Wednesday, 23 July 2014


You might want to avoid that website regarding health I recently published about?

It seems your not showed to tell the truth and your nor allowed trio day anything bad about the NHS despite telling people you have evidence.

I find this odd and whenever I hear this I get worried about who is begins the website.

It is the second time I have been touched off for telling the truth in a website, one was a few years back when I panned a Doctor fur taking bollocks?! I mean ... what's wrong with that?! Lol!

Anyways here is a copy of the message she sent me and she thinks highly of herself yet did bit actually give me any good reasons over than you cannot pay about politics?!

So if you can't talk about politics on there then you stinky cannot talk about the NHS at all?!

So your going to be ... hmm what is that weird I am looking for?! Oh yeah ... CENSORED!!

Which is really funny because it off so the countries in the western world the United Kingdom is the only one that practice censorship!

In America you can have the Klu Klux Klan shooting their shite but you cannot say surging abut government, celebrities, public services or anything else that has money in the United Kingdom!

Good job my blogs are in an American site then?! Lmao!

Would not have list 5 weeks on a British hosted site. Censored Britain! Wonder how long before foreign media groups take notice and remark and/or joke about it?!

The email they sent and using the above and stating they were extremely naive to think politics are not involved in the NHS I asked for a better explanation...

I think it's extremely fucking rude and arrogant when someone comes along, edits days your bout doing this, here is a body lane reason and I suffer from a Good complex so there! Lol!

Dear allnights, 

Welcome to the FibroAction Community 

As you are a new member you may have not had time to read the guidelines for our community which can be found following the link below to our FAQ section; 

Allowing this into consideration, we would like to bring the following to your attention. We have needed to edit a recent comment you made on the following post 'Everything hurts, throbs, sweats and itches!' due to the following guidelines; 

5. Be mindful not to post offensive material. Religion and Politics should not be discussed here as it is hard to not offend someone in discussing these. 

5a. We make an exception for Fibro or disability specific subjects, such as disability welfare reform. However other aspects of politics should not be discussed: this includes immigration, party politics, political funding, general (i.e. not disability specific) etc welfare reform, etc. MP's should not be referred to by name in a negative manner as per the HealthUnlocked Community Guidelines as HU is not a form to create negative feedback about identifiable individuals. 

5b. In all threads, regardless of whether they are on political subjects or not, care should be taken to avoid offense. Racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination are never allowed. 

5c. In all threads inclusive of Private Message facility NO member of the FibroAction team should be verbally abused in any shape or form. Abusive messages will not be tolerated and could lead to a period of restriction or permanent restriction from the community 

5d. Swearing is not permitted in our community. and a comment containing even mild words are likely to be edited. However, we understand that sometimes members may need to express their frustrations so any swear words that have been disguised by the use of ‘Asterisks( * )' will not be edited by Admin. 

5e. Criticism of other HU communities and their volunteers is NOT allowed and will be deleted.

May I also mention that you have completed your profile in a way which is also against guidelines, so please can you remove all details that relate to your blog please. 

Here are the guideline below for your reference; 

8. Do not solicit members to other websites or forums for your own purposes, either through posts or private messages. 

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation in advance with this matter 

Best Wishes 

FibroAction Administrator

End email

Have the bloody audacity to call themselves Health Unlocked and then censure someone immediately.
Should be called Health Unlocked until we say otherwise!

Also add this had come via Health Unlocked and from someone working due Fibro Action, hmm tea sounds like your full of action lady if you can't talk about the NHS or the politics involved your missing the letters 'i' and 'n' from your title?!

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