Thursday, 31 July 2014


Well most of it has been somewhat hush-hush and behind closed doors but now the attacks against Microsoft are about to get nasty.

Say isn't that Leaping Lizard about to buy a basketball team?!

Anyway American agencies may be in the beginnings of being shown what happens when your a bunch of think you know it alls but actually know jack shite?

The last thing Microsoft need right now is a number of huge companies, governments and God knows how many groups of individuals suing them! I got they have not got their claws into the best operating system they think will go global? Well it may well go global but not in offices or governments! Gamers maybe with Steam OS. Ooh wonder if Apple's OSX had anything to hide?!

The trouble with the American military and agencies is they might say otherwise but their obsessed on global power that looks almost like the want to rule it all?! They just refuse to give in and blind to the fact that they are seen by more and more people as behaving very twisted and even heading towards something akin to pre-World War 2 Germany!

Meanwhile the report below is regards China launching an anti trust probe against Microsoft.

I am still waiting for my complimentary pack from them and I got they did boy mislead me add I won't be nice to their customer services department and deliberately not filled in their survey because their services have not completed what they claimed!

It was a real pain in the arse and their web forms for providing the date they wanted were amateurish and just have been blind drunk and stoned when they did it?! I lost count of the number of times I waved my fists?! Wanting absolutely stupid answers that would be impossible to know in many situations! I won't bother next time.

Microsoft in China anti-trust probe


Hmm well this is interesting?!

This was posted by a news blog on ... another site and I thought I would link it in here.

The collective known as anonymous seem to have a video stating they are going to do something to ... ISRAEL?!

This is due to the recent events that have taken place and in all honesty, maybe I need to listen to it again, but Israel are not without blame but neither are sections or Palestine, who for me by placing there own men, woman and children in danger are worse.

You do not measure inhumanity be levels of brutality.

I do worry that if you start taking sides in situations like this you may be heading down a slippery slope? I hope not but I fear you might, or lay yourself open to being accused of having some political agenda?

For instance if you punish one over the other you could be accused of going after those with the money, when the other side wont be happy unless they take your lives.

It might make people think your whole collective is predominantly Middle Eastern origin?

If your not I suggest your careful about creating labels for the political bodies that would like to see the end of you.

In the meantime take a look, or rather listen, to their warnings over Israel and Palestine.

Palestine wont be happy with what anyone dies to Israel and the only thing they will be happy with is the one thing that NO ONE WILL EVER AGREE TO!

Mark my words!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Well now there is a title and a half!

In the last three decades who would have tight that the word vandalism could be applied to the American government straight from the House of Representatives?! Not me!!

But below is a BBC Report stating that Wikipedia has had to ban the IP address at the House Of Representatives due to these acts of vandalism!

Sorry arsewipes but defacing is defacing you bloody half wits! Digital or brick the end result is the same but I guess you think laws do not apply to toy while you bully you way into greater global prettier while cladding it's fire national security and your public when really it is corruptionists espionage dressed up in lies. Dog shite is still dog shite even when you smother it in Roses it will still ... WHIFF!

I don't know, maybe it is just me but it now send like I have been watching the start of a train wreck in American starting and continuing in slow motion?!

They have so many things happening at the same time and it's hard to keep track! First off there is Samsung being fibbed fit something that from start to finish, beginning to end and top to bottom was all American! The creation, I still day Apple created Jack, and even the copying or infringements, Google's Android OS but Samsung made to pay a huge fine?! Yeah right, that stinks to high heaven I am afraid.

Hmm now what else? Well you have the anti trust things going on with Microsoft too! A number of UK public services are on the verge of collapse and believe me if they are run by the same outfit, say Serco for instance and American, them a bloody great quagmire is going to open up and cover the horizon?! You see if fur arguments sake that one outfit runs several and they have run one into the ground, the National Health Service, but not others, like the Police and Local Councils then you have a while melting pot about to boil over! I have known this fur awhile but I did not know if one stood out as looking t definitely fail. I made a mistake with the tabloid as it was not The Daily Star as I previously quoted but that NHS story was in The Sun tabloid.

Now if the NHS is going to face collapse your going to have a division of health professionals with one side being this that one they were misinforming the public and those that did bout know the corruption was going on. Then your going to have several groups of pissed of people worried about their jobs! They will also turn in each other and go running to the tabloids and TV News, who provably won't listen because someone had paid them not to?!

Then they will ask themselves, if they have any intelligence why it is that the company running the NHS ran it into the ground but did bit so this with the local Councils or the Police Forces?!

Hmm quite how could you get the greatest of these three so very wrong?! The only one with saving was deliberately run into the ground?!


Well Serco, of it is you or someone else I can promise you that you won't make any more money from your endeavours because I striving believe that the British People simply won't stand for it! Not on single solitary inch! In fact I think this will be the catalyst of it all going to pot and the idiots in owe well have their names forever etched as chumps of society who sleep walled the British public into the most turbulent times in several decades and maybe much longer?!

My good God I would bit want to be them fur all the tea in China?! Imagine being rendered fur something like that? For being remembered for getting it so won't, causing a terrible unrest and being remembered with comical caricatures for hundreds of years?! Several generations of descendants works have to hide using different surnames praying to God no one at Deed Poll sells then out?!

Having an intelligent mind and the ability to foresee worse case scenarios that I can steer people towards or away from really is everything!

Wikipedia blocks US Congress edits

Monday, 28 July 2014


Worrying as I do have somewhere to be at 12.15 pm! Well have words over thus stupid selfish rule too, if I don't fall sleep now and miss it, but never mind that!

I was looking up PC gaming titles both current and in their way and I found a site where everyone seems to argue over the state of the nation and it's financial situation.

Oddly it is not the UK and send to be either Canada, America or both?!

The situation is funny as the story is about ending tax breaks to a company called UBI Software, or just Soft? They produce one hand called Assassins Creed and I think Battlefield 4? Could be wing on this but not important. The point is they have been around forever and suddenly the ending of the tax breaks have had to doom mongerers come out in force to claim the company's inevitable demise!

What I want to point out here, in a feeble attempt to not fall sleep, miss this appointment to the patronising frowns and tones that will only have me point out sternly what I have already tried to tell them and that they are a Doctors Surgery and need to start taking into account that they treat patients with ailments and start to remember this fact?

Anyway ... you do not have to be a video game fan to appreciate the arguing that goes on that's all politics and nothing else.

As one charity wrongly claimed that they do not allow politics in their forums as this works mean you cannot talk about anything because politics is quite unfortunately for their greasy grubby greedy fingers into everything in acts of self-obsession and self-protection.


Will I am living the brew game I ordered .. NOT!

After it supposed to turn up by Friday at the latest it has now failed to turn up on the day that Amazon quoted that it would!! Three days late! Lmao!

I wish I could be bothered to look at what complaints others have about Amazon these days but just cannot be bothered!

In fact this now inevitable demise of Amazon annoys me because it used to be a good company, ooh weaker what am I saying? No one seems to know how long they have avoided taxes in this country?! The UK that is. So we have been saving money but sleep walking into our own cesspit of demise as a result of this and other companies.

In fact if you looked at the nationalities of all the owners of the companies I have had issues with and the company that secretly runs so many public services I bet 99% of then are American?!

