Friday, 30 November 2012


Well this does not surprise me at all...

After all I have a file on someone who is a Radical Muslim in its ENTIRETY!! It is already up on here for those that missed it, the whole thing too!!

That file that I possess is littered with absolute blunders, false statements as well as the applicant being led to say things that are untrue, by who and why I do not know. A group were apprehended near the Olympic Park in a house and a guy in his late twenties was tasered. Yep that sounded like the guy I have the file on, confrontational towards Police, stated we were all stupid and that we knew nothing and hated us and our culture...

Guess who is stupid now you twat?! God the Master Race?! I think not!

Anyway here is what they have been doing .... I mean NOT doing at the UKBA for several years now...


I have been asked, to my surprise, to be an ADMIN to a Facebook group I have been helping and contributing too.

I have accepted that, albeit reluctantly as I fear I would not afford it much time at times but someone else was promoted too so there are four of us, phew takes some pressure off, hehehe.

That group I have put up before and can be found at...


I thought I may mention of something that got noticed around where I live of late.

If I mentioned this before I apologise but it can be tricky to keep track, lol.

There have been seen a whole series of Police camped out, 6 lots by my count, in the Enfield area and for a whole series of days too. Just the other day one visiting friend who had noticed all this said out of the blue 'helicopter!' and I said yes probably another Police chopper there has been a flurry lately.

With opinion of them at an all time low, the recession gone of for what seems like an eternity and no one with any money it seems odd to me to camp out all in 6 places in just ONE town and pull loads of people up for all manner of things. Unless of course it is just a front to the public for something else?!

Why would you need SIX separate teams of Police? In one area?! Oh and throw in a helicopter to boot!

If people are driving around with no insurance in a time when they have had no money for three years and right in top of Christmas well the Insurance Companies have been ripping people off for years and to say the costs are way, way, WAY over the top is an understatement and only NOW they are investigating it but will take TWO YEARS?!

Piss up in a brewery anyone?! LMAO!!

At the end of the day cars are there PRIMARILY for one thing and that is to get people to and from a job! But littered along there paths are all kinds of bills, fees and traps all designed to screw more money out of you while they are WHIPPING YOUR BUTTOCKS with a Cat 'o' Nine Tails whip to force you to go to work and pay your taxes?! All the while your every move is being watched and scrutinised from a whole series of cameras up your rear end every step of the way?!

I have said over and over on here and I have said this for way over ten years now that our government has invented taxes, fines and fees that are supposed to be for societies benefit that is a load of horseshit that they have then got used to having come in. They have then created new things, like Ombudsman, that d not do anything productive and have to feed that.

Well I am sorry but it matters not which was you cut it you CANNOT do that?!?! If a tax is to stop is from doing something then the moral is that this should then WORK and in which case that MONEY from those TAXES are not there anymore! You cannot then go and use it to fund something as this leads to this money being relied on!!

If this is the case and you, the government, so no problem with that well then this TAX has failed to do what you invented it for and you FAILED!! That is not raising money with a clever idea that is screwing money out of lies and deceit, END OF!!

This has continued unabated for bloody years and now the proverbial has hot the fan they are all like headless chickens but I am sorry idiots but you should not have done this in the first place?! Combine that with talking in news interviews about pumping billions of pounds around the place like you have a hundred printers in your basement of like is worth no more than confetti and you had on your hands a recipe for disaster you were too bloody blind to see because each and everyone of you is too busy trying to take a swipe at or sneer towards your opposing number because you WANT the job he or she has!!!

Even when they come of with good excuses that cannot hide the fact, well bloody obvious when I see them on TV or in the House of Commons or on Radio, that they re only interesting in deposing their opposite number and therefore replacing them.

That was a really long winded way to explain how someone is I could put in a single word ... INSINCERE!!

Oh go on ... how many of you thought the word 'AMORAL'?! LMAO!


Well this is about time as on BBC News this morning they were speaking about buying fake goods on-line?!

Well here is a tip for you, how about the goods that are not fake but break down after a month or three despite you paying £200 to over £400 for them, like headphones manufactured by Sennheiser, some of Monster Cables and others?

I have read only last night of one guy that bought them and failed after 3 weeks, got another pair and they did the same and then was REFUSED another pair or refund?!

Then there is all the refurbished electronic goods sold in Mail Order Catalogues that are way over the Recommended Retail Prices BEFORE your interest is factored into it and on top of that are NOT authorised dealers and so you get nothing in the way of a warranty either?! I mean I know that Shop Direct are rife with this practice through Very and Littlewoods but how many others do they own?! Also how many OTHER Mail Order Catalogues are AT IT?!

How and WHY are they allowed to do this?! How can it be that a seller can acquire products when they are NOT authorised dealers?! This kind of practise needs to stop and NOW!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Guardian VIDEO about Atos Tricks

Not watched it but its the Guardian and about Atos and people being tricked so worth a mention!!

Courtesy of YouTube

Atos & Official Secrets Act Possibilities

OK this is going to be an enjoyable one to speculate on here and as I previously posted I had a day to think about it while I was out, at least when I was not chuckling over Simon, Dental Practise owner, saying he was sorry to hear I was losing my eyesight which was complete news to me!

As many of you know Atos has been around awhile and has undergone some name changes it seems and I was not aware until I looked into them but I HAVE met them previously and been assessed on a number of occasions. You might be surprised to learn that I PASSED every single time.

This might be why they have done everything they can to avoid me. Well that and the fact I have been ripping shit out of them the last couple of years which I then focused heavily on around February 2012. Late February 2012 I was also telling them, along with DWP, that I was aware they were lying and cheating the British Public and that I WILL EXPOSE them for what they are.

Right now onto this OSA thing. A look around at sites and I have come across a few that are asking the same thing as me. It is nothing to do with the confidentiality issue as friends I spoke to today think it is. However I have a few things to point out..

First I will NOT go into how long Atos have been around and their couple of name changes but WHY NOW?!?!

Secondly and this one is the theory I am most hopeful for is that Atos are now being conned by the Puppet Masters?! I think they know the game is up and that just in case all comes out they stop anyone at Atos blowing any whistles and letting the cat out of the bag by getting them to sign it...

Now what Atos and/or its employees may not know that if it turns out that a great injustice and a crime against the public IS being committed to the point whereby successful legal action can be taken, as I have long warned them I WILL DO, then Atos will hang themselves and take ALL the blame. This is typical of the powers that be in this country and a suspicion of what will happen with Wirral Council I was already well prepared for for sometime now.

Now whether the Atos bosses KNOW this and will let their appointed Doctors take the fall while THEY take the money I do not know. A Social Worker who was NOT to blame for everything my daughter went through and only handled her for a few months is being sought at the school he now works and being issued with a summons. His name is Ben and will likely appear at the 3rd January 2013 hearing.

 All I can say is that there are a great deal of incompetent idiots out there but then if they are such low-lifes that  they can do this job and stab the public in the back this way all for money then I have no sympathy for them...

However it makes me mad and I will not accept the Puppet Masters to get away with this! The fact I was already aware of this long ago that it does not come as much of a surprise....

Interesting fact number TWO and this one is the KEY...

Atos headquarters, and I mean their REAL HQ, is in Paris in France and I imagine that there are the Puppet Masters to the front line people they hire. Well in the event of any legal cases starting up well they are in France so... Official Secrets Act is for Great Britain is it not? I myself being based in Paris would feel, pretty safe from that and I cannot see any nations really caring much if David Cameron started screaming about the OSA?!

Clever bastards!! They get loads of cash in a contract and employ the Doctors and staff who are based and likely ARE British who then take the fall when the proverbial hits the fan while they are safely back in the land of Croissants and Cheese?!

At the end of the day one of two things is the case and that is that either something has happened or the Puppet Masters now suspect something will happen and are all setting out plans to cover the arses.

