Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Exactly what will you be paying Council Tax for in 2013?!

Here is an example of dirty lazy councils wanting ever more money for doing less!!!

Now a walk from my house we had TWO garbage bin areas and around 6 months or so ago one was REMOVED completely. To compensate they put more steel bins in the one further way from my house so there was six in total.

Now I have had this letter hand posted stating that the Council will only service THREE BINS and two have now disappeared?!

Now when a member of the public does something wrong they get a £1,000 fine, do not close your bin a £1,000 fine (except there will not be any on my road soon!!), throw rubbish on the floor a fine, drop a cigarette end a fine and so on and so forth. So how come they do this on a large scale, not taken rubbish which is your job is no different to throwing the pile there in the first place. Based on items of rubbish how about a £100,000 fine to local councils?

I also note that the first council to ever get a recommendation anywhere in the UK for child care just took place?! Think it was Redbridge Council but not sure I was tired, lol.

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