Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Yes got a bit of a rude awakening, you might say, this morning when I woke up.

Bad pains with the worst in the area of my right knee but not in its normal location and this time towards the outside of the rear of my knee.

This was accompanied by very aching muscles in both legs and similar feelings but much more subdued in my left knee.

It is the first time that I can certainly think of where I was actually eager to get downstairs and take my pills which is normally done around midday if I am not having to leave the house or about 15 minutes before I leave the house!

That is not good and we are not even into December yet and still have January and February to get through and the report I read on the BBCi pages stating that within two weeks we will be in the grip of the worst and coldest winter for 100 years did not make good reading I can tell you.

Well I seem to have got a bit mixed p with my dates and there apparently is THAT student march in London today, I had thought it was the 20th and had forgotten anyway, and right now the weather does not look like it is going to be forgiving!

I think they estimated 20,000 would turn out and protesting against higher fees and no job prospects. Well of course that is the topsy turvey government we have had for the last 30 years increase the price of something substantially that has no useful benefits at all any more!!! MORONS!

That means that in around 5 years time your going to have hundreds of thousands of people err just like me!!!

I have been through this over and over so I an fully appreciate what they feel and what they are going through only for me I did not see it until I actually acquired my degree from Middlesex University and was stabbed in the back over on my overall grade....

Years 2 & 3 count towards your overall grade and out of 12 modules I got 8 B+'s, 2 B-'s, 1 C and an 'A' or DISTINCTION for my thesis.

I was given a 2:2 because I failed to turn up to an exam in the FIRST YEAR because I had bumped into an ex girlfriend I only broke up with a year before and looked like she had just given birth?!

That attitude of the Dean at the time of explaining this, and even that they broke their own rules within their OWN student handbook, is the kind of problem that runs right through this country.

So yeah, you could say I am pissed off with a great number of things and I am unique in such a way, and am often told, in my insight, the varied knowledge bases I have and that I am in the position of being where I am looking UP, instead of someone UP THERE looking down.

Even if I was up looking down my attitudes would not be much different only in that I can RELATE to many more people's anguish because of my experiences.

The number of times I have sat opposite someone of high regard or in an elevated career position and I have been right and they have been wrong and despite pointing this out to them with no return argument they refuse to have compassion, understanding and therefore flexibility or even just the simple notion of doing WHAT IS MORALLY RIGHT!!!

Too many people like that in positions where morals and understanding should be a MAJOR factor, like GPs as just one example. Too many are going for the MONEY and not the JOB and this has been going on for over 20 years and I knew it would always come down to a big collapse because of all this greed.

It is not just any normal greed, no, no, no and a fine example is that of Premier League Footballers. I loved football from a kid but Jesus Christ what an absolute joke it has been now for years?! The money they get paid and a vast majority of them can barely string together half a dozen brain cells and have difficulties getting them to cooperate as a bloody team?!?!

A quarter of a million pounds per week? One million a month for kicking a bag of WIND?!?! What I find a real surprise is that matches, well of the teams that win a great deal lately, still seem to be crammed packed with people wiling to pay £50, or whatever it is, to watch them?!

They should issue overpaid sports people with a tax to pay other sports where the money IS ACTUALLY ABYSMAL like Olympic Athletes?!


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