Hmm cone to think of it how much money did we spend on those pointless wars?! His is it we got into those? Oooh wait a minute that was the Americans too and Tiny Blair blowing out taxes to be certain of a job after he quit as Prime Minister?!

This reminds me that I was given a copy of The Daily Star today. This is the first time I have been handed a copy of that newspaper in awhile and when I opened it up, what did I see? A two page article about the NHS and how it's on the brink of collapse?!

I think that if the Tory Party so much as mention the word 'privatise' someone should throw ... manure at the houses in Downing Street! With a banner saying you talk crap!

These ... institutions were once great but have been used by greedy aristocrats, or just this that think they are, to earn huge salaries and this had grown in number of greedy, lazy and quite incompetent people and there seems to be a lot around suddenly, who have grown in number by employing family and cronies to maximise what they can syphon off?!

Now privatising will do what differently exactly?!

They talk such utter bullshit, this situation with the NHS has been created this way for years way into Tony Blair's rule, yes rule, and possible before? What annoys me is their is a culture to keep things exactly the same but put a different label in it and that there are tens of thousands of petiole getting away with very serious crimes that considering the state the country is in is treason! No matter which way you slice it, they have manipulated, lied, mislead and ripped off the British Public with grand scale fraud and I am speaking individually here!! No mincing words here.

What my previous two GPs did, asking with other Doctors I saw while registered with these two, was utterly atrocious. Sitting there taking taxpayers money with the attitude that it is perfectly accostable fur then to lie while taking the salaries out if the taxpayers money! Absolutely despicable of these two Dr Kumar and Dr Gubbay in Enfield and the latter having a while surgery that thinks the exact same! Forget the fact that this earning even higher amounts asked them to do this they did it which is just as immoral and illegal not to mention breaking of oaths by a list of names write literally longer then your arm!

Though I do not want the NHS to collapse, yes my actions and pays probably consigned it to the history books, but I had to divulge what I knew. It could not carry on and was to rotten and I would get the pleasure of setting a lot of Doctors tossed into the scrapheap never to be allowed to be Doctors again! Well in the long run that is, Time was not built in a day.

Also Mr Cameron and you Torry tosspots, well I assume you are because your supporter who guest speaks on Sky News and works for the Daily Mail sounds like one and completely and utterly wrong ... 80 to 90% of the time...

We do boot have the infrastructure not technology in place to have the existence you keep banging on about and have almost everyone working! First of you have to stop lying for a start and have companies that are corrupt that enforce this in their staff! Why?

Because it's wrong and immoral and you cannot bleat on about how to run a country if your immoral! Sorry but that's it and that's all and there is no argument against this. Added to this you have all the religions who have honest followers ... yes OK there is that one religion that has two faced followers and thinks it's OK to take charity, no honour our self respect, claim to be honest and then stab you in the back as soon as you turn around ... let's leave that one religion that is being 90% of the world's troubles and deaths (outside of natural disasters).

All other religions practice honesty towards others even those that will not be brainwashed. These will not want to lie for a bunch of rich immoral people! Makes you wonder where they managed to find all the employees then?! Lol! No traditionally though front line staff won't know, which is why my job had been so difficult and long! Attacking these front line people the way I do with such venom ... will make them stop, take notice and think. Once they do they continue to think and talk about this with others, even if the call me a complete prick. I simply don't care, they would be wrong anyway and as I continue to state and have done from day one this is not a popularity contest, it's not about me either! It is about the truth, the bigger picture and what is really going on in this country.

To be able to heal anything you need all the facts, all the variables as otherwise you simply either fail to come up with the correct formula or keep coming up with ones that fail!

These are the sorry of simpleton things that these arseholes in money, power, politics or any combination simply fail to understand and have continued to fail to understand while the British Public suffer every worse?!

Also I do this because even those that are suffering unnecessarily do not even realist it!! No question marks here and that woman from that disagreement about drugs could be a prime example of what I have stated all along?! If she quoted wrongly based on what her GP told her then there is a GP that has got away with lying to bit just one patient! Well think about it ... he won't just have one patient, will he?

Now think also do you think that she is the only one that has been lied to and had no idea?! No there will be tens of thousands ... no that's not right and I was going to then type hundreds of thousands but this would not be correct either! No this will be in the millions! Many millions! This is what I have tried to state for a very long time now and what I get angry about is that many of you don't want to accept it when it's bloody obviously true and I hate that this is happening to you because we should not have to sit there wondering which of the top professionals, be they Health Professionals, Police or any others are being fecking honest with us!

Do you know what you will have to do if you realise that none of these have been honest with you, or even just some? Have you any idea whatsoever?! No?

Well feck me you really have an aversion to reading, don't you? Because you would have to do absolutely everything that I have done on here, which is why I went to great lengths to do it for you all!

The funny thing is I let things flow quite deliberately believe me. Also believe me when I state that absolutely any labeling of me when I have been on a rant is completely missing the point as I have stated and also would be wrong. A bit like those remarks made by a certain charity recently that ended up as slander! I shall explain ...

I have Fibromyalgia, oooh I can hear the groans already in unison, but that is the key point that should have picked up upon by anyone with a brain. I have Fibromyalgia and I toe this blog about things I have to contend with while having Fibromyalgia!

Are we there yet? No? OK.

Fibromyalgia can cause a countless lust of painful areas of which I have in my feet, upper and lower legs, knee (other had separate issue from Fibromyalgia),  hips, two thirds of back, shoulder!

Fibromyalgia can and will eventually cause short term memory loss.

Fibromyalgia causes lack of restorative sleep as well as Insomnia on top and then Restless Leg Syndrome as well as the rare Restless Arm Syndrome.

Fibromyalgia causes Anxiety Disorder symptoms and Depression.

Are we there yet?! No? OK.


Anyone with any of the above will be constantly frustrated and angry and that's without going into the many dozens of other symptoms.

This also is not going into the server heartburn and pain in my groin, nor the fact that I will need surgery on the other side of my groin because I know the other Hernia will pop at some point and I know what to look for ... ooooooooohhhhhh!

Oh yes the morons that lied about the ultrasound showing another inguinal hernia did not think about that before lying! I am not down as getting scared about anything that could be fatal and am laid back. I also know what to look for with Inguinal Hernia because I already had one already!

So a bit weird that they were not upfront about it? Not when they have a different agenda to make me look dishonest? Many asked me why they did it and I said 'how do I know? Go ask them!' I do have a very good idea though but I never wanted the annoyance of rolling eyes from people thinning themselves far more experienced in these things as I have been surrounded by experts all along right under my nose!

YOU!! You are the reason they lied. Because they wanted YOU to think that I was unreliable and dishonest, mad or anything else they could label me with. The NHS are not the only ones on a mission to ... dirty my name, for want of a better term!

The Department of Work and Pensions/Atos/ICE, Police and several Local Councils (at least three but I do mention at least four on here) have been no doubt trying to do the same!

The Police have resorted to do this by using my daughter! Bad play and one that will only end in tears and careers. Not mine!

But the most important part of Fibromyalgia is that of the mental anguish! Ooh yes this was the Ace in the Hole in all this! Indeed it was an OK Doctor that have me the idea, after being nagged by others, to start this blog! Yes she was a Psychiatrist that had a dig at me fur waking into the clinic as I was totally sane, lol! I had done this several times over a year because I could not understand why I had lost control and did bit like it nor the feelings I was getting. I understand it now but only through my own endeavours. The NHS wasted hundreds of thousands of pounds getting it wrong ... well I believe deliberately avoiding diagnosing me and knowing full well for at least a year before I discovered it!