I will need a little more time and quite possibly a little more information if I am to stand any chance of getting to the bottom of this. But I can tell you this much and for me this is a 'whites of their eyes' moment and will be like the proverbial terrier to get to the bottom of this!

It is disgusting that the Official Secrets Act is being abused in such a manner and for such sinister and selfish reasons!! DISGUSTING.

Now is anyone thinking along the lines of the words ... 'WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION'?!?!

I feel like an incident along those lines whereby certain privileges have been abused that will make yet another area of British err what IS the word I am searching for ... INDUSTRY is being ransacked and abused to serve a small amoral minority!

These powers of for NATIONAL SECURITY and I do not see how mugging a bunch of wheelchair bound crippled people comes anywhere NEAR CLOSE TO THIS?!?!?!

Some links to interesting things, signed Arpil 2012 at a guess, financial year start

Well I am looking but yet to find the date, seems to suggest it was mid to latter 2012 from the way they are wording it.

OK seems I found a forum where someone in May 2012 states it was very recent they signed it...

General Medical Council Reply about Atos-DWP

Well I asked the question as many of you are well aware and they have answered...

...I have not read through it and will do this tomorrow so I know not if their are any ramifications and just will post it for your viewing.

I had the most painful day ever, odd as it was also the coldest, and am tired and have taken in four hours 200mg Tramadol and 2000mg Paracetamol so will read it tomorrow.

Atos & Official Secrets Act: Calling All Elves!

This has been baffling me all day ... well at least until the owner of my Dental Practise said he was sorry to hear I am losing my eyesight?! I said "err ... what??" and he said he had a letter from the hospital and it mentions it on there and showed me and I said "Well it is bloody news to me Simon?!" LMAO!

So the rest of the day I had TWO things me! Before leaving the Practise I saw Simon and asked if I can have a copy of the letter and he said sure, we shook hands and I left.

Now I have spoken to a couple of people and they think it is something all public office workers sign but I do not see this and I think they are getting mixed up with the Patient Confidentiality clause which I would have thought was something completely different.

The private details and personal information of a member of the public will NOT come under the Official Secrets Act.

The Official Secrets Act is for when people are privy to sensitive government information, basically the stuff the DO NOT WANT to tell us, hence why politicians always lie as they think they know better then everyone else.

Now obviously the prime candidates to sign things like this would be MI6, MI5 and GCHQ and the people I spoke to today stated the Police have to. I am not so sure with the Police in all honesty and do not think they would, except maybe Police Commissioners but I cannot see a Bobby on a Beat signing this or the Plastic Police. Therefore I cannot see Doctors, unless listed within the Armed Forces possibly, having to do this but maybe I am wrong.

I have therefore asked around to know WHEN exactly that Atos was asked to do this as this information, provided it IS factual, can tell me a great deal about this and lead me to one of three theories I thought of today, or indeed a combination of any or all three.

So if anyone reading this knows this answer and/or where I might find it I would appreciate this greatly.

TWITTER: @saintallnights
On Facebook as ME

or leave a message here...

For those that will go through the trouble of aiding me in this venture I would like to say before hand a thank you for doing this and I will much appreciate this.



I had an email from the Consumer Action Group Website.

Now why exactly would Atos need to sign the OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT?!?!

I am sorry that is utter madness and well ... stinks!!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Well here it is and just as I was about to leave the house!

So while I was waiting for my pills to take effect and before taking my second lot and leaving I scanned it, edited it and thought I would post it up on here.

Conversation with my daughter over court actions will come up at some point, provided the recording came out OK as I used a different method this time using the laptop instead of Android phone apps?!

I will let the DWP and Atos sweat for a week before sending them both THIS and the Bio-Mechanical Division letter!

That is of course provided they are not already scouring this blog but if they have found out about it they are staying suspiciously, well not to me at any rate, quiet about it. LMAO!!


Well like I have commented recently on the governments announcement that there will be no CAPS placed on Disability and I said that someone ... SOMEWHERE needs to be in receipt of it to give statements like this any credibility whatsoever?!

Well to give you an idea of just how depraved, heartless, cold, greedy and AMORAL these people really are I will share with you all a link and a CAUSE on Facebook that I was asked to join...

Now remember that tomorrow, next week, next month or in the next few years THIS COULD BE YOU?!

Oh so you still think your invincible and can avoid all this and go it alone?

Well what about your family? Your other half, if indeed you have one, one of your parents or worse still one of your children?!?!?!

This is what I think about now!!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Conversation with my Daughter!! MAIN HEARING, Wirral Council!


Spoke to my daughter for about 30 minutes tonight...

I made a mistake ... the council failed to turn up at all at the main hearing despite having a court order issued to them to do so?!

Now it seems they want to talk to the one that apologised to her, someone called Ben. I find this a trifle odd, well if I am honest I KNOW EXACTLY what this is! He previously left, as did 7 others all previously women over the last two years, and went to work in a school. Seems they now have to hunt him down to issue a summons and this is the part I find concerning...

You see I knew all along that these idiots who failed to listen were only lined up to be the fall guys and with each one I managed to get through to they then LEFT the job within weeks, including any notice handed over. Unfortunately and despite this as being a warning to them and therefore helping them Ben's apology to my daughter when she collected the files was about the only feedback we ever received from them. Well at least my daughter has as I never have!

This is exactly what I have been trying to convey to the public at large and it is this selfish attitude that has become rife in this country over the last couple of decades. Despite the fact that the news media seems to always show a bonding and signs of solidarity and community spirit I have not witnessed it anywhere I have been and would give my right arm to live in a community such as this as I am sure my daughter would too!!

So someone, or a small group of people, are going to be summoned to appear in court who only handled my daughters case for short periods of time and not long enough to read an entire 7,000 pages plus file?! The senior management, who I had thought had been summoned to appear, look now to be likely to get away with it ... AGAIN.

Well that is that this blog will come up and strike them from the rear like Thor's hammer Mjolnir!! Well with any luck that is and now I am going to have to give some thought to the 3rd January and the next court hearing. I am told the Judge was no too impressed but I cannot help but wonder WHY a judge is insistent on summoning this Social Worker called Ben when the main culprits are obvious to all and in the higher echelons of Wirral Council?!

This will seriously piss me off!! But I was also told by my daughter that her solicitor is now readying a complaint to be handed in about the council. I do not know who this will be too and will have to find out. Probably another charade to LOOK like they are doing something so that the main culprits can get off scot-free AGAIN!

Now you KNOW I am not going to let that one just slide?!

I recorded our conversation like I always do and not only does she know this, for those not paying attention or reading the rest of this blog, but also these conversations can be of benefit just in case these over confident smart arses try to say we were privy to facts or outcomes and agreeable with it when we were not?!

There are always lots of benefits to each decision I make with anyone I deal with and even when they are well aware I am intelligent, as the visiting Police state in that recording, but it is always good to lead them up the garden path by letting them think I have been led up the WRONG PATH...

But I am only interested in the facts and the truth!! I do not work on supposition!


Apologies as I noticed some typos, had to fight my way back in wind and rain today and has taken 150mg Tramadol and 1500mg of Paracetamol so somewhat light headed and feeling a little 'high', lol.

This happens fairly often and I get angry as I make a great deal of mistakes in my tying and grammar and sometimes forget to spell check so apologies if anything I previously posted seems ineligible at times, lol.

Best laid plans and all that.


This was torn out for me by friends in that local Pet Store as the lady that owns the store has a poorly sister with some nasty disabilities.

She thinks her sister is safe but I have tried to tell her to warn her sister that she will get THAT letter through the door at some point in next three months!

I told her about Blind Margaret today and she tore this out of the Daily Star, todays paper I believe which is the 27th November 2012.

I do find it insulting to many that it was reduced to a tiny column buried inside the tabloid somewhere. These tabloids have a great deal to answer for that much is true!!


The plot thickens?!

I had a call today while I was out and to book the MRI scan on my back so I got  call instead of a letter which was weird.

