Tuesday, 1 July 2014


I did not explain previously when I stated I had not slept last night that I was being affected by another symptom that is not Fibromyalgia.

That Emma and the rest of the Rhoids family have a great deal to answer for.

So today I wanted to remain indoors, despite not sleeping, anyway and try and get this house sorted out after it being turned upside down.

My ... issue remained and then was joined by another symptom totally, at least I thought and the NHS diagnosed twenty odd years ago, unrelated to Fibromyalgia and oddly to do with the outdated rugs I have been taking, my heartburn.

To make matter worse I was then started to get affected by yet another symptom and this one very likely is Fibromyalgia and feeling very nauseous and light headed to the point of thinking I would pass out of very vomit extremely badly! Unfortunately this is or can be made worse by something I enjoy doing when I am stuck in the house or in the evenings, and NO it does not also make me go blind. Hmm keep bumping into doors lately?! LMFAO!

Funny thing was I laid done for a bit hoping the nausea would ease of and then remembered I have been trying to locate the bluetooth dongle to a Logitech Touch Mouse I have had for ages but never used. The dongle was fairly long and sticking out the side of a laptop I thought the risk far too great that it would get broken off and damage the USB port too. I hate long dongles! Lol!

Anyway I have lots of dongles but cannot find the proper one and none of the others work, annoyingly. So while recovering a little from the nausea I then thought I should get in the loft. IO might live in a house but its an extremely small one and I have stated this before. Absolutely everything about my house is wrong for my conditions and so I have difficulties and end up in a dangerous environment all too often.

Still I am not dead just yet! Still in any event that this should occur designs are in place for the houses of cards to tumble almost immediately.

No so I ventured into the loft convinced it was there. I have no loft ladder, still, and my shop running friend thought he had one and wanted to give it to me because going in and out of my loft with my conditions is not good. If anyone were to watch me getting in and out of my loft they would have a fit!

My friend wanted to give me this loft ladder because not too long ago a very long known friend of ours was preparing to go to the continent and was in his own loft retrieving a suitcase. The poor bastard fell and ended up in hospital. Oddly I thought the fall had done the initial damage I had explained to me but I later found out it didn't. Like so many others before him and at least two family members he broke his back but was apparently OK, but then out of the blue he was not OK and he died!

He left behind a daughter that had lost her mother only a couple of years previous to this who only had a grandmother left. We were stunned and simply could not ask his daughter about what actually happened. I was first told he fell out of his loft, broke his back and died only later to be told that actually he was stable in hospital but with a severe injury and then out of the blue he died.

To this day we do not know the truth to what actually happened but it sounded like the hospital had missed something as they had done so many times before and that is only in my experience.

Every time I am in my loft I can see myself tumbling down and doing some serious damage and this got me to thinking. A friend called me up who had just been hit up the rear in his car while stationary by a woman who told him she had just come from the dentists. She then said she wanted her husband to sort it out, told him he would be round and left. He called the Police to report the incident just in case but called me to see if I could look up if it was illegal to drive after being given a local anesthetic. I said I would have thought so because an insurance firm would not cover a situation like that and you would technically be driving without insurance anyway. He then had a visit from the husband who then said that there was no damage to his car and that he was not going to hand over his insurance details, rather stupid considering what had actually taken place. There was a disagreement and I did eventually find, though not on most NHS sites and nor the Police or the DVLA, go figure, but I did find and it clearly stated that 'it will be treated by Police as driving under the influence'. I emphasized the word 'WILL' and stated it does not state 'MAY' as I have this odd feeling that as he is not anyone important that the Police will not bother pursuing it if this dude decides to do a moonlight flit and ignore him. Insurance companies wont be having any of that let me tell you.

Anyway I told him what had happened with my landlords son getting arsey about the house being damaged and then that his dad told me I was liable for the £250 excess after only just upping my rent again when stating a couple of months back that he wont and he was stunned and said 'Err he can't do that! Your not liable for the damage.' to which I said 'yeah I know and if he argues the point I would ask him that if this had happened if the property was empty, it is rented as fully furnished, would he then knock on the neighbours door and ask them for money? 'Because I am about as liable to someone breaking in to the property as the neighbour is to the exact same property!

