Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Been waiting for my rent to arrive in my account but it has curiously not appeared.

So I went in as it is nigh on confusing to keep up with the way they pay you. Now my rent arrives, well what they pay of it, between the 27th to the 1st of the following month. I prefer to get it as soon as it is there so may landlord can retrieve it in these difficult times that even he now is feeling and has for awhile.

So I logged onto my digital banking, which often does not work properly and till suggests I am with or about to be with Santander, though then it was Virgin Money and now Nationwide. I pulled up the statements for the past three months and noticed two things...

1 A curious payment of £5 which was due to the fact that the previous payment WAS £5 short, solving that mystery to some degree?!

2 That payment, £795 one, was on the 26th September and it is now 30th October which means 34 days have passed since the last payment?! THIRTY FOUR! Today the rent has not appeared so it looks like it will hit 35 days?!

Of course I am now debating whether or not to go down and tear them a new arsehole?! Something I have done a great many times but not for quite awhile now and they are obviously getting a little too comfortable.

I say that but a worried manager, named Colin Bullworthy, came racing down the stairs to meet me to the shock of staff and when I said not to worry I am only dropping of a CD with evidence on it and only want him to have access he then sarcastically said 'I am not worried!' to which I thought 'no of course you are not mate, but do not worry give it time you will be more worried than you are now!' LMAO!

He then sort of whined about having to place it in a safe.

At the time me being in their building causing a fracas  sometimes to applaud from members of the public or words of praise, this was a common occurrence and used to infuriate me that I would have to go down to figure out their never ending incompetence and hence I would blow steam!

Well now I am wondering do I go down there today and do this or do i go down there tomorrow and be even more furious than I am currently over this? Tomorrow is a day when I am supposed to be ferrying shopping back on three separate bus journey's too and fro so I am not going to be a happy chappy if this is all disrupted so because they get paid £38,000 to £300,000 or more in that building and could not organise a PISS UP IN A BREWERY I could not with my EYES CLOSED AND BLIND-FOLDED!!

The STATEMENT with sensitive stuff edited out of course!

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