Monday, 12 November 2012


What a good idea a caller just had on LBC Radio 97.3 FM, though I was listening on DAB, lol.

A conversation about getting rid of it but in pieces to be sold off and use the money to help the country out of trouble and at first I was sceptical and thought it madness but as the conversation went on the more I liked it.

As stated in the conversation it had become an old gentleman's club and I think in the light of recent events something drastic needs to be done. If so then why not allow this country to capitalise on it to amend the sorry state of affairs it finds itself in. A state that is so bad they think they are stealthily stealing from the poor and disabled and that no one is aware of it. Obviously not very good at surfing the Internet now are they?!

Yes sections should be kept but some of it can be separated and scaled down while other sections could and should be sold off! With the long over-bloated and continuing to grow massive size of the BBC there will be a great deal of smart businessmen that would buy buy it as they are already aware, as I have been for a long time, how it could be much better run and make money.

Take the BBC's vast back catalogue of programmes alone and the one thing I have noted is that even a humble DVD with a BBC label on it commands a stupid and extremely greedy amount of money. For a Blu-Ray with similar then you need to start selling off members of your family if you are looking at a single complete series?!

I am not sure of the current state of affairs on prices but for a fair while I wanted the new Doctor Who series on Blu-Ray when the DVDs were more expensive than many Blu-Ray box sets?!

At the moment I do now I see box sets of three blockbuster films in HMV, notoriously more expensive than Amazon say, like Spider-Man 1 to 3 for £12 and yet a single Blu-Ray of Doctor Who was £20 or more when I last looked?! I recently purchased Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides and a Steelbook edition and again in HMV for £5.00, yes that was FIVE POUNDS!! I remember thinking boy this must be bad this film but I thought it was OK.

The BBC has never understood simple economics or basic maths that much has been obvious for awhile. I just see them as greedy and if I EVER picked up anything in the past with the BBC logo on it, OPTICAL DISCS, I would end up putting it back down without even looking at the price?!

There must be a lot of companies out there familiar and sole purpose of selling programmes and films on optical discs that are already well aware of this shooting itself in the foot for no more than pure greed idiocy?!

God knows how many buildings and studios there are across the country and indeed the world? Also there are the rights to certain names that would fetch an unimaginable amount of money, if of course there is any left in the world, and this goes back to the sixties.

It is a very good idea and one that has endless possibilities and an inexhaustible list of positive benefits to it. My family would not cry for one moment if the BBC name disappeared completely or at least was vastly reduced air time mention that turns the guts over of every member of us.

Oh while I am hear as for people stating changing the laws well yes that will be of great use to a company that would t dare let anything like this ever go on again, thus rendering the law utterly useless and pointless. Yes spend money and time arguing in the House Of Commons about whether or not to spend more time and money closing that STABLE DOOR?!?! The proverbial horse on this occasion has circumvented the globe several times and I mean literally, DIED and buried SIX FOOT UNDER!!!

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