Thursday, 1 November 2012


Why do we tolerate non-nationals that abuse the system?

Now I can imagine what most people will think straight away with a statement like that to start of with but why do you think that? What is it that happened to you, if you are thinking like I think some of you will, that programs you to feel that way?

I will also add that the clues are scattered throughout posts within this blog and from what I have found is that the offenders of our system is not confined to anyone one thing, say for arguments sake Radicalised Muslims though for me this group tops the list.

Another scourge on UK society comes in another form that does not include the taking, planning to take or wanting to take the lives of British Caucasians, oh no. That is just one front we have our minds on but another is rearing its head and though I had my suspicions for awhile it is turning out now to be far greater than I first thought. This is our MONEY! Namely that which, one way or another, gets syphoned out of the country to our blinkered vision.

Again you my think that this refers to the above but not so. It applies to all but there will be those that are bigger offenders than others, obviously, but not who you might think. I believe we have welcomed them as saviours in certain instances but indeed I now think the reality is turning out to be something somewhat ... different.

Companies and organisations owned by overseas investors seem to be getting away with daylight robbery and I for one am interested to know how this all started in the first place?!

Was it by way of concessions for a period of time that were just never lifted? If so how did that come about that this lifting of these concessions was never enforced? What were HMRC doing while all this was going on? Busy correcting heir mistakes and blunders? If I was Her Majesty I would be both alarmed and ashamed to have my name associated with ANYONE who turns out to be bungling or corrupt. In fact I kind of feel sorry for her due to the fact that it must surely make one royally wince akin to one being afflicted with constipation of the grandest kind on hearing and reading about these things?! I would!

What of the punishments the public will expect as these things are uncovered which many are currently and there are many more to come I do not doubt. Also these organisation have the hoards and minions too? What of their knowledge of all this taking place? If British born would this amount to treason? (laughs). Can they happily sit there knowing this is going on all because they are getting a fat percentage over it all? Maybe they are of the same nationality as the owners?

Now how about that IF a company has been proved to be doing something untoward in this way, especially cheating taxes, they be stripped of ownership and not allowed to remain in the UK any longer and most certainly banned from ownership of a company!

Also this would apply to any minions for which it was proved they had knowledge of the goings on?

Now I find it strange that there are precious little in the way of people within these companies not going public with their knowledge of the goings on as ashamed and horrified at what all this is doing to their country?! Is there no pride in Great Britain any more and if so is it then sensible to refer to us as Great when our own members of the public no longer think so?

More importantly how do we get that back?

I have probably stated several times throughout my postings that I am ashamed to be British and that is the truth of it but I often get annoyed with myself as it is not being British I should be ashamed of but that the twats that have run the country for the last 25 years or more have been incompetent jack asses!!

Even today and after three years of hell, I lose count, they still persist in shirking their own tough decisions. There is nothing tough than screwing a load of money you do not deserve out of the public who were not at fault when you cannot deal with the biggest offenders in our society. I think anyone today would baulk at the prospect of any legal bills from any possible legal action and a ever increasing majority could not afford it anyway. We are in this together for me really states 'we will make the innocent and decent ones pay as they have not the money to fight back'.

With each day that goes by and then with each week and each month in turn I look out for the glimmers of hope that may mean a turning point for us as a nation. There are precious little out there and I do not regard 1% of bloody growth to even come close to being a glimmer. Today I did notice one though...

The merest of glimmers...

It may be the merest glimmer but it is a start.

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