Sunday, 28 October 2012


Freedom of speech...

I find that a funny term in these bizarre times we live in. I mean I for one have been concerned for some time that despite my forward thinking and planning that this blog would not last for very long and be removed before its goals are met. I have scanned, secretly recorded, taken photos and videos to put up on here and various other places as a back up. Left the biggest organisations to the later stages while trying to build up this idea and this impression. Hoping to show that I am only telling the truth and giving my opinions.

Freedom of Speech? I have often found when speaking to people that freedom of speech does not really exist. Though I have yet to get to the bottom of this for many things and in many different places I am hoping that the reality I find around other places on the Internet does not occur with me and this blog.

Yet I find lies everywhere I look and it is an absolute viral infliction that has consumed my society at the very least. In fact this lying is often not even given a reaction to when certain people have been accused of it but swearing is not on.

Lying to the point where people have lost their lives is OK but swearing is not?

How can this be?

So it would seem to me that if you are powerful enough and have the money you can lie and get away with it, unless you piss someone off larger and more powerful and with more money than you have. Of course there is a point when you are so large it does not matter and an example of this is the ongoing legal spat between Apple and Samsung and the money being wasted there when, in my opinion, they are probably both guilty rendering the whole legal battle even more pointless and wasteful than it already is. That is just one example and no doubt there are a great many out there.

But in the case of people with their own websites and their own blogs I constantly hear they have been taken down. Well the every idea of a BLOG, I mean its VERY INCEPTION is as an on-line diary but the truth, it seems this far, is being censored and/or banned completely?!

Now I was already well aware of these things when I started this blog, I WAS HOPING it would NOT get to the stage that I had to write this blog, airing my private life in such a public way was never really something I wanted to do, but due to the lying, false faces, trickery and or/incompetence (add any expletives or derogatory terms you can think of as they will ALL APPLY) I have ended up being forced to do it. In fact there is a deadline that all the above named have...

1st January 2013

I will not state WHY this date is important but it is in a bizarre kind of way.

The closer it gets to this date then the worse it looks for all the above. Beyond that they are finished pure and simple and of course many others have already gone that way, just watch things unfolding on the news. Well be careful WHICH news you watch though?! (laughs)

No the truth of the matter is that with money and power brings the ability to LIE and keep on lying. But telling the TRUTH can and so far HAS PROVED COSTLY.

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