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Some time ago I was discovered by someone. Someone who was destined to become very interesting to me.

Little did I know how much!

The other night we had a chat that continued for a surprisingly lengthy amount of time. All night! ALL ... NIGHT! Lol!

I was struggling to keep up and my excuse was not that the conversation started at somewhere around 10 or 11pm and only stopped around 8am, no, no, no. It was that I had experienced difficulty sleeping and lost a fair few hours for the couple of night previous to the chat.

My being impressed at his ability to remain awake had me chuckle to myself that he must suffer with Fibromyalgia?

As I stated regarding my condition previously I have yet to get a cross section of people to find out which symptoms are most commonly experienced, which ones not so common and which ones are rare?

Now I must put it that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is mentioned with Fibromyalgia a great deal and at first I was confused by its mention as was I it's symptoms which seem to be the main one for Fibromyalgia? In fact when thought about I could be listed as the thing that should and be most likely to be the first thing to notice with Fibromyalgia!

Going from my own experience I now believe that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was indeed Fibromyalgia, they are one and the same. Because Chronic Fatigue would be the first thing noticed from lack or restorative sleep!

Now I was never one for going to a Doctors for every thing that occurred, only given in when it became too much! A glance of my medical records will see that the very first thing I registered with a GP for was severe heartburn, very severe! After a couple of years of being confused with the constant fobbing off I wondered what you had to do to get referred to Hospital?! This was a Doctor Tennekoon and lo and behold they discovered a Hiatus Hernia. The scarred Oesophagus, Oesophagitis, was not found until many years later. The Hiatus Hernia was around the late 80's ...

... Christ I am trying very hard not to pass out right now and I am sweating excessively! Doing this to take my mind of things!

Darn it!

Thought it was over, but no!

Forgive me if this is disjointed?

Anyhoo got fed up with telling GPs that ... OUCH!! OVER!!


Still conscious! It's a bloody miracle!!

Where was I?

Yes meandered a bit there with Doctors stuff. Sorry, lol.

Among my friends and among their friends the shocking revelations that have come out have been nothing short of shocking and trust me is an understatement and I am sure that the majority, good God I hope it's the majority, reading this ate nodding add there situation is identical?!

The funny thing is although I am talking about the paedophile rings of the rich and famous, plus those of the scummy Muslim animals let into the UK, you wool find that it is all encompassing?!

People used to, and still do, have trouble keeping up with me when they want to know something. I have long told them and used the phrase on here that you have to look at the bigger picture. Yes I admit things are coming out I could never have imagined in a million years and mitre than I expected. But at the end of the day each ... industry is linked to another.

This blog is all encompassing too and I had no doubts it would be difficult to follow. This is because and especially now the blog needs to be rearranged to a degree. There is a search function which you use just like Google search but many still unfamiliar with the Internet and websites may miss it? Or not realise you is it the same way as Google?

There is another reason and that is that generally the majority of people suffer from tunnel vision and only want to see what affects them, or had affected them would be more apt, exclusively.

However I find it intriguing that when this occurs petiole are looking for details of something that is now in their history. I can tell you got and why they did it and what they did wrong in their actions. I cannot, however, put it right. I have fought tooth and nail to put my own right and it had taken an inordinate amount of time. Even at this very moment several are still sticking to being half wits and over confident and feeling untouchable. It does me no immediate favours but it matters not to the outcome.

You see they love attacking sections of the public when 90% of them are innocent. They won't care about this but day they do so that to the wider public they either get them feeling sorry for them or agreeing with them. Everyone knows to the who and the how by now that visits here.

Now I have been blogging for 23 months now. In all that time I have achieved a great deal and shown a great deal. I have shown that I have been working in the blogs for several years before I went live, here and there when I could.

Now in this time I have down you the history of things with the whys. But I have a long and chequered history with all of them. So the idea was that those that had things dive to them would find our on here why and how. But more importantly this would, or should have, led you into each and everyone of the others because this would be what is coming next!

I know this because this blog is the story or what came next and next infinitum for me.

The other night, getting back to the beginning here, I was chatting to someone about some comments he made. In the world of British Politics as well as celebrities I had seen some pretty crazy names flying about. I have mentioned some in here but only in that they seem to get mentioned a great deal?

Well not only ate these names still being mentioned but a whole slew of new names have been added to the list and gradually being linked together. There is even a list of things through recent visitor that have happened, been said and even been sung to try and let the cat out if the bag, so to speak!

