Wednesday, 31 October 2012

What a Rant?!

Yes that last post was a rant...

Probably just as well though I am not one for beating around the bush!

Just posted that one and am in pain and today was one of those days when i get home wondering how and that is with the help of two buses?!

As I had feared my right knee is becoming more of a problem as the weather becomes colder and more wet and the other night the inside of my right knee was in pain as it was pressing up against my left knee and this has never happened before.

Oh I have had loads of health professionals state that it cannot be operated on because if its central and if its behind the kneecap, patella, directly and I go home each time becoming more annoyed and get home and think for feck sake stop guessing to try and save money you look bloody pathetic, MRI the damn thing and TEN TELL me you cannot operate?!

The other odd things is that when I am out and I am in pain it makes me somewhat ... temperamental. Take today, I am standing at the bus stop leaning to one side using my walking stick so that my heels are off the floor. Standing still is an absolutely nightmare and seeing a queue and especially a long one makes me swear out loud and often bugger off tossing an item onto a shelf it does not belong.

No matter whether I am in a queue at Asda or waiting at a bus stop like today no one gives a shit and I could go deeper into this but will not because I will be labelled unfairly and wrongly. No today around a dozen people fled to the bus and I had to look round thinking there was some kind of gang war with gun play going on. It was around midday and I wondered what the bloody rush was for or whether Argos were giving away freebie bags?! I decided the bus was too busy and waited for the next one instead. When that one came, so now I had waited for the second bus, a guy appeared out of nowhere to my right and was trying to barge in the queue and I could tell very easily he was intending to barge in front of me too. He is not alone most people are like that in that side of town. He did not get in front of me and God help him if he had.

I hate this I really do. I would like to avoid it as I know I will come across the wrong kind of character, or should I some some unfortunate soul will think he will try his luck one day and it will kick off. If and when this happens there are so many nasty characters out there these days just a war of words will not be enough and I will know as I can read characters pretty well. Especially if there are a group of them and on that day all hell will break loose. I fear for what I might end up doing to someone, even IF they are deserving of it, and it is a very horrible thing t think about every time I go out in this kind of neighbourhood, not MY neighbourhood just THAT kind of neighbourhood, lol.

What will infuriate me is that day it will be I that gets into trouble, which will only fuel my anger and frustration at the relevant authorities involved and they will end up with some too and all the while I have been trying to avoid this situation and am in it because of corrupt authorisations, nothing more and nothing less.

But I WILL BE THE BAD GUY and all because of have more than enough ability to defend myself?!

Yes it most definitely is one hell of a 'topsy-turvy' world we live in!!

Or I will come home in an ambulance after collapsing.

It is a race to see which of the above happens first and I did get into a street argument with one fellow about 8 months back and two bystanders jumped to my defence, both women bizarrely, lol.

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