Tuesday, 27 November 2012


The plot thickens?!

I had a call today while I was out and to book the MRI scan on my back so I got  call instead of a letter which was weird.

It is booked for the 3rd December?! This is doubly weird as despite my previous statement that it would be around the 10th and around the same time as the Bio-Mechanical division appointment I really did doubt this would actually happen, what with this being an MRI scan?!

Any chance it could go for the treble for weirdness?

Is there a possible third for weirdness?

Well I would not have foreseen it myself but yes there is indeed a third as where they want me to go is around 7 or 8 miles away but luckily there is ONE bus that goes straight there and it is up no hills and NOR is it 9am in the morning, eh DWP & Atossers?!

Now this is odd for two reasons as my last MRI was at Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield and though it was in the back of a lorry I had been told they now had it installed in their own department somewhere. So why to this other hospital?

The second odd thing about it is that it is also where my friend, the Gazelle, went and had images done there about three years back despite mine developing several years prior to his?!

Also whereas I live in Enfield he lived in Crouch End, just north of Finsbury Park, at the time and so was a great deal closer to this hospital!!

So maybe this is where the SERIOUS MRI scans are done which begs the question WHAT THE HELL IS THAT WASTE OF MONEY GOING AROUND IN THE BLOODY LORRY?!

As to the now odd things about the behaviour lately, so much so it is ridiculous, I have a few theories but only time will tell. Indeed one brother I spent the day with yesterday actually agreed that the sheer speed that they were all moving at was quite unusual and agreed they was up to something!!

Hmm I can hazard a guess that there are only TWO possibilities and therefore ALREADY aware or prepared as he case turns out to be.

Letter confirming the appointment on the way and you know the procedure by now?!


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