Thursday, 29 November 2012

Atos & Official Secrets Act: Calling All Elves!

This has been baffling me all day ... well at least until the owner of my Dental Practise said he was sorry to hear I am losing my eyesight?! I said "err ... what??" and he said he had a letter from the hospital and it mentions it on there and showed me and I said "Well it is bloody news to me Simon?!" LMAO!

So the rest of the day I had TWO things me! Before leaving the Practise I saw Simon and asked if I can have a copy of the letter and he said sure, we shook hands and I left.

Now I have spoken to a couple of people and they think it is something all public office workers sign but I do not see this and I think they are getting mixed up with the Patient Confidentiality clause which I would have thought was something completely different.

The private details and personal information of a member of the public will NOT come under the Official Secrets Act.

The Official Secrets Act is for when people are privy to sensitive government information, basically the stuff the DO NOT WANT to tell us, hence why politicians always lie as they think they know better then everyone else.

Now obviously the prime candidates to sign things like this would be MI6, MI5 and GCHQ and the people I spoke to today stated the Police have to. I am not so sure with the Police in all honesty and do not think they would, except maybe Police Commissioners but I cannot see a Bobby on a Beat signing this or the Plastic Police. Therefore I cannot see Doctors, unless listed within the Armed Forces possibly, having to do this but maybe I am wrong.

I have therefore asked around to know WHEN exactly that Atos was asked to do this as this information, provided it IS factual, can tell me a great deal about this and lead me to one of three theories I thought of today, or indeed a combination of any or all three.

So if anyone reading this knows this answer and/or where I might find it I would appreciate this greatly.

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For those that will go through the trouble of aiding me in this venture I would like to say before hand a thank you for doing this and I will much appreciate this.


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