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Well I heard this on the BBC to my surprise!

We are out of the recession finally.

That was the statement made within the BBC to comments made by others!

A friend just had his worst Saturday takings ever and ended up closing at 4pm instead of 5.30pm which shocked me! Hardly anyone came in during the two stints I was in there and he looked fed up. He also felt a bit I'll and did not even ask if I would keep the shop open and he go home?!

I must ask him what the takings were and sometimes he does get lucky and had someone come down for an item that may be 100 to 200 quid. They might buy many things to go along with the item bought too? But as his takings were once around £1200 fur a Saturday and should be closer to £2000 the using takings are bad.
Someone in the media finally got it, though only a guest speaker, and stated that they were highly suspicious of this statement and report and stated they had not see any evidence of it. They also stated that they won't believe it until the man in the street feels it! They finally get it! Taken long enough!

What I found funny is there attitude, which I agreed with, c that we were basically in a recession and insinuated that we had been all along?!

Finally they get that too!

Now quite why this completely mad and wrong statement came out I have no idea! But it is stupid! Maybe people are spending so little that my little flurry on computer parts, components and peripherals actually registered and tipped the figures over into growth?! Lol!

Could you imagine if that statement turned out to be true?! Lol.

Maybe a big umm whatjamacallit umm group of people ... syndicate you idiot, won the lottery the same time I stated buying my parts and they all started spending their cash?!

At the end of the day my eyes have not seen anything ...

Oooh I just remembered they did see something! When I was going into PC World to check if my keyboard had been put on the shelf, it had not, a man was walking with a large cardboard box on a set of wheels?! He looked knackered and pissed off and I could not help but wonder if he had realised he had bought something previously owned?! Lol! I then wondered if he was heading for PC World but a quick glance down and I saw ticket or docket attached to the side of the box and it had Argos' name printed on it!

He was a fair way from these stores even when I had caught him up. He obviously did not have a car and had walked a fair way with this thing. I could not keep but winger add to what the situation might be like in the Argos store with his seemingly pissed off look?!

I then wondered about the old man with many plumbs as well as this man. What I wondered were the possibilities of them looking something up online about used products from their store and found my blog?!
Bit what I found quite eye raising white forcing a wry smile is that they would have stood there not realising they were standing a few feet away from the guy they read the blog of?!

Very weird thought. Likely not the case but I am sure it will happen eventually?! Better be good at recognising eyes because that's all you have to go on! A word out earning though that you do boot often get to see the eyes when I am out! I keep them in my rucksack ... LMAO, just kidding, no I almost always wear sunglasses Lol.

I could have kept them in my rucksack! My Fibromyalgia may have had me forget to mention I'm blind and have two glass eye? I'm not and I don't ... but I could of, Lol.

Anyway here is that quite bizarre report that we have the strongest growth of the G7 countries?!

Now let is get this in perspective here ... we have the strongest growth of the top 7 G7 countries?!

Sorry but that sounds inane! Of course this could be true when you factor in that all the retailers are selling mostly used stock! Hmm let's have a count up, three out of three from Argos who still have me used goods several times after telling them I knew they were doing it?! One out of two with Littlewoods/Very but the box to the Blu-Ray player was extremely tatty so could be? Always worked and no damage so I have no issues. Except it had a starting price of double that of its retail price, before the interest on your payment! One out of three from PC World, the Epson Printer being OK along with the Sony Cybershot H300. The professional keyboard with a large buckle in its solid aluminium frame was not. Actual that is fifty percent because the new keyboard looked new. Box was tattier than the one I took back which looked mint, Shane about the keyboard, Lol.

So what we have is a definite 100% with one. Fifty percent with two others but could potentially be higher. Oh and I forgot one out of one with B&Q and I am certain a very high percentage of theirs are refurbished? I only had one but I met others in the returns queue that has electrical that were not working.

So we're talking far higher than fifty percent from the biggest names in both High Street stores as well as Mail Order Catalogues?!

I think many are aware of this even if not aware of how many and often they get this crap. But the fact is they do!

Now I heard that one of the lovely people in Dragon's Den who some I know lived watching but I blasted the programme to bits along with the Dens residents.

It is an example of everything I day but everyone thinks is great ... Because everyone wants to be one of them! Easy life taking money they don't deserve from the beyond of others?!


I digress!

I was told that one of the Dragons Den owned a company that handles all returned goods.
An odd statement indeed!

I always surprise people and make them think when I ask them a simple question. The question always shows that there thinking is narrowed where mine in very broad when I said ...

"Handles returns from where?" to which they immediately say something like "What? What do you mean? They handle all the returns for everyone,  that's it?" To which I say "Well no because they are rich so could have a company doing this in America and even Europe! If everything we buy is previously owned and all comes from one dodgy company that stretches overseas then everything we buy could, in theory and as I have stated for the last couple of years, all come from America?! In fact we could be getting nothing, or very little at all in the UK directly from the companies any more?! So we're paying top dollar for others crap and throw backs??"

Then, their eyebrow week attempt to raise up as high it can in the realising that the bigger pictures are not the difficult to take on board! One company that handles it all makes like very easy for many. Struggling companies and retailers can then not have to order anything in and get the crap at a knock down price! Increasing their profit margins no end and posting of debts if there are any?! I bet all the to tiers of these companies have not smelt the coffee and lowered their own earnings from the companies not struggling from their incompetence?!

You bet your life they aren't.

I want these things to be true because of they are and it increase to grow them so will my own money and exponentially so to provide they are correct!

Make no mistake the latter half of this year from August until Christmas I will be putting that to the test! I will explain all on a couple of weeks time when I have been posting on blogs for two years, yes that's a better way of explaining that than I have done previously!


I do know that sometimes people may check dates and times and say I have got my figures wrong, but I never do. Google can and often does and had even starred as much regarding YouTube but I do not.
All I will say to anyone who is very inquisitive is this ... have you made sure you have all the numbers?!
Lol ... that link ... About our strongest growth ... remember if everything we are buying is used crap, rents are way over the top as are house price ... fuel is any high ... so your wages are actually, in reality, much lower than the numbers show you on a screen or pieces of paper.


I have warned you!

UK to post 'strongest growth in G7'

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