Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Now I got up and I have to attend a GP Surgery again with some photo ID, my NHS card not enough apparently nor the fact the receptionist worked at a previous GP where I was registered and famously got along with the Doctor and the receptionists?

I have found my passport and I have found the photo-card from my Drivers Licence but as I do not want to be sent away yet again I am trying to find the paper form of my Driver License. Added to this I have just remembered I need to pay Eon Energy, along with sending them yet another stinging email as they like to play dunce and stupid just like someone else I am about to cover! Ooh now I have also just remembered I need to do a CD copy of both the Guy's Hospital appointment and also the last GP's last appointment and droop this into Enfield Council.

I am sure I have been on a convey belt of a plan that involves me being without a GP so that broadsides can be fired at will at me with no defense?

Unfortunately for these people they are extremely slow as well as extremely dunce! In fact dunce is an absolute understatement and that is not taking into consideration that they behave like they are of some supreme higher intelligence or order!

Now my planned routine has been disrupted and my computer switched on when the plan was not to do that because of a letter I just knew I was going to get. In fact this letter is the very reason I sent so many emails off recently to the DWP and ATOS HEALTHCARE, someone really needs to make the uses of words on a companies name as illegal!

Or maybe I should set up a big webpage and advertise myself as a private Doctor? I could just call myself healthcare services? Well Atos are ignored over it! Atos Healthcare impliers that they are medical professionals when I have more intelligence and knowledge in my pinky finger than they have in their entire organisation?!

Well I have a letter fro Atos and take a wild guess at what they have asked me to do?

Now here is the letter and now please excuse me while I go and send off some emails containing swear words before I log off to go off and deal with more medical bollocks!

Of all the places they have arranged for me to go you could not find a spot that is harder to get to from MY LOCATION IN ENFIELD THAN ILFORD?!

Now the only way that organisations carry on this way is when they know, or rather are assured, that our voices have been stifled, make no mistake.

Think about it for a moment ... if asked to lie and cheat disabled people would you do it knowing that the news coverage would be severe? Would you? I would not but if I WAS that way inclined and someone told me that there was no chance of this stuff being reported in the media I might scratch my chin and go 'hmmmmm...'.

But then I would realise that there was no way on Earth you could contain this and only prolong it at best!

Maybe that is how they get away with it and that the News Media is covered, they only prolong it so the media gets the story out late, as they so fashionably do so very often, and then no one looks or can be claimed to be corrupt?

Remember they have already stated to others who have not even had their condition confirmed that they do not need to be assessed and their money paid out?!

So what do you think it is that makes them try so hard with me?

Could it be the fact that I have attended Doctors and Hospitals for 15 years or more with symptoms to this condition and that they think that the payout will be huge and be severe and damaging?!

Or do you think that maybe they think that my family may all realise they have it and claim too?! Therefore by putting me off giving others the idea that it is that hard so should not bother?!

Well you should know by now what I would say about that ... NO! These people are frauds and criminals and they are being paid far more than you should be getting by several factors and paid to lie, cheat and do nothing!

I say no, don't you dare think that! YOu just hand it all to these immoral criminal fraudsters on a silver platter! Lol!

I will tell them they obviously want to die screaming in pain rather than peacefully? Lol.

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