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Now this spat with FibroAction is still ongoing and they suddenly have clammed up over the drugs disagreement and still spouting rules and threateneing to ban me from the community.

Well thats helpful for their members is it not?!

I am showing Fobromylagia symptoms of frustration and anger over several things only to have this jumped up despot leave a load of messages after editing my post insinuating the comments were racist, sexist and a bunch of other things besides and she cannot understand what is wrong with that?

But she is supposed to be understanding with Fibromyalgia sufferers?! God help them!

Now I am now pointed out that they are in the wrong and why and asked them to do as I have done and quote their references to their statements over what they stated about Pregabalin and Gabapentin which was outrageously wrong!

The only plausible reason I can think of is that their GP lied to them over this and they genuinely believed it or somehow Pregabalin arrived in the UK before Gabapentin and there understanding of Fibromyalgia nd the drugs is all UK based only?! Now this would explain how they know so little and did not react nor comment about Sodium oxybate. Remember I have had several Doctors and Blacks' Dictionary to base my understanding of neurological drugs in question.

I know I have more but a humongous headache, several nights of no sleep, terrible heat and humidity, the court case of my daughter on my mind, an extra lump where I should not have one and the Fibrofog doing its thing!

Watch me get banned for simply trying to show people my reports on Fibromyalgia on that site and explaining how hard it was and still is. I cannot talk about Doctor with my Fibromylagia without talking about being lied to, now can I? So their attitude is I can talk on that site as long as I do not talk at all, and believe their bullshit and when they shout jump then I shout how high? lol.

Anyway as I always find yet another bunch of people with little knowledge who refuse to admit when they are wrong!

They should have done this PRIVATELY and not PUBLICLY and quite obviously know nothing about libel laws nor do they know anything about common decency nor good manners!

They are wrong but watch them do what so many others do when I simply will not accept false truths and the better choice it to ban me?!

In which case if they do I will then look into who they are because I will find that whole thing suspicious enough as it is but with the speed that it happened I will be wanting to know more.


I am sorry but I will also state again that you need to explain the reasons for what you have stated, once again.

You have stated a load of rules and guidelines and edited things without telling me exactly why other than giving the impression that you find my blog a threat to your site as well as insinuating that people that visit it to read the Fibromyalgia reports are unable to make up their own minds and therefore need to be coraled like children, a bit like the tone your taking with me.

You still have not explained how you got your information wrong nor quoted any references when you were so quick to state that I was wrong.

Need I remind you that not only are you supposed to be a group helping Fibromyaglia sufferers you have not done very good so far in your communication with one that is completely honest, professional and a scientist in several fields, other than to be patronizing to both me and your other users!

You made some statements publicly instead of privately, wrong to do so, and edited stuff quoting rules and guidelines which leaves the impression to to other visitors that I am the anything in your list that gets mentioned and this is libellous.

You like quoting the rules book so I am quoting the law, oh and I worked in that field also!

Now I will add another question to the now growing list that you are now evading ... are you a profit making organisation? Because you seem to be acting like it. I have never come across such censorship such as your since I exposed the Consumer Action Group website to be a bnunch of people with hidden agendas and misguiding the public.

Your statement about Gabapentin coming after Pregabalin?! This is wrong and misleading and why have you made no reference at all to Sodium oxybate?!

Or are you just some power mad junkies tripping because you have the power to come across all authoritarian without actually knowing your stuff or the person you are dealing with?!

You can always tell these types because when losing an argument they will just badn or boot you off for fear of causing any more embarrassment. Sorry but if your going to claim to be a group to help a certain condition, but be rude, censor people uneccassarily be liebellous to make me look the villain while getting all your facts wrong as well as not recognising in new member a whole set of symptoms for Fibromyalgia nd then BAN them for these?

The only person I am causing upset to is you, because you were rude to begin with. So its OK for YOU to type these things in here but no one else can, is that it?

You incompetently quoted guidelines that listes sexism, racism and a few others along with a load that I cannot explain my difficulties with Fibromylagia without explaining and its only the TRUTH and you want to censor that as well as give people the wrong idea that I had comments censored that were racist and sexist?

I am sorry but YOUR IN THE WRONG HERE!

If you do not understand this then I am afraid that you have shown that your not capable of doing any moderation and take that from an IT expert that worked as a PA to a solicitor too!

If you do not understand how I am angry that you insinuated these things publicly, along with it being wrong, well ... I just hope you do not work for Fibro Action because your not very good in opening remarks with new users.

Well ... what more can I say?


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