Now what I find interesting is this in this subject ...

The News Media, well in the UK, had grown beyond belief! They have specialised reporters for everything from entertainment to sport and from business news to celebrity gossip.

So how in the FUCKING world is it that they managed to miss everything?! T had basically been a race in the news to ahead idle gossip of the rich and famous and death and destruction the rest of the time mainly overseas too! Even another matter if none stated he hated this fact of the news in Britain a few nights ago.
So this was the topic of conversion last night...err or was it the night before?! Lol!

After seeing something posted I sent him a private message with a very big name and the most, seemingly on face value, ludicrous! I mean really ludicrous and I mentioned him once but have not again because I simply would not be able to get ahold of this kind of information with what I have at my disposal. It should appear in the news because it's been banned about on the Internet long enough and the links are there, but it never has. On face value it also looks like it is unlikely to either, well so one person believes and starred that they cannot be sent to prison for it either as he mashed the laws of the land?! He does not nor has he ever done!
But this is a very different world to the one where they committed their crimes, a very different world indeed! One whereby no matter what they think they can do the one thing that exists to prevent this in future they cannot control.

The Internet!

I was foolishly told by one person who died not know about these things that they can control it?! They cannot and they cannot do so completely either ... EVER!


Should foreign nations catch wind of these rumours, details and links I cannot even begin to imagine the utter furore that will follow?!

You simply do not get bigger than this and even the name and links to Jack The Ripper did not reach write this elevation! Close! But not quite!

This chap had very similar thoughts and suspicions to my own. He researched with great speed and fired many links at me I have saved in a document file. Many are YouTube videos! They are eye opening!
I had not seen anyone research like that since I left university, quite literally! Sorry to anyone else I have known that uses a computer and thinks themselves good or accomplished, no. I would have been impressed had you researched at half the speed this guy did and while chatting.

He asked me at one point what my health condition was and would you bloody believe it, he is a Fibromyalgia sufferer?! Imagine my shock when he tells me that he was not believed by friends and family for years, just like myself, until his sister started experiencing symptoms?!

Here was a guy who could intelligently link things together and at at speed and converse about several subjects at once, ask night like me and shows the same over active thinking that I do while being a stickler of the facts?!

Once over the shock, I assume it was the same for him but I was getting nauseous by the minute which is NOT what is wrong right now, I actually started that I do get tired of this blog and that I have been working so very hard for so very long in between being kicked in the gonads when they know the gonads have several health conditions, not just Fibromyalgia. Fit the first time I thought about having a guest writer on here and mentioned this. I was ... actually humbled when he said he would be honoured! Or something to that effect, lol, it was hard to concentrate.

However at the present time this blog does nothing more than expose the truth.

This was the second time I was humbled when a very nice woman who was representing Groupon sent me that email wishing to speak to the Business Development Manager? When I said I worked alone she was shocked and said what I did was wonderful and to keep at it!

She lives and works in New York in case anyone was wondering?

I emailed her recently and not sure if she still works there add this was a few months ago now.

As for having a guest writer on here ... well it's not really something I ever imagined doing. For various reasons ...

Despite my crap sounding crazy it is unfortunately all true and the evidence is all here in various forms to prove it...

But I have had people saying some very bizarre things and while displaying certain skills never really had much to back some of the things up. Now if they had ever asked to be a guest writer, provided they was aware that you can do that, it works have been a disaster.

I do not dismiss people easily or their claims but many people do and they failed to understand that this was what was important.

There was nothing I would have liked more than to have dumped everything online and then wait for the media to contact me offering money for my entire data collection! Or someone interested in the books I wrote regarding all this?!

But I never trusted the media and every single industry I have ever known is run extremely badly based on delusions of grandeur and everyone wanting to be their own King sitting in their thrones why the money rolls in for free.

Funny then that so many people can point there finger at jobless people not working because the attitude is... literally hypocritical. Really they are complaining that they have no money, surely? They really do not think that everyone in the country can sit on their arse while the money rolls in the door?

Or perhaps they have good reason while they do not need to do work while they can complain that someone else does?!

'Earned it' is not a good answer as in my eyes this that have earned it have mostly done this dishonestly and in a target big way while having to much money means then that they can then so depraved things to those that do not?!

This is coming to light both here in the UK and in American too! Hmm I wonder if all this kids or petiole that went mad shooting people where victims of some depraved and seedy seed or paedophile ring?

