Saturday, 5 July 2014


I simply do not understand these groups.

A country that is so bad that it's people, the same race as the people running the country very bad so no excuses here, desert in SDI that they can set up shop somewhere else, multiply and then complain they can't kill each other and their own family members and that they want to recreate and fashion their new land into one that replicated the one they deserted...

Again with some made despot or tyrannical ruler or family at the top?!

It never ceases to slay me how many idiots that do this and no one seems to realise their own deliberate mistakes?!

They get caught on a boost trying to get to whatever country and straightaway the human rights groups start clucking like old mother hens?! Why, fit the love of God, why?!

Are they some sort of religious freaks? Are they members or raise in a hippy commune? (Hmm that's becoming a thing the hippy commune)

Freaky religious people should not have positions of responsibility whereby getting it wrong will have devastating effects.

Sorry but I think it is high tinge the human race grew up and faced reality and as someone who is not religious I am going to state that they are not the only ones offended by this, that or the other! I find it highly offensive when people try to force unrealistic ideas or cultures into me and I don't give a damn about what they believe when it's quite obviously false.

But I would not have that right in many progress livres bit if you believe in some barmy and impossibly unrealistic ideal, because your small minded and have to believe there is something that will save you or bring you back from death!

I have stated befit that whenever I have seen strictly religious people using technology or planet harming tools or transport I find this hypocritical. People pick and chose what they want our do not want to do using this as a shroud, or excuse to get what they want. When it comes to using elbow grease or footwork then no the beliefs go out the window and their running around polluting the planet!

A bit like the lady that did not want catch a bus home from the dentist, drove her car ... straight into the rear end of a car sitting in traffic!

But I have managed to do it, even ejected to by lazy, stupid hypocrites, even with my conditions.

So when I see a bunch of human rights people defending a bunch of adults who knowingly endangered their own lives by getting on a boat to get into a country illegally with a view in creating a country within a country and defending them and telling then to let them in, Australia in this instance ...



I was well aware when I started this that some people thought themselves lofty, remained aloof and looked down upon all others even regarding opinions.

I knew that in situations I would have to grab them by the balls, watch there eyes widen in disbelief while I give them a wake up call while screaming dead certain realities into their faces!

If you do not like it then get off your high chair and burn it to cinders!

Human right involves everyone not just those with a different skin colour and it is not only leaders of foreign countries that are misleading their public. They are just incompetent and doing it and bloody obvious to all. Meaning you go for the easy targets so why not try going after ones right under your fecking noses?!

Or do your own petiole somehow disgust you? Perhaps you feel they ate not worthy of human rights? I think that disabled people have had, fur the most part, a bloody good kicking for long enough that even James Welby can see and after several years they have taken a kicking to their private parts and have done this do nothing at all ...

... umm just like I predicted on here that this would ask be for naught. Getting feed up with Ewan McGregor taking like every other country in the world is a hell hole while Britain is such a wonderful place to live! Watch the news Ewan, because there are a lot of victims of take coming forward that night disagree with you and I have a snaking suspicion that there is going to be an ever growing wave of these victims coming out?!

Now I just wonder how many outspoken people will gradually become mitre and more embarrassed add time guess on. Next year, 2015, had the potential to be damning in such ways it may require it's own history books?! Then in the aftermath that comes the following year or two everyone week start asking questions of the outspoken and pointing fingers and you know how that goes?

Everyone holds their hands up and states loudly to the media desire being pain handsomely to foresee things, ...

'How were we to know this would happen?!'

Yes well before you do everyone will state that I predicted more of the crap a year before it happened. Then I will state when the time comes because you kept moaning and getting ever higher wages to do exactly that!

I supposed then there will be the row about what pushed these men to demand ever higher wages?! Lol!


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