Wednesday, 23 July 2014


I think I found the person who complained ...

She left a comment regarding me so I asked her in a round about way, God I hate people with a bit of Internet per and suddenly their experts and tripping on it, why there is no freedom of speech?!

Also the rather naive woman actually quite that I was wrong and starred that Gabapentin is the newer drug and that Pregabalin is the "precursor" to the former?!


This person obviously know extremely little or had themselves been lied to and naively just believed her GP.
I mean think about it?! One possible lie you could use to not give out Pregabalin and instead give out the may cheap Gabapentin is to say?!

'Oh Gabapentin is the new drug and you don't want Pregabalin, that's the old one'?!

Jesus Christ how naive and a moderator on a website stifling freedom of speech?! Jesus Christ this country truly is doomed!! Lol!

Anyway I corrected her rapidly!

Here read before they delete it and boot me and I them dog and find something out about them ... I dunno I might find they get backing from you know who or someone linked to them?! Good way to get a wider amount of patients on the cheap crap drug!


No i said that Amitriptyline is not like the others and no Gabapentin is a precursor to Pregabalin I am afraid and thus more expensive and why they wont give it out.

I don't know how you got these the other way around?

How is out that you can't tell the truth? I'm a bit confused on this one because I have many people approaching me thanking me for helping them as they now realise they have been lied to.

I have had Fibro twenty years, asking about it thirteen years and the very obviously dodged diagnosing it. The blog I mention backs that up. This is what I went through with Fibro. Many people ate asking me about the drugs because they have been misinformed wrongly.

The recordings about discussions with Doctors about Pregabalin and Gabapentin even at Guys are all in the blog.

Hire can it be that I cannot state these facts? I am rather surprised at this attitude in all honesty.

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