It is booked for the 3rd December?! This is doubly weird as despite my previous statement that it would be around the 10th and around the same time as the Bio-Mechanical division appointment I really did doubt this would actually happen, what with this being an MRI scan?!

Any chance it could go for the treble for weirdness?

Is there a possible third for weirdness?

Well I would not have foreseen it myself but yes there is indeed a third as where they want me to go is around 7 or 8 miles away but luckily there is ONE bus that goes straight there and it is up no hills and NOR is it 9am in the morning, eh DWP & Atossers?!

Now this is odd for two reasons as my last MRI was at Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield and though it was in the back of a lorry I had been told they now had it installed in their own department somewhere. So why to this other hospital?

The second odd thing about it is that it is also where my friend, the Gazelle, went and had images done there about three years back despite mine developing several years prior to his?!

Also whereas I live in Enfield he lived in Crouch End, just north of Finsbury Park, at the time and so was a great deal closer to this hospital!!

So maybe this is where the SERIOUS MRI scans are done which begs the question WHAT THE HELL IS THAT WASTE OF MONEY GOING AROUND IN THE BLOODY LORRY?!

As to the now odd things about the behaviour lately, so much so it is ridiculous, I have a few theories but only time will tell. Indeed one brother I spent the day with yesterday actually agreed that the sheer speed that they were all moving at was quite unusual and agreed they was up to something!!

Hmm I can hazard a guess that there are only TWO possibilities and therefore ALREADY aware or prepared as he case turns out to be.

Letter confirming the appointment on the way and you know the procedure by now?!


Are You a Deer in the Headlights?

I was making my second cup of tea this morning to take my pain killers as I prepared to out out to a friends store when I was thinking of the British public and their take on whether they think my site to be all factual or one of the most elaborate hoaxes of all time...

As I was doing so I kind of likened that some people would be like Deer in oncoming traffic blinded by headlights. Only on this occasion the car is being driven by hunters who are starving and you have handed them the keys! Added to this as they are speeding towards you and you are blinded by the intensity of the beams of light they are trying to comfort you by telling you everything will be alright and you are safe and they are coming for you and will take care of you?!

Yeah, I think that could just about sum it up in a nutshell?!


Some of you may notice by now that there are indeed many different facets to me and I can also speak on many different levels and I have tried to do this throughout the short time this blog has been live. That was around the 28th or 29th August 2011 and I have posted a great deal in a short time because I had a great deal to post!

Although there is more than enough available to you the reader it is not all and it is a shame and I am often annoyed with myself that I did not categorize and catalogue things better from the outset. But in all honesty even I did not foresee myself acquiring anywhere near this much evidence.

The data surpassed 25GB some time ago now so must be around 30GB I would imagine, give or take a GB or two. Yes there are likely many very choice things amongst that stuff and there is one NHS letter in particular I STILL need to find.

As to those of you with a keen interest in all this and for whatever else lurks in the depths of my archives, well I did send it all, when it fitted on FOUR DVDs, to all the tabloids. Even some local ones too (Liverpool, Manchester & London). If you can think of a national tabloid well they got it and despite the long list of subject matter getting into the news (minus me of course) every couple of weeks to couple of months for the last year the more sensitive has not. Maybe they are struggling for money because of dropping saes over the internet and did not want to acknowledge me so they would not have to pay, but I did not request money from them. A thanks would have been nice and it could have helped me make money from publication of my books but someone somewhere is obviously keeping me at bay.

Tsk-tsk, a real crying shame about this blog then, eh?

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Series of Invites: 6 Private Companies

Well I no doubt the more eagle eyed among you spotted I cannot count?!

SO this one goes in a number 6?!?! LMAO!!

"As more stories come up here the more people that will be attracted to read these comments and stories and ... well hopefully everyone can have their say and feel a bit better over the festive period that we are on our way to being acknowledged and getting our messages across ever better and increasingly louder?!"

Keep it on the above three and do not use any names. ;)

Well not yet anyway! lol.

Series of Invites: 8 MISCELLANEOUS

Of particular interest to me this one in the event there is something or some area I have not thought about. Well this IS a blog on corruption you know?! LMAO!

"As more stories come up here the more people that will be attracted to read these comments and stories and ... well hopefully everyone can have their say and feel a bit better over the festive period that we are on our way to being acknowledged and getting our messages across ever better and increasingly louder?!"

Keep it on the above three and do not use any names. ;)

Well not yet anyway! lol.

Series of Invites: 7 Ombudsman & Governing Bodies

AS previously...

"As more stories come up here the more people that will be attracted to read these comments and stories and ... well hopefully everyone can have their say and feel a bit better over the festive period that we are on our way to being acknowledged and getting our messages across ever better and increasingly louder?!"

Keep it on the above and do not use any names. ;)

Well not yet anyway! lol.

Series of Invites: 5 Local Councils

Does not matter where in the UK you are I want to hear your stories and now as I realise the area you are in, only the rough areas so we know which Police Force, which Primary Care Trust etc.

"As more stories come up here the more people that will be attracted to read these comments and stories and ... well hopefully everyone can have their say and feel a bit better over the festive period that we are on our way to being acknowledged and getting our messages across ever better and increasingly louder?!"

Keep it on the above three and do not use any names. ;)

Well not yet anyway! lol.

Series of Invites: 4 Police

This one on your local constabulary and it is not restricted to any particular one, group or part of the UK.

Hmm I just thought that these posts and comments once big enough can show us WHERE exactly the worst offenders are and WHERE in the UK they are.

"As more stories come up here the more people that will be attracted to read these comments and stories and ... well hopefully everyone can have their say and feel a bit better over the festive period that we are on our way to being acknowledged and getting our messages across ever better and increasingly louder?!"

Keep it on the above three and do not use any names. ;)

Well not yet anyway! lol.

Series of Invites: 3 - DWP, DLA & ATOS

Here I want to hear all your stories on these three organisations of evil doers.

"As more stories come up here the more people that will be attracted to read these comments and stories and ... well hopefully everyone can have their say and feel a bit better over the festive period that we are on our way to being acknowledged and getting our messages across ever better and increasingly louder?!"

Keep it on the above three and do not use any names. ;)

Well not yet anyway! lol.

Series of Invites: 2 - Health

I want people to comment on this post and messing around they have had as regards to health, both NHS and private!!

"As more stories come up here the more people that will be attracted to read these comments and stories and ... well hopefully everyone can have their say and feel a bit better over the festive period that we are on our way to being acknowledged and getting our messages across ever better and increasingly louder?!"

Do not mention names at all and refer to him or her. ;)

Keep this one on health.

A Series of Invites: Part One Introduction

OK now with Christmas fast approaching and due to a recent conversation I am going to move things up a level right here and right now!

A Series of Posts on separate fields is going to invite YOU the readers and the victims or even friends of victims to post your stories on here...

First because I want to read them.

Second everyone will get to tell their story for the rest of the world to read!

As more stories come up here the more people that will be attracted to read these comments and stories and ... well hopefully everyone can have their say and feel a bit better over the festive period that we are on our way to being acknowledged and getting our messages across ever better and increasingly louder?!

Saturday, 24 November 2012


Someone on Facebook gave me an idea so I typed out an email just now and have sent it to the...

General Medical Council!!

Again it will hopefully amuse many of you?! ;)


Dear GMC


My first question before I make my complaint is that I am under the impression that a Doctor has to swear an oath to heal/heal people before he becomes said Doctor. Is this the case?

Secondly my complaint, and believe me you have never heard from me before nor know my name but in the coming months you most definitely will.

You see I have been messed about and pissed around for 12 years now, technically a lot longer.

I have physical problems with feet (several areas), knees, hips, groin and back and yet for years the NHS along with GPs and Hospital Doctors and specialists have no only ignored me and messed me around but refusing to give me a confirmed diagnosis which has cost me over £100,000 and even deliberately performed an MRI on my lumber region only when the parts of my back that are a problem was the REST OF IT. Just a few days ago I had a specialist physiotherapist look at me after confirming the MRI performed was wrong when she KNEW the middle of my back as well as the top have of my back have not one but TWO problems.

