Monday, 28 July 2014


Worrying as I do have somewhere to be at 12.15 pm! Well have words over thus stupid selfish rule too, if I don't fall sleep now and miss it, but never mind that!

I was looking up PC gaming titles both current and in their way and I found a site where everyone seems to argue over the state of the nation and it's financial situation.

Oddly it is not the UK and send to be either Canada, America or both?!

The situation is funny as the story is about ending tax breaks to a company called UBI Software, or just Soft? They produce one hand called Assassins Creed and I think Battlefield 4? Could be wing on this but not important. The point is they have been around forever and suddenly the ending of the tax breaks have had to doom mongerers come out in force to claim the company's inevitable demise!

What I want to point out here, in a feeble attempt to not fall sleep, miss this appointment to the patronising frowns and tones that will only have me point out sternly what I have already tried to tell them and that they are a Doctors Surgery and need to start taking into account that they treat patients with ailments and start to remember this fact?

Anyway ... you do not have to be a video game fan to appreciate the arguing that goes on that's all politics and nothing else.

As one charity wrongly claimed that they do not allow politics in their forums as this works mean you cannot talk about anything because politics is quite unfortunately for their greasy grubby greedy fingers into everything in acts of self-obsession and self-protection.

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