Well there had been rumours to that effect but not going into that here and how as being in the UK there is no rumour mill and I would have to scour the Internet for anything. Too much to go into right now and I am sure that there are fat more people doing this than there are the UK rings?

God knows what the truth will turn out to be?

Makes me want to leave planet Earth altogether, it really does and it shows that you can forget money and you can also forget breeding even when the blood runs blue hat the Human Race is a very sad and pathetic animal that is still a millennia away from evolving to the point that alien beings would want to give us a second glance.

I simply cannot describe the thoughts and feelings I have had about us as a race and I simply have trouble accepting that everyone would become that depraved?!

So how do so many end up in one place and fill the industries where money, power or both are abundant?
If there their drive to get there was the depraved sex rings that awaited them then this should have been obvious, or at least given a clue, that something was but right when they made rather stupid remarks to do with their jobs?! Disease risen chicken eggs sine years ago was one that caused an uproar!

So we have paid out tens, if not hundreds, of billions of pounds to people who then avoided tax themselves, made repeated incompetent mistakes, were involved in a sordid, sick and depraved child seed ring?!

What I want to ask now is exactly what had to happen before the British population takes action and states enough is enough and forced it's own justice?! Is everyone that body obsessed with running that they will wake up tomorrow and win the lottery, be Prime Minister, appear on Big Brother or be the next reality TV tangent start like Leona Lewis or Cheryl Cole?

Makes me shudder to think of the possibility that the majority of Britain is that self centred and seeks obsessed that the whole system being greatly FUBAR, people forced to do depraved things to leave them scared, screening to that which they are responsible for anyway, make promises to the people they will then break, bigger promises before in power and smaller ones once in power!

I cannot think of an upcoming General Election as important as the one now approaching in May, I think it is, 2015?! It will reflect much on the British population and this now matters not whether you do cite or do not!!
The days of sticking to one side over the other or not bothering are long since dead!  Those that vote the same way or not at all in my eyes will not have cared a jot for the money taken and abused, the damage done to the country and what of all not give a shite about the many victims of the system that I have tried to get across to many years to no avail with anyone.

Will this be so acceptable if it's your daughter or son that is a victim and scarred fur Jude or wise still murdered and body found buried in the cellar of a guest guest house only for someone to cry murder before it being oddly declared a false claim?!

It is currently the 17th July 2014 and we have a little under a year for more revelations to come to light which seem to be picking up aired now whether this is appearing in the mainstream news or very curiosity not!
If the General Election were tomorrow that which I state would still stand but you have almost a year to be fed every more evidence of how wrong everything is and that it will just continue on regardless. No holding up of hands and the irritating line that

'We intend to learn from our mistakes and make sure we are never caught red handed ... oh sorry I mean that it will never happen again ... ahem!'

Translated into laymen's terms this means ...

'Feck me we got caught?! We are not going to stop but should really look sorry and say something with serious looks on our faces because that is all it takes for most of you half wits to believe us and go back to being self obsessed after the initial shocks and jaw dropping because we have turned you all into goldfish!'
As for the depraved ... I think it's high time that the drug companies got their giving thumbs out, one from their arsehole the other from their piggy banks, because something needs to be done.

Two things to get across with these morons and others that think they have things tired up ...

It is very obvious now and had been fur me that for whatever reason successive governments have been unable to do anything with the real culprits! They went after the wrong ones and the money simply was not there so George Osborne will always be remembered for the idiot looking and sounding chump that he is!
Tip there in that you had better start thinking of hire you will be remembered in history, short term gain means long term chump!

As all others will you so thinking that you have so much money your untouchable because I am surprised that since the last riots that far, far greater numbers than before have not guy the streets and rampaged?
But hey I have tried to talk anything like that down but it seems your now gradually making that job impossible! With the rumours I am hearing and if ever come to light I would not only be able to stop any realising I am also not sure that I should?!?!

Now only with the revelations I have uncovered that have exceeded even my own expectations and with the knowledge of those currently hidden and buried along with completely ignored by the entire British media that this to my mind would be inevitable!

If these facts did eventually come to light, and trust me you can do it if motivated enough and with the right resources, if the British petiole did not error with anger and violence I am not sure I would want to live among them?!

If this is the case then the likelihood is that two years from now my home will be somewhere completely different indeed?!

Now I wonder who works want to take me?


I am sure I have totally forgotten what it was I was leading to but forgotten as this was a part in pain! Oh and there is the title!! Or maybe not!

Here is a link that friend sent me, let's refer to him as The Researcher!

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