I am fully convinced that Doctor John Gubbay and Dr Dominic Mort knew full well what I had, Fibromyalgia, as likely did the Doctor who performed  the Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Studies at Royal Free Hospital but am only half convinced by the last one.

I know think that Dr Huq knew and it was demanded that she lie to me which was why she quit airing her disgust of the NHS. Unfortunately for the NHS I had already performed a preemptive strike by showing Doctor Huq, who I was friendly with as I was her staff, the letter that stated in a roundabout way that she was incompetent because she could not fill out simple forms!

Whatever it was that the NHS top brass demanded of her it was a mistake and this was exactly why I showed her the letter to her raised eyebrows and voice! I told her not to worry as I knew the moment I read it that it was a falsification. I stated that I had known that they had been lying for a number of years but had been trying to find a way to prove it. I had still yet to prove it because I alone could not just scream it from the roof tops and have everyone believed me, of no! So I pressurised, pried, prepared and then waited for my chance to get them to totally contradict themselves. Of course I had to get them to state a list of things without the anger or madness they claimed in in a normal and calm conversation. I did that repeatedly and now that chapter is done. It was really done a long time ago but I always wanted that last great and completely obvious along with incontrovertible evidence of it.

My prediction of an unholy trinity within the UK has plenty of evidence fur the other two mentioned, the DWP and associated organisations, ICE making it easy to screw all the other Ombudsman,  asking with Local Councils because these benefited the most from the corruption of the NHS.


For other things like freedom of speech and crazy illogical and slanderous ... sorry libelous things against me well ...

A bog is in essence an online diary.

These tend to be confined to subjects for the most part but not what they were initially created for. It was just a way for petiole to hit things down online and advertise them to all.

But if we leave that alone for a moment and consider that Fibromyalgia scrambles you're brains signals on every conceivable way, many the specialists have not even considered, then you have to consider what this blog is ...

This bog is a psychiatric breakdown of what it is like for someone with a condition that causes a while list of pains, mental health issues ( that do not include lying, hallucinations or anything else) to live there every day lives with all the necessary things they have to do along with that the public services force them to do because of our overpaid laziness!

It is also an psychiatric breakdown of what it is like for someone with these issues that makes them angry and on tender hooks daily when those that we are mean to trust and rely in for support actually bare faced lie to us!! It shows our reaction I the betrayal we suffer!


Of course the beauty here is that I have been underestimated on two counts ...

Firstly I was underestimated and by that I mean my intelligence and the letters after my own name of a Single Honours Degree in a Scientific based field.

Secondly my condition of Fibromyalgia was underestimated because Fibromyalgia covers just about all pains, if not all?! It also covers mental health too! Do you know what this means?

It means I have the ability to attract every single patient with just about every condition possible, or 90% of them thereabouts, onto this bog!

Now earlier I could hear the groans in unison only now I can hear the "Holy crap!" in unison! Lol!
I stated a bloody long time ago and repeatedly so that I wanted this to be rough! The thoughts, the spelling mistakes ... the lot!

Because I wanted petiole to understand how done people can think things at times they do not really believe. I wanted to show that under stress, mental pressure or pain people can lash out. Oh I did lash out, trust me on that and most, if not all, deserved it. In fact if you think about it the taking notice and waking up may have helped them in many occasion. I truly believe that this will reveal itself in time.

I think a great many things will reveal themselves in time!

Take that double page feature in The Daily Star regarding the NHS? Do you realise just got many things I have bleated, attacked, ranted and rampaged about have ended up in the media? I have noted dozens long after I covered them and I do not keep score!

But why was the story run? Is it because of what I have done or in spite of it? Was it deliberately leaked to admit to some shocking things so as to hide far worse things? Who knows? I don't!

What I have been doing, what I always did and continue to do is see, discover and reveal the truth. There was only ever so much I could with with my current limited mobility range and finances. Probably why they have refused all the support I should be getting?! Probably why I will be refused this yet again when others with only one of my conditions and that itself being only a suspected condition got paid thousands of pounds and I won't?

I will probably get nothing from the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman but the way I handled them was to make them show themselves to also be corrupt and performing grand scale fraud along with ask other Ombudsman so the fact I get nothing after insinuating I would get a substantial amount is OK. Because it means I caught someone else out being corrupt.

Unlike all those that have been caught out by myself and the many other decent and honesty people out there I did do this to help my country and the British people. I had the skill-set and balls to do it based on me being forced into a corner for twenty years like a scared and wounded animal.

I stated previously that they created me and now you for understand how they did this, hopefully?

By being so utterly depraved, greedy and lazy to boot they got only created me but I also manipulated them to carry on being greedy and even cockily warned them while posting this all on here just to make them look even incompetent than they already are!

This is the absolutely guaranteed end result when you or a bunch of self obsessed half wits that truly do believe money grows on trees yet cannot perform simple mathematics who are dishonest, fraudulent, far too ambitious and give jobs out to idiots they know or family friends even more incompetent than they are!

I will tell you one other thing I can fully guarantee that my truth does ... I fully guarantee you that it hurts! It hurts a hell of an lot but the pain had not reached its peak yet, not by a long shot! Not as far off as you may think either!

About a year I would say. We have this run up now to the General Election and whatever happens with that within a couple of months of whoever gets voted into power they would have then realised that I have covered everyone's backs with career poison?! Lol! So any rubbing off each others backs will end in utter disaster!

Because there is the undying want to protest in this country and it had been done all wrong and piecemeal. Over the next year hundreds of thousands of people will realise that they have done this all wrong. The different factions and campaigners need to come together in a common cause. They need to act and work together. This will truly create something that will be talked about in history books for hundreds of years!
Provided mankind has not destroyed itself or disappeared up is own backside during this time?

If your aggravated by of words being placed in here I apologise,_I did try to keep an eye out and corrected as many as I could.

If you really want to complain then send you emails to one of the biggest names of them all ... GOOGLE! LOL! As stated before it's there Android OS being utter crap ... no, no any fans can be quiet and keep incorrect fanboyism thoughts to yourself, I don't take prisoners!

Only two people were stupid enough to leave negative comments in two years and their ... hmm lets say quite obviously incorrect comments are chest to see, but silence makes me look guilty, scared or both. So I have them a digital dismembering. Anyone who have done wrong and ate on here, in posts or silly comments, I get feed up with explaining to think before opening the flood gates. I already long since stated I can't be wrong on here or proved wrong because only I look like an idiot at the end of the day.

I am not infallible and not am I perfect, hmm though I wish a certain someone would see me as this lol, and never have I claimed to be. I do get things wrong but I strive to keep this to a minimum.

Those that want to challenge me have to make sure that want to do the same!

I might sound to bold for some but to those I would say this befit they say, hmm or think, something silly ...
Sorry I did not realise there was a mitre obvious way to fight and beat almost all public services and the biggest retail names out there?! You will have to list your blog or website where you did better?

I started out with a plan not to be beaten and to show everyone everywhere the truth, because it's the only true way things will change. Not just hearing the things you want to and wandering if into the darkness for another few years before realising you have been filled again!

The last twenty years had for strait worse and it will continue on unless it is firstly revealed and then stopped and done now! Because if we do somehow survive this without dealing with the issue directly then it will happen again and survive this we might, survive the next one we won't!