IN February 2012 I after using threatening language I was called in to Head of Staff at Barnet Hospital and immediately after was seen by Julian Livingstone and Dr Ray, or Day. I was discharged immediately afterwards and given to explanations to my feet and a totally pointless X-Ray on them when what I wanted and needed was an MRI?!

Only a few weeks ago I saw yet another Podiatrist and this go told me that everything I have been told up until now and that I was correct in my estimations all the way down the line?!

I was also told this by the specialist physiotherapist regarding my back.

I am also embroiled with a number of organisations regarding corruption, though I work alone and I help them and give advice. Of the many public offices who now fear me one is the DWP along with the DLA and Atos.

Now I can tell you this, one council has appeared in court due to my discoveries and there is another court case in January 2013 where they have to appear before one very angry Judge. Over the next 12 months there will be three others and the fallout will be devastating.

I have collected a great deal of evidence for a very long time and some of it goes back twenty years, the last 5 this increased exponentially to the tune of over 25GBs and needs 5 DVDs to fill. Despite giving these, which they cannot deny, to many tabloids and TV News networks my evidence has only appeared in spits and spurts and none of it associated with my. I never even had a reply from these emails but then I half expected this too.

During this time and all these battles, a great many where I was putting my own life in danger, and still is, to save thousands of lives I have also become entangled with the goings on with the DWP, DLA and Atos. Now please do not insult my intelligence as to what is going on as...
Not only do I know that Atos are crooks and not Doctors I myself have evidence against them, the DLA and the DWP and know that they are acting under instruction...

The problem is they are portraying themselves as Doctors and are asking GPs, Doctors, Nurses and likely specialists too up and down the UK to lie to get EVERYONE off Disability Living Allowance. Now I KNOW that many medical professionals have long since been aware of this and some found out via me!! In fact I have had a GP QUIT through disgust and CLOSE her practice and I have had a Dentist do this too?!?!

The Dentist in particular has for the last year expressed his desire to work for me as he is under the crazy impression that I will receive a medal, MBE and a reward and will do great things and admired by many people. This I thought amusing but there are signs lately that this may well be the case.

I have lost over £100,000 because of lies, cheating, inaction and corruption due to the NHS and the DWP and lives have nearly been lost in my family over it all. In fact just last night I spoke on Facebook with a woman called Margaret who IS registered blind, been told she will lose her DLA and was crying and wanting to commit suicide?! Me and several others spent until 2am talking her out of taking this ultimate action and the group page is filled with people that have a seething hatred for a bunch of civil servants who are nether CIVIL nor serve anyone but themselves and I note this is climbing at an alarming rate.
Now as a council of supposedly intelligent people I should not have to tell you nor explain in very graphic detail of the horrors this will lead to in the UK in 2013. If I do then you are a council of the VERY WRONG people.

A time bomb is ticking to go off and I am doing my utmost to stop it from taking place, do not doubt me on these things as if you speak to anyone that has know me a long time they would tell you that would most certainly be folly.

I am personally involved in many places over the Internet and I can assure you that the worst horrors are going to take place and the anger and hatred will spread. I also know that the government will deny any of it but I know for a fact they are the orchestrators and then plan to blame whoever else they can when it all hits the proverbial fan. The more people are directly affected then the number of people affected to the point of seething anger grows exponentially, base this in the theory of 6 degrees of separation if you so wish.
Now as YOU the GMC and overseers of medicine and medical practices and professionals throughout the UK I want to know how Atos and the DWP can claim to be Doctors?

Now I can prove that I have been correct when over 12 years plus the disagreements I have had with dozens of medical staff, that I was correct, they were WRONG every single step of the way and that I have been a victim myself of unneccesarry pain and suffering all because a bunch of people who treated the public’s taxes like it was monopoly money think they can starve people to death by making them pay to clear up there mess and not FIXING or TREATING THEM when they break down with physical injuries or ailments?!

As the General Medical Council, yet another body of hugely paid people like that of Ombusdman, I would like to know your official STANCE on this and what, if anything, you are DOING ABOUT IT?!
Because I guarantee both you and the government one thing, it these perpetrators, liars and self-serving self-obsessed people do not choose to stop this then I WILL!

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc


Littlewoods Very Motorola Atrix 4G Price SPOTTED

Oh and I also forgot... while out Lo and Behold what do I find locally???

Here is a picture of the same MODEL of phone that Very sold me earlier in the year!

Now this is a store called CEX which are notoriously expensive for their products 90% of the time and this time I feel no different! They have iPhone 5s for £800 in the store, do not know how or who would pay but you get many naive teenagers in their so I guess they must fall for the pricings?!

Also I saw Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows on Blu-Ray for £12 used when the night before I had seen it in my local Sainburys for £9.99?!

Yes so they are was overpriced for what you are getting already, but still Very manage to make them look like a walk in the park when pricing is concerned!!

But it is only £135 and more importantly IT WORKS!!!

Remember my phone from Very was already used, DROPPED previously and has over a dozen FAULTS and many basic features are quite simply unusable and that cost...

£350 from VERY!!

It was also a phone that had been released over a YEAR beforehand too!


Just as I had suspected on this one!

Email from Monster Cable and neither Very nor Littlewoods are authorised dealers.

So I ask myself well how do they get them in the first place if you are NOT an authorised dealer and secondly, well if you ever needed more proof you are being sold SHODDY and used goods at OVER THE RRP then here it is!!!

Daily Mail Article - Hilariously FUNNY

This is bloody funny!!!!


Well I kind of walked down the stairs waking very late and feeling very ill, is I still do, and picked up a letter with the famed NHS logo on the front and thought...

'Bloody HELL! She was not joking when she said it would come quick?!' I was thinking more like Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest?!

But when I opened it it was actually for the Bio-Mechanical Specialists for my feet!!


So for those that DID NOT listen to the Podiatry appointment here is the letter, edited as always...

So that appointment date in a few weeks time, surprisingly?!

Remember that I have NOT provided the DLA, DWP nor Atos with copies of any of this and you know why??

Well you should know by now I ALWAYS have reasons and I keep my cards close as if I show YOU I could be showing THEM?!


But they will get them once I have them all and a slight pregnant pause.


Friday, 23 November 2012

A Song for Margaret!! Balls to Atos!!!

Right now I strongly believe that people that come on here should know the depths of depravity have no bounds for low life scoundrels that are the DWP, DLA & Atos.

Disability and Carers Service?! Do not make me laugh!!

Hmm I think these people should worry as nest year I think I will be smelling fire and wooden stakes that would make Boudaceia weep?!?!

This one is for you Margaret!!


Hmm I have, while out today, come up with a cunning plan!

It should and could work and it will be all down to insinuation but the beauty of it when I do it is 'I always make good on my innuendos!' lol

I will know before long and it only has to work one ONE for the whole idea to work and that is the beauty of it.

Neither will know if they are coming or going and any channels between them will be immediately severed completely, which will not be hard after recent facts coming to light!

Now I just need to wait for a letter, type a letter and go on a little journey?!

Of course I can divulge this once I know the plan has worked even BEFORE it bares any fruit.

Hopefully if it works it will bring forward my estimated time to end it all the charades by several months?!

Fingers crossed!


I am sure you have all been expecting me to come up with some good while entertaining and a chance to see the people that have made a great deal of you squirm ... err squirm?!

Well here is what I have now sent to several departments 2 in the DWP, one manager Mrs C Lloyd, Atos and the DLA.



Dear Sirs

REF ********

Thank you not for your recent letters asking me yet again why I did not appear at your assessment arranged at the top of that big hill in Highgate despite the many times I have told you why.

I dare say that about now you all must be feeling pretty good about yourselves as you now have the excuse to do whatever it is you was intending to do anyway, despite the involvement of your ICE department.

