Friday, 26 October 2012


Oh showed this to a friend on my phone, turned out to be a different one to that I watched previously and was quite a lot longer so I posted it from his store, lol.

This is the same court my daughter was at and is supposed to be in just a couple of weeks or so, though I still believe it will be Liverpool High Court myself?!

I assumed this was recently but turned out it was March 2011?! Madness!

Unfortunately I do NOT KNOW if i will be attending the court on the day as I need to be asked by at least ONE of TWO people!! LOL. I hope so but maybe my daughter, who has had difficulties trusting me and obeying the Council's wishes despite finding out later I was right, may be doing that again and I need to ring her.

She has been worryingly silent and if for some reason she does not want me there I just wish she would say, she does not have to say why. I would not go against her wishes anyway and even all this I posted here I asked her if she was sure she wanted me to do it?!

But then she wanted to appear on the Jeremy Kyle Show so this could not be that bad now could it?! lol!

Anyway ... back to this court fiasco I did think might have been sparked off by me, though it would have shocked me if that HAD been the case, before realising it was March 2011?! LMFAO.

Still there IS time!!

Watch "The take over of Birkenhead court Part 1" on YouTube

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