It's bad because if the amount of people there are. They band together into groups to do underhanded things and the more in a group the bigger they get. This happens at both ends too! Only to group at the top grown in single digits while those at the bottom grow in tens of thousands.

It is inevitable that the larger of the group will ... kick off and the bigger that group is the worse it will be and no amount of crooked, fraudulent rich people and their personalised and also crooked and fraudulent Police forces will be able to stop them! With each week they get outnumbered by an every growing ratio.

In the last five years this difference has rapidly grown due to the fact that the Police have awarded themselves so much money over the last twenty years out of greed that they have not been taking anyone on fur awhile. Not even the Paper Bag Police either!

The larger portion may have had the rough ride for the longest time of all but those at the top while sucking the blood dry will in time have the roughest rides of all and will realise this with the sheer numbers and no point standing there looking worried either.

The press you have had along with the press you will have over the next 6 months to a year will only have the people even angrier with you.

Now take a guess who will be to blame for that?!

Sunday, 27 July 2014


I am not about to become political, well I always try not be be anyway, and state whether Scotland should it should not become independent.

It's not my place and not is it anyone else's ... outside of Scotland that is!

They will decide their fate and if that is what they want then good luck to them! I can't say I blame them and I have stated this before! However I have quite deliberately cone online to post that statement once again, due to something I heard very recently a Scottish guy stated in an interview.

He said that the British Government has lost touch with the Scottish people then pointed out that they had lost touch with the English people! In fact I think he used the term "Westminster" instead of government but what he stated is very true!

If they become independent I hope they remember the poor English people left in the crap hole?!

I did have to think to one athlete who complained he was told to refrain from saying anything about Scotland and that this take him but was pointed out by another chap, who was Scottish, that his remarks would have been deemed political and not allowed in sport.

His come no one pointed this out to him?! Or did he not care?! Maybe someone should show him a tape oh Hitler at the Olympics? Umm or was it the World Cup? Cannot remember, lol!

The cutting off from the people is long complained about but in all honesty its all this swagger on a works stage at every chance that has spelled doom fur Great Britain and no one was better or more guilty of this than Tony Blair, the News Media's darling! Oddly his cosying up to America during the ... wars seem to do him no harm as he ended up getting a job that far exceeded what he was paid as Prime Minister and that everyone thinks that him being the Middle East Envoy as laughable and no one can see it even figure out what he does not see any benefit or even effects from what he does?!

Probably just paid to pay with the rich dictators of the middle East countries? Of there are any left that is! Or maybe he will just butter up the ones that will take over where the previous dictators did?

This is the whole problem with the middle east, they fail to see that being like they are is why their countries are war torn all the time?! Oh but it's always something else's fault though! They band together to get rid of one dictator but then they all stay warring among themselves over who is taking over and it's done with weapons! End result? Another dictatorship!

One day they are going to realise that holding onto all this hate and prehistoric way of life will only serve to maintain that nothing changes! It's all about who had the bigger gun and they hate the west because we made them all! Oh and at times they have hated Russia to. Funny how their biggest enemies and focus of all their hatred are always this with the means to make weapons?!

Pointed out before they have no issues with using the toys of their enemies. Hypocritical.

Yet year after year there are always civilians running or striking around with bombs falling saying "Why is this happening?! Come and help us?!"

I would simply say "Umm, How?!" Then something along the lines that unless they drip their draconian ways, culture and beliefs it will always be this way. Most disturbing is the breed like rabbits but don't really care about there own offspring because they instill all the beliefs and hatred into them?!

If I instilled something into my children which then got them killed I would never be and to live with myself and take my own life!

Instead I try and do the opposite and teach her how to be honest but not to trust immediately and how to survive. I sometimes think I am not doing a great job but it's worked thus far! As I had radicals, paedophiles, evil mother, evil and corrupt Wirral Council asking with Merseyside Police and incompetent courts and judges aplenty the odds were attached against me from the start!

I have vastly reduced these odds though! Lmao!

Now they only just wriggle and only serve to make things worse fur themselves and have no way of escaping the inevitable outcome!

I must remember to do a post to teach the meanings of the following words ...

Inevitable and what this means in that you cannot escape that which is now your future!

Truth and how and why you should stick to it!

Mathematics which mainly comes under the following two.

Networks Webs and interconnectivity or just tell them to look up why it was invented in the first place?

Computers and their complexities and growth in number with each individual!

I am sure many of these words are alien to them or that they just assume it's alien or somehow just be wrong when someone uses these words?! Lol! Oh that reminds me if another word they need to be taught ...
Literally! Lol!

As for the works stage thing! Stop it! Ban it! Do whatever you must to stop tossers with Good Complexes using it political system to just aristocrats then to higher salaries?!

That's not what being Prime Minister is due you selfish wonkers! Lol!


Well that is strange ...

Not given it much thought since I left comments about using Tea Tree Oil on skin conditions for someone with Fibromyalgia and then being unfairly reprimanded, comments edited, told I was wrong when I was right and then had them leave stupid comments to make me look like I had said racist and sexist things.

I reacted angrily to these comments as any sane and innocent person would and I even let them have it privately by some died twonk who spoke down to me by saying he had to edit several posts!

I pointed out that they were wrong, censoring me and so go against freedom of speech and also there moderators claims about the neurological drugs were also wrong and I asked then if they were deliberately misinforming British patients, fur the NHS of course as the alternative was that the person making the claim had been lied to and believed it.

One could only reach the conclusion that this had to be a GP putting someone off a newer and far more expensive drug by stating that the old crappy one was the newer drug?

Only they can tell you the answers to that one.

I have not given this much thought, like I stated, and I have not been in there and nor have I been told I am banned either?!

Now you would think that being banned then the common decent and courteous thing to do is to inform the person?

So I still get emails from HealthUnlocked but not been on there to see. I will because as I told them I was highly suspicious of their knee jerk behaviour and misinformation fur a charity that is supposed to be there to support people with my affliction.

I contacted the charity directly too to complain of their behaviour and their misinforming suffers. Hey?! 
Maybe they were mislead by the NHS too? Should have dinner their research thoroughly the way that I did and have always done ...

Just the other day I spoke to two friends about what I say and what I post and told them off this ... charity. I stated that I simply had to make sure that my claims were correct and that I did my research. I pointed out that if my posts were full of inaccuracies and errors the only person that will look like a complete idiot ... is me!

This is also true, for me anyway, of my guesses, estimates and predictions!

I simply believe, for example, that petiole do not trust government or authorities anymore and we will not get out of our financial difficulties until they do believe them.

I believe that this that like to carry on this way forced or just encouraged to do so by owners of big businesses who foolishly believe it is they that makes the works go around. This is what I see as prolonging it.

I also see the tricks, lies and fraud of the public is being revealed bit by bit and this just keeps us, the public, way down in the darkness of distrust.

With every single month that goes by they only serve to prove me correct. Fools! The next quarterly figures are now guaranteed to be less than impressive and then we have the the month run to to Christmas.

A brother text me and asked me what hard drive company to look for to buy a new hard drive. He asked if Seagate was OK and I said yes but that I had nearly always bought Western Digital, outside of laptops that is which had just one, and bit had one fail. I read the rest late and he was pleased and said they ended up buying a WD. In a phone conversation I said that I could no longer guarantee him a retailer that would sell him new goods! He laughed in agreement and I said only Maplin is left but they were expensive but maybe this is why? Maybe there things are new and hence the higher premiums?!

