Thursday, 17 July 2014


I did hear something about this but thought I was dreaming?!

Then when I saw the details I was quite simply flabbergasted!

A woman who wrote a scathing review of a restaurant, Il Gardinio in France, was somehow taken to court and to even think of doing this is first of suspicious.

Can you believe thought that the restaurant actually succeeded in their legal action and the reason being, now I kid you not on this one and the link if below, that her blog was ranked too highly in search engines?! 
Ranked to highly?!?!


Secondly what the hell dues being ranked to highly have to do with the author of the blog?! If someone is ranked highly this is because they are obviously very good at writing, honest, professional and attract many people.

So according to this judge ... if she was a liar, bad writer and had hardly anyone at all fine her site this works have been OK?!?!

I am afraid to state that the ONLY crime that I have seen committed are a couple by this court against common sense for one and double standards along with being honest being another?!

Should the author have lied?! Is that the meagre being given out her to everyone yet again? To lie?

Now what you may find surprising is that this is not a British court or author I am taking about but French!

Maybe Britain is not the only one that is screwed up?! I have heard of murmurings regarding other countries with all the separate things going on here?! Thus even includes paedophile rings and I have heard about countries in Europe and America?!

Whether this comes to light using their own journalists or not I do not know. Their journalists and news media may have the same issues that the British ones have?

Also this makes you wonder now if this will start a barrage of legal actions by dishonest and wealthy people against honest ones probably many not that wealthy and being ripped off by advertisers on the Internet maybe even ones that advertise on the blog?!

Blogger fined for restaurant review

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