Now remember I told you and that I had warned others that I am mist dangerous WHEN I am quiet and you do not hear from me?!

Well I am writing now not oly in response to your incompetent and pathetic excuses to fool the British public at large but also to tell you I am so very sorry but your bubble is now about to be burst!! Especially the one labelled ignorance you have all been hiding inside?!

Let me explain…

Do you remember I sent you X-Rays? Well you can try and deny it but you cannot…

You see what I KNEW and you did not is that I had TWO appointments fast approaching this year and one for my feet and one for my back, let us exclude my knees for the time being as they are now easily remedied due to the position I have managed to place myself in!

I sent you those X-Rays for a reason and not the one you think. I also warned you NOT to underestimate me nor expect to beat me and that any attempt in doing so would indeed be futile?! In fact I warned everyone I have attacked of this and now over the next three months I will prove my point and to a large AUDIENCE!!

Well it turns out I have had ANOTHER bad reaction to them from a health professional and these guys knew straight off there was not ONE but TWO things wrong with my back as I had always said. This was BEFORE they viewed the X-Rays!! They then looked for the MRI I had done and when they came back they said … ‘umm it seems you were correct about everything, I had trouble finding your MRI but when I did it was indeed on the lumber region of your back?!’

Now THEY KNOW now that the regions with problems in my back are the upper and middle sections so let us say 75% of my back?! SO they managed to MISS 75% of my back and MRI the only bit that was OK?! DO you see where I am going here now?!

They also added … ‘your absolutely right the X-Rays match up with the tests I have done and there is indeed a problem’ now they talked about getting a QUICK MRI on my ENTIRE BACK and talked about surgery and treatment and I strongly believe from the way they spoke that they already KNEW what was wrong and wanted to be sure. The key points are it is PROVED and they are now acting with incredible speed to diagnose. The main point is it can be seen on the X-RAY?!?! Oh dear, you have had that in your possession for 6 months or more now!!

It gets better…

Prior to THIS appointment I had another one with a Podiatrist and this is just as good as the above turned out to be. I went to the wrong place to begin with by bike, Chase Farm Hospital, and that when I realised the building I needed to be in was a 10 minute walk from my house. I bet that went right over your head?! HAHA. When I got in there I was lying on a bed with my feet laid bare when I asked the Podiatrist a trick question … ‘there is something wrong with one of my toes and I wonder if you will notice which one it is?’. He had his head down and was swaying from right foot to left foot and back again before he looked up at me and said the following … ‘ONE OF YOUR TOES?! THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH ALL OF YOUR TOES?!?!?!’. I only replied in saying ‘good man! You’re the first health professional to EVER spot that?!’

He then said … ‘wait a minute, it says here you went to Barnet Hospital? Why did they send you all the way up there?!’ I said it was because they are incompetent and under orders to mess me around so I do not get diagnosed and that both my GP and NOW MY DENTIST have BOTH quit over the NHS and both spoke to me about it. Oh dear!!! There is the answer to that KEY POINT that went over your heads in the last paragraph!!

Oh dear!

Oh but wait a moment there are more key points to this?! Oh yes indeedy there are!! You see based on what he SAW of my feet he asked me WHY they made me go to ONE appointment up at Barnet?! But hold on do you not yourselves keep asking me to go to HIGHGATE despite me telling you over and over again and in a way that you CANNOT DENY in a million years?!?!
Ohh yeah there is just one more thing, the Podiatrist came first so we have a chicken or egg scenario for you to work out but let me help you…

When he made this statement he knew nothing about my BACK?!?! I only went I there for a CORN?! Hahaha!!!

They want me to go back and see there bio-mechanical division too!!! Oh dear this really is getting worse for you? Do you have windows in your offices? Look outside and keep a watch to see if there are any dark clouds brewing!

Oh and as for that Council, well only one so far, well they FAILED to appear in court pissing of the sitting Judge who then issued a court order for senior management to APPEAR at the main hearing. Oh yes that has just been sat and they did indeed turn up but … oh dear it seems they did not have a report?!?! 

(LAUGHING LIKE A DRAIN) Another court adjourned and to be re-sat on the 3rd January 2013 and one very pissed off judge! I have yet to find out if the media were present but if they were not I guarantee they will be despite whether the powers that be think they have them or judges in their pockets?!

So in an admittedly long overdue answer to your question as to WHY I did not attend your assessment appointment I apologise I was busy manufacturing the nails for all your coffins. I think the rest is hear and pretty self-explanatory.

Oh and one other thing… do not think for ONE second I could not prove all this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Oh and anything you may think you were amassing against me, well good luck as everything is explainable and indeed I am well aware of anything you could do or say beforehand and would be an insult to my intelligence to next expect me to predict your EVERY MOVE!

You can continue with your games as I have not declared mine as yet only the points safe to do so. You can continue with your arrogance and ignorance as this will only ensure many will end up in prison for your crimes and I would estimate around April 2013 at a wild guess. You may have figured by now I am very good at guessing. If not… well I hope you like prison food?!

I do believe that is game, set and match!

Au revoir.


Martin Haswell BSc


The Food Bank Website

I managed the find the website for The Food Bank website for those of you out there any for anyone you know can get help and food.

Now for those that are too proud to go to places like this I can assure you all that everyone that walks in the door feels exactly the same way!

I also know there is one near me in Enfield.

I also know they are around the UK.


Oh yes well OK that number is a joke but then so is the time it has taken and by all accounts from the wording an inordinate amount of time is still to be taken.

Maybe from the backlog they refer to they are holding all the cash back until such a time the government has had enough money and then out of the blue 6 months or a year from now aware everyone the money, with no backdating of course. Hmm now there is a theory?!

I have not acquired all the answers and reasonings... I'm not Superman, you know?! LMAO!


Yes I had not noticed this envelope hiding beneath the usual junk mail that itself was hidden my the book to help with my Pet Project.

Now this is ICE, the Independent Case Examiner who I asked sometime ago to look into my case and as you can see from the letter for a claim application for DLA I put in back in February 2011 (for those that will be reading this a couple months time in February/March onwards 2013 lol). Stating they are Independent but something that should be noted by readers is that of their email address. I had never heard of them before I started using them and in all honesty I saw them as no more than a stalling tactic and an in-house design to...

'keep the public busy and occupied'

Now if you like a good belly laugh you may ask yourself WHY THEN did I use them?

Well because first of all I keep stressing about the bigger picture and if I can prove that they are just more EYE CANDY like the Ombudsman of this forsaken land then I can forewarn YOU! I always forget about them until the next letter comes through the door after two or three months.

Hmm did I not say I would give the readers a laugh? Oh that would be the second reason and main reason I contacted them...

Well I said that they were designed to keep people busy and act as eye candy? I have also said that I have used many of their own methods, or inept workings (departments do not speak to each other in the same building?)?

Well I use them so that the powers that be THINK I am occupied in the heop they would not suspect me of getting up tp anything and therefore do not know about this blog for as long as possible!!


Oh dear it sems I have hit my storage limit on BLOGGER?! LMAO

Oh dear I hope that only applies to this blog as I have eleven others and plans for at least FOUR maybe FIVE more?!?!

If so not very sporting Google?! lol

Thursday, 22 November 2012


OK so I was then on a page, now working, and looking at five of these headphones, despite search coming up with three, when I realised some had microphones and some did not.

But the same ones are on both Very and Littlewoods, who offer interest free options, but list prices vary and this is another thing that drove me nuts about just these two sites when looking for anything!

I cannot speak about legalities on all this but I can say it should be illegal and it is immoral as you are misleading buyers in so many ways!

Very & Littlewoods Monster Headphones

OK just had an idea or two and put them to the test...

I emailed Monster and asked them directly about warranties and dealers along with failing earpieces, just curious as to what they would say if anything about all three, failing headphones could have been fakes after all. I asked if Littlewoods and Very are authorised dealers and if not would warranty be voided.