Anyway I will check to see if they booted me off FibroAction and if so ... well I already prepared a report fur the Charities Commission who are the body you contact over complaints about charities.

Now corruption in charities I know nothing about but as it is rife in nearly almost all public services and their associated ombudsman, currently being proved extremely well by the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman along with many others befit them, there is a watch function on here! Lol!

So no I cannot give you any assurances whatsoever abut the Charities Commission either!

Everyone is doing many illegal things fur money while choosing lives much of the time and there is no one around actually doing any proper policing whatsoever!

That, after all, is why this blog exists!


Oh this is a good one!

Local Councils have been the main reason for the many small businesses going bust!

I have watched dozens go out if business that I use. I have also list count of the number of High Street stores going bust and stating empty. Lost count too of the number of new businesses opening up and then closing again, including big businesses!

Everyone says the same thing!

Except when it comes to reality and the pulse on the local people local councils have lost it entirely! In fact they just it a very long time ago and it is this desire to turn picnic services into big business that had caused it to be cut off! But do they make changes? No!

The culture in Britain today is to not only become ignorant because they have become big businesses but to also just lash out at the next petiole to find their wages!

In this BBC report local councils have come up with the bright idea to tax supermarkets! Which will make them put up costs to the shoppers so we end up paying the councils anyways?!

Will they give out business rates cuts to help small business?!

Will they, hell!

They make me FECKING laugh! They screw business for money in different forms and when they go bust they're all 'oh tough shit, that's business!' but when they feck up they cannot go down, oh no! They want everyone else to bloody pay for them!!

Yeah like FECK its for small business you bloody jerk offs! Come up with this ten years ago and even six and you might have gotten away with it, though not with me! Lol!

English councils propose 'Tesco tax'


Not really too familiar with this story but have heard of it before!

A prime example of how failure, inaction and excuses can cause a death and do not think fur one moment this this is a single case, oh no. This violinist was found dead and was failed by the mental health services and she went be the only one with mental health to have paid a series price for their failures! Rest assured on that one!

However it must also be stressed that this is not confined to mental health either as the failure is like a virus and us right throughout the NHS and Local Councils and they have long since known it! In fact they designed it! Carried out based on those below them being self obsessed with money and careers, or just plain old fears. The fear would be only a tiny fraction, as in the 100% I have come across corruption within the NHS fear has not occurred to me with anyone. Naivety with one who then realised and then announced immediate retirement, yes. Fear, no.

Of course it must be stated that it is not confined to the health service either! You think of an organisation being pain by the taxpayer and it's rotten, even the Police! Though hire many Police Forces remains to be seen and this that are guilty ...

Well whatever it is you want to check, or indeed have suspicions over our even think you have been bent over a barrel by ...

Their is a search field and I am very good at ... TAGGING! So knock yourselves out!

Violinist 'failed' in abuse trial


Well what do you know?

Amazon reports a rather large, and surprising even me, quarterly loss?!

All I can say is that there must be more than just British people pissed off with Amazon?!

The loss amounted to $126 Million!

Chairmen of the board must have choked on their cornflakes?! Or is it Cheerios? Rice Crispies?

What with the number if accusations rife, not to mention my exposing them as being only one tenth the company they started it being. There sudden inability to deliver goods for not help either! Even now I should have been playing a new game, called Dishonoured?! I ordered it last Tuesday especially so it would arrive by Friday at the latest? It never arrived by Saturday and had only just despatched?!

There are done rows over pre-ordering too and several other things that has me now banning them from having any advertisements on my blog! Could have been a good small earner for me but I cannot recommend, ergo have adverts, for companies like that and that also evade taxes on a humongous scale!

Once again another large company run by idiots thinking itself untouchable fails to understand or see the bigger picture until it's almost too late?! Hire many other wankers will go from being on top of the world while pissing down on those below while telling them it is raining to drowning in their own urine?

I would water that the next couple of years will show us and I think they future has a grin on its face with a number of big surprise in store?!

Amazon reports $126m quarterly loss


Well the words of wisdom have been anything but of late.

They economy is picking, up, going down, faster than the rest of the G8, or was it 7, countries, then not as George Osborne wishes he had done this better, or was it different. Well this has been a prime example of this taking forever attitude being long term destructive not to mention vastly expensive.

I never expected anything other than doom and gloom fur the last two years while posting and for several years before that.

Now the biggest amount of profit warnings in three years had been issued?!

Go figure!

Profit warnings 'at three-year high'


I ponder to the posts to this blog.

It has been a while since I was philosophical or indeed poetic!

Many things offer up distractions of late not least of all the heat, humidity and ... odd soaking from the craziest rainfall I have ever seen the destroyed my watch and damaged the old phone I use fur Internet tethering!

I can put it off not much longer and need to unlock my Moto G and place my Three sim in that phone for Internet tethering.

In the meantime I just add up that of link and from time to time a rant though no rent this time around. More surprise than anything else because many things are done without consulting the public. For too long now too! I have known for some time now that the excuses to do things behind closed doors or ignore the public until hundreds of thousands get feed up and start marching ... and marching ... and marching with plenty of protesting albeit too little too late. Normally by this time whatever reason things were decided upon have already been achieved if only for the most part.

Ed Milliband now seems to think the exact same thing?! Astonishing!

I don't like the Media's view that he is not ... what was it? Hard enough? Oh yes because so many others have dinner such a great job?! Hard enough fur what exactly? I love these their away statements without explanation ... plain stupid!

Or maybe they mean lie to the nation and keep a straight face?

The world had long since changed and still keeps changing with each day and each week. Politics has remained stick in the same old misleading lying crap since the 70's.

Even with the arrival of the Internet and Social Media they have not changed a single thing and totally ignored The Internet!

This was a mistake I warned many about for years. I don't know the reasons but it was obvious that Internet media moguls would get larger and more powerful than politicians. Probably filled politicians the world over into doing them favours so that they could gradually take over? Stupid.

Only reason anyone wants favours it's too get an edge. Only reason anyone gives favours to these petiole is to acquire a short term gain!

No one has any honour about them anymore and I have searched long and hard in the media to see someone come who is honourable and interested in more than just himself.

Singer do have signs of having this ability and Ed Milliband just showed that he did! Just showed that he did mind you! He dues appear to be someone straight laced and not one to be bought off or swapping favours! Dues not seen to be hero bent in power nor obsessed with as much cash as he can lay his hands on?!

Ed Miliband calls for public PMQs


Well you have constantly heard or from me regarding public services ...

Now take it from world famous magazine, Which?

They have a campaign to "unmute" the people. This is regarding Public Services Complaints ... hmm ... wait there a second?!  ...

OK ... DONE!

Sorry I just had an idea to do something that I will explain next weekend! Umm IF I remember?! LOL!

Meanwhile go and check out the campaign and register your vote and let is finally show them who the boss is and what constitutes and country, ergo the people!

Saturday, 26 July 2014


I saw an interesting documentary was seen tonight, regarding big businesses and how they thought they had a right to your money!

The programme was called 'The Men That Made Us Spend' and believe me it does tell it how it is and how the most professional people have falling victim to it.