I told him that I think they just want me out so next month when they return for the rent I will have to have it out, but in the meantime make some calls and get some back up in place over the liability issue.

I still cannot believe that they had the attitude they had in all honesty and like I said to my friend I thought we had considered each other as friends? I then said that this is what you get for being honest with people as they only pay half the attention and then go into self absorption over money. Bearing in mind he owns half a dozen properties now while both he and his wife drive rather expensive Mercedes a 4x4 M Class and soft-top S Class and buy the kids all new BMW's once they have been driving a year I kind of find the act of trying to extort £250 out of me bloody annoying.

Still it will all come out in the wash and I am feeling rather good about myself that I put some things into motion to kind of get the ball rolling on a few things.

When of these days everyone will realise that a blog is in effect an online diary, or is in this instance, and that they should have realised form the start that whatever trouble I am having goes on the bloody blog! Lol!

In fact ... damn it! Got a phonecall about that car incident and now found out that after the Police first insisted he go down the station to make a statement and on asking why they stated it was driving under the influence and therefore illegal he now goes down to thew station to speak to them and they ask him what he expects 'the boys', hmm new nickname for the bizzies then?' to do about it?!

Damn it!! Forgot to start that paragraph by stating I forgot what I was about to say in that paragraph!! LMFAO!

I said he should have reminded them about thew law and asked them if they would have had the same attitude had she have been under the influence of four or five pints?! I then said he would have also asked them that had someone been injured or worse till killed would they have the same attitude.

I think someone has forgotten that policing is about prevention as much as it is the cure and you cannot cure a dead person.

The owner of the car now seems to think that it should go through the insurance and my friend said 'alright then' but then the man stated rather wrongly that my mate would have to pay the insurance an excess, there is that effing 'F' word again which is now twice in three days! I have not even gotten around to insurance companies where they expect everyone to pay for every eventuality that does not even happen to them for year after year except take it out of their humongous profits?!

Fecking EXCESS, the only excess is the piss taking of people these people do!

Oh and I can say that with venom despite never having any issues with insurance. Well I do not think so and there are none that spring to mind but if I see something as just way beyond pure greed I simply see red. Why, I hear you ask?

Well simply because I always knew there would come a time when the institutions that were once proud and that we were once proud of would be thrown to the dogs whenever a recession or a financial crisis came along.

So in effect that public institutions that were created to serve the people that were also loved by the people were turned into money printing pillars of greed and laziness that would instead become figures or focal points of hatred by large sections of society that had even had injustices done to them, whenever it turns out to be realised, or something far, far worse and unthinkable.

If the Devil did indeed exist and had fooled me into thinking that he did not then I would not wish my life and horrors even upon him! That is the crux of it all in all honesty and this message of how things have been for me seriously needs to get across because I would not like to think of a country whereby the majority of people would have been put through the same and extreme roller-coasters of pain and emotions that I had been put through both physically, mentally and above all have done to their children as that which was done to mine.

Please and in the event that something untoward does happen to you or anyone that is close to you do not say I did not warn you.

I will add actually that the issue I just experienced about self preservation to the family who own this house it is this self preservation and disregarding others that do not deserve it is actually the root of all evil. Oh yeah so that would be money then? Martin, you dumb-arse! Lol!

As for my tough day ... yeah well the nausea, heartburn and that pain in my arse have been dreaded but I am lucky because yesterday, or the day before I cannot remember one, the right knee was playing up and once your hit twice by that upon leaving the sofa you then do so very gingerly after that! At least that did not combine with the other two and that reminds me that as well as that I have something else to talk about in my ongoing Fibromyalgia breakdown based upon my own studies, understanding and discoveries based on what I managed to squeeze out of books that even Guy's Hospital seem to be alien to?!

A few more days and additions and maybe the rare occasion when I actually read through something and make some changes before throwing it out there?!

Good God, that would be a first for me!

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