But I then spotted the warranty and read it and it is indeed voided!!

I then did a UK search on where to buy and guess what? No Littlewoods and NO VERY!!

So how are they selling them and at vastly different prices for the same models??

IF and WHEN I get a response from them I will put it up and I still have a gut feeling my camera is a refurbished as well as my Samsung Blu-Ray Player which was over double the price BEFORE interest?! Never looked into the player in all honesty and it has always worked.

Well as always here are some pics for perusal! No wonder they use hard sell for their insurances on their electronic goods as they know they will fail!! LMAO!

Very & Littlewoods BIZARRE BEHAVIOUR

OK an unexpected one this but while fresh in my mind from what just happened I thought I would post something up before I go to bed...

Very, as always, have resisted speaking to me and ignoring me for some time over my second hand and faulty phone (worth £170 if that IF NOT FAULTY) and told me it was new and for £350 BEFORE INTEREST.

If you do not know its been a real pain in the effing arse not only to me but anyone trying to contact or even communicate via talk OR text. Being often told to throw it in the bin?! Yeah right!!

Around 40 correspondences where I got angry and I was accused of using a BOT PROGRAM to send them emails, morons. After a suspicion the phone was USED and not sourced from the UK they denied this but it was then confirmed by Motorola via email?!

Not only did it start showing faults it started to mount them up and only the last couple of days there is a new one!

I filmed the phone and took photos of its faults and waited for the best time and put them as the first videos ever up on my YouTube account. I contacted the OFT (not interested) and ASA (not interested after initially saying they were and the contradicted themselves... oh fuck it they LIED!! LOL!
 I contacted everyone and even CAB but but no one seemed to have any powers to do jack shit and Shop Direct KNEW THIS which is why they and everyone else I have attacked herein not only gets away with it but is so brash about it.

Only when they saw the YouTube videos, I did not know they had a YouTube account honest, they asked me to get in contact but when I did and they realised who I was they clammed up and I got the same response.

Now here is the thing and I was just having a conversation with someone today and his family themselves use mail order catalogues and have been gobsmacked at the evidence I have shown them...

I strongly believe this behaviour is RIFE with these companies and shop direct especially. As some of you know I purchased a Sony Walkman and love it and had wondered about getting some really classy headphones for it, audiophile headphones.

I had long been the admirer of Shure Headphones and was aware of Monster and Beats (who are Monster). As stated elsewhere on other blogs I had previously admired and owned TWO Sennheiser devices, an fancy and expensive bluetooth headset which FAILED after three months and then CX-400 II headphones with the right earpiece failing after 3 weeks?! So I thought no Sennheisers ever again as they did not answer a couple of emails I sent them?! Nice. Legalised robbery it seems to me today. Anyway...

Reading on the reviews of my ever faithful Amazon I noted that the Beats and the Monster Cables also have a history of failing earpieces and these things costing over £100 and up to £400 and all seemed to be being affected?! I thought how the hell has it come to the stage where you pay hundreds for products made like shit and fail in a few weeks and you get jack?!?!

Anyway sometime ago I had looked at Littlewoods and Very for headphones and they did a fair few but what did I realise? All the models they do are all the ones that have a bad history of failing?! In our arguments over the phone, well I say arguments you need the other side to actually say something for it to be classed as such, I mentioned this and I even emailed Nikon about the digital camera I had bought!!

Now I was telling a friend today that I had flicked through a Littlewoods catalogue and to my surprise all the headphones seem to be missing?! He said that is odd and I told him I had asked them why they only had the models that are notorious for going wrong?! Of course I got no answer!!

Well out of curiosity I went on both sites tonight to just look and they are all there and then some. In fact as I was looking through, yes still the ones known for failing, I started to notice some discrepancies! I had three or four tabs up with Monster Turbine Pros of differing prices and I was flicking from tab to tab when I started to realise all these headphones were curiously similar but with different pictures. They were the SAME headphones?! Even more bizarre was the fact the the prices fluctuated wildly and one was listed at £219 when even on Amazon the cheapest was around £300. Another one which was copper instead of gold, however, was listed at over £100 DEARER than the cheapest on Amazon?!

Now I thought this is bloody odd and I had better take some screen shots and look over these again and post them up when all of a sudden as I was doing this the lage went blank and a message come up to say there was technical difficulties. I had never had this happen on Littlewoods website and despite numerous attempts the message came up. I did not think much of it until I decided to go to the Very site and look on there when the same message came up immediately?!

Now when I told them I realised they were the same company this was denied. There was also a curious thing which I declared to the authorities that they offer you coupons and discount vouchers that do not work 80% of the time. I have been given all kinds of laughable excuses for this and the best one was I do not have the right type of account?!?!

Now this became annoying when I tried to apply a discount from ONE company to the other catalogue, I mean they are the same company why not? It did not work and I asked them why and they said that they were different companies in different buildings and nothing to do with each other, other than being 'sister' companies...

... so why have the websites BOTH gone down and stopping me from viewing then?

I recently had a letter from very stating they were now sending debt collectors after me and I shall contact them over the weekend telling them they can stick their money and the debt collectors where the su does not shine. But I still have an account with Littlewoods with my Nikon and still owe them and I pay them, as the camera WORKS!!

So is it just a coincidence? Are they blocking my IP?? Or maybe they realised their mistake with the headphones and that this is a dead give away of proof of what i have been accusing them of and took them down but just so happens to be just after I noticed them?! LMAO! Who knows but it was strange how it went down within a couple of minutes and Very was already down when I tried to get their homepage up?!

Oh and the pictures? Yeah I got them for YOUR amusement now!!

So they DON'T SELL you second hand goods? Well how would they account for these following prices?

Or maybe they are now trying to state that they do and always have done, well WHERE EXACTLY on the pages is that fact made known to BUYERS?!?!

EDIT: Oh dear I just had a thought, as websites still down, ermm I PAY for my Nikon on-line via their website?! This could be a problem if it turns out they have banned me, lmao!!!



Words made infamous by my mother in a disagreement many moons ago...

By my calculations, and quite conservative as I do not include the numerous times I have walked into A & E regarding any of this in the bad times, that makes it 7 Physiotherapists, two Physiotherapists, 2 Rheumatologists and a dozen GPs/Doctors ALL WRONG and me CORRECT over a TWELVE YEAR PERIOD!

What you should be asking yourself is how can this be?! ALSO WHY WOULD THIS BE??

I have repeatedly told many different ones my VIEWS, MY SYMPTOMS and over many years and time and time again no, no, your mistaken, you have that wrong and yet here we are and after two appointments it turns out I am correct and we STILL have no technical terms nor diagnosis for anything whether to do with feet, hips, knees or back.

These are not the only things wrong with me that a whole bunch of specialists got wrong and ill advised me on that I ended up figuring out for myself and curing or getting it to a manageable level all by myself.

One of these is the Restless Leg Syndrome, or RLS, which turns out to be caffeine?! The one drug just about everybody consumes on a daily basis and yet no so called DOCTOR anywhere thought that this commonly consumed drug might be the problem to this sudden recurring problem in a great many people?! NOT ONE!!

I figured that one out on my own...

...along with one other I have not covered just yet despite there being at least ONE person who I know visits here that may, and of course WILL, get some benefit from this revelation.

I still have the other industry to put the boot into too. But that latter remark is for around the start of the year in 2013.


OK now ... after three freezes upon running ... two freezes upon attempting an un-install before a re-install and then having to reboot no less than FOUR TIMES in total the Audio is uploading as I type this?!


Now back to the matter at hand and I have not mentioned this in the lead up to it taking place but mention it previously I have done!

Now whereas the last appointment a couple of weeks ago, and I did say TWO key appointments are going to take place very close to each other and the letters WERE posted up, was to do with my feet this one is to do with my back!!

Remember those X-RAYS?! The ones I posted up on here a couple of months back that were actually done by a private chiropractor two or three years back?

