Friday, 4 July 2014


Odd this as I just recruit mentioned that if celebrities are coming out the woodwork ... now they are about to be measured up and fitted with woodwork, lol ... that the lack of politicians in all this was a trifle ... strange!

Everyone knows these types mix a great deal and in fact I am not the only one thinking along these lines when someone else mentioned the exact same thing to me the other day ... but a completely different industry altogether!

An industry that once realised will have many thinking how there have not been more from this scene despite one of the first people to be jailed for this being himself from this scene.

Music! Gary Glitter was of course the one I was referring to.

But then out of the blue there is this talking about a dossier, ooh dossier hmm of word that one, lol!  Yes a dossier regarding details or evidence to a paedophile ring within politics?! I was stunned but I should not really have been because of everything I have stated for two years on but much longer in reality.

I had never heard of this dossier, but then I do have a condition that causes memory loss, lol. Even more shoving than this is that this dossier subsequently vanished after being handed to Lord Brittan! To be honest this trends to start pushing the boat into a direction I read about before and would be quite devastating to discover was true and make me insistently want to desert the country I was once proud of. If this person is involved I cannot see this ever coming to light so no amount of investigations, or no master how deep an investigation will go this simply will bit come to light and be reburied at the suggest glimmer of a peek.

It is not even a politician bit the name did seem to pop up to a shudder down my spine! I certainly hope it's not true, really I don't! But it is always in the back of my mind that this could come out by some miracle. A miracle will be what's needed to expose this particular person! If it does I can assure you that amount of guilty parties that will go down the swanny in the wake of the revelations will reverberate for a decade at least!

For now it's a case of exactly where thus dossier went along with what was in it?! It may be gone but those that placed the contents within the dossier can still reproduce them even from memory. Week you would think? If they are that series about finding it and cannot do so physically then the use of memory would the the obvious choice? Each person involved on the gathering of the contents of said dossier can each write down their own account separately and these compared?

Lol, just trying to remove any chances of the use of an excuse.

PM 'wants answers' on abuse dossier

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