Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Not to be outdone by devaluing the wages people get by falsely selling them refurbished goods as new it had not gone unnoticed by me as of what transpired over the World Cup in Brazil.

In fact the whole affair was so disgustingly bad what with the corruption going on, that idiot Sepp Blatter acting like The Godfather and the disregard for the lives of people who risked their lives on the building of the stadium I thought I would do them a small favour.

This would never make up for what they did but I signed a petition that was sent to me and had already posted it on Twitter and Facebook before they asked.

They are a little under the amount that they want and so I thought I would post up the link on here, they are petitioning to build a memorial for those that died building the stadiums, yes died and they need to start a fecking petition to do this?!

If it is any small consolation the whole affair left a bad taste in my mouth and I never watched a single game and I think it bad taste that the British Media did not boycott it,l but it shows just how shallo wnad thoughtless they all really are.

So let us see if we can get them some much needed help?

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