The X-RAYS that my last GP saw and then suddenly QUIT taking said x-rays with her when she went?!

The MRI I had performed three years ago that went wrong and was on the WRONG area of my back?

The X-Rays the new GP refused to look at?! So referred me immediately instead?!

Well today's appointment was to do with ALL the above!

Only I was expecting more crap, more closing of ranks and more physiotherapy sessions I was going t blow up about, and yes on tape as always!!

Only she was quite friendly, very helpful and KNEW that I was turning up with my own X-RAYS?! Shock horror!!! LMAO!

She asked all the things not been asked of me previously, checked my back and sensitivity and found that I was dead right and that the areas I had told them all along were, judging from her reaction, in a bad way. It got better still she then ASKED for the X-Rays, went off and came back after about 5 minutes asking me where I had the MRI done as she could not find them and I said...well right here at this hospital and off she went again.

By the time she had returned I was already suspicious that the NHS were now well aware of my dastardly plans and was conveniently losing damning evidence. However she then said that she managed to find them and that...

I was quite correct as that the MRI was on my lumbar region and on the WRONG AREAS, managing to miss ... ready for it ... BOTH my affected areas!!! She also looked at the X-Rays and despite remarking about some flaring, looked OK to me and to the chiropractor at the time, she immediately saw the PROBLEMS (PLURAL) and that I was indeed right that there was NO gaps between my thoracic vertebrae and the neck region showed problems.

She then stated that a FULL MRI would be immediately arranged and a letter sent out to me that will arrive in just TWO DAYS?! Bloody hell?!?!?! LMAO!!

I can also tell you that judging from her face and her choice of words, which included the words SURGERY and TREATMENT, that I suspect she already has a good idea of what it is but wants to be sure from the MRI before telling me. An old age tactic to not scare patients by putting the very possibilities in their heads so that it is less of a blow once they are sure...

...only I can read between the lines almost always and not a betting man I know where my money would be placed!!

So fully agreed with on all my suspicions, my own knowledge on the subject and more importantly MY KNOWLEDGE OF MY BODY!!

Now the point is this, there is provided as I have done so on so many previous occasions a LINK as ever to the audio. You can hear for yourself what I have put above!

Also where I had to think on my feet, as so often is the case with me, I bought up the subject of the NHA (National Health Action) and the GP Political Party which she seemed unaware of at first but then realised what I was referring to and knew a fair bit about it.

Ahh the upload went faster than I expected, was not sure of the size once converted but started out as a wav file and around 199mb, lol.

Now the DWP have been sendig me those demanding letters and despite telling both (DONT GIVE) ATOS, the DLA AND THE DWP over a dozen times in different kinds of correspondence, postal letters, recorded delivery letters, phone conversations and EMAILS, I recently had that letter and even though I had the Podiatry Appointment I REFUSED POINT BLANK to tell them any more times.

Only now I have BOTH the PODIATRY appointment recorded as well as the SPECIALIST PHYSIOTHERAPIST appointment recorded. I will tell them of the outcome and the dates but NOT of the fact I have them RECORDED?! WINK-WINK!!!

Now for those of you who have failed to miss it, by not paying attention or not wanting to read it all well if so then you miss the key points I refer to in the past and unless you keep up and play along guys and girls and despite my many mentions of secret plans and tricks you WILL miss it. For those of you who have been going crazy about all this here is one of those KEY POINTS I refer too and for the sake of repeating myself...


Well I DID STATE PREVIOUSLY that I gave them to the DWP, ATOS and the DLA...


Ahhh-hahahahaha!!!! LMFAO!!!

ENJOY!! ....


You my have to be patient here anyone who may have already seen my last post and waiting for the notification that the audio is up...

It has never happened before but a key cloud storage service of a rather big name is refusing to work!!

So I need to figure out why it has chosen now of all times to decide to do this, fix it and then get the audio up, which also needed converting before I could do this.

Hopefully this will not take too long?!



I have acquired something I did NOT expect today up at the hospital appointment I had, well I say that I did expect something but instead got the opposite of what I thought I would!!

I will be uploading the file which may take some time and then I will link in in my next post on here and I would imagine somewhere between 7pm onwards?!

Was quite something and a vindication in more ways than one!


Just thought of something before I race off to hospital that I thought I might put up on here.

Think if it as something to mull over in the coming weeks and next few months.

Aimed at those that are resistant to the plight and pain of others and to what is really going on in the UK at least...


Or do you think it may be possible that you have a better chance with like minded people?

If after some thought you think the letter is true then it is not just the question of meeting or gathering like minded people together to see 'the light' so to speak but more a question of finding those that have doubts or argumentative and getting them to make up there own minds, about this blog of course, and hopefully seeing the reality for what it is?

I have often stated about numbers in this blog well of course because everything always comes down to simple numbers. I know of at least one individual who had his doubts and then through the Daily Record Newspaper and then this blog saw the light.

It is my belief that everyone deserves to see the truth and if this is achieved then I think things can change ... no I KNOW things will change. Tricks are only tricks when you do not know the trick! Once all the tricks are known then they cannot be performed any longer with any degree of success.

Then and ONLY then will things become truly transparent as they are keep telling us that they are.

It was my belief that with what I gathered and what I put up here it was enough for people to see once and for all the real truth. In doing that I had the firm belief of a true existence of friendship out there and strong bonds with others not only limited to family. Kind of an experiment based on the Six Degrees of Separation and the idea being that anyone that reads this blog, even if only a couple of the key posts, that they would then tell their friends and their families.

I am hoping that in time many of the doubters come here and are convinced by my words and my evidence, whether they discovered this blog through a search of one of the many areas I cover or whether or not a friend or family member has directed them here.

Despite the strong words I choose at times and the horrific and unbelievable truths I have laid before before the world there was never any point to lie, cheat or trick as that would be defeating the object. It is also not really may nature anyway. These are the facts here is the evidence and you should be able to make up your minds and see the truth. Only then can you make any decisions based on all the above in the future ... or a correct and informed decision you could say.

I think from recent changes in the numbers which bizarrely coincide with two things that happened with the blogs about a week ago, these numbers are beginning to show signs that this may well indeed happen.

But this is not only down to me and primarily down to the visitors who come here.

I am going to say that despite a few more months of things to divulge I could not think of any better way of showing the public the truth. Remember many documents go back twenty years and so I have bene working on this for a very long time. It is true I had no idea just how bad it would get nor some of the horrifying details I would uncover. Despite my ability to have a negative outlook on things the truth actually turned out to be far more worse than even my PREVIOUSLY negatively looking outlook of a mind could possibly imagine and then some.

So it may be horrifyingly shocking and unbelievable to you but so it was to me too! Now imagine this happened to me first hand, as it did my daughter and so it was going to happen to my two young grandchildren too.

I once said that one man cannot make a difference and this is true, but it is also true that one man can acquire many people and TOGETHER they can make a difference!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Well I just thought while it was on my mind and I had just finished watching this program that I thought I would air some of my thoughts regarding this.

First thought is quite unbelievable ad this is a, and should have been for the longest time, the typical result of that chummy crony nature and attitude that goes on around government, police and celebrity circles.

For the longest time I have disliked this culture and those that have known me have known my views on this sort of thing for many years, decades even. If this is not a prime example for what can and will go wrong with these attitudes of the last few decades then I do not know what is and as long as it continues the tragedies and horrors exposed will also continue.

Despite my knowledge and skills in a vast number of fields I never managed to get the job or career that was best suited to me. I have always thought it a crying shame that I could have contributed so much with the right career and have spent many years helping others for now salary whatsoever and often for free. Oddly my skills and knowledge along with experience has been so much so that there has been a rife amount of envy and side-swiping and back-stabbing by people supposed to be friends that thought over they years I knew nothing about it when I knew all along.

Now in certain conversations I have had with various individuals and more often than not I will ALWAYS get the same thing stated to me and an age old saying...