More importantly it explains and prices two simple things ...

1 Credit Cards were bought in to fire us into spending more money than we were and ...

2 We have been manipulated due decades using kids as a blueprint

I realised that no matter what they have it's never enough!! EVER!!

Surprisingly I saw a face that I had not seen for years and wondered if my eyes and memory were deceiving me? I saw a man sitting in an armchair speaking to the man who was hosting the documentary and thought ... 'Err why does his dude look like Peter Molyneux?'

He was the head of a software genes company years ago behind, if I remember correctly, Magic Carpet and others like Black and White. Now I am sure there were one or two much more famous titles but .. well my mind is a blank!! Lol!

Still it basically explained what everyone really thought all along in that everything that has been fine yo until this point has been done to coerce us into posing with money because they want it. No matter how much they have or how little you have they still want more! In fact what was interesting was that two British people who came up with a day online game of virtual poets, Neopets or something like that, stated that the biggest names wanted to get in with them and cover their creation with their own name?! McDonalds, who I see have an advert out about sponsoring such children and their families, that made me want to vomit, managed to get pictures of their products appearing in the games or labour of love. What gets me is they want to take things over in time and are never happy with what they get no matter what.

In fact the attitude is in games with all the money flying around is that if you're using theirs then your not using their rivals! This was why the Steam Client was such a terrible, terrible idea in PC Gaming when it was released. It was obvious it was going to be a right royal pain in the arse. It was out long before broadband was available to everyone, technically it still is not unless games companies can kick the arses of the mobile telecoms companies yo their fecking greedy arses!

In fact that is the drive today, we have become so obsessed with ambition and per that every single company wants to be the only one and will stop at nothing to be that. Because than you cannot do away and they do not have to treat you with any decency or respect!

This is likely why those standing on the outside see us as corrupt because they see it and we ourselves are so obsessed with becoming them and our own tiny bubbles of our own worlds of selfish wants and desires that we are blind or don't care.

Those on the outside looking in do care, however.

So we become blinded with work as we are barraged everyday by either finishes or organisations trying to talk us out of cash or setting traps during the daily modern lives we are forced to live to force us out of cash.

Add these in to when we do want something it is either used our refurbished gone tines out of ten and suddenly what our wage package tells us with all those digits student seems worthless?!

As on that things you cannot escape paying or receive refurbished goods for like mortgages, rents, fuel and food bills and suddenly I looks like we are only earning a tenth or more if we are lucky than it actually states on the wage packet?!

Clever trick, ingenious. A shame it was sent up by someone or a group of people who are inherently evil and amoral! Yup, a crying shame.

£1.4 Trillion is what the British Public currently owe on their credit cards apparently?!

One point four TRILLION?!?!

Do you know I think America just became one big giant Pyramid Scheme at some point and when the public cottoned on and it was made illegal those twats already had their money and not felt they had done Good given right to continue. Same applies to the health lot. But for some time we have been invaded by Americans who are not allowed to practice their crap in America anymore. I have attended tasks whereby American firms talk to the British public like they are fecking infantile idiots and talk like their plan is gold! It's a turd no matter which way you polish it a turd is still a turd no matter how shiny it appears.

You know some people just should not be allowed to much money?! There should be a common sense and sympathy for others test, lol.

To much power and to much money and if I asked anyone to provide a few examples of where this was not used and abused you would be hard pressed to find one!

If one thing is certain of late is that depravity seems to appear to be everywhere. In the UK and if you are in the outside looking in I an tell you that as well as the names of the offending celebrities everyone knows and it stands to reason there are a lot more. Funky enough this that have been prosecuted or sent to prison were those of the last amount of money and are starting to appear to be nothing more than tokenism for the British public, because the British public can always be rented upon to be both fickle and self obsessed and befit long their focus wanders to something else because they are happy that the ones forced into their own days kicking and screaming is enough?! The attitude is that 'something was done' now move to the next thing!

I now see that this is the attitude of the people that is preyed upon by those with depraved wants and desires. A search regarding these depraved acts on the Internet will show some extremely interesting, eye brow raising and shocking names!

When I first read about them and commented on them I did so because this seem to be the belief of the wider public obviously being kept out of the mainstream news. I had trouble believing it, thigh certain ... individuals did seem to have very odd ... lifestyles and also done that were attached our close to them in some way ... ultimately suffered as a result that applying the theories of many conspiracy theorists to suddenly makes a great deal of sense! So much so that you have to put the news media in the dock and accuse them as being just as guilty as those that commit these acts.

Guilty of crimes that would make the phone hacking look like a walk in the park and bugger all in comparison!

I am most afraid to report!

It feels ... invasive and all encompassing and one now winners where it will end? When will anything ever be enough for these companies?

More to the point are those that help to hide these crimes and as an example Members of Parliament and many ... let's say organisations like to misguided and misinform. Everywhere there is a cover up! Everywhere! I would like these perpetrators of these cover ups to all at once spend an hour in a room with me alone. Good help them should they every do so!

First off I would ask them if they were parents and if so did they Kobe their children and think they were good parents? Then I would ask if they could look their children in their faces after doing what they did?? Do they teach their children to be kind, honest and decent towards others while children but then expect them to enter the twisted, depraved and corrupt works that their parents lived in and exercise then to do the same? Or perhaps they explained to them while still children how the real world worked and what they would have to do when older?! Or did they just expect them to make that one with degree turn without batting an eyelid?

If they wanted to themselves be involved with running the country would you expect them to do all the same things? Turn a blind eye because someone had more money or otter than you do? If so then why works you do that? Do you expect to be rewarded financially or otherwise at some point?

If for money then what did you expect to do with all if that money? The more petiole that have more money than others then the freed is infectious and the bigger the prices become. Thus then had this with money requiring ever more money than others to continue to acquire these luxuries?!

To me this is seen is primitive and lacking in character or intelligence and a life based merely in materialistic things.

Or to put it in a much more finer point all the wing petiole have all the money and it's being wasted! The progression of the human race is suffering and also technology has fur sine decades being hindered and held back wire deliberately by the military to and thus had been a poweder keg of trouble waiting to have it's rich paper lit!

All because some brain dead twats for into power and see their views as being correct and themselves as being right all the time! When things look a bit pear shaped then out comes the needle and thread to patch it up for a bit longer.

Right now we have now has a change in reports in the media and suddenly the UK is doing OK again and this has changed the times in as many weeks!! Hmm or is .. it ... days?! I cannot recall! But then this is another reason I stated my blog because I can have some mad sounding insights and predictions that 6 months or a year down the road suddenly do but not quite so mad anymore?!

They also always manage to find some obscure company somewhere to say on camera that things have radically altered and they are currently flying?! Funny that! Bet that took awhile? Let's see if this still remains the case when the General Election comes around in 2015? Something tells me that this will end up spelling the end for the current ... coalition, if you could even for a moment call it that?! Do not think the British Public will every bit into a coalition every again?!



Not sure I know this UK Column news site but this report, read link, sent to me sounds somewhat troubling.
In fact it seems to me that the behaviour of the Police along with their misinformation and downright lying is very, very disturbing indeed.

One has to ask if one has decided to ask ones Police Force to scare the living daylights out of other ones in the how of scaring everyone into falling silent yet again?!

This may then how to stop the trail of paedophiles before it gets to one's door?

