtune moment to do this. Originally it was to be a month before but earlier would have a better effect. It is a nigtmare trying to second guess others in what action they might take and the best time for what plans i am to set in place to have the best affects and that those of you out there fed up with the way things are here in the UK can have some extremely rare INSIGHT into some of those problems. This one being one of the BIGGEST ONES OF ALL!!!


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