Thursday, 15 November 2012

Poetic & Philosophical Ramblings


I am surrounded by people but am so alone
What I truly feel I keep hidden
For there are none that would understand
I feel adrift in a mighty ocean
I appear simplified but but concealing many complications
Reluctant to reveal all to anyone
I know more than I let on
An unsung hero
A saviour of lives
With a sight like no other
For they see but the trees for I the wood
A champion of what is right
But a voice lost in a sea of white noise
Not asking for thanks
I do what must be done
And I am gone
Forever fighting and not giving up
Despite ever increasing ailments they do not see
To stop is to die
Looked up to by many
But those who need to listen
A life hidden by a cloak
This is me
That is my life
Now I really must be going!

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