Thursday, 10 July 2014


I am somewhat nauseous tonight.

This is ... ANNOYING!

Was playing the game that dues tens to make me nauseous at the tunes when I am fat mitre prone to it than normal ... unfortunately when this is realised ... it's to late!

However I do not want nor have mentioned this nausea each time that I have had it, unless distracting, distressing and affecting my ... endeavours. There are other times and other reasons I would want to mention it too! This is one of those times!

You see yesterday I was playing that same game for many, many hours and ... NOTHING! NADA! ZIP! ZILCH!

It was weird after having so much trouble in recent days with it, since the new monitor and the new position it is on and that I sit looking at it!

I have plans to get the original mount for this monitor which I am certain will stop this as I played a game using the same game engine on my laptop and used a different position, huh just my luck!

The monitor is to my left instead on my right as it was before. It is also higher up than my eyes whereas before it was much lower. It is also 7 inches bigger and sits closer to me by about a foot. The original arm I planned on getting would bring the monitor further over to the right by several inches and will be able to be lowered by about 8 to 12 inches!

I have considered a slight upheaval in changing the position of the take it is attached to over to the right but this still leaves me with the higher position.

I do forget to shift my position when seated to stop the nausea as well add constantly furthering to take the Domperidone and Prochlorperazine, though I have had no signs that either if these do anything and plenty that they do nothing!

Still I have two more things on the way right now and in less than two weeks the project will be completed more or less.

I have one hard drive to get, the mirror image one can be bought much later, a Blu-Ray writer possibly a graphics card but this could be much later to?

That just leaves this other arm!

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