Friday, 25 July 2014


This report of the American flags on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York being relaxed by someone with white ones did not escape my attention!

I am intrigued as the symbol of surrender seems to suggest that just one faction was involved?
Added to this I find it stunning that this took place at all on such a grand scale with all the cameras, Police and the cost on security to one of the most iconic cities in the world I have always wanted to visit but never managed it?

More money, more money, more money seems to have been the name of the game the last twenty years asking with less work, less work, less work and the two simply do not go together! Especially when those in power command the salaries that they do?!

White flags stump New York police


Paracetamol, given to me by the box load I keep piling up this boxes and given for back pain, groin pain, knee pain, feet pain, shoulder pain and headaches along with Tramadol does not do a fang thing for any of them!

Neither did the sertraline or anything else if the dozens of different drugs and the tens of thousands of pills I have consumed over the years!

Of but, hey? Better to poison your body with eight times as many drugs that do fuck all than a fraction of the amount with the correct one?!

Paracetamol for back pain questioned


Well now here is a report that shows the simple truth behind all the lies and cheating that I have experienced via the NHS?!

Well ... questionable because the money trouble implies that this stated when the recession did. Except I have been lied to for three times longer than the recession has gripped us!

The link is to a report that states the financial state of the NHS trusts are nine to good ...

... Over inflated salaries and all those marches abut pay rises for the already overpaid still took phase though?!

What I am doing on this blog is not a whole lot different, except I am starting that they have saved their fecking cash at the expense of my pain, finances, career in IT or several other sciences for way over 15 years now! Fighting me over this and continuing to do so and I will, make no mistake, continue to hammer in the nails until all the fingers of those that wool eventually suffer financially well all point to just a handful of names.

This is nothing compared to what had been done to not just me but my family and friends to. Bizarre then that a charity supposedly there to aids sufferers of my condition, FibroAction, and one of several seem to think that treatment of patients of my condition in this way for the best part of twenty years is perfectly OK and not allowed to be referred to in the slightest form.

Huh? A funny sounding charity and sorry group?!

I don't know thus far how many of these charity and support groups exist for Fibromyalgia but I was already familiar with Fibromyalgia Association UK. If there are many more it begs the question why there would be quite so many? Also the amount of sufferers would be segmented too which I need to give some thought too. I find this weird in all honesty. Never thought of this before with the number of cancer charities out there and beginning to realise that maybe I should have?! First I need to collect some numbers up at how many charities exist fur each set of conditions and then start asking myself why?

Warning over NHS trust finances

Thursday, 24 July 2014


And here we are one again full circle with the Police!

Here is a BBC report I need my own daughter to be aware of because the Police think they can bully a young girl to the edge is suicide and all because they do not like the fact that I have recorded then, literally and more than serval times too, lying and being incompetent and then lying abut the incompetence.
All in here in glorious technicolour ... or Dolby Stereo?! Lol!

Now here is a link to a BBC report on hire the Metropolitan Police investigate justice campaigns?!

Justice campaigns?! My word! I set out from day I've to achieve niue than anyone had previously?! Bit just with one field either but in a large handful of them too!

They take humongous amount of your taxes and then investigate you for accusing them off not pulling their finger it out.

Now to get my daughters attention to this post?!

Met investigated 18 justice campaigns


Well no sooner had I rowed with them before then run then down for evading corporation tax before rowing with them again and then I got those delivery blues and currently no despatch of a simple DVD 48b hours after ordering now this!

Amazon experience a huge drop in sales?!

Now are we bloody well there yet, Amazon? I would state nearly, but not quite right. $126 Million drop and that was a quarterly drop too?!?!


Whatever next?! Lol!

Amazon reports $126m quarterly loss


Well it's a blooming pain in the posterior with this heat!

I have one hell of a cracking headache yet again for the third night in a row or more!

To make matters worse I have also has the extremely intense aches in the legs now for about the fifth day in a row!

Plus my other little umm ... problem I am getting a little pressure applied to hike up to a hospital and telling me how serious it is. No, it could be serious, might be nothing.

I know this is because we had a mutual friend who had a lump, albeit different area, and kept putting off being it sorted out and even just looked at.

Our old mate died as a result of this putting off getting things looked at but he put this off for a long time, in my defence.

I simply was not sure and after awhile then thought 'no, something is definitely not right here' to doubting it again and back to bring fairly sure they're is something amiss!

Would turn out typical if I bought the farm at this body stage?! Lol. The lyrics of Alanis Morrisette are ringing in my ears now that I have typed that! Lol!

What a really bad combination and it's hard to stay positive about things when your head feels like Mjolnir is performing to a disco beat on it?!

Oh and I forgot to get a music CD yet again to test the speed of copying and converting music into flac (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files.

I could not read my external she tonight which had prevented me from uploading more parts to the gaming rig build, which is annoying. Of this is deliberately being hampered by Microsoft because I bought a dodgy copy of Windows through Amazon I will let them have it if they fail to send the complimentary pack they said they would send me!

Annoyingly I discovered tonight that my copy of Dishonoured I purchased off Amazon on Tuesday has not even despatched yet and I am growing tired of Amazon and their bullshit. In fact I was adjusting the layout of the blogs when I noticed I had Amazon ads left on there so quickly removed them!

No one performing underhanded things are allowed to have adverts on my blogs it is as simple as that! The same applies to discovering underhanded things about anyone I may currently have adverts in place for!
As for my Fibromyalgia, well I am sure it is currently trying to kill me and drive me to distraction?!


Well I sent off four emails via LinkedShare to some affiliate members and I got a mamby-pamby answer of one rejecting me ... albeit temporarily stating one of these four reasons, lol!

So if anyone wants to contact me, because I do not want companies being funny about someone telling th truth because of companies they may be affiliated with and sounds like a big a headache as seeking a decent solicitor! Though my daughter seems to have struck gold with hers ... currently.

Does not help that I myself am extremely choosey about which affiliates would actually be good enough and honest enough for my blogs! LMAO!

This is just a early action to test the waters to see if I can garner up interest for next month!

Next month there will be no more to do, there will be no more NHS catching out I need to do as I have far more than I could ever need. One thing may be about to rise to the fore but the point is it will be vastly diminished in frequency and only commenting on current news reports.


Just a little message I sent to Eon ...

Dear Sirs

I will apologise regarding the lack of payment despite you STILL doing bugger all in the way of me being a vulnerable customer nor handing me an email address … soooo guess what I am going to say next ….

I do not give a flying feck about your letters about letting you know and you have ignored me about this for bloody months if not years now and I am now going to ignore you!

If you desire to go back to the threats that you liked to hand out previously then by all means do so, there will only be one winner and it will not be you despite your size! But then if you bothered to read the blogs instead of sending someone all the way down to my house, who themselves could have read my blogs in the time it took to wait, plan and then come down here, then what more is there to say?

You have no such thing as a vulnerable customer option! It means absolutely nothing!

Right now onto tearing shite off you part two!

Your staff member took a meter reading while she was here. A meter reading was taken just a few weeks before she visited and now you have emailed me to state that my meter us due to be rewad again?!


Oh and why is my bill £250?!

Oh and while we are on the subject, I have Fibrofog and a bad memory, I had noticed in the news that there was some isse with you and selling tariffs to people that did bugger all. Then I remembered that I got a phone-call from one of your staff a while back talking me into changing my tariff and yet not a bloody thing changed?!

