Friday, 4 July 2014


Well it just simply had to happen and I just knew it was a matter if time but was not going to to quick.
Once it was realised what the Americans were up to, which would have come out eventually anyway even without Edward Snowdon, it was always going to happen that people sitting fit the US would get caught. But what you had to residues was that with the Yanks getting away with this for so long any ... reciprocation would have to be measured and exact. After all, after getting away with it for so long long no one else would want to go off half cocked and got it wrong. Five minutes and screwing up would simply not go and reflect badly on those that did. Even if Google can't keep Android working correctly for more then ten minutes!

So here I spot the first one arrested. What remains to be seen is what they will do to them depending on whether they are German or American? Do they get charged with being a traitor? Do they get deported? This will be interesting to see and compare with the views on what the British intelligence agencies did when acting against their own?! Sections of any given society with the obvious reasons behind it is OK but spying on everyone and claiming it's because of a tiny fraction is utter bullshit and it's over money and corporate espionage.

I for one would like to be proved wrong in my estimations that Britain had lost huge amounts of money because of these actions. Of course now we have been buying shoddy used and faulty goods for the past several years. I know for a fact thus had been going on for way over three years thanks kindly to Shop Direct and their Very Catalogue staff for proving this information on a silver platter for their laid back attitude to being told! So if the others are posed of at being found out maybe you could take Shop Direct and Very Catalogue to court over it?! For being brain dead and incompetent twats? If you need the proof I have dozens of emails and some are real classics! I am not even including the one where they lost in court either?!

Boy I would have given absolutely anything to have been a fly on the wall when news that they lost the court battle reached them! Oh boy, yes I would! They were so bloody cocky, evasive and laid back and it just kept on like this for months and months. There was only one possibility that you could be that calm and collected in that you were given the OK to do it from government or everyone was at it ... umm which actually tends to suggest that the government have the OK for them to do it. Which would then mage you realise exactly what they were setting up when they fire across the world in first class to talk about trade deals! Always wondered what these were and now it looks like I accidentally stumbled across them and the realisation was something of an eye opener.

So we may be in to see the Tsunami turn tail and head across the pond back to the American government?

If your going to con the entire British public I suggest you employ members that are not completely dunce!
Now let us see what occurs from now on over the next year and I am hoping that it will be one after the other in fairly quick succession with each one severely embarrassing the American government and it's agencies? I am afraid that they have got far too cocky, took greedy and in all honesty have the makings of a new master race about them. Much of the top sections, tiers of America, powerful/agencies/government, seem to be like this I am afraid and probably time to leave the over patriotic pottiness and chest beating, trigger happy attitudes alone for awhile, eh?

Germany arrests 'suspected US spy'

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