Thursday, 22 November 2012


OK now ... after three freezes upon running ... two freezes upon attempting an un-install before a re-install and then having to reboot no less than FOUR TIMES in total the Audio is uploading as I type this?!


Now back to the matter at hand and I have not mentioned this in the lead up to it taking place but mention it previously I have done!

Now whereas the last appointment a couple of weeks ago, and I did say TWO key appointments are going to take place very close to each other and the letters WERE posted up, was to do with my feet this one is to do with my back!!

Remember those X-RAYS?! The ones I posted up on here a couple of months back that were actually done by a private chiropractor two or three years back?

The X-RAYS that my last GP saw and then suddenly QUIT taking said x-rays with her when she went?!

The MRI I had performed three years ago that went wrong and was on the WRONG area of my back?

The X-Rays the new GP refused to look at?! So referred me immediately instead?!

Well today's appointment was to do with ALL the above!

Only I was expecting more crap, more closing of ranks and more physiotherapy sessions I was going t blow up about, and yes on tape as always!!

Only she was quite friendly, very helpful and KNEW that I was turning up with my own X-RAYS?! Shock horror!!! LMAO!

She asked all the things not been asked of me previously, checked my back and sensitivity and found that I was dead right and that the areas I had told them all along were, judging from her reaction, in a bad way. It got better still she then ASKED for the X-Rays, went off and came back after about 5 minutes asking me where I had the MRI done as she could not find them and I said...well right here at this hospital and off she went again.

By the time she had returned I was already suspicious that the NHS were now well aware of my dastardly plans and was conveniently losing damning evidence. However she then said that she managed to find them and that...

I was quite correct as that the MRI was on my lumbar region and on the WRONG AREAS, managing to miss ... ready for it ... BOTH my affected areas!!! She also looked at the X-Rays and despite remarking about some flaring, looked OK to me and to the chiropractor at the time, she immediately saw the PROBLEMS (PLURAL) and that I was indeed right that there was NO gaps between my thoracic vertebrae and the neck region showed problems.

She then stated that a FULL MRI would be immediately arranged and a letter sent out to me that will arrive in just TWO DAYS?! Bloody hell?!?!?! LMAO!!

I can also tell you that judging from her face and her choice of words, which included the words SURGERY and TREATMENT, that I suspect she already has a good idea of what it is but wants to be sure from the MRI before telling me. An old age tactic to not scare patients by putting the very possibilities in their heads so that it is less of a blow once they are sure...

...only I can read between the lines almost always and not a betting man I know where my money would be placed!!

So fully agreed with on all my suspicions, my own knowledge on the subject and more importantly MY KNOWLEDGE OF MY BODY!!

Now the point is this, there is provided as I have done so on so many previous occasions a LINK as ever to the audio. You can hear for yourself what I have put above!

Also where I had to think on my feet, as so often is the case with me, I bought up the subject of the NHA (National Health Action) and the GP Political Party which she seemed unaware of at first but then realised what I was referring to and knew a fair bit about it.

Ahh the upload went faster than I expected, was not sure of the size once converted but started out as a wav file and around 199mb, lol.

Now the DWP have been sendig me those demanding letters and despite telling both (DONT GIVE) ATOS, the DLA AND THE DWP over a dozen times in different kinds of correspondence, postal letters, recorded delivery letters, phone conversations and EMAILS, I recently had that letter and even though I had the Podiatry Appointment I REFUSED POINT BLANK to tell them any more times.

Only now I have BOTH the PODIATRY appointment recorded as well as the SPECIALIST PHYSIOTHERAPIST appointment recorded. I will tell them of the outcome and the dates but NOT of the fact I have them RECORDED?! WINK-WINK!!!

Now for those of you who have failed to miss it, by not paying attention or not wanting to read it all well if so then you miss the key points I refer to in the past and unless you keep up and play along guys and girls and despite my many mentions of secret plans and tricks you WILL miss it. For those of you who have been going crazy about all this here is one of those KEY POINTS I refer too and for the sake of repeating myself...


Well I DID STATE PREVIOUSLY that I gave them to the DWP, ATOS and the DLA...


Ahhh-hahahahaha!!!! LMFAO!!!

ENJOY!! ....

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