Did you screw me over?!

I am posting this letter to you on the blog so that my readers know … oooh yeah I thought for ages that Google were giving me the wrong number which is now almost 200,000 in all but my shocked daughter called me up, tech and Internet savvy that one, and asked if I knew I had received half a million visitors to my Google stuff? Most others, she tells me, are only in double figures and explained how she got the shock of her life when she spotted this.

So did I especially with Google feeding figures only about 22% of that figure?! Bad Google!

You will now get three payments of differing amounts between …. well now and two weeks from today.

Oh and umm people keep selling me refurbished goods and it all of them and involves everyone too! PC World sold me a solid metal professional keyboard, Corsair Vengeance K70, which had a large buckle at one end and despite this being a brand new keyboard they cannot get a new one from Corsair, just what Littlewoods Catalogue, Very Catalogue, B&Q and Argos among others stated to me meaning that … everything is refurbished!

Funny how the one thing you cannot sell to people refurbished keeps going up though?! Energy prices in case you were wondering?!

O wonder what, pray tell, the British Public will say about that when they wake up and smell the coffee?!?!


Oooh I am supposed to be scared now becaue 'The Author' has messaged me?!


Jesus its like a comic book!

Anyway he said stuff, the same old shite I am afraid, and now I have said some stuff, the same old shite the refuse to answer and it will contiunue on like this because I am not in school, this is the United Kingdom and we have all seen on the news in recent years what happens when you stop freedom of speech ... evil people get away with the most depraved crimes!

But hey, who cares right? As long as your backers and per providers are happy and you pay your bills and pay for that big house?


Oh and by the way, your sites SHITE along with you not dealking with the biggest problem for Fibromylagia sufferers in that its ignored by the NHS even when they know you have it because had you actually now had ytour knee jerk reaction and asked I would have explained that once they realise I was close they gavce me the to correct drugs that worked for the first time in over 15 years of giving me drugs! Except I diagnosed it and several weeks after taking Amitriptyline!

Now unless your completely brain dead ...

Fifteen years plus of drugs ...

My thinking Charcot Marie Tooth Disease ...

Giving me Gabapentin for 9 weeks up to 900MG per day and then made me ill followed by ...


But they have been plying me with the first to drugs that work and the only two drugs that work for three months yet I discover that it is Fibromyalgia?! Ultrasound test admitted on tape was fabricated?!

How can you speak about your difficulties with any condition without telling people you were lied to and wqhy is it wrong to do this when you have the proof?!

DICKWADS! I cannot stand authoritarian people at the best of times but when they are jumped up and power trippy types with little understanding of the law, the condition or what goes on within the NHS and behave like children I get angry about it.

This is a Fibriomyalghia thing and when they choose to ignore repeatedly I will chew their heads off! AT the end of the day they can do and decide to say what they want, it wont ever make them right and they will remian wrong. The only ct to hide the fact that they were wrong and fucked up and then silewnce the person winning the argument.

Oh and he states he shows me where it was edited?!

Oh yeah, he did that alliright, except all its got is the words EDITED and does not state what it was that was edited out?!

I will be honest this is so much like the double standards within the NHS it is scary!

Also why would you NOT want to know you were lied to and shut the person up with the truth?! Unless you were already aware that is?!

You see I also get worried, just as I did with the GPs, when they do not react with concern over the fcat I stated the NHS lie and fabricate because of what they told other patients of theirs?

I am sure they will sing like fecking Canaries if a GP was to be taken to court over someone's death?!

Oh yeah the shite website, I forgot something and hit the reply button and nothing seem to happen so I hit it again a few times before I realised the stupidly done site actually went and posted the same message to Ken The Author several times?!
I guess I will get a warning for that? You know for not realising their wqebsite and buttons do not function properly?! Reply means what it says, it does not mean post all that you just did yet again?!



  • Dear allnights,

    I am very sorry but I have found the need to edit your post replies as they breached several FibroAction Guidelines. Please can I ask you to familiarise yourself with the guidelines. I want to thank you for your understanding in this matter. I have pasted for you below the guidelines that were breached as a result of your post replies:

    5. Be mindful not to post offensive material. Religion and Politics should not be discussed here as it is hard to not offend someone in discussing these.

    5b. In all threads, regardless of whether they are on political subjects or not, care should be taken to avoid offense. Racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination are never allowed.

    5c. In all threads inclusive of Private Message facility NO member of the FibroAction team should be verbally abused in any shape or form. Abusive messages will not be tolerated and could lead to a period of restriction or permanent restriction from the community

    6. Criticism of spelling, punctuation and/or wording of messages will not be tolerated. We have members from around the world, many of whom are affected by Fibro. If you don’t understand a message, just ask the sender to clarify it.

    I have pasted you a link to the full list of FibroAction Guidelines, as to make it easier for you to read them:

    I have pasted you a link below to the edited posts in question:

    Once again, I would like to thank you in anticipation of your understanding.

    Ken (TheAuthor)
    (Volunteer Administrator).
  • Well you do not have my understanding at all.

    I have told the truth, and I have stated my difficulties with Fibromyalgia, you have all now simply stated the exact same rules to me three times and I resent the insinuation that I have been sexist or racist and this is libellous to do so publicly and that is the law and I suggest you familiarise yourself with it!

    Your moderators have also corrected me with false and wrong information regarding Gabapentin and Pregabalin too and not listed references and now chosen to ignore this.

    I am stunned that I have now had to actually point all this out! The law is the law, you do not make up your own laws, matey!

    Added to this my difficulties wqith Fibromyalgia are down tot he fact I was lied to and I have provided incontrevertible evidence to this, not me just stating what I believe as is what I am getting, and being fobbed off and being lied to is part and parcel to my Fibromyalgia.

    The issue I have, well leaving aside that my free speech is being bullied with threats of being banned , is that you did far worse than thaty you claim I have done by insinuating that I broke the law?! YOU CANT DO THIS!!

    Let me explain ...

    Lets forget about the lies and Fibro for 20 years and the 120 symptoims I experience ... we will p[ut that to one side ...

    I have a degree in Applied Computing and turned down a Doctorate in this whereby I would be teaching Keyhole Surgeons how to oparte by coding the software for them, Peter Pasmore Middlesex University.

    I am skilled in five other areas of science and was a Personal Assistent to a Solicitor in the Enfield area.

    By stopping people from going to another site that does not make a profit you are doing three things... or giving out three messages ...

    1 That you find the wbsite given a threat, so acting lie a profit making organisation ...

    2 That you think your members are not capable of making their own choices ... patronizing them ....

    3 Censoring me telling the truth because every single thing I say has incontrevertible evidence backing it up

    Now as you are technically being libellous, without getting into any other areas of immoral behaviour, can you please explain, without spouting a set of rules that mean absolutely nothing in the real world ...

    1 Why you and neither has anyone else explained this fully and ...

    2 Why these rules and please do better than 'because I said so' your supposed to be a support group of people with my condition and judging by the way everyone reacted and the false information given in correcting me about Gabapentin and Pregabalin and by threatening to bully me off the community you are showeing absolutely no understanding of Fibromyalgia whatsoever!

    3 I have found sites in the past that turned out to be funded by the government and were essentially traps top attract victims of public services and then misinform them, one of these sites is the Consumer Action Group, your not one of those are you?!

    Martin Haswell BSc