'It is not WHAT you know ... it is WHO you know' and I have ALWAYS hated this expression. Well I cannot think of a better example of explaining WHY this is than the documentary on Jimmy Savile tonight by ITV's Exposure.

I would also in than it is my strong opinion, and I am rarely wrong about these things, that the staff member at  that hospital that raised concerns was genuine. The other chap, both of whose names I do not recall, who claimed he got his job on 'my own merit' was dishonest and this was plain to see. Yes his own merit and would not have got it if not for Jimmy Savile and was not experienced nor trained in mental health, yes of course you would have done?! I think not.

So he swanned around several public office organisations attacking people at will? For decades? All throught these years all the people claimed they knew nothing?? I do not think so.

Oh and now they say lessons will be learned so it will not happen again?! Have they really thought about this throw away statement before they uttered it? Have they ANY idea of the scale of what as been going on, how long it has been going on and how many people he fooled, bribed, threatened, had beaten up (James O'Brien's father for one) or recruited when discovering individuals with a sick perverted mind like his?!

The lessons need to be learned read like War & Peace and that is not an over exaggeration in any shape or form.

As long as this chummy nature continues it will be the same and to give you an idea of how little the government care just look at the MP's still trying to claim money but HIDING their expenses claims or the fact that they are renting properties of each other still, or giving jobs to mates or family members?!

That is not a society nor indeed a government, nor public office anywhere in the land nor private company that is in this TOGETHER as they put it. What they do not realise is this may not be at the moment but their words will ring true before very long.

What I do find significant is these companies and organisations with these high salaried fat cats are the ones that are failing but they do not care with the salaries and pensions they get. When the ship goes down all thos below them go DOWN with the sinking ship while they are in a lifeboat sailing off to the next ship to Captain?! That there is the reality of the attitudes that have not only become rife in the United Kingdom but have also slowly destroyed it and now continues apace to turn the country against and in on itself.

They still live and cloud cuckoo land and are clinging onto a way of life that is dead in the water and while they do they drag the country down with them. This will lead to an untimely and drastic end the likes of which I would not even like to guess at as I am not sure even my ability at times to sound doom and gloom can find that my imagination can get that low and depraved at what is coming. Oh no.

If I was not pretty sure of myself before the one thing the last 48 hours has taught me as that my drastic visions of what lay ahead are indeed the case and nigh on inevitable and for once I do not want to be proved correct.

Indeed I could argue that even the existence of this blog is in some way an attempt to belay some of these things as after all with enough people saying enough is enough change or else to the point they realise they have no choice is better than wars on the streets, battles going on between different factions of society with crime at it's highest in recorded history and innocent lives being lost on possibly a daily basis.

Sound far fetched it may well be but as so many have come to realise over the last twenty years I have become very good at predicting many major events that leave people bewildered that if I can foresee these things, remember no job/career/salary, then how the hell did the powers that be not foresee it?! They have no connection with reality for a start and obviously still lack this.

Now consider these 38 Food Bank places that have gone up from 6 or 7 in the poorest areas. That is six to thirty-eight and more planned to be opened. That means more and more people are starving hungry and you cannot predict what a caged animals will react like?! Well you can they will react like a caged animals and it does not matter who you are or from what level of society you are from in these situations 99 out of 100 will react the same! We are still animals and if history has taught me nothing else it is that this has NOT changed. Amoral and self-serving and self-interested people are in positions of power within both private, public and government offices. They need to STOP telling journalists they are reconnecting with society and the public at large ad going to be more transparent and understanding as the proof is in the pudding and any disabled person will tell you one thing about these words that are repeatedly uttered in that they are with all due respect ...BULLSHIT!!

Also it might be a good idea before you go galavanting off around the world preaching on how to do things that it might be better if you get your own house in order and that does not mean lies and stealth, it means get your fucking house in order! If you do not then what you think you have under control through utter ignorance and arrogance then other nations will kindly remind you of it.



Hmm sounds like an amusing title for a comical book making public and government officials look like the calculating and greedy horses arses everyone now knows that they are?!


So you and organisations like CAB need to put down your stone tablets and catch up with the 21st century!


Do WE Know It's Christmas Time at All?

Not seen the news yet to see how that student protest went, if it 'went' at all what with the crap weather and all?!

Still was out and about today and spoke to some friends about this Food Bank thing and they tutted and said 'we told you there is one over the road!' lol but they did not know there were 38 of them in London alone and that they had grown in number 6 fold in couple of years and need more.

You see the very idea that they have increased this much means that this means that more and more areas are becoming poorer all the time and people are actually starving. British people from what I have seen so far which is worrying but I fully expected, oddly enough.

Therefore it is not just the poor areas that are poor and it is creeping into other areas all the time and I can sense nothing in the way of Christmas spirit out on the streets?!

Now my own Christmas spirit was utterly destroyed years ago over my evil ex and my daughter and I just had none for years. But over time, well a bloody long time this started to change and now I do have this spirit just as everyone else is losing theirs...

...and that is the KEY to this blog or at least one of the MANY points to this blog. I have had my life destroyed in every conceivable way by all the organisations that are now destroying the lives of many people everywhere. I know their ticks and I know what they do and I know how fecking heartless they can and will be all over money while they earn ten times what benefit claimants get to live on for doing feck all!

SO among the many goals herein the main one is to help others that are suffering and battling as I have been through it all and come out the other side. I did not lay down and die and nor did I go or indeed run away I just carried on while gathering, collecting and amassing all along the way for many years and kept everything I could.

My family have only just found out I have letters on here that go back twenty years nearly but I never revealed my ultimate plans. I know what I CAN do I do not need people telling me what you CANNOT DO?!

There is always a way and it was just a case of finding it, choosing the best possible time, take into account any time periods of importance and just do it while working on back up plans and while we are at it backed up data too.

Just in case there were authorities that wanted to get there hands on the copies of data I made a great many of them on many different formats and hidden in plain view and in different countries around the world In fact some places they are hidden is bloody funny but I cannot reveal this right now and certainly not online or over the phone, just in case. ;) A Gift Horse In The Mouth I do now ever want to look like?! LMAO!

So it seems regaining my Christmas spirit that was banished to the four winds courtesy of the organisations now doing it to you seems to be taking place while all around me are losing theirs?!

Indeed my most frequently uttered statement in the last few months I now realise will only increase is the following...


Strange then that I spent many years with people NOT understanding how I felt despite the mount of things that had happened, save for one or two people I knew and one of which passed away sadly and almost exactly one year ago short of a couple of weeks so yes my mate Ken right on top of Christmas!

Very sad what I am witnessing taking place.

I also noted that some campaigners attempted to burn a effigy of Pudsey outside the BBC studios by looked like they were thwarted by the weather. This shocked me as I have thought that the Children In Need annual event stunk to high heaven for many years now. Only the last 12 months have made me realise it stank the the point like it was rotten bodies?!?!

How did they manage to break the record when there are not enough Food Banks around to cater for all that are starving?! Never liked the fact that you were supposed to think highly of rich celebrities who gave up a few hours for free while they asked struggling people watching to pay money, even using emotional back mail. Now there is this paedophile ring that begs the question with me that was the whole thing just a front to hide the darker side to the corporation?!

Maybe people out there are aware of this stench as much as I am and maybe there are people out there that now more about this than I do and have some facts to divulge about it...

...sorry there is no physically possible way they raised all that money from the British public so something is amiss. Unless a bunch of rich getting scared they will be lynched by mobs nest year are donating money hand over foot to look good and save their backsides?!

But still where has all that money gone over the years and why are children starving in LONDON, of all but just ONE place I know of now, to the point that Food Banks actually exist.

This is the new question on everyone's lips right now!

Oh and I was told that there was a report that Terry Wogan gets paid to do it?!?!

Now that really surprised me and I hope it is not true!! Of all the people in the BBC I thought Terry Wogan was untouchable and would not do something like that. Really I didn't!!